[REQUEST] CLOCKWORK TRACERS – Eschatologia e.p. (Revelations, Day of Nemesis, Paradise Lost)

This E.P. was requested by Eiki.
Remember the previous double post from Shangri-La in Bloom? Brace yourself, the record has been beaten: Today’s post is a triple post!
Well, I got a whole E.P. requested, that means I have to post all the three songs in it, right? Why three posts, then?
I mean, lyrics are mostly in english and the third one is fully in english, let’s just post them all at once.
Let’s just split the three songs in three sections, and keep writing stuff there.
I’ll follow the E.P. Order: Revelations, Day of Nemesis and Paradise Lost.

[CLOCKWORK TRACERS] WeatherH & Yapan – Revelations


First song is Revelations, an arrange from Faith is for Transient People.
You can hear a spectacular WheatherH in this. Damn, those high notes.
I also have to point out a thing in this section, but counts for the others too. Thanks to Alv for sending me the lyrics for this E.P.
Even though it was a request, I wanted to translate it myself, and I struggled a lot (without results) searching for its booklet online.
So thanks a lot!
I’d say that Revelations is my favourite from this E.P., and as I stated before, it’s probably due WeatherH’s amazing vocals.
Also, looks like CLOCKWORK TRACERS are going to be at the upcoming reitaisai. Good news! More stuff! Maybe I should change this wordpress’ name into something like “Clockwork Tracers and stuff”.
Oh, and that applies to all of the three songs: uncolored english is part of the original lyrics already in english. But you already know that, right?
– 己 (onore) it’s quite a fitting choiche. It could mean both an old version for “oneself”, both first or second person, but also “snake”. You know, This is Sanae‘s theme, and she can rely to a certain snake…
…I wanted to point that out, but I choose not to add “snake” to my translation. I mean, snakes don’t have feet. Also, “my own feet” implies both her and the God’s feet, as if she’s invoking an entity. I left “my”, but it’s unclear whether it’s talking about her foot or her Gods’ foot.
– 頑なに耳を塞ぎ (katakuna ni mimi o fusagi) I translated this as “voices stubbornly occupies my ears”, while there’s no “voice” in this. That’s just because “stubbornly occupies my ears” doesn’t have neither a subject or a sense. So, what fills one’s ears? Obviously voices, thoughts, callings. I just added it because it’s implied.
– 堕ち逝く (ochiyuku) means “to fall”, but in this song it’s written with different kanjis. 逝く (yuku) which should mean “to go”, means “to die”, so that’s how I translated it. The same pun on the workd “iku” was made on a certain Touhou theme…
– 七の賛美 (nana no sanbi) “the seven glorifications”. I’m sorry, but not even japanese wikipedia can tell me what the hell those are… Just thought of them as “religious stuff”. Yeah. That works.



nigori kumoru sono manako ni
utsushita ayamachi ni kidzukazu
wazuka ni sasagu inori sura
onore no ashi de fuminijiru

I can’t notice the indiscrections reflected
In those turbid, hazy eyes;
If only I could offer my prayers a bit
I would crush you with my own feet.

You can only receive this revelation
Doomsday will come there

Can you hear the seventh trumpet sounding?
This is the retribution for fuckin’ breach


katakuna ni mimi o fusagi
sukui no te wa furi haraware
me o somuketa shinjitsu wa
kaigi to moushin no hazama

I shake off the hand of salvation
As voices stubbornly occupies my ears;
The truth that goes against my sight
Lies in the threshold of credulity and skepticism


sekai o oou saiyaku ni
tsuki wa kakete hoshi wa ochiyuku
saigo ni nokoru namida sae
jihi naki ame ga saratteiku

In the world covered by disasters
The moon lowers and the stars slowly die;
Even the tears that lasted until the end
Are being washed away by a merciless rain.


ryou no te ni kakaeta kibou mo zetsubou mo
kakera mo nokosazu kobore ochita

The hope and the despair held by both my arms
Scatter away without leaving not even a single fragment…

No one can save this world!!


hitomi tozashita sekai yo
nanimo kamo hajikete kiero
nana no sanbi ga michibiku
mikami no keiji o kono te ni

It’s a world that shut its eyes:
Everything will just burst open and disappear;
The seven glorifications will lead my way:
I’ll take this divine revelation with my hands!


Title: Revelations
Original Track: 信仰は儚き人間の為に (Faith is for Transient People) – Mountain of Faith, Sanae Kochiya’s Theme
Vocals: WeatherH, Yapan
Lyrics: Yapan
Album: Eschatologia e.p.
Release Event: Reitaisai 11

Listen to it on Youtube here: CLOCKWORK TRACER – Revelations


[CLOCKWORK TRACERS] WheatherH & Yapan – Day of Nemesis


Compared to the previous one, Day of Nemesis is way more strong and kind of violent in terms of rhythm.
Actually, the whole E.P. is like a stairway that becomes more and more aggressive as it goes on, at least that’s what I felt listening to it.
Also, again in my opinion, the songs are also ordered fitting to my tastes.
Revelations, than this, than the other. It doesn’t mean I don’t like the other two, I just placed them in order.
Anyway, Day of Nemesis is one heck of a good arrange from Fate of Sixty Years.
A thing that always catches my attention (and makes my heart go dokidoki) is when arrangers put the Theme of Eastern Story inside their arranges, just like ZUN would do. That’s amazing and it totally fits with the Touhou spirit.
You can hear a guitar riff of Theme of Eastern Story around 1:33 on this song.
I love CLOCKWORK TRACERS also for this little thing. That’s not the first time they add it to another unrelated song! Way to go, Yapan!
– First and second stanza could be related, because the first one ends with “wo”, without a verb. I used “announce” because if it was meant to be a stand-alone stanza, then it means the verb is omitted because obvious.
– On the first stanza there’s what seems to be a pun. The word 真理 (shinri) meaning “truth” has the same pronunciation as the word 審理 (shinri), meaning “trial”, “judgement”. You know, we’re talking about Eiki-sama.
– As you noticed, the subject changes from the second japanese stanza to the fourth. That’s because there’s nothing that points out who’s the subject. In other words, while the meaning stays the same, the subject could probably change according to the way one reads the lyrics.


Don’t look away and take that, you bastard!!

Unjust offense, injurious oppression
Suffering you gave arrests and don’t leave me
Never forget, the time to revenge will come


narihibiku houfuku no kane no ne
shinri to jouri no shin o

The sound of the reverbering bell of retribution
Announces the judgement of truth and reason!


nanimokamo kowareru sono mae ni
tachiagari sakebu koe no kagiri
hanate kono omoi

Just before destroying anything and everything
Release this desire of yours
And stand until your screaming voice runs out.

Remorse is lost
Remorse is fuckin’ lost


真理と条理の審を 今 

naritomanu houfuku no kane no ne
shinri to jouri no shin o ima

The sound of the unceasing bell of retribution
Announces now the judgement of truth and reason!

正義を手にして 放てこの想い

nanimo kamo kuzureru sono mae ni
tachi agari kesshite make wa shinai
seigi o te ni shite hanate kono omoi

Just before demolishing anything and everything
I’ll stand up and grasp the justice firmly
So I’ll set free my wish to never lose!


Title: Day of Nemesis
Original Track: 六十年目の東方裁判 ~ Fate of Sixty Years (Eastern Judgment of the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years) – Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Eiki Shiki’s Theme
Vocals: WeatherH, Yapan
Lyrics: Yapan
Album: Eschatologia e.p.
Release Event: Reitaisai 11

Listen to it on Youtube here: CLOCKWORK TRACER – Day of Nemesis


[CLOCKWORK TRACERS] Yapan – Paradise Lost


So, last one from this post is a full-Yapan full-english song.
It’s an arrange from Yoshika‘s Theme, Rigid Paradise, a theme which I can’t even listen to anymore without thinking of indians dancing to Michael Jackson‘s Thriller‘s indian ripoff. And I’m talking about THIS.
Anyway, let’s play a game.
Do not read the lyrics and open the link to listen to this song, then try to write down what you hear.
Now that you’re finished, compare the two lyrics sheet and enjoy!
(just kidding I love Yapan and his engrish and this song and CLOCKWORK TRACERS and WheaterH which doesn’t even sing in this song and everyone and pizza and the smell of dry rain and whatdafaqamIeventyping)
Also, I think that might be the most fitting pic I’ve ever found for a post. I mean, seriously. It’s like it was made just for this song!
And that concludes Eschatologia E.P., but doesn’t conclude CLOCKWORK TRACERS, of course.


