The ultimate «i’m-so-fucking-sorry» update!


Okay, the title says it all.
This is not a translation / poetry / endangered species preservation campaign /dildo review post.
I just want to say that I’m sorry because I’m going to disappear… Once again.
But let’s see why.
I’m going to Venice from tomorrow (03/09/2015) until sunday (06/09/2015) while I’m busy writing my thesis that I have to write within September the 25th, while I’m busy writing poetry for a contest that I must send within September the 7th, while I’m busy studying for my last exam that I’m going to try on September the 29th, while I’m busy trying to figure out what should I do to start my advanced degree studies that I have to overlap to my current studies within September the 16th, while I’m trying to find out how to be part of the cast for a theatre play starting soon and I’m having issues with my band as we keep practicing weekly.
Yup, that’s it.
I won’t be able to keep the pace for a while.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to post some few lyrics between the 6th and the 8th and again after the 16th.
I’ll try to fit the haiku post too, scheduled for the 18th.
And that’s it. Fuck my life.
I’m going to die 10 years sooner because of the pressure I’m forcing to myself.
I should consider getting a degree for retardness. I don’t even know if that’s a word.

PS: I added a picture of a sheep because this post is empty and sad. I like sheeps.

[REQUEST] Minstrel – その影法師、幼さを残して


This song was requested by Helly.
I really love Flawless Clothing of the Celestials, it’s one heck of an epic theme.
Sadly, at least to me, this song can’t convey half of the half of the half of the half of the half of its epicness.
But that’s pretty normal for an arrange of this theme.
It’s the first song I had trouble with its readings, being the booklet without any furigana, and this kinda pisses me off.
But it was fun to translate. More challenge = more fun. Why should I like Touhou if I hate challenges?
Still, every song is fun to translate and I love to try to make sense out of everything, and this can never tire me enough.
But on a side note, I can’t really say I like this song.
The rhythm is good but also really minimalistic, but the main problem (according to my ears) is the vocal.
I don’t really like it as I wish I could have. God.
And that’s pretty strange, giving that I know LIQU@ as a singer and I know she can do better than she did in this song.
Even the title of this song is weird and nonsensical to me, kinda sounds like a rape victim safeguard campaign’s slogan.
And now by writing so, I feel like a jerk to every Minstrel fan / everyone enjoying this song.
I’m not! It’s ok! I apreciate this song, but, if I’d rather listen to something else.
Love you. Like, a lot.
– I’ve listened to it several times, but I can’t clearly understand how the singer reads 一片 in the first stanza. It’s usually read as “ippen”, but she clearly doesn’t say that. She surely pronounces 一 as “hito” (which is ok), but I can’t understand how she reads “片”, whose only readings I know are compounds such as -hen or -ra and “kata” being its kun’yomi, but I keep hearing something such as “hiraga”… don’t know. Don’t trust my trascription for this word, it’s 100% wrong.
– 静か寂 (shizuka sabi) is read as “saijaku” (最弱) and of course, the booklet doesn’t say so. I hate booklets that don’t point out special readings.
– I had to use several other words instead of their true meaning (such as “tear” for “shizuku”) because the translation I’ve made with the other words kinda sucked.
– lots of sentences are, thus, not the real translation, but more the “translation of what it means”. Because, seriously, some parts where I kept the original terms seemed so stupid I didn’t want them to feature in the translation. I tried my best.
– 無明 (mumyou). “Avidya”. Is that a flower? A tree? I seriously have no idea. (It could imply the idea of “ignorance”, from the sanskrit term avidyā, which implies the real buddhist embodiment of ignorance. In this song, it’s refered to like a flower, sort of).

Minstrel – その影法師、幼さを残して

詠い踊る 思い出に
彩なす花 さ揺らぎ

amatsu kaze ni yurarete
utai odoru omoide ni
ayanasu hana sa yuragi
* mai ochiru

Swayed around by a heavenly wind
In my memories singing and dancing
A colorful flower is swinging
Making a petal dance as it falls down

明かり瞬きて 滲み掠れてく
募る緋色の思い 遠く 遥か 彼方
胸を刺す残光は 宵闇に融け
永久の孤独の中で 望む 心 閉じて

akari mabatakite nijimi kasureteku
tsunoru hiiro no omoi tooku haruka kanata
mune o sasu zankou wa yoiyami ni toke
towa no kodoku no naka de nozomu kokoro tojite

A flickering light faintly oozes in
My memories painted in scarlet, distant, far away, your direction
The afterglow which pierced my heart is melting in the dusk
In the midst of the unchanging loneliness, I seal away my wishing heart


shinku no sora o miage
tatanawaru kokoro wakatsu
usu-beni’iro no hoho ni
hito-shizuku tsutau

Gazing the deep crimson sky
My firm heart falls to pieces
In my pale red cheeks
A single tear is dripping

詠い踊る 思い出に

amatsu kaze ni yurarete
utai odoru omoide ni
yuukyuu o motomete
toutou to nagaru

Swayed around by a heavenly wind
My memories are singing and dancing
Longing for the eternity
Flowing without an end

響く静か寂の果て 枯れた緋き夢
渇く心の中で 霞む ひとみ 閉じて

hibiku saijaku no hate kareta akaki yume
kawaku kokoro no naka de kasumu hitomi tojite

To the end of this echoing weakness lies a red withered dream
Inside my dried heart, I close my hazy eyes


kageboushi o mitsume
chi ni fushita kokoro ni fureru
toki’iro no kioku o
hitokakera awasu

I gaze into a silhouette
Touched by its heart down on the earth
This pink-shaded memory I had
Seem to be the missing piece

詠い踊る 思い出に

amatsu kaze ni yurarete
utai odoru omoide ni
mune ni daku mumyou o
asagi ni some yuku

Swayed around by a heavenly wind
In my memories singing and dancing
The Avidya I’m holding firmly
Is growing radiant in a light yellow

詠え 地を揺らして

haruka ten o aogi
utae chi o yurashite
yuku saki ni yakusoku o
yume ni omoitsudzuke

Gaze the far away heaven
And sing, make the earth shake!
Before I go, make a promise to me:
Keep remembering me in your dreams


Title: その影法師、幼さを残して (That silhouette left my chilishness behind)
Original Track: 天衣無縫 (Flawless Clothing of the Celestials) – Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Final Boss pre-battle Theme
Vocals: LIQU@。
Circle: Minstrel
Album: 夜伽話の神隠し (A Spiriting Away in the Night’s Fairy Tales)
Release Event: C80

