Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs – スローモーションリプレイ

picture by siraha

Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs – スローモーションリプレイ


sabishii sabishii omoi wa itsumo
ato kara ato kara tsuite kuru
kawashita yakusoku motsureta kioku
hitahita ni hitaru ano uta

Thoughts of loneliness and desolation
Are always following me, one after another
The memory bound to the promise we’ve exchanged
Is gradually being soaked in that song


isoge isoge ano ko no koe ga
omoidasenaku naru mae ni
kiri toru keshiki ano hi no you ni
yurameku kieru tooku natte yuku

Hurry up, hurry up
Before you won’t be able to remember that girl’s voice
The teared off scenery looks like that day’s
Flickering and disappearing, growing so distant…


suroomooshon ripurei
ima to mukou kawa no sairen
suroomooshon ripurei
wasurenai de
ima to mukou kawa no sairen

Slowmotion replay
Now and the siren on the other side
Slowmotion replay
Don’t forget about it
Now and the siren on the other side

ぱぱっぱ ぱぱっぱ~

papappa papappa~


– First of all, I’ve been looking for these lyrics since the day this song came out, but I’ve find out only today the whole song was an arrange of Natsuko Miyamoto‘s solo acoustic project song by the same name, and it was really easy for me to understand the lyrics from this acoustic version. I’m really happy to be finally able to post this song!
– Second, there could be some differences between my version and the actual lyrics. For instance, “mukou-kawa” should be “mukou-gawa”, but I can clearly hear “ka” over “ga”. Usually “mukou-k/gawa” means “other side”, but giving that it says “siren” after it, I initially thought it could have been 川 /河 (“kawa”, “river”), but I’ve kept 側 because it made more sense, in a general way. Other examples could be 縺れた (“motsureta”) on the first stanza which could have been も連れた (“mo tsureta”)、the meaning doesn’t change that much if we keep in count that “motsureru” is “to be tangled” and “tsureru” is “to drag along”.
– Last note, the whole song repeats again from the beginning to the end, so from the last stanza is da capo for one more time. The “papapa” stanza is longer than a verse and repeated throughout the ending of the song.

Title: スローモーションリプレイ (slow-motion replay)
Circle: Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs
Album: スローモーションリプレイ SINGLE
Vocals: 宮本菜津子 (Natsuko Miyamoto)
Lyrics: 宮本菜津子 (Natsuko Miyamoto)
Arrangement: Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs
Release Date: 03/01/2017
Source: 宮本菜津子 – スローモーションリプレイ

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My Dead Girlfriend – Ouka

picture by yubari

My Dead Girlfriend – Ouka


zutto mae kara miteita kimi o
kobaruto-iro no fuku o kiteiru

I’ve always been watching you
Wearing that cobalt-blue dress


chikku takku ugoku hari
chitte yuku ashita
hikouki-gumo to kiete yuku

Tick tock, the clockhand is moving
Tomorrow’s scattering all over
Disappearing together with vapor trails


mou ichido kimi ni aitai
kono basho de matteiru kara

I want to meet you, one more time
That’s why I’m waiting in this place


kimeru mae kara kimeteita koto
saigo no toki o matteita

This was something that had been decided before we could
So I’ve been waiting for this last time

白い階段 登れない

mita koto mo nai kirei na sora ni
shiroi kaidan noborenai

And I can’t seem to walk up the white stairs
Appeared in this beautiful, never seen before sky


mou ichido kimi ni aitai
kono basho de matteiru kara

I want to meet you, one more time
That’s why I’m waiting in this place

繰り返す思い出の あなたはいつも美しい
振り返る思い出は けして色褪せることはない

kuri kaesu omoide no anata wa itsumo utsukushii
furi kaeru omoide wa keshite iroaseru koto wa nai

These memories have been repeating, and you’re always beautiful
These memories I’ve turned my back on will never fade away


– Lyrics transcribed by ear by youtube user 木下芙蓉. There’s no 100% guarantee they’re right, but they most likely are. (歌詞を書いてくださった方:木下芙蓉)
– On the provided lyrics, the fourth to last stanza was “zutto mae kara”, like one of the previous ones, but instead of “zutto”, I keep on hearing “kimeru”, so I’ve changed it accordingly. The meaning doesn’t change much: if “zutto”, then it is “something that has been decided a long time ago”, if “kimeru” it is “something that has been decided before we could decide it ourselves”. Doesn’t change that much.