That’s enough to talk pompously
Can we just drop this bullshit?
What you’ve built up is false immortality, fuck it all!!

Forbidden fruits, sweet temptation
Evil wisdom tempts with a luscious talk
Transient fame tastes like a fortune
Bridge to the paradise was burned forever

Could never take it back
Exile like the paradise lost

Banishment from unspoken ethic and understandings
Punishment from unbroken lyrics and musics
Now what? Next you’re about to live on youthful gifts
Who the hell do you think you are?

Wake up right now!!

Break shit!!

Could never take it back
Exile like the paradise lost
One more fuck!!
Could never take it back
Exile like the paradise lost

What you’ve built up is false immortality, destroy and fuck it all!!

Paradise fuckin’ lost


Title: Paradise Lost
Original Track: リジットパラダイス (Rigid Paradise) – Ten Desires, Yoshika Miyako’s Theme
Vocals: Yapan
Lyrics: Yapan
Album: Eschatologia e.p.
Release Event: Reitaisai 11

Listen to it on Youtube here: CLOCKWORK TRACER – Paradise Lost

CLOCKWORK TRACERS – Behind The Wall Of Apathy


There will never be enough CLOCKWORK TRACERS on my wordpress!
Finding lyrics by this circle is always almost impossible, and if it wasn’t (once again) for Violet, I couldn’t find this one I was searching for. So thank you again, and again, and again, over and over again!
Truth is, there are other CLOCKWORK TRACERS’ song lyrics I’m still trying to find, but I struggled and eventually gave up finding them. If you have booklets or lyrics for those, please, help me! You can find the song I want to translate in the “Want to help?” section on the bottom of the homepage.
Anyway, on a side note.
Heard of Urban Legend in Limbo and Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom? I did. And I’m way too excited about it! And thanks, ZUN, for releasing your game right when my exam session starts. You hate me, don’t you?
Back on track, today’s song.
As I stated several other times, I can’t say I have a favourite touhou character because I like (almost) everyone. Though, there are characters that I like more than others.
Kokoro is one of those high-ranked favourite characters, and her theme too is pretty high on my list.
I really like her style and attitude and I really don’t know why, probably because I always liked japanese traditional masks and Noh plays? Who knows.
This song is good too. Far from capturing the vibe of the original theme, imho, but still nice to hear and with really good lyrics. And I mean, the screams are performed by spetsnaz! Ahh, good memories…
Also, I finally got to post my favourite Kokoro pic in a post, yeah!
I suggest to read the two notes to justify my dyslexia (?). As always, coloured part is japanese’s romanization and translation, everything else is the english part, screamed.
Enjoy the lyrics!
– The four-lines japanese-full first stanza has been difficult to translate. I have changed the placement of each line in order to keep the meaning of the whole stanza, and I added “stop” where it’s not said, but it’s implied. Couldn’t find a better way to do it!
– Same goes for the last japanese stanza, which has the exact same structure / translation system. I’m guessing it’s refering to Kokoro’s character development, which, unable to find her old mask of hope, fights to find a new way to get the hope right back inside her own heart.

CLOCKWORK TRACERS – Behind The Wall Of Apathy

Our sight was blinded by this wall
And caused the gentle perdition

True indifference calls the tragedy
Spilling vessel of the sentiment
Fury, sorrow, grief and delight
Spitting all of them out

嗚呼 偽りとまやかしの

aa itsuwari to mayakashi no
fukuin ga maneita saiyaku ni dakare

Aah, I’m forced to embrace the disaster
Of beckoning gospels of deception and falsehood…

何も感じぬまま 無為な時間の中で

nani mo kanjinu mama mui na toki no naka de

As I can’t feel anything, in the midst of the idle time…

Breaking point of this closure is never discovered
Freedom is lost, precious is gone
Our hopes come to fall slowly


mukanjou no kabe no sono ura kara
odayaka ni kuzure yuku sekai mitsumete
futashika na anraku to taida yo
henkaku o nozomu nara ima koso tate

If you wish for an upheaval, get up and stop
Staring at the uncertain darkness and laziness
Of the world crumbling in quietness
From behind the wall of apathy!

Lost emotion becomes the wall
Lost emotion returns to nothing

嗚呼 偽りとまやかしの

aa itsuwari to mayakashi no
fukuin ga maneita saiyaku ni dakare

Aah, I’m forced to embrace the disaster
Of beckoning gospels of deception and falsehood…

何も聴こえぬまま 無知な塀の中で

nanimo kikoenu mama muchi na hei no naka de

As I can’t hear anything, surrounded by a fence of ignorance…


mukanjou no kabe no sono ura kara
yuruyaka ni kuzure yuku kibou nakushite
imi no nai ansoku to daraku yo
asu e to mukau kokoro torimodoshite

I’ll take back my heart facing tomorrow
Losing my meaningless rest and corruption
Of the hope that slowly crumbles away
From behind the wall of apathy!

Break the apathy!!


Title: Behind The Wall Of Apathy
Original Track: 亡失のエモーション (The Lost Emotion) – Hopeless Masquerade, Hata no Kokoro’s Theme
Vocals: WeatherH, spetsnaz
Lyrics: Yapan
Album: Over The Mythologia
Release Event: C85

Listen to it on Youtube here: CLOCKWORK TRACER – Behind The Wall Of Apathy

[REQUEST] (Zero Sound) みぃ – Lost


This song was requested by Andersen Lim.
Looks like I’m getting tons of Kancolle requests. And that’s nice too, even though I’m mainly a terminal touhoulic.
Today’s song is Lost, from the same album of Blue Rise!, a previous kancolle-request post.
This is actually an arrange from one of my favourite Kancolle’s themes, and I really like it.
Also, for some reason the japanese part is full of random katakanas popping out with no reason. Just why?!
I should thank Violet and her friedworld for having it already romanized, or else it could have take me lots of time (I never stopped fighting against katakana)!
But it’s probably something not so random.
Katakana gradually appears in the song’s lyrics.
In the first parts, it shows up randomly in the place where hiragana should be, but remaining occasional.
As the song goes on, katakana completely replaces every single hiragana, leaving a text full of katakanas and kanjis.
In the very last stanza, there’s not even a single hiragana or kanji: everything is katakana.
I don’t know why, but this looks kinda symbolic to me.
Maybe the songs turns in katakana just like a sunken ship rusts away…?
I liked that, though. I love how singers / song writers don’t stick only to writing / arranging but also to giving their own song a personal style.
Oh yeah, by the way I love those lyrics. Very nice and fitting to the Kancolle in my mind (which is not the Kancolle depicted in the anime… ugh..).
Why is the rhythm so cheerful if the song is so depressing?! I don’t know. But it kinda works.
Also, noticed how posts are slowing compared to previous weeks?
Brace yourself… Summer exams session is coming…
– 大破れてく (kowareteku) is wrote in a different way, where the kanji of big (大) is used. It implies that the ship took a massive damage.
– 艦艇 (kantei) which means “war ship” is read as “karada”, meaning “body”, in the same sentence of the previous note. This is also repeated onwards.
– 謂ふ (iu) is the exactly same thing as the modern 言う, the main difference is that it uses a different kanji and archaic kana (fu), which was read as “u” back on the classic japanese days. Kancolle arranges = classical japanese / difficult language, for some reason.
– 轟沈 (gouchin) same thing as before. It says “kowareteku”, but it’s written as “gouchin”, meaning “instantly sunk”. I originally wanted to add a picture of Taihou because of this, but couldn’t find one I liked, so… you know, I really like Hibiki.
– I also used a lot of “rotting away” instead of “rusting away”. The way they’re wrote should be more “rot” than “rust”, but keep in mind that you could read any “rot” as “rust”. It’s a metaphor! (<-*trying to justify his mistakes*)
– 消失する (rosutosuru) is actually read as "shoushitsusuru", meaning "to disappear". Maybe the rosuto is the world "lost" in english..? However, I choose to keep its original kanjis meaning.
– 価値 is read as "omosa" (weight) instead of "kachi" (value). I kept "weight". Also, I'd like to explain this sentence. In the point of sinking (aka dying), the ship is thinking about her status as a warship, thus "parting away from what's right/justice", being a machine born for the sole sake of killing.
– 未練 (miren) which means "regret" is read as 鎖 (kusari), meaning "chains". I combined their meanings in my translation.