Listen to it on Youtube here: Minstrel – その影法師、幼さを残して



This song has been requested by Tiyanaryuh.
First of all, thanks to Tiyanaryuh for sending me EVERY single ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY‘s booklet out there.
I owe you one.
Second, this is a half-request. It’s true that he suggested me to translate this song, but I’d probably would have done anyway.
Because this song is absolutely (seewhatIdidtherehuehuehuhe) outstanding.
When ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY sticks to a more eastern-style of music, it’s a guaranteed masterpiece, as we heard before on other songs such as 慟哭の杜, とおりゃんせ or 待宵姫 (click ’em and read ’em).
What can I say about this song? Nothing, actually. It speaks for itself. It’s stunning. One of the best song I’ve ever translated, seriously.
The main focus is something it’s so dear to me (and I think I stated it in a Haiku post?), the fact that “hope” itself isn’t something we should rely on, and most of all is not something good.
It’s like a drug we can’t get away, it hurts more than the harshest reality could do. But we can’t even realize it.
This circle is really good, I swear I love them.
And everytime I listen to some ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY’s tracks, I want to cry because of how unpopular they are compared to several other more successful doujin circle they’re not worth being.
Reality is kinda harsh.
But that’s why I keep posting them now and then. The world must know!
About the song, for some reason some stanzas are entirely wrote in katakana (I traced out every single word in the romaji, so don’t worry).
I didn’t get why this choice.
Sometimes katakana is used to mark words, but, strangely, in this song it looks like as if it’s the opposite.
The words in katakana seem to be far away from the rest of the lyrics, as the kanjis in some full-katakana sentences made me realize.
Why is that? I don’t know, but I don’t feel it to be so strange.
Maybe is just a matter of style, but it works, oddly enough.
Also, I kept the title as “Mellow” instead of メロウ in katakana because it’s the same thing.
– 鼓動 (kodou) is not necessarily “heartbeat”, it’s simply “beat”. But most of the time it stands for “heartbeat”, and I found it pretty fitting for this stanza.
– 心を抑えること (fourth stanza) I translated this as “the heart can be sealed”, and I hope it doesn’t sound strange. That’s the most literal translation. The meaning I wanted to convey (and the meaning the song implies) is that the heart, in other words feelings, toughts, memory etc. can be “sealed”, so can be ignored, one can look away from them. I really like this stanza. And this song. And everything.
– 煙 (fifth stanza) is usually read as “kemuri” and means “smoke”, but here is read as 灯火 (tomoshibi), meaning “light”, “lamp”.
– The last stanza is probably talking about the aka-ito (赤糸) japanese legend. This whole song is about a person trying to forget another person he/she loves but doesn’t love him/her back.
The legend of akaito states that every soulmates has a red string of fate tied to their pinkies, and eventually they’ll find each other thanks to this bound.
In the last stanza, the person who stills loves the other that doesn’t anymore, is forcedly removing that string of fate from his/her finger, because, in the end, he/she realized how things can’t work out, how, maybe, it was all an sweet illusion to begin with. This hits home so close I want to scream. And, by the way, this is beautiful. Terribly, horribly beautiful.


何を望み 何を見て 何を悟る

ketakaki tamashii no yukusue wa kaze no naka
nani o nozomi nani o mite nani o satoru
kibou wa oboroge ni chiratsuite oitsuke wa shinai
kawaita kodou ga mizu o motomeru

The fate of a noble soul dwells inside the wind
What does it wish for? What can it see? What can realize?
Hope is flickering faintly, it can’t catch up
The dried heartbeat longs for water

イトシイ ユルサレナイ ムネガイタイ
コワイ マジワラナイ ソレデモイイ

itoshii yurusarenai mune ga itai
itoshiku omou hodo
kowai maji waranai sore demo ii
itami sae itoshii

My dear, I can’t forgive you, my heart aches
No matter how my memory is dear to me
It’s scary, I can’t get apart from it, but it’s alright;
Even this pain is dear to me

一人 宵闇紛れて歩いた
みずたまり 冷たさが足に触れた

hitori yoiyami magirete aruita
mizutamari tsumetasa ga ashi ni fureta

I walked into the twilight, confused, alone
My feet felt the coldness of a puddle

どれだけおもっていても 許されない感情もあるわ
理解してる 慣れているの 心を抑えること

doredake omotteite mo yurusarenai kanjou mo aru wa
rikaishiteru nareteiru no kokoro o osaeru koto

No matter how much I think about it, there are even unforgivable feelings
Understand it, get used to it… to the fact that the heart can be sealed

何を感じ 何を知り 何をすれば
涙も痛みも 超えたいのに

ketakaki tamashii ga aru no nara misete hoshii
nani o kanji nani o shiri nani o sureba
kibou no tomoshibi wa kienai de terashite kureru no
namida mo itami mo koetai no ni

If there’s a noble soul out there, then please let me see it
What do I feel? What do I know? What should I do?
The light of hope won’t fade away, it will light upon me
Even though I’d want to overcome even those tears, this pain…

トケテク マザッテイク ニジムシカイ

toketeku mazatte iku nijimu shikai
sekai wa kawarazu

Melting and mixing on my blurry vision field
The world isn’t changing

二人 夕焼け 重なるシルエット

futari yuuyake kasanaru shiruetto
ichiban ni nozondeta sono ketsumatsu

Our silhouettes becoming one in the sunset…
That’s the conclusion I wished for the most

これでいいの これがいいの ずっと願っていたの

nani yori kakegae no nai anata dakara “shiawase ni nare” to
kore de ii no kore ga ii no zutto negatteita no

And because you’re my irreplaceable one, I said to you “be happy”
And it’s okay this way, it’s fine as it is… that’s what I always prayed for…


itsu shika muishiki ni tamekonda itami no shizuku wa
ma mo naku afurete shimau no kashira

The unnoticed drops of pain accumulated in my unconscious
Will probably end up overflowing in a blink of an eye

今だけ許してほしい 明日には戻るわ
ダレニモ イエナイ オモイヲ
サヨナラ サヨナラ
イトシイ貴女 サヨナラ

ima dake yurushite hoshii asu ni wa modoru wa
dare ni mo ienai omoi o
ame ni nagashite
anata ga suki
sayonara sayonara
itoshii anata sayonara

I just want to be forgiven now, tomorrow I’ll be back
I’ll let flow along with the rain
Those thoughts I can’t say to anyone
“I love you”
Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, my beloved one…

何を望み 本音は 何を見て 逃げ去る 何を悟る

ketakaki tamashii no yukusue wa kaze no naka
nani o nozomi hon’ne wa nani o mite nigesaru nani o satoru
kibou wa oboroge ni chiratsuite oitsuke wa shinai
kawaita kokoro ga kodou ga sakende mizu o motomete