Title: 桜花 (ouka) (Cherry Blossom)
Circle: 死んだ僕の彼女 (My Dead Girlfriend)
Album: Underdrawing For Three Forms Of Unhappiness At The State Of Existence
Vocals: Takahashi
Lyrics: 死んだ僕の彼女 (My Dead Girlfriend)
Arrangement: 死んだ僕の彼女 (My Dead Girlfriend)
Release Date: 03/14/2012
Source: Original

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picture by yetworldview kaze

【Requested by Lumomin


My rottin finger tip was lost the sense of touch.
My heart breaks and can not walk. I’m cripple.
The food does only taste of the ash everyday.
I want to delete all my memory.

I was played with.
My grudge don’t clear.

You killed me. However, why can you live laughingly?
You said 「I love you」many times, but what was that?
Do you know how about I suffer and writhed?
I can believe nobody anymore.

手招く冷気 縋る羅列の空 甘美な夜に閉ざされた

temaneku reiki sugaru raretsu no sora kanbi na yoru ni tozasareta

I was locked away by a beckoning cold, a sky bound to numbers, a sweet night

熟れた 傷は 書き写された敗色と
今も 落ちてゆく部屋の中

ureta kizu wa kaki utsusareta haishoku to
ima mo ochite yuku heya no naka

As signs of defeat are transcribed over my seemingly healed wounds
I feel like falling again, right now, inside this room

迫り来るに壊刻に 嘲け嗤う現実
ほら 聞こえるか 断蔑の声が
信じていた絆は 手を離せば消えてゆく

semari kuru ni kaikoku ni azakewarau genjitsu
hora kikoeru ka danbetsu no koe ga
shinjiteita kizuna wa te o hanaseba kiete yuku
afuredasu chi no namida

Reality is laughing at me as destruction draws near
Can’t you hear these voices of disdain?
The bound I believed in will disappear the moment I let it go
Leaving overflowing, blood-stained tears

Do you remember what you said to me?
My scar make endless grief.

棘の時雨 逆向きの瞳孔
馴れ合いだらけで 何も無い

ibara no shigure gyaku-muki no doukou
nareai darake de nani mo nai

Averting my pupils from this drizzle of thorns
There’s nothing in here but this oppressing liaison

濡れた 君と モザイクの花が散らばる死の塔
呻く脈は 切り刻まれた敗色と

nureta kimi to mozaiku no hana ga chirabaru shi no tou
tameiki sae tsuki nuketa
umeku myaku wa kiri kizamareta haishoku to
imawashiki asu o egaku

You, wet all over, and a death pagoda made of scattered flower’s mosaics
A sight which pierced all the way through my own sighs
It’s drawing the shape of an abominable tomorrow
Along with this sense of failure mincing my moaning pulses

艶やかな指先で 投げ交わした幻想
ほら 聞こえるか 胸裂く悲鳴が

adeyakana yubisaki de nage kawashita gensou
hora kikoeru ka mune saku himei ga
haekawaru jinkaku ni odorasete ima kidzuku
shinjiru koto ni imi nado nai

We were throwing each other such bewitching illusions with our fingertips
But can you hear it? Can you hear this heart-ripping shriek?
I’ve just realized we’re being manipulated, our lives replaced one by one
There’s no such thing as a reason to have faith

有りふれた空に 迸る汚れ無き産声は
潰され I died by your selfish evildoing…

arifureta sora ni hotobashiru yogorenaki ubugoe wa
tsubusare I died by your selfish evildoing…

Under the usual, unchanged sky, the gushing sinless cry of a newborn
Is being shut down; I died by your selfish evildoing…