Zero Sound – Lost


nan no tame, dare no tame ni umarete
ikite yuku no ka nante
dare ga oshiete kureru no?
dareka oshiete…

For what reason, for whose sake was I born?
And the reason of my existence…
Who could tell me what is it?
Someone, tell me…

夜の帳が下り 静寂が包んで
漂い堕ちてゆく 海の底へ

yoru no tobari ga ori seijaku ga tsutsunde
tadayoi ochite yuku umi no soko e

The night’s curtain lowers, wrapping in silence
The bottom of the sea where I float as I fall…

大破れてく艦艇は やがて軋み崩れ

kowareteku karada wa yagate kishimi kuzure
wasuresararete yuku matsuro na no ne

My breaking body is soon going to collapse in creaks;
Looks like my destiny is going to be being left behind…


nido to kaeru koto mo au koto mo dekinai no

…Without being able to come back home or meet you again one more time…

沈む意識の中 最後まで残ってた
あの感情の名は 何と謂ふのかしら?
生まれた意味 生きてゆく哀しみ
分かち合える慶び 全て手放し

shizumu ishiki no naka saigo made nokotteta
ano kanjou no na wa nan to iu no kashira?
dareka oshiete…
umareta imi ikite yuku kanashimi
wakachiaeru yorokobi subete tebanashi
watashi wa kieteku no ne

I wonder what was the name of that feeling that was left
Until the very end inside my sinking consciousness?
Someone, tell me…
The meaning of my birth, the suffering of leading a life,
The happiness we shared… everything slips away from my grasp;
I’m disappearing, am I?

轟沈れてく艦艇は もはや崩れ朽ちて

kowareteku karada wa mohaya kuzure ochite
sekai mo mihanashite rosuto suru no

My broken body is already sinking down
I’m disappearing, abandoning the world…


tooku kikoeru no wa natsukashii nami no oto

What I can hear from far away is the nostalgic sound of waves…

歪む意識の中 最後まで残ってた
朽ちてゆく大儀 信じる正義別ツ魂の価値

yugamu ishiki no naka saigo made nokotteta
ano kanjou no na wa nanto iu no kashira?
dareka oshiete…
kuchite yuku taigi shinjiru seigi wakatsu tamashii no omosa
tenbin ni kaketa tsumi wa dare ga ou no

I wonder what was the name of that feeling that was left
Until the very end inside my straining consciousness?
Someone, tell me…
All the hard work rotting away, the weight of my soul parted from rightousness…
Who should go after the weight of a sin one has to commit?


usure yuku ishiki no naka de
kono sekai ni tsuyoku tsunagitomete shibaritsukeru
kusari ga mieta ki ga shita

In the midst of my fading consciousness
I’m strongly tying myself up to this world:
I felt like I saw the chains of my regrets…

嗚呼、生マレタ意味 イキテユク哀シミ
分カチ合エル慶ビ 全テ手放シ

aa, umareta imi ikite yuku kanashimi
wakachiaeru yorokobi subete tebanashi
watashi wa kiete yuku no ne

Aah, the reason of my birth, the grief of living,
The happiness we shared, everything slips away from my grasp;
I’m disappearing, am I?

ワタシハ ナンノタメニ ウマレタノ
ナニガ タダシカッタノ
ダレノ タメニ クチテユクノ
ネエ オシエテ

watashi wa nan no tame ni umareta no
nani ga tadashikatta no
dare no tame ni kuchite yuku no
nee oshiete

Just for what sake was I born?
What was truthful in my life?
For whose sake am I rusting away?
Please… Tell me…


Title: Lost
Original Track: 「全艦娘突撃!」(Kantai Collection)
Lyrics: uco(ヒメゴト。)
Album: 艦娘海戦歌 (kanmusu kaisen uta) (Kanmusu’s war battle song)
Release Event: C85

Listen to it on Youtube here: ZERO SOUNDS – Lost

[REQUEST] (Thousand Stories) めらみぽっぷ – 覚醒の火種


This song was requested by Helly.
First of all, there’s one thing I want to point out for everyone sending me request (this post is unrelated to this note, I’m talking about other requests I got).
Just two things:
1) If you want to send me a request, that’s fine. If you want to request me ONE FUCKING THOUSAND SONGS AT TIME, than, please, reconsider sending me your requests. Thank you.
2) If you want to have me translating a song for you, please, provide me song lyrics. I never said I was going to search those lyrics for you, and that’s something you should do instead! That’s not because I’m a bad guy, but because searching for songs’ lyrics (without booklets or transcriptions) could often be almost impossible. I’ll try finding them myself, but I won’t guarantee. So keep checking the request list on the bottom of this website to be confirm the status of your song! And be sure to find the lyrics for me when requesting!
The section I just mentioned has also been updated, so be sure to read it all before sending me a request.
I’m doing this for free and I really enjoy doing it, just try to stick with my rules and I’ll surely help you out! Let’s help each other and cooperate!
Other side note, things are starting to get busy (exams draw near…), but for now I’m still alive and (almost?) kicking.
So, you’ll keep seeing posts pretty frequently. For now.
I think it’ll be time to “hybernate” a bit this wordpress starting next month, ’cause I won’t have time even to breathe!
With that being said, our request.
Merami is amazing and you know what I think about her. Also, this is another request from a CD I already listened and I liked.
Probably I’ll translate more songs from it by myself, because it’s pretty good.
Also, why a happy-rhythmed song like this has such depressing lyrics?! Cut this part, as the song goes on the lyrics turn out to be motivational and positive. Fuck yeah!
BTW I wrote way too much about anything that I don’t feel like adding more informations. Just read the notes and the lyrics!
– The whole first stanza talks about “the loser / the losers”, and it’s not clear wether she’s talking about herself or some other people.
– Second and Third stanzas are linked together, that’s why I kept the comma at the beginning of the third stanza.
– As note 1, in the thirds stanza is not easy to figure out if the anwser comes from the same person who made the question or if there’s someone else.
– 火を着けて (hi wo tsukete) is pretty strange. Not the sentence itself. “hi wo tsukete” means “to set a fire”, “to light a fire”. But what’s strange is that the kanji for “tsukete” is 付けて, not 着けて. The one used for this song means “to arrive”. I left the translation as “light a fire”, but I wanted to point out that it could have some deeper meanings.
– 示してみせるから (shimeshite miseru kara) Japanese is fucked up. Shimesu = show; Miseru = show. Why using two verbs with the same meaning?! Also, I added “my strenght” because it’s implied and I didn’t know how to make the sentence look normal without adding it.

[Thousand Stories] めらみぽっぷ – 覚醒の火種


sosogu hikari ni kono mi o yakarete wa nigeru sube mo naku
itsuka no haisha wa doko e kieta no ka kekkai ni ima odorasare

Not even letting my body burn to the pouring light is a way to escape;
The losers that will eventually vanish are now forcedly dancing inside a barrier.


omoikaeshite mite mo fu ni ochinai keredo
tada haiboku o ajiwau ima no jibun ga iru dake de

Though it doesn’t make sense even if I’d change my mind,
Right now, with defeat as the only thing I can taste,


“douiukoto” toikakeru koto shika dekizu
muhyoujou na sono kotae wa “te o nuiteitadake yo”

,I can’t do anything but asking myself “What’s the meaning of this?”
“Just let everything ease up for you”, that’s the expressionless answer.


osoreteita kotoba fui ni nagekakerare mitomerarenakute
“jijitsu o tada ukeirenasai” shousha wa reitetsu o tsuranuku

I won’t accept those sudden words I used to fear,
“Just accept the reality”, braces the cool-headed victorious.