The fate of a noble soul dwells inside the wind
What does it wish for? What is its intention? What can it see and disappear? What does it realize?
Hope is flickering faintly, it can’t catch up
The dried heartbeat longs for water, screaming

打ち寄せては 秘めてた
押し返す 理想の 想い超えて
解らない 掴めない
それでも いつの日か 超えてみせるわ

anata no shiawase o dare yori mo nozonderu
uchi yosete wa himeteta
oshikaesu risou no omoi koete
itami no saihate ni tadoritsuku kotae wa aru no ka
wakaranai tsukamenai
soredemo itsu no hi ka koete miseru wa

I wish for your happiness more than everyone else’s
Concealed by the water passing by
Overcoming the ideal thoughts I held back
I wonder if there lies an answer in the furthest edge of pain?
I don’t know, I can’t seize it
But still, one of these days, I’ll show you I can overcome this all

素直なまま 無垢な心のまま
落ちる涙雨に 甘えたまま

karanda ito hodoite
sunao na mama mukuna kokoro no mama
ochiru namida ame ni amaeta mama
sukoshi naite ii…?

I untie the string I had entwined on me
And while I’m being honest, while my heart is so pure
As a rain of tears falling down on me is mocking me…
It’s okay if I cry a little bit…?


Title: メロウ (Mellow)
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki
Lyrics: Nakae Mitsuki
Arrangement:塚越雄一朗 (Tsukagoshi Yuichiro)
Album: 金平糖レトロチカ (Confetti Retrotica)
Release Event: C86

Listen to it on Youtube here: ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – Mellow



It’s been a while since you last saw Clockworks Tracer here, isn’t it? Nah, it isn’t, actually.
But should I really leave Return To Forsetia here, rotting away as I translate other stuff? No way!
We of foregroundnoises are against the abandon of awesome metal doujin music cds.
Clockworks Tracer in particular.
And yes, there’s no we. There’s just myself. Sigh. Anyway.
The whole song seems to be talking about some kind of oppression, some kind of reign we’re all under, and I started wondering about what it could be.
I can’t say I could reach a conclusion, but I’d say that the harshest punishments we go through are the ones we, consciously or not, inflict to ourselves. Or maybe someone else?
But that’s just speculation. What can I say for sure, is that I like those lyrics. And that Clockworks Tracer brought that topic out from the original theme, “Charming Domination ~ Who Done It?“.
And I choose a picture of Yukari even though I wanted one featuring Ran because Yukari had more appropriate ones.
I double dare you searching for a good / edgy Ran picture where she’s not nude or nosebleeding or shit like that.
A thing I noticed that often occurs in Touhou doujin music (but in CwT is so clear it’s the best example) is that the vocal track follows the main rhythm of the theme from where it comes from.
Generally, western vocals are not as complicated as CwT’s vocals, and that’s because they use fast-paced themes full of harmonics and scales.
I guess that’s what marks touhou-related music and make it so different from other types of music.
But then again, WheaterH, you’re a goddess. Keep singing like that and you’ll reach the Nirvana soon.
Nothing else to say about it. Except that I keep cracking up when I read the english segments. I don’t know. They’re funny.
Lastly, thanks to Alv for sending me the lyrics from the whole album!
– 夢幻 which is usually read as “mugen” in this song is read with the two kun yomi from the same kanji. Thus, “mugen” becomes “yume-maboroshi”. I don’t know why, but it’s kinda cool.


From this reign, take me out!!

Under the domination, the hopeless breakaway
Both despair and hope will come to nothing


haruka nagaku tsumi ageta hokori o daite
subete wa tada no ogori to shiranu mama
atokata naku kuzuresaru omoi agaite
nanimo kamo o sarai yuku hitomi no naka e

Embracing the pride piled up on the farthest distance
As I don’t realize how everything is just haughtiness
My crumbled desires, leaving no trace, fall down
Inside the eyes where anything and everything is being abducted

No way am I gonna give in, bitch!


kurenai somaru shikai ni utsuru wa yume-maboroshi
nido to wa modorenai jiyuu na ano hi no mama de

What is reflected inside my crimson vision field is a dreamy illusion
Of the stillness of those peaceful days I won’t be able to return once more

(I will never cry) この胸に
(Still I’m on the edge) 描かれた
(Set me free again) 理想は儚く散り
(I will never cry) この胸に
(Still I’m on the edge) 抱えてた
(Set me free again) 希望と共に消ゆ

(I will never cry) kono mune ni
(Still I’m on the edge) egakareta
(Set me free again) risou wa hakanaku chiri
(I will never cry) kono mune ni
(Still I’m on the edge) dakaeteta
(Set me free again) kibou to tomo ni kiyu

(I will never cry) The ideal that is draw
(Still I’m on the edge) In this chest of mine
(Set me free again) Dissolves faintly
(I will never cry) And it disappears
(Still I’m on the edge) In this chest of mine
(Set me free again) Along with the hope I held

Now we are reduced to the slaves
Authority never releases us
Break shit!!

何も残りはしない (No one can’t resist)

haruka nagaku tsumi ageta hokori o daite
subete wa tada no ogori to shiranu mama
atokata naku kuzuresaru omoi agaite
nanimo nokori wa shinai (No one can’t resist)

Embracing the pride piled up on the farthest distance
As I don’t realize how everything is just haughtiness
My crumbled desires, leaving no trace, fall down
And nothing else is left (No one can’t resist)


usure kie yuku shikai ni utsuru utakata no kage
nido to wa modoranai kinou ni te o nobashite mo

On my fading and disappearing vision field an ephemeral shadow is reflecting
And even if I outstretch my hand towards the tomorrow I won’t be able to return to…

(I will never cry) もう一度
(Still I’m on the edge) その足で
(Set me free again) 立つことも叶わぬ
(I’m the slave to your reign) この支配の下

kono mune ni egakareta risou wa hakanaku chiri
(I will never cry) mou ichido
(Still I’m on the edge) sono ashi de
(Set me free again) tatsu koto mo kanawanu
(I’m the slave to your reign) kono shihai no moto

The ideal that is draw in this chest of mine dissolves faintly
(I will never cry) I’m not allowed
(Still I’m on the edge) To stand one more time
(Set me free again) On my own feet
(I’m the slave to your reign) Under this domination

Now we are reduced to the slaves
Authority never releases us
There’s no way out!!