– Much like any other song by SILENT DIFFERENCE, the english sections aren’t really… perfect. I’ve transcribed the lyrics from the booklet and kept any typing mistake featured in it, as always.
– On the second to last stanza, the verb “haekawaru” actually means “to be replaced with new growth”, and it’s of course used when speaking of plants (being “haeru” a plant-only verb). In this song I think it’s refering to the growth of humans, aging and dying just to be replaced with new ones, all over again. I’ve also translated “shinjiru” (“to trust”, “to believe”) as “to have faith”, to give the last sentence a less confusing meaning (keep in mind it’s just my interpretation).


Title: 翻弄 (honrou) (Mercy)
Vocals: しるへい (shiruhei)
Lyrics: しるへい (shiruhei)
Arrangement: しるへい (shiruhei)
Release Event: C82
Source: 蠢々秋月 ~ Mooned Insect (Stirring at an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect), Imperishable Night, Wriggle Nightbug’s Theme

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魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) – TOHO Geek -東方永夜抄EX編-

picture by horumon & peptide

魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) – TOHO Geek -東方永夜抄EX編-

東方シューター 難易度アナタは何でプレイ?
EASY Normal hardにLunatic
それかEX クリアまで短めで楽しい!
そんな人に手を貸すぞ クリアを目指そう 永夜抄EX解説始まるよっ

touhou shuutaa nan’ido anata wa nani de purei?
EASY Normal hard ni Lunatic
soreka EX kuria made mijikame de tanoshii!
chinamini kono kyoku wa hard ijou ga rakuraku dekiru hito ni wa imi o nasanai
e? somosomo touhou gensaku o yatta koto ga nai? nara kore o ki ni kai nasai
e? katta wa ii kedo muzukashikute dekinai?
sonna hito ni te o kasu zo kuria o mezasou eiyashou EX kaisetzu hajimaru yo

On which difficulty you play a Touhou shooter?
EASY, normal, hard and then lunatic
Or even ’till EX, so short and fun!
By the way, it’s nonsensical there could be someone making this song easily over hard
Huh? Have you ever played a touhou original game, to begin with? If that’s so, then go buy some when you have the occasion
Huh? You bought them but they’re too difficult and you can’t play them?
Then I’ll lend a hand to these people! Let’s aim to clear Imperishable Night’s extra stage, the explaination is starting!

選択するのは結界組 道中ホーミングが無ければ絶対に不利
永夜は道中簡単な方だけど あくまでこれはクリア重視
もこたんのとこまではノーミスで行こう ボムはケチるな無駄な抵抗
スペルカードならスペルプラクティス フル活用

sentaku suru no wa kekkai-gumi douchuu homingu ga nakereba zettai ni furi
eiya wa douchuu kantan na hou dakedo akumade kore wa kuria juushi
mokotan no toko made wa noomisu de ikou bomu wa kechi ru na mudana teikou
superu kaado nara superu purakutisu furu katsuyou

Your choice will be the Barrier team, it’s an absolute disadvantage not to have the homing shots as you go on
The Everlasting Night is pretty much easy to this way, but we’re now aiming to clear it to the very end
Let’s aim to no-mistakes until we get to Moko-tan, and let’s not be stingy over bomb use, it’s a futile resistance
And for the spellcards, let’s put all our efforts on spell practice!

右下にて待機 上から妖精 全部自機狙い
撃たしてからサッと左に移動 あとは右戻りつつ撃ち込め 何てことはない
この道中は基本右か左に寄っておくと吉 しっかり覚えろ敵の位置

migishita ni te taiki ue kara yousei zenbu jiki nerai
utashite kara sa tto hidari ni idou ato wa migi modori tsutsu uchi kome nante koto wa nai
kono douchuu wa kihon migi ka hidari ni yotte oku to kichi shikkari oboero teki no ichi
sore ga EXTRA kuria saitan no michi

Just wait on the bottom-right section so you’ll auto-aim to the fairies coming from above
Once you’ve shot them down, swiftly move to the left, then keep on moving on the right again and shot, not a big deal!
It’s the best choice to advance by moving from left to right, just carefully remember the enemies’ positions
That’s the simplest way to clear the EXTRA!