返す言葉もない 今はただ俯くだけで

kaesu kotoba mo nai ima wa tada utsumuku dake de
namida sura nagarezu ni…

I’m just bending down without any words of rebut,
If only I could do this without having my tears flowing…


hitori sora o aoginagara omou
ima made konna zetsubou ga atta ka

While looking up to the sky, alone, I think:
Has this despair up until now always been there…?


kigi no sukima moretekuru hikari ga
yake ni mabushiku hitomi o tojiteita

The light shining through the space between many trees
Violently closed my eyes with its radiance


nani ka ga chigatteiru musuu no haibokutachi to wa
kangaete mita tokoro de kotae wa mienai

There’s no answer I can grasp after trying to think about
The infinite number of defeats which have something wrong.


“ogotteireba kateru wake mo nai” to
kikinareta koe kono mimi o toraete

“There’s no way you can win if you you’re being that extravagant”,
This sentence spoke by that voice I got used hearing is what my ear grasps…

「勇気と知志なら ̄ ̄」

“yuuki to chie nara–“

“But if you’ll use wisdom and courage—“


miotoshiteita yo sore wa ichiban no hokoru buki
naze ano shunkan kidzukanakatta no ka

I failed to notice it, that’s the number one prideful weapon!
I wonder how could I not realize it before?


mada owarenai to kokoro ni futatabi hi wo tsukete
ano hi no kujuu o mata omotte
shouri no chizu o egaku

As long as I’m not finished, in my heart a flame will light once more;
I’ll think again of the bitterness of those days
And draw a map to the victory!


“yowai mono” nado to hajime kara kimerare wa shinai
kono te de kanarazu shimeshite miseru kara

One shouldn’t state “you’re a weak person” or such from the beginning:
Because I’ll definitely show you my strenght with my own hands!


hitosuji no hikari me no mae ni kagayaiteiru
tatakaou tatoe sore ga maboroshi no you ni kieyou to mo

A single ray of light is shining before my eyes:
I’ll fight even if I’d disappear just like an illusion..!


Title: 覚醒の火種 (kakusei no hidane) (flashpoint of awakening)
Original Track: 魔女達の舞踏会 ~ Magus (The Witches’ Ball ~ Magus), Shuusou Gyoku, Marisa Kirisame’s Theme
Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Circle: Thousand Stories
Arrangement:中島岬 (Misaki Nakajima)
Lyrics: 黒岩サトシ (Satoshi Kuroiwa)
Album: 散牡丹 (chiribotan)
Release Event: Touhou Kouroumu 6

Listen to it on Youtube here: Thousand Stories – 覚醒の火種

[REQUEST] (C-CLAYS) 小峠 舞 – 番ヒノ翼


This song was requested by Dolce.
Another Kantai Collection song, this time by C-Clays, a circle that I get to know thanks to Touhou arranges.
I like the japanese-style and the overall rhythm of this song, it’s really nice.
But on the other hand, this song was hard as hell. Even trying to understand single words made me do several researches!
Well, it’s not like I hate getting to know more about japanese!
But I must say, if there weren’t lyrics for this song, I couldn’t have figure out a single word out of it. It’s not like the singer is bad, her tone is just so weird pitched it barely seems normal japanese.
Not only that. This song is overly complex. It took me hours to figure out some sentences meaning! That’s because it has a lot of military-only words and other words that are not so easy to find on a common japanese text.
It’s probably the hardest song I’ve translated, and the first one in which I’m not completely sure how it turned out to be…
But again, it’s due complex words and archaic idioms unused nowadays.
As I also state on the notes, this song seems to be talking about two characters from Kancolle: Kaga & Akagi. Read the notes for more info about the song / lyrics!
-ゝ appears really often in this song. It’s a symbol that works just like 々. While the second one repeats the sound of the kanji before it, ゝ repeats the sound of the kana before it. So あゝ is the exact same thing as ああ (aa, in kanji 嗚呼).
– 日の丸 (hinomaru or hi no maru) is the name of japanese’s flag. Literaly “The circle of Sun”. Also, can’t find the link between the first two lines.
– 浮世絵 (ukiyoe) I could leave it as “painting”, but let me explain. Ukiyo-e are a series of japanese traditional painting, whose name mean “floating world painting”. Ever seen the Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai? That’s an ukiyo-e. I left the term “ukiyo-e” to leave untouched that overall japanese-feeling the song carries with it.
– 赤城 is read as “hito”, meaning “person” in this song. While the kanji (“red” and “castle”) together are read as “Akagi”, one of Kancolle’s character & of course a real existed japanese aircraft carrier. Sticking to Kancolle’s world, implying that “akagi” is read as “person” (and giving the context of the sentence), it’s pretty easy to state that the song is from Kaga’s point of view. That explains the picture I choose for this post. I left it as “person”, anyway.
– 番ヒノ翼 (tsugahi no tsubasa) This too, is written as “tsugaHI”, but it’s read as “tsugai”. That’s because in ancient japanese it worked like that.
– 赤き群青 (akaki gunjou) “a reddish ultramarine blue”. The sentence clearly states “a red ultramarine”, which is something impossible. However, this is most likely refering to Akagi’s red outfit (also, “aka” from “Akagi” means red) and Kaga’s deep blue outfit.
– 鼻緒 (hanao) means “geta strap” (a geta is a japanese traditional sandal). There’s no doubt, it has no other meanings. Probably it’s a reference to some Akagi-Kaga related stuff I don’t know about (I’m not a Kancolle expert like Touhou). Or probably some historical events. There’s no doubt, anyway, that “hanao” means “sandal strap”.
– 貴方だけはどうか (anata dake wa douka) the sentence stops here. I think it would continue as “please, at least you SURVIVE”, but being implied in japanese, it’s not written.
– 未来 (mirai) meaning “future” is, instead, read as “ashita”, meaning tomorrow. Reason? Don’t know. Meaning? Pretty much the same.

(C-CLAYS) 小峠 舞 – 番ヒノ翼

あゝ 非情の謀よ
あゝ 烏合の衆 さめざめ

aa hijou no hakarigoto yo
hi no maru kokki ga kesshoku
aa ugou no shuu samezame
senran no ori ni toraware no mi

Aah, such a ruthless strategy;
Our complexion is our national round Sun flag;
Aah, such a sorrowful disorder;
My body is imprisoned in a cage of war…

乱気流に渦巻いた 浮世絵は
悲劇に向かい行進 救われぬ

rankiryuu ni uzumaita ukiyoe wa
higeki ni mukai koushin sukuwarenu

An ukiyo-e whirpooling in turbolences
Can’t be saved from its tragedy by marching the opposite side…

藍い炎は 番ヒノ翼
相合傘で 手を繋ぎましょう

aoi honoo wa tsugai no tsubasa
anata to wa tsureotte
aiaigasa de te o tsunagimashou
ikinobite misemashou

This blue flame is my pair of wings;
Taking you along with me
Let’s hold our hands under tha same umbrella
And show the world we’ll survive!

嘆き哀しみ 空へ謳えば
同じ時代を 生き抜いた「赤城」

nageki kanashimi sora e utaeba
kassai ga narihibiku
onaji jidai o ikinuita hito
anata ga iru naraba

If you sing your grief towards the sky,
An ovation will resound;
If you’re here with me
I’ll be in an era where that person survives…

あゝ 輝き増す一航戦
あゝ 雨降り空は 散々

aa kagayaki masu ikkosen
naosara gaishuuisshoku
aa amefuri sora wa sanzan
make wa shuuen no sakazuki

Aah, the first mobile fleet shines more and more,
Still more single blow sinkings;
Aah, the rainy sky is so harsh,
The defeat will be a toast for our demise…

不確定要素 甲 烙印を

fukantei youso kou rakuin o
osanaide mada kitto toberu kara

Do not apply the “uncertain” mark on our “1st class”
Because we’ll surely fly again…

赤き群青 番ヒノ翼
貴方とは 寄り添って
大事な鼻緒 千切れぬように

akaki gunjou tsugai no tsubasa
anata to wa yorisotte
daijina hanao chigirenu you ni
kibou o tobashitai no

A reddish ultramarine blue is my pair of wings,
Being close with you,
I want to set free my hope
As that precious sandal strap won’t be cut to pieces…

悼み苦しみ 海へ謳えば
同じ時代を 生き抜いた「赤城」

itami kurushimi umi e utaeba
minna ga naiteita wa
onaji jidai o ikinuita hito
anata dake wa douka

If you’d sing your suffering and hurt to the sea,
Everyone will be crying;
In the same era where that person survives…
Please, at least you…

乱気流に渦巻いた 浮世絵は
右倣えの突進で 砂塵へと

rankiryuu ni uzumaita ukiyoe
miginarae no tosshin de sajin e to

An ukiyo-e whirpooling in turbolences
Rushes towards a cloud of sand, while facing west.