Title: Slave To The Reign
Original Track: 妖々跋扈 ~ Who done it! (Charming Domination ~ Who done it?) – Perfect Cherry Blossom, Phantasm Stage Theme
Vocals: WeatherH, Yapan (screams)
Lyrics: Yapan
Album: Return To Forsetia
Release Event: Reitaisai 12

Listen to it on Youtube here: CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Slave To The Reign

[REQUEST] 幽閉サテライト – カナシバリズム


This song was requested by Eiki.
First of, the song title is a pun between the words “cannibalism” and “kanashii” (sad).
I really like this idea. It’s like the sadness is devouring a sad person, which is sadness himself/herself, thus it’s actually a grotesque picture of sadness feasting upon itself. That’s pure genius!
I’d like to keep it “kanashibalism” in the translation, but ended up writing “sadbalism” because… I don’t know?
Feel free to change it, if you’re going to upload the lyrics somewhere!
Second… damn. Those lyrics.
I have no words for them, they’re amazing! They were so fluid to translate, and yet the translation didn’t come out weird as they sometimes do.
And its lyrics are so straightforward and sharp one can feel each and every stanza like a needle piercing his / her skin.
I don’t find this song to be sad.
Yes, it’s not a happy song, and we can all agree on that, but I can kind of understand why this choice, and why there’s this need to talk about sadness in spite of a positive feeling.
Several stanzas remark how the world, life and everything else is not half bad, and it’s not harsh as they always told us it is, but we grow to think about the world / life being harsh because we, in some ways or others, come in contact with something far away from things we’re surrounded.
If we discover our own heaven and then we lose it, how should we react being in a world where everything is fine but nothing is worth?
That’s what this song, at least to me, is trying to say.
It’s a matter of point of views and vision field, as the song also states more than one time when it says “視界”.
I really like when lyrics are good but are not messed up to begin with.
Sometimes they’re so easy to translate the translation looks kind of plain and boring to, and sometimes it’s so complicated the translation is way more complicated than its original lyrics’ scheme.
But that’s not the case.
Please, keep requesting me song with such awesome and perfectly clean lyrics such this one!
No, I’m kidding. I like to translate even those weird/what-the-fuck-am-I-reading lyrics.
– 心 (kokoro) means “heart”, but also “mind”, “feeling”. So, to “read a heart” also means “to read one’s mind”. It’s a Satori arrange, after all.

幽閉サテライト – カナシバリズム

妄想の類では無い 信じてよ

kimi ni kokoro o yomareteru
dainashi no yokan de ugokenai yo
konkyo ha sasaina tsumikasane
mousou no rui de wa nai shinjite yo

My heart has been read by you
And it couldn’t move, under a presentiment of ruin
Which basis is a pile of trivial things
And it’s not a type of paranoia, I swear

そうじゃない コレは要らない…

ikura yuujin ni kakomaretemo
tanin ni hometataerarete mo saa
sou ja nai kore wa iranai…
sonna hidoi moumokuna no sa

No matter how many friends I’m surrounded with
Or how many other people praise me,
That’s not what matters, I don’t need all of this,
I don’t need that kind of ruthless blindness…


shikai wa kawarazu, semashi

My vision, unchanging, is narrow

うんざり 偏った価値観

unzari katayotta kachikan
kimi ni mitomeraretakatta dake de
konna toko made kiteshimatta
demo kyou mo ienai

Prejudice values I’m bored of
Existed just to let me be recognized by you
And made me come all the way here
But today, I won’t say them


kimi ni sekai o ubawarete
toraware no jiyuu o sugoshiteru yo
mirai wa yasashiku hikarinaki
nama nurui kodoku dakara naa

My world has been stolen by you
As I’m spending my trapped freedom
The future, gently, holds no light
Because it’s just a lukewarm loneliness
I know that…


ikura sukoyakana seikatsu demo
tasukete kureru ate ga itemo saa
sou ja nai, shinderu mitai
kimi dake ga iki ga idakara na

No matter how my life will be healthy,
Or how many people ready to save me are there
It’s not just that, it’s as if I’m dying
Because only you are my reason to be alive


koe mo dasezu ni utsumuku

I bend down, without saying anything

傷付くの怖いし カナシバリズム

watashi mo kokoro ga yomerunda
kimi ni yarareppanashi wa iya dakara
demo tsumari kekka wa mieteru
kizutsuku no kowai shi kanashibarizumu

I can read my feelings too
Because I grew reclutant of being read by you
But in the end, I can see the outcome
I’m afraid of hurting myself, Sadnibalism

うんざり 偏った価値観
結末を恐れる カナシバリズム

unzari katayotta kachikan
kimi ni mitomeraretakatta dake de
konna jibun o tsukuri age
ketsumatsu o osoreru kanashibarizumu

Prejudice values I’m bored of
Existed just to let me be recognized by you
You build up this person, myself
But I’m fearing the demise, Sadnibalism


Title: カナシバリズム (kanashibarizumu)
Original Track: 少女さとり ~ 3rd Eye (Satori Maiden ~ Third Eye) – Subterranean Animism, Satori’s Theme
Vocals: senya
Lyrics: かませ虎 (kamase-tora)
Circle: 幽閉サテライト (Yuuhei Satellite)
Album: コノ葉隠レ
Release Event: Reitaisai 12

Listen to it on Youtube here: 幽閉サテライト – カナシバリズム

[REQUEST] ロクプラス – 唄葬


This song was requested by Vital.
Time to stop wasting time and get some requests done!
It’s strange how many genres are there out there, and it’s even more strange how many types of arranges I have yet to listen to.
唄葬 is one of these “strange” arranges.
Looks like the whole album from where this track comes from is a whole carillon/lullaby-like set of touhou themes, which don’t work half bad, I must say.
To be clear, that’s not the type of music I’d enjoy listening to.
But careful, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like it.
The voice in this one is really outstanding, but it’s so simple and lullabyish (?) that I wouldn’t sit and listen to this on my spare time.
Come to think about it, since when I started translating this type of doujin songs (4 years ago, I believe?) I was more oriented on touhou arranges than I’m now.
My music taste is still pretty much the same, but I kind of grew apart from doujin music by now.
And that translates into “I moved away listening almost solely to doujin music and started listening everything else too”.
That’s why I apreciate translating your requests (now and then, hehe).
They’re all kind of nostalgic and remind me of the peak of the touhou music era I used to live long time ago.
But I’m still running this wordpress, so I’ll never be so far away from it.
Just… a safety distance. To gaze at it more carefully.
– Almost every word in this song is read with specific readings that differ from the way they should sound. I kept their meaning halfway between their real and “fake” reading. Here’s the list:
– 焔 (first stanza) is read as “honoo” meaning “blaze”. Its true reading is “homura”, meaning “flame”.
– 獄 (first stanza) is the kanji which is used to indicate both “prison” and “hell”, in the word 地獄 (jigoku, hell). Here, is read as “hitoya”, like in 人屋, which means “prison”.
– 幼子 (first stanza) is read as “ko” instead of “osanago”. “ko” is a normal way to say “child”, while “osanago” means “infant”, implying a very young one. It is repeated more times in this song.
– 黒猫 (second stanza) is read as “neko”, meaning cat, instead of “kuroneko”, meaning “black cat”. I kept black cat in the translation.
– 理由 (third stanza) is read as “wake” instead of “riyuu”. They both mean the same thing, by the way.
– 双眸 (fifth stanza) is read as “me” instead of “soubou”. While “me” simply means “eye”, “eyes”, “soubou” means “pair of eyes”. The meaning is the same, after all.
– The last two stanzas repeats the verb “meguru”, but with two different kanjis (both of them are regularly read as “meguru”). This gives to the overal sense of this word a better shade, as if the two forms of “meguru” are spinning together, mixing and blending and becoming one.