この組は当たり判定が小さめ 故に他に無い安地も生まれる
それより大事 決死結界 これが他の組よりも長い
あと紫でボムを使うことなかれ なんたって当たらねー

kono kumi wa atari hantei de chiisame yue ni ta ni nai anchi mo umareru
sore yori daiji kesshi kekkai kore ga ta no kumi yori mo nagai
soredemo maikai tsukau na daitai rasutosuperu ni tayotte bomu no mudazukai
ato yukari de bomu o tsukau koto nakare nantatte ataranee

Best thing about this team is their small hitbox, so it gives much more safe zones than others
More important than that, their border of death is longer than any other team
But still, you don’t have to use it every time, it’s a waste of bombs to always rely on your Last Spells
Also, do not use your bombs with Yukari, ’cause they won’t hit no one

計画は安全第一 テンパるな
ほらまた上から来るから右下に 低速使ってすぐ左

soro soro kokora de ikkaime extend da
tenfu o kaishuu dekiteru nara daikentou
zanki ga arya bosu to no taiketsu mo yoyuu ga detekuru kaiketsuhou
keikaku wa anzen daiichi tenparu na
hora mata ue kara deru kara migishita ni teisoku tsukatte sugu hidari

By this time you should be about to get your first Extend
If you’ve managed to collect enough points, than you’ve been making some efforts!
If you have some remeaning lives to get, you’ll have a way to get them when facing the boss
The plan is “safety first”, so don’t panic
See? They’re coming out from above again, so go on the bottom right and move to the left using focus speed

おk ここまで道中前半 お次はキモけーねと喧嘩
こっちに分があるドンパチよ さぁボム1発で此処を突破しよう

ok koko made douchuu zenhan otsugi wa kimo keene to kenka
kocchi ni bun ga aru donpachi yo saa bomu ippatsu de koko o toppa shiyou

Ok, we’re now halfway through it, coming next is the fight with CAVIN’ Keine
This is kind of a risky fight, so let’s break through it by firing one bomb

絶対に落とすな ボムは2発以上使うな
ノーボムなら最高 ミスったら最初からやり直しだからな

zettai ni otosu na bomu wa nihatsu ijou tsukau na
noobomu nara saikou misu ttara saisho kara yari naoshi dakara na

Don’t fail this one, don’t use more than two bombs,
If you manage to clear it with no bombs it’s the best, ’cause if you make some mistake you have to go start back from the beginning

スキマ妖怪 低速固定 最初のばら撒きEnemyのEが半安地
弾が当たらない快感 次はmとyの間にて待機 鱗弾見てしっかりと回避
コツは弾を引きつける事 たったこれだけ撃破完了

sukima youkai teisoku kotei saisho no bara maki Enemy no E ga han-anchi
ato wa jikinerai no urokodan ni madowasareru na
reisei ni handan shi chon sake sureba mondai nashi
tama ga ataranai kaikan tsugi wa m to y no aida ni te taiki urokodan mite shikkari to kaihi
kotsu wa tama to hikitsukeru koto tatta kore dake gekiha kanryou

Fix to the gap Youkai’s focus speed and stick to the “E” of “Enemy” over the first scattering rose-shaped barrage, it’s an half-safe zone
But don’t let you be bewildered by the aiming scale-shaped bullets coming after it
Be calm and guess them, if you go past them with single quick moves there shouldn’t be problems
Be at ease so the bullets won’t hit you, then move towards the “m” and the “y”, keep an eye on the homing bullets and avoid them steadily
The trick is to draw the bullets away to avoid being crushed, just this