聞こえるかしら 私の声が
そこに貴方が 居続けるなら

kikoeru kashira watashi no koe ga
akatsuki yo eien ni
soko ni anata ga itsudzukeru nara
ikinobite misemashou

I wonder if you could hear my voice
Eternally inside this dawn?
If you keep being in it,
We’ll show the world we’ll survive!

嘆き哀しみ 空へ謳えば
未来の為に 貴方の為に

nageki kanashimi sora e utaeba
kassai ga torihibiku
ashita no tame ni anata no tame ni
kesshite furimukanai no

If you sing your grief towards the sky,
An ovation will resound;
For the sake of tomorrow, for your sake,
I won’t ever turn back.

悼み苦しみ 海へ謳えば
同じ時代を 生き抜いた「赤城」
我ら 番ヒノ翼

itami kurushimi umi e utaeba
minna ga naiteita wa
onaji jidai o ikinuita hito
warera tsugai no tsubasa

If you’d sing your suffering and hurt to the sea,
Everyone will be crying;
In the same era where that person survives…
…We are our pair of wings!


Title: 番ヒノ翼 (Tsugai no Tsubasa) (Pair of wings)
Original Track: 「我、敵機動部隊ト交戦ス」(Kantai Collection)
Vocal:小峠 舞 (Mai Kotoge)
Lyrics: 小峠 舞
Circle: C-CLAYS
Album: 番ヒノ翼 -ツガヒノツバサ- (tsugai no tsubasa)
Release Event: C86

Listen to it on Youtube here: C-CLAYS – 番ヒノ翼

[REQUEST] (ZERO SOUNDS) みーや – Blue Rise!!


This song was requested by yAMAiNOS.
Gettin’ back on requests!
I won’t leave them by (unless I can’t find the lyrics or something like that), but I can’t only post songs that have been requested without posting what I want to.
But requests also allows me to get to know more music, and trust me when I say that there are a lot of requested song that I still listen to today.
Who requests a song also helps me enriching my music collection.
Anyway, there are at least two requests that I want to publish before the others, both Kantai Collection arranges.
Being this one requested before the other, the first one I’ll translate will be Blue Rise! by ZERO SOUNDS.
Thanks to Violet for the lyrics again, and also for pointing me out that the guitar solo at 0:19 sounds exactly like Reincarnation, theme of Mima from Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dream. I mean, They’re identical.
What I like about Kancolle posts is that each arrange is not specifically a certain character’s theme, so I can choose the character that comes to my mind as I listen to this song.
And so, I choose a picture of one of my favourite kancolle’s character, Capt. Minamitsu Murasa Capt. Harlock Kiso (kai ni).
As I probably stated before on a previous post, while I like Kancolle’s arranges, I can’t not even state something like “kancolle and touhou are similar between each other”.
That’s just… wrong in every possible aspect. Game genre, BGMs quality (kancolle arranges are good, but original tracks, except for maybe 2 or 3 of them, are nothing remarkable), characters’ originality / design… I could go on for years.
Just don’t put Touhou and Kancolle on the same level. It’s like saying that Super Mario and Final Fantasy are the same thing because they both have lots of characters.
Anyway, this song is good. Kancolle arranges are always pretty good. Sad thing is that there aren’t so many themes in the game, and so the arranges end up being similar to each other. Well, as long as they’re this good, there’s no problem for me!
– “This shout roars like an explosion!” Refers to the previous sentence, “Come on, let’s risk everything and fight!”
– 勝利刻め強く (shouri kizame tsuyoku) (let’s engrave victory in our mind) should be “let’s strongly engrave victory”, but it also implies something like “let’s think strongly that we’re going to win”, so I found that version of mine more fitting.
– Remember that we’re talking about battleship, so terms such as “body of steel” or “digits” should not be so out of place.

(ZERO SOUNDS) みーや – Blue Rise!!


susume kimi ga mezashita stage tsukamu made
seijaku kirisaite shingeki no shirei hibiku
yoru no yami tsuranuite mirai no oozora e
machiukeru shiren sae norikoe tsuyoku nare

Proceed! Until the stage you aimed at!
The echo of attack orders tear the silence to pieces!
That future firmament that pierces the darkness of night…
Expect even that test and overcome it to become strong!

Ah 果てない海が広がる世界
さぁ 全てを賭けて今戦え

ah hatenai umi ga hirogaru sekai
hontou no kizuna ga umarete kuru
nakama ga soba ni iru kara
saa subete o kakete ima tatakae
bakuhatsu suru sakebi ga

Ah, this world that extends into limitless seas
Came to gave birth to my real bonds;
Because there are my allies by my side,
Come on, let’s risk everything and fight!
This shout roars like an explosion!

熱く燃える勇気 強く握り締めて
守りたい命 君こそがPOWER

koutetsu no karada ni nagareru ai no kodou
atsuku moeru yuuki tsuyoku nigirishimete
mamoritai inochi kimi koso ga power

I hold tightly to those pulsations of love flowing
Inside this body of steel, and my burning hot courage:
The life I want to protect… You’re surely my power!

駆け抜けろ Blue Rise!!

shouri kizame tsuyoku
kakenukero blue rise!!

Let’s engrave victory in our minds
And run towards it! Blue Rise!!

進め 君が目指したStage掴むまで

susume kimi ga mezashita stage tsukamu made
kizu o oi taorete mo tatakai o motomeru

Proceed! Until the stage you aimed at!
Bear your scars and keep fighting even if you’d fall!

Ah 振り返らず信じるまま
さぁ 全てを賭けて今解き放て

ah furikaerazu shinjiru mama
yowasa mo mayoi uketometai
itsumo hitori ja nai kara
saa subete wo kakete ima tokihanate
bakuhatsu suru sakebi ga

Ah, keep believing it without looking back,
I want to react both to my weakness and hesitations;
Because I’m never alone,
Come on, let’s risk everything and release it!
This shout roars like an explosion!

涙は小さな海 蒼さ繋がってゆく
守りたい命 君こそがFUTURE

koutetsu no kokoro ni kirameku ai no hana
namida wa chiisana umi aosa tsunagatte yuku
mamoritai inochi kimi koso ga future

This flower of love glittering inside my heart of steel
And my tears becoming one with this small sea’s blue colour…
The life I want to protect… You’re surely my future!

駆け抜けろ Blue Rise!!

shouri kizame tsuyoku
kakenukero blue rise!!

Let’s engrave victory in our minds
And run towards it! Blue Rise!!

Ah 積み重ねていく数字と海路
新しい世界とまた出会える だから命を燃やして
さぁ 全てを賭けて今戦え

ah tsumikasanete iku suuji to kairo
atarashii sekai to mata deaeru dakara inochi o moyashite
saa subete o kakete ima tatakae
bakuhatsu suru sakebi ga

Ah, those piled up digits and the sea route…
I’ll be able to come across again with that new world… so, now I’ll let my own life burn,
Come on, let’s risk everything and fight!
This shout roars like an explosion!

涙は小さな海 蒼さ繋がってゆく
守りたい命 君こそがfuture

koutetsu no kokoro ni kirameku ai no hana
namida wa chiisana umi aosa tsunagatte yuku
mamoritai inochi kimi koso ga future

This flower of love glittering inside my heart of steel
And my tears becoming one with this small sea’s blue colour…
The life I want to protect… You’re surely my future!

熱くなれ My Soul!!

atsuku nare my soul!!

Burn, my soul!!

熱く燃える勇気 強く握り締めて
守りたい命 君こそがPOWER

koutetsu no karada ni nagareru ai no kodou
atsuku moeru yuuki tsuyoku nigirishimete
mamoritai inochi kimi koso ga power

I hold tightly to those pulsations of love flowing
Inside this body of steel, and my burning hot courage:
The life I want to protect… You’re surely my power!

駆け抜けろ Blue Rise!!

shouri kizame tsuyoku
kakenukero blue rise!!

Let’s engrave victory in our minds
And run towards it! Blue Rise!!