ロクプラス – 唄葬


hatenaku honoo ga moyuru hitoya
fumuku kaze sae hai to kasu
kono chi de samayou ko no tamashii o
daki yoseru uta wa

The prison burning in everlasting flames
Blends together with the ashes in the wind;
This is the song that will embrace
The soul of the child wandering this land…


katsute hitori no
shoujo deatta
akai shokuzai no senritsu
subete o shiru neko wa
me o sugamete
mujou ni naku

A girl, once alone
Meet the melody
Of her crimson atonement
And the black cat who knew everything
Inspects her with its eyes
Crying ruthlessly

できない 青い空も

umareta wake mo tsumi no omosa mo
sabita kyouki wa kataranai
mou ni do to aogu koto wa
dekinai aoi sora mo

The rusty weapon can’t talk
Not even of my sins, not even of my newborn reason
Not even of the blue sky
I can’t gaze at anymore


chiisana katate de toshi o kazoe
ishitsumi mo mama naranu ko yo
an’nei yuri kago nado koko ni wa
ari wa shinai kedo

The child, that can’t get through the barrier of stone,
Counts the years with her little hand;
But something such peace or a cradle
Is something that, here, doesn’t even exist.


nani mo mienu me o aketa mama
sakebi mo tou ni kareta ko yo
kegarenu you mukuna shiro ni kaeri

As I open my eyes that can’t see anything,
The screams already belonged to a passed away child
So, she changes into a pure, uncorrupted white:
Sleep well


meguru inochi no uta

A song for a rotating life


meguru inochi no koe

The voice of a rotating life


Title: 唄葬 (Funeral Song)
Original Track: 廃獄ララバイ (Lullaby of Deserted Hell) – Subterranean Animism, Stage 5 Theme
Vocals: 紫飴
Lyrics: 城籠雅
Circle: Roch Plus (ロクプラス)
Release Event: C82

Listen to it on Youtube here: ロクプラス – 唄葬

俳句プロジェクト ~ Monthly Haiku Project (August 2015)

(Untitled – René Magritte, 1926)

First of all, thanks to everyone who read the first haiku post one month ago.
When I posted it, this wordpress’ stats somehow boomed, and I never thought my poetry would be that apreciated.
It was not a big deal, but still something that exceeded my expectations more than I could possibly conceive.
So, thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart. I truly apreciated it and I hope you’ll read the other upcoming monthly haiku posts as well!

I’d like to keep the same structure as the other post, except that, for english haikus, instead of being a continuum of speach, there will be poems (with titles, that I missed in the previous posts) with small prefaces.
I don’t think I should focus on certain topics each month.
The best thing about poetry is that it’s free and boundless.
It’s the product pure ispiration, so writing poetry knowing that you should stick to certain themes, structures or styles is, in my opinion, very restictrive.
I don’t think there’s a need for a strict ideology or mind guidelines when one’s speaking / writing / singing about what he / she holds inside.
Everything that involves opening up also involves pureness and simpleness.
If that’s not the solid base of writing, than everything will be artificial, cold, empty.
Following the same logic, collect different haikus under a same topic undergoes the same process.
It’s like we’re giving priority to the aim rather than the content, and that’s why I decided not to write only about a single topic per post.
Then again, to write is to use words. And words are limited.
So, it’s about finding the right combinations without losing its aim, its raison-d’etre.
And that’s what makes it harder. One can never be really satisfied about what he / she wrote / attempted to.
That’s not something to be read in a negative way. It just mean we should keep going and going, moving forward and trying to make new discoveries from our experiences.
An italian neon-light artist, Maurizio Nannucci, wrote a really meaningful line, to me: “The missing poem is the poem“.
It held a really deep meaning, and I found this to be one of the most inspiring and beautiful phrases of all time.
It’s the line which is making me go on when I feel like giving up on writing poetry, translating, playing and composing my music.
Something has yet to come out, and it lies in the space between the notes, in the blank which separates the words, in the lapses of time from thinking to writing.
I’m still searching, I will keep searching for it forever.
And maybe that’s how it should be, maybe the research itself is the experience. I’ll just keep going forward. We all just need to do so.

Part 1

Take this as what it is: a stream of consciousness, a continuum of thoughts.

I’ve already said pretty much of what is going through my mind in the preface, but what I probably didn’t outline is how difficult is the contrast between glorious past and innovation. In music / poetry, that’s an issue. This haiku of mine fills pretty well in the same context.

“One road, endless ways;
An anchor tied to my foot
Fights the wings I spread”

What you see, what you should see. What you have in front of your eyes, what lies beyond them. What you think you know and what you really know. What you think you have and what you forgot you had.

“A moment to breathe
The air is filling my lungs
I can feel my life”

As I read somewhere, “The world is full of exchanged glances between could’ve-been lovers”

“Never swam freely
As I’m now, in the unknown
Sea of your blue eyes”

Today it’s raining. It’s pretty unusual, being the italian summer really sunny. I don’t dislike the rain, once in a while…

“As the sky turns gray
Everything else around me
Seems a bit brighter”

…And it also got chilly out of nowhere. A dear person I used to know once told me that between July and August there’s a period of time of almost 10 days that she used to call “the kite’s week”, because it gets colder, windy and cloudy, the perfect weather to let the kite fly in the sky… according to what she said. That’s kind of nostalgic.

“Midnight pallid moon
In between my fingertips
Wider, colder, still”

One of my favourite (if not my absolutely favourite) artist is Gustav Klimt, and one of his painting from the Beethoven Frieze is called “The longing for happiness finds repose in poetry”, and I think that’s beautiful and worth sharing.
Through art and people who led me into getting into each and every form of it (music, poetry and everything else), I think I learned how to apreciate my life and myself better than I thought I could.
But then again, it’s not something I discovered by myself. So, art is still something that makes me recall of people, someway.