お次は一条戻り橋 気合で8秒ほど避けて下さい
右下の半安地は使わない 正面突破 表面上は弾数多いが落ち着きな
下から上に移動してボム 気合避けは修行していこう 次に繋げる為の成功

otsugi wa ichijou modori-bashi kiai de hachibyou hodo sakete kudasai
migishita no han-anchi wa tsukawanai shoumen toppa hyoumenjou wa tama kazu ooi ga ochi tsuki na
shita kara ue ni idou shite bomu kiai sake wa shuugyou shite ikou tsugi ni tsunageru tame no seikou

Next up is Returning-bridge Ichijo, avoid it with all of your might for 8 seconds
You can’t use the bottom-right safe zone, you have to break forward but not too high, ’cause there are too many bullets and you won’t be able to settle down
Move from down to up and bomb or train so you’ll avoid them properly and next time they’ll connect it’ll be a success

ネクストヒストリー Eに陣取り慎重にそれでいて大胆に右に避ける
生き急ぐな 自機依存弾は無視して米弾のみ見て凌ぐのさ
当たり前だが止まらなければポイフルは当たらない やれば意外と簡単
パターン組んで各個撃破 スペカボーナスGET あっという間

nekusutohisutorii E ni jintori shinchou ni sore de ite daitan ni migi ni yokeru
iki isogu na jiki izon-dan wa mushi shite kome-dan nomi mite shinogu no sa
atari mae da ga tomaranakereba poifuru wa ataranai yareba igai to kantan
kore o ni setto shiretto shizen to dekiru you ni naru tame ageru rendo
pataan kunde kakko gekiha supekaboonasu GET atto iu aida
koko made ok nara tsugi ni susumu zo

For Next History, swap place where the “E” is, stay there with caution and then slowly avoid bullets by moving to the right
Don’t rush your movements, ignore the aiming bullets and focus only on the rice-shaped ones to get over them
I think it’s pretty obvious, but if if you don’t stop, the jelly-beans bullets won’t hit you, and if you try it, it’s surprisingly easy
If you go through two sets of it, you’ll be able to do it spontaneously, so practice several times
If you put together each pattern, then you’ll know any possible barrage and you can get the spell card bonus by that time
If it’s okay up until now, than let’s move on

中ボス突破が一つのシグナル 正直ここらで様子がおかしくなる
下手に動き回るべからず ちゃんとパターン組まないともどかしくなる
ずっとエクストラって読んでた まさかまさかのEXTRA
ノーマルシューター このtextはクリアするまで永久保存版

chuubosu toppa ga hitotsu no shigunaru shoujiki kokora de yousu ga okashiku naru
heta ni ugoki mawaru bekarazu chanto pataan kumanai to modokashiku naru
zutto ekusutora tte yondeta masaka masaka no EXTRA
noomaru shuutaa no text wa kuria suru made eikyuu hozon-ban

Breaking through the midboss is your first signal, but to be honest it’s from here that everything becomes complex
You shouldn’t be moving around awkwardly, if you don’t stick to the patterns you won’t be quick enough
You’ve always read that “extra”, and this is exactly that EXTRA
And if you, normal shooter, won’t clear this text, your game will always be an eternal collector’s version!

こっから左右2回妖精 点符回収は事故らないように調整
1体ごとに行かずとも大丈夫 弾しっかり消さないと退場
無闇に動けば狭い視界 パッと見面倒くさい自機狙い地帯
左下からスタート 霊夢で倒していくのが此処じゃスマート

kokkara sayu nikai yousei tenpu kaishuu wa jikora nai you ni chuusei
ittai goto ni ikazu tomo daijoubu tama shikkari kesanai to taijo
muyami ni ugokeba semai shikai pa tto mi mendoukusai jiki nerai chitai
hidari shita kara sutaato reimu de taoshite iku no ga koko ja sumaato

From this point on, fairies will appear two times from both left and right, be careful to not cause any accident as you collect the points
If you don’t go collect them than it’s safe, but if you don’t get rid of their bullets than you’re done for
If you move recklessly, your field of vision will become confined, so take a quick look and get rid of the annoyances with your self-aiming area
Start from the bottom left, it’s a pretty smart choice to take ’em down with Reimu here