Title: Blue Rise!!
Original Track: 「砲雷撃戦、始め!」(Kantai Collection)
Vocal:みーや (Miya)
Lyrics: 龍5150 (Ryu-5150 )
Album: 艦娘海戦歌 (kanmusu kaisen uta) (Kanmusu’s war battle song)
Release Event: C85

Listen to it on Youtube here: ZERO SOUNDS – Blue Rise!!

[TUMENECO] Yukina – らせんのゆめ


I can’t help it, I just like TUMENECO‘s songs.
That’s the second one I’m posting from this circle, and I don’t think it will be the last one. Most of people say that TUMENECO’s songs are very similar between each other, and… yeah I can’t deny that.
I mean, most of their songs revolve around Mary-Renko pairing, their lyrics are always talking about the connection between dream/reality and mental/physical distance/closeness. Check out other lyrics by them and boom, you’ll find lots of songs which involve at least one of those things.
I honestly know they’re repetitive, but I found their lyrics mesmerizing anyways. Probably because I like those kind of themes and I can relate.
The biggest flaw I see on TUMENECO, anyway, is another.
Take, for example, WeatherH from CLOCKWORK TRACERS. She’s a good singer with several vocal ranges, and can perform lots of different singing styles which makes you question if she’s the same singer from other songs sung by her.
While Yukina from TUMENECO has a nice voice, her tone is almost the same in every song, and that makes her songs sound… not-so unique. And it’s such a shame because TUMENECO’s arrange are hella good and satisfy my tastes.
So, while on one hand I agree with those saying that TUMENECO is a not so original circle, on the other hand I like it anyways.
Until I reach the point of “I already translated at least 20 songs with the same lyrics!11!” I think I’ll keep posting them once in a while.
About this song? I like its lyrics. There are several amazing stanzas linked to each other in a very curious fashion. Oh, and this is an arrange of Izanagi Object, a theme that I always found somehow more approriate for Renko rather than Mary. Don’t know why.
– 黒い旅人 (kuroi tabibito) means “black traveler”. I found it… well, not so fitting, so I opted for “black-dressed traveler”. But that’s not the remarkable thing. What should be underlined is that “kuroi” could mean also “sinner”, or “impure”, or “dark”, or “guilty”. In other words, it implies someone holding grudges or sins, someone who’s not “white”, meaning who’s not “pure”, “good”. No racism intended. That’s something Eiki Shiki taught me.
– 暴き出し (abakidashi) could mean a lot of things, such as “expose a crime” or “dig up proof of a crime”. Being the object of this sentence a door, it’s obvious meant to be “open (to reveal what’s beyond it)”.
– あの頃の”僕ら”は”二人”で (ano koro no bokura wa futari de…) I just wanted to point out that while the stanza ending this way is separated from its following stanza, they’re linked and are sung in sequence in the song.
– that’s why there’s a comma before that sentence. It’s linked to the previous stanza. Also, last part of the previous stanza appears on this stanza’s translation, and same goes for the first line from this stanza, appearing in the previous one (due sentence order).
– 幻想 in the stanza that starts where the stanza before it ends with “futari”, is read as “yume” (dream) even if it should be read as “gensou” (illusion, fantasy). Thus, my translation.
– 堕ちていく (ochiteiku) is wrote in two different ways. First one being 落ちていく, next one being 堕ちていく. The first one means “to fall”, the second one means “to ascend”. Nice, huh?
– 何度でも見つけるから その日まで螺旋の夢を (last stanza, last two lines). Those are two simple sentences, but I couldn’t find the proper way to translate them without making the resulting sentence shorter than the equator.
I translated them as “Let’s keep having that spiraling dream again until the day I’ll find you again.”, and it’s the most fitting thing I could find, but it actually should be literally translated as this: “Because I’ll find you for any number of times it could get, keep having that spiraling dream until that day comes”. Also, there’s no verb after “yume o”, so it could both be “let’s have” or “have (you). The subject too is not specified and could both be Mary / Renko or Mary/Renko.

TUMENECO – らせんのゆめ


itsuka kono sekai no dokoka de
tonari au rasen no yume

Someday, somewhere in this world,
A spiraling dream of us sitting side by side…


nakushita hitomi o sagasu kuroi tabibito
mienakunatta hoshizora o saguri ateru you ni

As if a black dressed traveler searching for his lost eyes
Finds out about the starry night’s sky he couldn’t see…


mienai yami e to te o nobasu

Reaching out his hand towards the unseen darkness…


moshi mo kono sekai no dokoka de
mou ichido deaeru nara
nandodemo kurikaesou
wasureenu rasen no yume o

If I could meet you one more time
Somewhere inside this world,
I’ll repeat it infinitely,
That unforgettable spiraling dream…


mienai kokoro o sagasu kuroi tabibito
wasureteshimatta nanika o tsukamitoreru you ni

As if a black dressed traveler searching for his invisible heart
Grasps something he ended up forgetting…


kieyuku hikari e te o nobasu

Reaching out his hand towards a vanishing light…


moshi mo kono sekai no dokoka ni
kakusareta doa ga areba
abakidashi yoru o kakeru
ano koro no “bokura” wa “futari” de

If somewhere inside this world
There lies a concealed door,
I’d open it and haste towards the night.
I want to continue to be “us”,

また 幻想で出会えるなら

itsumo itsumademo tsudzuiteku
genjitsu o kurikaeshite
mata yume de deaeru nara
mou ichido rasen no yume o

,The “two of us” from that time, forever,
Always repeating our reality;
If we could meet up inside an illusory dream,
I want it to be that spiraling dream again…


ochiteiku ochiteiku
nemuri e to ochite iku

Falling down, falling down,
Ascending into a sleep;


dokomade mo dokomade mo
modorenai shin’en ni

Aywhere, anywhere,
Towards an abyss from where I can’t return;


nando demo nando demo
todoku made te o nobashi

I’ll outstretch my hand for any number of times,
Until it will reach you;


taisetsu na kataware o
mou nido to hanasanai you ni
futari de

In order not to part again
From my precious counterpart…
We, together…


mitsuketa utsutsu no yume o tsunagu tabibito
tagai no futatsu no kakera o mazeawaseru you ni

As if a traveler who found a reality and his own dreams
Would connect each other the two fragments together…


tsukanda sono te o hanasanai

…Don’t let go of the hand you’re holding.


itsuka kono sekai no dokoka ni
kakusareta doa o akete
kimi to mata yoru o kakeru
itsumade mo “bokura” wa “futari” de

If someday we’ll open that concealed door
Hiding somewhere inside this world,
I’d haste towards the night again, with you,
Because that “we” means “the two of us”.


moshi mo kono sekai ga horobite
futari mata hikisaite mo
nandode mo mitsukeru kara
sono hi made rasen no yume o

Even if this world would perish,
Even if we’ll be separated again…
Let’s keep having that spiraling dream again
Until the day I’ll find you again.


Title: らせんのゆめ (rasen no yume) (spiraling dream)
Original Track: イザナギオブジェクト (Izanagi Object) – Neo-traditionalism of Japan track 6
Vocals: Yukina
Lyrics: ななつめ (nanatsume)
Arrangement:tomoya / h.tatuki
Album: らせんのゆめ (rasen no yume)
Release Event: Touhou Kouroumu 8