“Art became her blood
And she forgot who she was
And she never was her”

I recently broke several parts of my electric bass. Its black paint coating is all cracked damaged all over its body. I thought it would be a great idea to paint it anew. But before doing so, I came to realize that I actually like my bass the way it was, the way it is.

“Bare-handed, composed
The silent orchestra plays
Flaw, lack, truth, beauty”

Let’s spend few words on religion. Personally, I don’t like to identify myself in a certain religion, though I really like buddhist and taoist philosophy and I was raised in a christian environment.
There’s surely something we can’t understand, something which makes us more than flesh and bones.
But not everyone thinks like that. Several people believe we’re just that. Just souless pieces of meat, born to die, moved by instincts and “electrical impulses” (like a friend of mine said).
And yeah, scientifically speaking that’s not false, I admit it.
But isn’t it sad to think only about that?
Then why can’t we express something we hold inside? Why we do crazy things which go against our instincts? Why there’s so much beauty that we can’t even attempt to describe?
I don’t think we’re just like this.
I’m not afraid of dying, but I’d be so goddamn afraid of living, if I was to believe I’m just something so empty as they proved.
And, again, I can’t find the words to describe what I’m trying to say.
But I can try. Maybe using some words I said to someone else before…

“Live your soul, your fate
Don’t rot away while you still stand
Unlived life is death”

“My shape, my vessel
Endlessly flowing inside
Nothing can touch it”

I think I’m going to run out of things to talk about in this first part.
I mean, that’s what it’s important in my life, at least to me. And that’s what I think I should write about.
…Or is it? How can we say something out loud?

“Smoke from the mountain
The city knows it will hear
Someone’s echo soon”

And as a conclusion, a thought about a discussion I had with a pianist friend of mine last night, in a pub. Every musician, writer, artist is bound to feelings. But “positive” feelings are never as strong as “negative” ones.
I mean, happiness is a momentary condition, while thinking, doubting, being insecure is not.
So, we’re more “negative” than “positive”. But that doesn’t mean we’re negative beings.
We can unleash our true strenght by opposing those “negative” thoughts we can’t escape from.
If we’re just filled with positive thoughts, then we’ll just be empty and silent.
Negativeness is the voice of poetry, of music, of art.
It’s the voice that screams for happiness.
And that’s the reason why it’s so important.

“I shed pointless tears
Without knowing their meaning
But now they have one”

…I ended up posting 11 haikus instead of 10. Well, that’s it!

(Haiku titles, in order: “Two Cages”, “Minimalism”, “Lost at Sea”, “Home”, “August Blues”, “Her Shade”, “Baroque”, “Unsent Letter”, “Voyage”, “Confusion”)

Part 2

I must say, I really apreciated how italian / japanese haikus got apreciated by several people.
I didn’t know they would, I didn’t want to post them to begin with, but I’m really glad I decided to do it.
I’m italian and I love reading, so I like to work with words.
I grew up with english videogames and books, so I never had any kind of trouble learning it.
I’m learning japanese since 3 years and I’m almost graduate with high scores, plus I’m into this language by more than 8 years thanks to anime and stuff like that, so I’m pretty familiar with it too.
Those 3 languages are the languages I love the most.
So it’s really a bliss to me to be able to write using all of them, because I love them all.
That’s why I’m thankful to those of you which told me not to give up writing in other languages except for english.
I’m really enjoying this and I’m considering something crazier.
Like, writing poetry graffitti around my hometown. Because poetry, even if low and yet unshaped, has yet to die.
I don’t want to bring flowers to the poetry’s grave. I’d rather search for a potion to make it resurrect from its grave. If it was dead. But it isn’t.
Poetry is not dead. Not yet.

Seta (Silk)

I tuoi capelli “Your hair
Come olio su tela Like oil on canvas


Movimento (Motion)

Palcoscenico “A Stage
Silenzio tra la folla Silence amongst the crowd
Scorre la vita Life flows”


Chimica (Chemistry)

Il mio incendio “My fire
Non può essere spento Can’t be extinguished
Dalla tua acquaBy your water”


喜び (yorokobi)Joy

いくつもの ikutsumono “No matter how many
花が咲いても hana ga saite mo Flowers will bloom,
春を待つ haru wo matsu I’ll wait for the spring”


憧れ (akogare)Longing

遠い海 tooi umi “While I still can’t
届かないまま todokanai mama Reach the far sea
見つめてる mitsumeteru I’m gazing at it”


昔の影 (mukashi no kage)Shadow from the past

午前の後 gozen no ato “After 12 A.M.
家の香りが uchi no kaori ga The scent of home
お帰りを okaeri wo Welcomes me”

Part 3

Again, last section.
As you already read on the previous post, it will feature some Haikus (from 3 to 5) that I’ve read online or on books, or even haikus you sent me via mail / twitter / whatever.
Don’t be shy, send me your haikus!

So, the first Haiku for this last section has been sent to me by a french friend of mine, who likes to write poetry but never actually tried haikus (sadly she has no blog / websites to link).

Lumière (Light)

“Maintenant, demain “Now, tomorrow
Les jours seront les mêmes The days will be the same
Memoire, espoir, nuitMemory, hope, night”


To quote what she told me about this:
I spend most of my time wondering what’s the meaning of everything that makes my life easier and harder. I feel like my objective is to find the reason for this balance that keeps me from falling down the abyss of dullness. As I keep trying to come up with new solutions, I look back to what I did and what I plan to do, and it looks like a circle when gazed up from a distance. It’s like everyday is the same experience. They start with the solid structure of what I already got in my mind and are dragged around now forward and now backwards by the unknown, by the mystery of what could be but isn’t yet. And while the field I move my thoughts in is still the same, the pact that this burden of thoughts is describing is never the same. On one side, we know the sun will shine and set, but on the other side we don’t know what can happen while the sun is showing or not. That’s how I came up with this haiku. I don’t find its contents depressive at all. I actually find them thrilling. I find the word “possibility” exciting but scary. That’s why I handle this word so carefully with my left hand, as I hold onto the word “certainty” with my right one. Anytime, everywhere, every day.

I love this way of thinking and I can relate a lot.
Thanks for sending me this haiku, I’m really glad I got to read it.

The second Haiku from this last part is a really particular one, and it’s in italian.

Dannazione (Damnation)

“Chiuso fra cose mortali “Closed in between mortal things
(Anche il cielo stellato finirà) (Even the starry sky will come to an end)
Perché bramo Dio?” Why am I longing for God?”