落ち着いてチョン避け ホーミングの素晴らしき見届けるこの目
大きく動きすぎる事なかれ 回収諦めるのもある意味大人だぜ
そこから動くな!詰みたくなけりゃ じっとしてれば打ち勝つだけさ

ochi tsuite chon yoke hoomingu no subarashiki mitodokeru kono me
ookiku ugoki sugiru koto nakare kaishuu akiramaru no mo aru imi ootona da ze
midori ga owareba suichoku uchi oroshi da sukima ni haire
soko kara ugoku na! tsumitaku nakerya jitto shitereba uchi katsu dake sa

Calm down and avoid everything at once, with your eyes now able to witness the magnificence of homing shots
Don’t make any big movement, and remember it’s also wise to give up on collecting points, sometimes
When the green bullets end, get inside the gap between the vertical bullets
And don’t move from here! If you don’t want to be pressed you must stay there and win by firing while staying still

当たって砕けるなんてダメ 最後に気持ち回収しとけばおk

soshitara ato wa ao, midori no poifuru o junban ni yokeru dake
kore miyogashi no tenpu o tairyou ni suruu suru kedo konkurabe
atatte kudakeru nante dame saigo ni kimochi kaishuu shi tokeba ok
yousei gotai wa yoko idou de taoshite douchuu saishuusen

And then the jelly-beans bullets will come again first blue and then green, just avoid them in order
It’s a test of endurance to let that huge quantity of points to pass you by
It’s no good to fall down to get them, just go collect the last round of them, that’s ok
Defeat the last 5 rounds of horizontal-moving fairies and you’re about to face the last fight of the way towards the boss

藍様張り付かせたら左下に移動 たったこれだけ
妖精ご乱心でも安心 結界組安地 幾度も感心
以上で道中解説終了 ノーミスで来ることが重要
スペカというより通常が別格 ボム節約したのはそのせい
ちなみに何個かスペカは「確実に」取ってもらうぞ 覚悟しとけ
奥が深くなる 残機も増やして残機5ボムが2つだ

ran-sama furitsukasetara hidarishita ni idou tatta kore dake
yousei goranshin demo anshin kekkai gumi anchi ikudo mo kanshin
ijou de douchuu kaisetsu shuuryou noomisu de kuru koto ga juuyou
supeka to iu yori tsuujou ga bekkaku bomu setsuyaku shita no wa sono sei
chinamini nanko ka supeka wa “kakujitsu ni” totte morau zo kakugo shitoke
oku ga fukaku naru zanki mo fuyashite zanki gobomu ga futatsu dake
saa koko kara eiya EX honban

If you make Ran-sama swirl enough and move from the bottom left section, that’s enough
The fairies will go berserk, but stay calm, the barrier team is safe, it’s admirable, really
That’s all, the explaination for the way to the boss is over, it’s important to come to this point with no mistakes
It’s more extraordinary to come to this point normally rather than with spellcards, that’s because of that you had to save your bombs
By the way, you’ll be able to get some spellcards “for real” later, so be prepared
As you go on, it deepens, your remaining lives will increase up to five and your bombs by two
Come on, from this point on you’ll face the Eternal Night EXTRA, the real deal!


もこたんインしたお ってなんだかいきなりピンチかも
お札は見た目よりか当たり判定が小さめ 結構めり込める
ボスが動くからパターンもクソもない 気合で避けろ ボムってもしょうがない
通常は1ボムor1ミス想定 抱え落ちだけはしないって条件

mokotan in shitao tte nandaka ikinari pinchi kamo
ofuda wa mitame yori ka atari hantei ga chiisame kekkou meri komeru
bosu ga ugoku kara pataan mo kuso mo nai kiai de yokero bomu tte mo shou ga nai
tsuujou wa uan bomu or uan misu soutei kakae ochi dake wa shinai tte jouken