Listen to it on Youtube here: TUMENECO – らせんのゆめ



I guess I really can’t pick a single ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY‘s song and state without an inch of doubt “That’s my favourite one”. Because they’re almost all amazing. Let’s say it this way: I have LOTS of ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY favourite songs. And 慟哭の杜 is one of them. And I don’t really know why I delayed its translation that much.
Well, I think this wafuu section of ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY songs is the best. I mean, the japanese-styled songs by them are the one I like the most… This one, 待宵姫, とおりゃんせ… I think they should stick more with oriental-themed song, because they’re all really good.
As I listen to this songs, images of Shrine Maidens, Shinto sanctuaries, toorii and a sea of trees pop in my mind. It’s so suggestive I could die.
It also has a overall nostalgic feeling to it that adds the icing on the cake.
Lyrics are as always amazing and as always with ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY’s trademark impossible kanji readings. Yay. I hate you guys. Just kidding. I love you.
I think that’s also the first time I ever use a picture without any character inside it. Nice! I love this pic btw. I wanted to use a picture featuring some Shinto-shrine elements, and this one was perfect, having a groove, a torii and a small shrine. It was difficult though. There are waaay lots of amazing pics just like this one!
Also, yeah, lyrics = amazing. There’s no need to talk about them, just read them!
– 翠深き (ao fukaki) the first kanji is usually read as “midori”, meaning “green”, but in this song is read as “ao”, meaning blue. In Japan, there’s a strange relationship between the word “blue” and “green”. For example, while japanese stoplights are green, they’re called “ao”. Thus, even if it says “ao fukaki”, it’s translated as “deep green” instead of “deep blue”. I mean, it’s pretty obvious since it’s talking about a forest, right?
– 射干玉 (nubatama) is both the name of a flower with deep dark seeds and a word for describing a pitch black darkness. I used “pitch-black” because I don’t know the name of that flower in english (and it would feel weird). ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY’s genius just reached level 100.
– 聲 (koe) is an old, nowadays rare way to write 声, the modern kanji for “voice”.
– 記憶 (toki) in this song, this word is read as “toki”, meaning “time”. While, normally, this is read as “kioku”, meaning memories. I used them both because I found them more fitting. You know, ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY always f*cks up kanji’s readings. And I love them.
* 塞の神 (sai no kami) well, this means “traveler’s guardian deity”. It’s some God watching over travelers. I left this untouched, “Sai no Kami”. After all, it’s a name.
– 千早振る (chihayaburu) As far as I remember from my japanese philology studies, while it normally is read as “chihayafuru”, this could also be read as “chihayaburu”. I keep hearing “bu” instead of “fu”, so I used “chihayaburu”. Mind that they’re both correct anyways, and they mean the same thing.
– 指切り (yubikiri) In Japan, promises are made my linking two people’s little finger. In Italy we do that too, but not knowing if the rest of the world does this too, I wanted to point that out.
– 約束 (chigiri) just like the previous note, this word is normally read as “yakusoku”, meaning “promise”. Here, it is read as “chigiri”, which means “vow”, “pledge”, and “promise” too, but in a more aulic way. As if you’re making a promise to yourself / some spiritual entity rather than with another person.
– 吼える (hoeru) means “to bark” or “to cry”, and it’s mostly used for animals. Could that mean that this song’s actually what happens inside the mind of a…?



ao fukaki kami no mori
nubatama no yo wa fuke
uku tsuki no sayakeshi ya
yo na yo na to sasageshi wa

In the deep green forest of Gods
The pitch-black night grows late;
Night after night, I offer myself
To the brightness of the floating moon.


keshite mou ae wa shinai
kimi e utau uta o

I’ll sing a song to you,
Whom I’ll surely won’t be able to meet again…

この聲-こえ-も 猛る哀しさも

kono koe mo takeru kanashisa mo
naku koto sae kanawanu mama ni
yaki tsuita hai no koukei ga
kokyuu sae mo ayamete toki o ubau

As I won’t be granted to cry
To that voice and my raging sadness,
That scenery of ashes left burning
Takes away the time of my memories, without letting me breathe…


kuchihateta sai no kami
kurenai no iro utsushi
chihayaburu wade o shite
hararira to yawasukimi

The decayed Sai no Kami*
Reflects into a crimson colour;
The red autumn leaves gently
Falls peacefully on me.

理も 何もかも

kotowari mo nani mo kamo
kirisaite yukeba

There could be any reason to anything,
If you go tearing everything up to pieces…

その聲も 震える身体も
この手で 嗚呼 守れただろう
届かぬまま 焦がれ叫んだ

sono koe mo furueru karada mo
kono te de aa mamoreta darou
dore hodo ni motometa darou ka
todokanu mama kogare sakenda

Aah, I wonder if I protected that voice
And that trembling body with this hand of mine?
For how much long do I have to seek for you?
While I can’t reach you, I’ll scream as I burn.

いつか交わした言葉 指切り 約束-ちぎり-
“とわにまもるよ” なんて
なんと馬鹿げた誓い 解けて 融けて

itsuka kawashita kotoba yubikiri chigiri
“towa ni mamoru yo” nante
nanto bakageta chikai hodokete tokete
– kimi wa inai –

“I’ll protect you in the eternity”, those
Words we promised each other with our little fingers…
This absurd promise loosened and come untied,
– because you’re not here-

この聲-こえ-も 猛る哀しさも
呼吸さえも 殺め続ける

kono koe mo takeru kanashisa mo
naku koto sae kanawanu mama ni
yaki tsuita hai no koukei ga
kokyuu sae mo ayametsudzukeru

As I won’t be granted to cry
To that voice and my raging sadness,
That scenery of ashes left burning…
Aahh… It keeps blocking my breath…

その聲も 震える身体も
この手で 嗚呼 守れたならば
届かぬまま 焦がれ焦がれて

sono koe mo furueru karada mo
kono te de aa mamoreta naraba
dore hodo ni negatta darou ka
todokanu mama kogare kogarete

Aah, if I had protected that voice
And that trembling body with this hand of mine,
Just how much should I have prayed to grant it?
While I can’t reach you, I’ll burn, I’ll burn
I’ll let out a cry…


Title: 慟哭の杜 (doukoku no mori) (the forest of wailing)
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki
Lyrics: Nakae Mitsuki
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Album: 童怪奇譚 (doyokitan)
Release Event: C84

Listen to it on Youtube here: ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – 慟哭の杜

[syrufit] 綾倉盟 – and Juliet


Another post I wanted to put waaaay earlier on my wordpress, but procastinated till today because… I dunno.
and Juliet is a song by the circle Studio “Syrup Comfiture” (which I always call syrufit, btw) that I like a lot.
In terms of music genre, they make music that doesn’t fit quite right to my average touhou-arrange preferences, but I like them a lot.
Also, this song is an arrange of The Positive and The Negative, a theme which probably not even ZUN himself is aware of.
I mean, seriously. Do you even know who Shingyoku is? You don’t! I don’t! ZUN doesn’t! Nobody does!
The only thing I know is that The Highly Responsive to Prayers is a game developed by ZUN together with Satan and that that fucking Yin-Yang Orb kills me more time than bosses do. Fuck it.
Anyway. This song probably settles Romeo and Juliet (thus the title) as its theme. That could explain most of the lyrics, specially when it says that line “we could be together forever but we’re not allowed to come into contact”.
You know, family issues and stuff… we all know Shakespeare and his plays, don’t we?
Still, I don’t even know if it’s talking about Shingyoku or not. I mean, who’s Shingyoku? I bet ZUN himself forgot him/her/it/whatever. And wouldn’t a Shingyoku x Shingyoku pairing be just selfcest?!
Okay, okay. Let’s end this right now, it’s getting creepy and odd.
– 満ちる事なく (michiru koto naku) I translated this as “empty” while literally means “there’s no thing such as filling up”. Pretty much the same thing, but at least 90% less weird.
– ロンド (rondo) is a type of dance. Don’t know precisely what kind of dance it is, but that’s not the first time I read that word.
– 終幕 (shuumaku) means end, and it uses the first kanji for the word “owari” (meaning to finish) and the second from “maku” (meaning curtain). So, it’s more like an end to a play. Once again, this strengthens my hypothesis that it may actually be a Romeo & Juliet based song.
…Wasn’t it pretty obvious by the title? I feel stupid now.
– 溶け合う (tokeau) is one interesting word. With this kanjis, it means “to melt together”, where “toku” means “to melt” and “au” is a verb that attached to another makes the verb before it mutual. But that’s not everything. In other kanjis, 解合う (tokeau) means “to understand (finally) each other”, or “to cancel something mutually” (a contract, for instance). I translated it as “melting together”, but keep in mind that this verb has probably been chosen due his mutual meaning. Romeo and Juliet both decided to cancel their families bound, didn’t they…?
– ソナタ (sonata) another bizarre word. It obviously refers to an old way to say “you” (thus, I translated it as thou), but, being written in katakana, could also be translated as “Sonata”, a type of musical play. Those theathre-related puns are killing me!