(Giuseppe Ungaretti, 1916)

Giuseppe Ungaretti is a famous italian writer that every italian know, for he’s studied since elementary schools, here in Italy.
He lived during the first World War and take part in it, that’s why his poetry is full of strong messages and cold topics.
I stick to traditional haiku structure when writing (5-7-5), but Haikus can be longer. This one, in fact, is not a 5-7-5 haiku, but a 8-11-5.
Haikus are meant to be short, for they’re immediate, simple, a reflection of what we’re feeling in a moment, but without limiting its content and meaning.
This poem was written, like others Ungaretti’s poems, while being inside a battlefield.
With it, he’s speaking to the whole humanity, making us realize how sad is the human condition, surrounded by limits and fragility but still longing for an answer, trying to grasp the perfection of the unknown, a solution that many can find in God.
The poet himself knows that we’re limited, that everything, even the sky, will come to an end.
But still, he’s not giving up on everything. He’s still trying to seize a solution.
Because we’re limited, yet limitless. That’s what marks humanity.
I can’t state this is a proper haiku (I think the 5-7-5 structure adds the right challenge in writing haikus), but it deserves credit because it’s one of the most haiku-based strongest-impact poems I’ve ever read.

As a last haiku, I decided to choose a very old one I wrote at least 4 years ago. It’s a very unique one, and I’ll explain more about it later:

Capodanno (New Year’s Day)

“Pochi secondi “Few seconds
Per ripetere sempre To repeat once again
La stessa merda” The same shit”

Okay, first thing you noticed is that it’s vulgar and funny. And that’s the point.
The first Haiku I used to write were comical haikus just like this one.
I used to write short poetry whose aim was to make people laugh, but also criticize / make one reflects about something.
This haiku of mine is the perfect example.
Poetry is perfect to make people laugh when wrote in the right way, because it’s the exact opposite of “funny”.
But going beyond that, this haiku of mine carries a feeling of powerlessness, as if we can’t run away from what we’re bound to.
It’s of course a comical haiku, but it’s also a bittersweet one.
We laugh at this thought because it’s better to laugh than crumble into depression.
Always choose the bright side of something. Even if it’s the smallest part.
Maybe that’s what this haiku is trying to say? I don’t know. Even though I wrote it, I still don’t know. My haikus are a mystery, even to me.
Poetry can work well with everything.
Some people are skeptical about it, but I’m not.
And while I think this more of a funny text rather than a poetic one, I still think its meaning behind its hilarious side is pretty strong and eerie.
One day I’ll make a whole friggin’ post about hilarious haikus I wrote time ago. It’ll be fun.

That ends it with this month’s dose of doujin(?) poetry!

I’d really enjoy adding more haikus on part 3, so don’t be shy and try to write a haiku too!
Writing haiku is something anybody can do, and if you’d like to give it a try and don’t know from where to start from, just read here on the bottom section to get the picture.
I’d really love to get some haikus from whoever reads this post or other posts by me.
You can send me your haikus to my email adress, twitter or facebook (contacts down below), and the ones I like the most will be published in the upcoming posts.
I’d really love to keep the modern haiku tradition alive.
We really need poetry in a world where everything else is attempting to kill it.
We must help leave it untouched and gracious.
And I’d love to “fight” this “war” with you!
So, just try to close your eyes, think about what you think it’s important to think about (wtfdidIjustwrote) and try to write down your feelings: If a poem, a haiku, a song or every other writing comes from your heart, than it’s already good enough.

Send me your haikus…
Via facebook: /sanzunokawa
Via twitter: @FGRNDNoises
Or via mail:

I accept haikus in EVERY language! Only one condition: If the haiku is not in english, it needs to be send along with a translation for it.
Poetry is international!
…But I’m not. Sadly.

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Next haiku’s post will be out on September the 18th!
Other ordinary translation posts will be coming soon.

(回路-KAIRO-) 556T – 君と私と穏やかな旅


First things first: I was very busy lately, and couldn’t work on requests.
Some scans I have are really low quality, so it’s hard to understand kanjis with lots of strokes, and others are longer than the Bible itself, so… just give me some time.
I’ll deal with them eventually.
I was so busy I haven’t really got the time to try Touhou 15 – Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.
Or better, I just tried it once.
Anyway. Another Kairo post today, and I swear this will be the last for at least this and the next month.
But that’s probably the one I care the most.
君と私と穏やかな旅 is a song that makes me remember of things that now I can’t really say means to me, but back on the old days, it meant a lot.
It has already been translated but I had to translate this again. I just had to.
I wish I could write more about this song, but I don’t have much time to doing so and I don’t even want to write about it.
I love this song but I don’t love to listening to it.
I love its lyrics but I can’t relate anymore to them.
I love what made me feel but I hate the fact I had to feel what I felt.
50% good memories, 50% bad memories, and that’s why this song is so powerful, at least to me.
NOTES: 仕舞い (shimai), first stanza. It’s a strange word. It’s used for Noh plays, but it also is read the same as “shimai” meaning “ending”, or “shimai” used with a verb to indicate that the verb’s direction is opposite to the person who is linked to. aka “ending up doing something”.

(回路-KAIRO-) 556T – 君と私と穏やかな旅

いつか見た夢の話 遠い遠い国の事
仕舞い忘れた 私たちの旅

itsuka mita yume no hanashi tooi tooi kuni no koto
shimai wasureta watashitachi no tabi

The tale of a dream I once had, something from a distant country
Something we end up forgetting, our journey

忘れ物 置いてきた
網棚の 上にあった
まだ時間が かかるみたい

wasuremono oite kita
amidana no ue ni atta
mada jikan ga kakaru mitai
neteteii yo
hora kata ni motarete

We left what was lost behind us,
They were on the luggage rack;
It seems there’s still some time left
You can sleep if you want,
Here, lean on my shoulder

深い深い 眠りに落ちると聞こえるの
ほら懐かしい声 君の声

fukai fukai nemuri ni ochiru to kikoeru no
hora natsukashii koe kimi no koe

As I fall into a deep, deep sleep, I suddenly hear it
Here, that nostalgic voice, your voice…

「二人ならどこまででも 行けると信じている」
と笑う君を 嗚呼 愛しいと思う
流れてく景色 揺れる列車と

“futari nara dokomade demo ikeru to shinjiteiru”
to warau kimi o aa itoshii to omou
nagareteku keshiki yureru ressha to
kono omoi ga tsumugunda
kimi ni ima wa mi o makaseyou

“If we’re together, I believe we can go anywhere”
You said as you laughed, Aah, I think it’s lovely
The landscape passing by, the swaying train and
Those feelings are entwined
Now, I’m entrusting myself to you

「二人で歩けないなら そこに意味は無いんだ」
と泣いた君は 嗚呼 美しいと思う
いつか思い出すよ この旅路を

“futari de arukenai nara soko ni imi wa nainda”
to naita kimi wa aa utsukushii to omou
kyoukai o koete todoke
ano hi no kioku no kakera
itsuka omoidasu yo kono tabi o

“If we can’t walk together, than there’s no meaning in being there”
You said as you cried, Aah, I think that’s beautiful
Go past the limits, reach me
You’ll eventually be able to remember
The fragments of those days, this journey…


Title: 君と私と穏やかな旅 (You, me and a gentle journey)
Original Track: ヒロシゲ36号 ~ Neo Super-Express (Hiroshige No. 36 ~ Neo Super-Express)
Vocals: 556t
Lyrics: 毛
Circle: 回路-kairo-
Album: Alone, but never alone
Release Event: C81

Listen to it on Youtube here: 回路-kairo- – 君と私と穏やかな旅

【逆】A Day to Remember – You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic


今日の曲はアメリカバンド A Day to Remember の「You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic」だ。

A Day to Remember – You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic

I’m a mess that’s the best way to describe it
I leave no time to myself the only way I can fight it
When I’m alone, it’s like I’m staring into a mirror
Don’t know the person inside it and that’s never been any clearer
I miss your family and I miss all our friends
If you had to do it over would you do it over again?
Cause I would, it means something more to me
There’s a hole in my heart where you used to be


I still wish you the best of luck baby
And don’t go thinking that this was a waste of time
I couldn’t forget you if I tried
You killed what was left of the good in me
I’m tired so let me be broken
Look down at the mess that’s in front of me
No other words need be spoken
And I’ve got nobody else to blame though I tried
Kept all of my past mistakes held inside
I’ll live with regret for my whole life


I confess, that I brought this all on my self
Condemned to suffer alone, like there’s nobody else
When your gone, it’s like a whole part of me’s missing
So I’ll keep living the lie and just hope that your listening


I tried to make us a life here
But our foundation was built on sand
No time to run until the damage was done
And I never had the upper hand


I still wish you the best of luck baby
And don’t go thinking that this was a waste of time
I couldn’t forget you if I tried
You killed what was left of the good in me
I’m tired so let me be broken
Look down at the mess that’s in front of me
No other words need be spoken
And I’ve got nobody else to blame though I tried
Kept all of my past mistakes held inside
I’ll live with regret for my whole life


All the things you love are all the things I hate
How did we get here in the first place?


I play it cool but it’s hard to me (All my trust)
It’s always burning inside of me (Over what?)
There can’t be anymore progress, I know our fate
The only thing that can heal this is time and space

気にしないふりをしたが難しい (俺の信頼)
俺の中にいつも燃やしている (何の為?)

You killed what was left of the good in me
I’m tired so let me be broken
Look down at the mess that’s in front of me
No other words may be spoken
And I’ve got nobody else to blame though I tried
Kept all of my past mistakes held inside
I’ll live with regret for my whole life
For my whole life



タイトル: You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic (君はテイルスになれ、僕ソニックになろう」)
バンド: A Day to Remember
歌詞: Kevin Skaff
アレンジ: Neil Westfall
ボーカル: Jeremy McKinnon
アルバム: What Separates Me from You
リリース: 11月15日2010年

曲をここに聞こえる: A Day to Remember – You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic

[REQUEST] (回路-KAIRO-) 556T – flower


This song was requested by Eiki.
FIRST THING: It’s an arrange for SA stage 3 theme, but I can’t fucking find a decent Yuugi pic online. One which doesn’t involve tits ten times the size of her head or manly face / body or brutal an@l rape. I couldn’t. I’ll fix this post if I’ll find one. If you have one, link it to me!
(And I love Parsee, fyi)
Lately it’s so hot in here that I don’t even want to stay in front of my pc.
That’s why I’m not keeping the fast pace I once had.
I also had to postpone another request post because it was more difficult than this one and I couldn’t figure out some thing about it.
So, today’s post came way before I thought It would because it was an easy song to translate and because I didn’t want to spend a week without posting.
Nothing much to say about it, really.
Talking about arrange / rhythm, kairo as a circle is always flawless.
I like the way this circle arranges touhou’s themes, they give a lot of space to each instrument without destroying the original rhythm pattern.
It’s way harder than it seems, to be able to be original with a tune you’re used to listen to.
Lyrics-wise nothing much to say about it.
Kairo made lots of beautiful songs with stunning lyrics, but sadly this is not, imho, part of them.
It’s a normal song, nothing bad but nothing exceptional (lyrics-wise, once again).
I should probably start counting the times 運命 unmei is read as fucking “sadame”.
It’s been at least 10 posts by now. JUST WHY.

回路-KAIRO- – flower

そう 実を結ぶ

hana ga saki
sou mi o musubu

The flowers bloom
And they’ll bear fruit


ureta mi wa
chi ni ochihajike
tane wa futatabi mebuiteku

Let the ripe fruit snap and
Fall down to the ground:
The seeds will sprout once again.


kako mirai utsutsu
mekuru meku toki wa
inishie yori sadame rareshi
inochi o tsumuideku

Past, future, reality,
This dazzling time
Makes our lives go round
Entwined in destiny, from ancient times.

そう 枯れ果てる

hana wa chiri
sou hare hateru

The flowers fall
And they’ll wither and die


sono tane mo
yagate ne o hari
moeru inochi o sakasu darou

Even this seed
And even those roots
Will make a burning life bloom, right?

影落とし 曇った空に

shunkashuutou no
mekuru meku kaze ga
kage otoshi kumotta sora ni
irodori o ataeru

The dazzling wind
Of the four seasons
Gives color
To the cloudy sky darkened by shadows

いざゆかん 高く
たとえこの身体が いつか

izayukan takaku
ryou no me o hiraku
tatoe kono karada ga itsuka
tsuchi ni kaerou to mo

Let’s move forward, higher;
Open both of your eyes;
Even if, one day, I will give back
This body of mine to the ground…


Title: flower
Original Track: 旧地獄街道を行く (Walking the Streets of a Former Hell) – Subterranean Animism, Stage 3 Theme
Vocals: 556t
Lyrics: 556t
Circle: 回路-kairo-
Album: Do not distract the eye in the here and now
Release Event: Reitaisai 10

Listen to it on Youtube here: 回路-kairo- – flower