[syrufit] 綾倉盟 – and Juliet

揺らぐリアル 満ちる事なく
騒ぐ鼓動 抑えられない

yuragu riaru michiru koto naku
sawagu kodou osaerarenai

A trembling, empty reality
Where I can’t arrest this noisy pulsation


shoudou de kagi ga hirakareru kokoro no oku
utakata no kotoba wa kaze ni kakikesarete mo
kono omoi kono tsurakute mo tomerarenai
subete kowareru to shite mo

The depth of my heart is opened up by the key of my impetus
Even if my ephemeral words will be blown away by the wind
I can’t stop neither those thoughts nor this pain
Even if everything will shatter…

紡ぐ光から影 廻るロンド
ふたり いつも側に居られるけど
ふたり 触れ合う事は許されない

soshite monogatari wa tsugi no bamen
tsumugu hikari kara kage meguru rondo
futari itsumo soba ni irareru kedo
futari fureau koto wa yurusarenai

And then, the next scene is my story
A spinning rondo of a shadow from a dizzy light
We can be by our side forever, but
We’re not allowed to to come into contact with each other


kanashimi ni oboreta mama iki sae mo dekizu
sakasama ni utsuru sora wa kono te todokazu
kurayami wa itsumo hikari kara koboreru no darou
toki wa meguri tsudzuketeru

As I drown into sadness, I can’t even breathe.
I can’t reach the upside-down reflected sky with this hand.
I wonder if darkness always becomes visible from light?
Time keeps revolving…

紡ぐ溶け合う姿 まるでソナタ
ふたり いつも側にいられるから
ふたり 笑顔のままで消えて行こう

soshite monogatari wa shuumaku e to
tsumugu tokeau sugata maru de sonata
futari itsumo soba ni irareru kara
futari egao no mama de kiete yukou

And then, the story comes to an end
As I thought, thou art the figure that’s melting with me;
Because we can stay by our side forever,
We’ll disappear together, as we smile.


Title: and Juliet
Original Track: The Positive and Negative ~ Highly Responsive to Prayers, Shingyoku’s Theme
Vocals: 綾倉盟 (Mei Ayakura)
Lyrics: 綾倉盟
Circle: Studio “Syrup Comfiture” (syrufit)
Album: Love Hearts?
Release Event: C79

Listen to it on Youtube here: Syrufit – and Juliet

【少女病】ビートまりお、ゴム、めらみぽっぷ、野宮あゆみ – Heroes!!


I already “translated” this song (just as I stated on this post) years ago, without a good result. Now it’s time for my comeback!
This is an original song from the album 空想RPG, featuring tracks sung by different famous doujin singer in a RPG theme.
The whole CD features 8 track, each one of them talks about a certain category of a RPG game (such as the ending, the last battle, the town of departure…).
Heroes! talks about the party, the heroes, the protagonists of a story.
Have you ever dreamed when you were little about becoming the leader of a group of heroes trying to save the world? This song gives me that nostalgic feelings, and I love it.
Also, I spent years on my life playing MMORPG (Ragnarok Online = love), so I can relate both to the RPG counterpart of the song and to the “Hero” part of the song.
The song features Merami (Foreground Eclipse‘s singer!), Beat Mario (COOL&CREATE), Gomu (JAM Project) and Ayumi Nomiya (ALiCE’S EMOTiON). All of them are also pretty well know in the touhou doujin music world.
I love this song so much. I fell in love with it the first time I listened to it. Just the violins at the beginning were enough to make me fall in love with the whole song.
Being most of the song sung by each singer individually, I’d like to read it as if each line is separated from the other, but without being parted away.
I don’t even know what’s the meaning of what I just wrote.
Also, I hate how I suck at finding fitting pics. I like the one I used, but the one I imagined for this song was totally different.
Also, I had to use another youtube account and upload the song myself, because it can’t be found anyfuckingwhere.
Expect some more non-request songs for a while. I need to take a break and translating songs I want to translate. Requests are coming back in 3-4 posts.
NOTES: – 明日へ (asu e) means “towards tomorrow”. The word “asu” is always used to express the future, so I found more fitting to add “towards the future” rather than “towards tomorrow”.
– キメ (kime) means “to have a posed look”. I found “be strong” more fitting.

ビートまりお、ゴム、めらみぽっぷ、野宮あゆみ – Heroes!

いざ行こう まだ見ぬ未知の世界へ
逃れることなく 運命抱いて

iza yukou mada minu michi no sekai e
bokura ga koko kara kiri hiraku
nogareru koto naku sadamei daite
mabayui hikari e hashiri dasou!

We’ll go at once towards an unknown, yet to see world,
And from here, we’ll cut through it!
Embracing our destiny, we won’t run away;
So, let’s start running towards that dazzling light!

理想と 夢を描いて
希望の 刃解き放て!

risou to yume o egaite
kibou no yaiba tokihanate!

Tracing out ideals and dreams,
We’ll draw our blade of hope!

今 紅く滾る 胸に宿る記憶
さあ恐れるな 揺らぐな 立ち向かえ!
Heroes 翼のない 僕らだけど明日へ
必ず飛べる 空想なんかじゃない 行け Go to the Top!!

ima akaku tagiru mune ni yadoru kioku
saa osoreru na yuraguna tachi mukae!
heroes tsubasa no nai bokura dake do asu e
kanarazu toberu kuusou nanka ja nai yuke go to the top!!

Our memories inside our heart are now boiling in crimson;
Come on, don’t be afraid, don’t tremble: fight against them!
Heroes, we don’t have wings, but we’ll surely fly
Towards the future, and that’s not a fantasy: Let’s go! Go to the Top!!

苦しい時でも 傍にはいつも
一人じゃ叶わぬ 冒険だけど

kurushii toki demo soba ni wa itsumo
nakama ga waratteitekureta
hitori ja kanawanu bouken dakedo
fuan wa nai kara arukidasou!

Even in painful moments, by my side
My comrades are always there, smiling;
That’s an adventure that I can’t let happen by myself,
But there’s no need to be nervous, so we’ll go forth!

歪んだ 世界に向かって
願いの 魔法振りかざす!

yuganda sekai ni mukatte
negai no mahou furikazasu!

We’ll face the crooked world,
Brandishing our magic of hope!

今 蒼く燃える 胸を焦がす記憶
もう振り向くな 迷うな 剣をとれ!
Heroes 力尽きて 倒れるまで永遠に
戦い抜くと 誓った夜明け前 さあキメよう!

ima aoku moeru mune o kogasu kioku
mou furimukuna mayouna ken o tore!
heroes chikara tsukite taoreru made touwa ni
tatakai nuku to chikatta yoake mae saa kime you!

Our memories blazing inside our heart are now burning in a blue flame;
Don’t turn around anymore, Do not hesitate: Grasp your sword!
Heroes, until our strenght runs out and we’ll fall, we’ll fight
Eternally, as we promised before dawn; Come on, be strong!

馬鹿げた空想と 笑うのなら笑えばいい
この声この熱を 世界の果てまで 必ず 届ける!

bakageta kuusou to warau no nara waraeba ii
kono koe kono netsu o sekai no hate made kanarazu todokeru!

If you want to laugh to this absurd fantasy, just do it:
I’ll surely deliver this voice, this heat to the edge of the world!

嗚呼 紅く滾る 胸に宿る記憶
さあ恐れるな 揺らぐな 立ち向かえ!
Heroes 翼のない 僕らだけど明日へ
必ず飛べる 空想なんかじゃない 行け! 叫べ!!!

aa akaku tagiru mune ni yadoru kioku
saa osoreru na yuraguna tachi mukae!
heroes chikara no nai bokura dakedo asu e
kanarazu toberu kuusou nanka ja nai yuke! sakebe!!!

Aah, our memories inside our heart are now boiling in crimson;
Come on, don’t be afraid, don’t tremble: fight against them!
Heroes, we don’t have wings, but we’ll surely fly
Towards the future, and that’s not a fantasy: Let’s go! Scream it!!


Title: Heroes !
Vocals: ビートまりお、ゴム、めらみぽっぷ、野宮あゆみ (beat Mario, Gomu, Meramipop, Ayumi Nomiya)
Lyrics: 少女病 (shoujo byou)
Circle: 少女病
Composition:橋本鏡也 (Hashimoto Kyouya)
Album: 空想RPG! (kuusou RPG) (fantasy RPG)
Release Date: Aug 15, 2009

Listen to it on Youtube here: 少女病 – Heroes !