Moko-tan enters and it suddenly feels like you’re probably in a pinch
By looking at her talismans you realize their hitbox is smaller, so you can easily get in between them
As the boss starts moving around there’s not a fixed shitty pattern, so just avoid them by concentrating, and bomb if you don’t have any other option
Normally it could go with 1 bomb or 1 miss, but let’s make a condition not to lose a life while having a bomb

スペカ発動 下から上に移動
抜ければいいんだワインダー 参った とりあえずここで2回抜けろ
よく見んだ ボム1発 言うまでもなくダメありません まぁいいか
ちなみにこのスペカはマジで嫌い いつまで経っても安心できない
弾消したらもう一回抜けてもらう計3回 計算外の難しさ

supeka hatsudou shoumen shoumen jintori shita kara ue ni idou
nukereba ii nda waindaa maitta toriaezu koko de nikai nukero
yoku minda bomu ippatsu iu made mo naku dame arimasen maa ii ka
chinamini kono supeka wa maji de kirai itsumade tattemo anshin dekinai
tama keshitara mou ikkai nukete morau kei san kai keisaku-gai no muzukashisa
mawaru no mo aru kedo naniyue ka ore wa antei shinai

As the first spellcards starts, place yourself in front of her and move from the bottom to the top
If you can manage to capture it would be good, just spin around it, it may not go as planned, but at least let’s try to overcome it in two tries
Look carefully, there’s no need to say it’s not wrong to use one bomb, but whatever
Speaking of which, I really hate this spellcard, no matter how many time passes, I never feel at ease with it
Even if I cleaned up the bullets, it comes back again, so I carried the plan for three rounds – it’s difficult beyond any plan
There are bullets even around me, that’s why I can’t find stability

そして通常 正直言うこと無い だって気合 強いて言うなら大きく動かない

soshite tsuujou shoujiki iu koto nai datte kiai shiite iu nara ookiku ugokanai
ato wa kousoku de tonde kuru fuda ni chuui suru kurai
kyoutsuu shite ieru ga muda na ugoki wa touta
yokerareru nara bomu wa totte okou ka
koko kara saki wa tsuujou ikkai ni tsuki ippatsu kakujitsu ni utsu ga sore wa mane shinakute mo daijoubu
muri sezu ikesou nara iza shoubu

And then, as usual, there’s actually nothing I have to say, but If I’m forced to, than it’s don’t move that much
And keep an eye on the talismans flying at high speed
It’s a pretty common thing to say, but useless movements may wipe you out
If you can dodge, than take that bomb and save it for later
You can fire one bomb from now, but you can also avoid mimicking what you did before
So don’t force yourself and fight at once!

左上 左中 左下 真ん中より少し左
そこから一気に移動して右中 撃たせたのを確認したら右下
このスペカは安定させてくれ ボムなんて使えん

hidari-ue hidari-naka hidari-shita mannaka yori sukoshi hidari
hi no tori no ato ni yotte yuudou sasete kara mannaka
soko kara ikki ni idou shite migi-naka utaseta no o kakuninshitara migi-shita
ato wa hidari ni… ato wa hidari ni yoketeku dake
kono supeka wa antei sasetekure bomu nante tsukaen
yuudou oboerya nante koto wa nai boonasu suteeji ja na kya mi ga motanai
te ka kore ripurei minai to nani itteru ka wakaranaku ne?

To the upper left, center left, bottom left, and then a little bit on the left from the middle
Then follow the trace the fire bird left and go to the middle after being guided by it
From here, swiftly transfer to the central-right section and once you’ve confirmed she shot again, go on the bottom-right section
Then you go to the left… and you just have to avoid it by going left again
This spellcard gives you stability, there’s no need to fire any bomb
It’s not a big deal to memorize her guided attacks, but if it’s not a bonus stage than it’s not good for my health…
…But wait, if you don’t watch my replay you’ll probably won’t know what the hell am I talking about, right?

積極的に練習しましょう 地道に努力して年中撃ちましょう
残機5つでボムがない状態 気合、嘘避けしまくって頂戴

hi no tori kara yonkai renzoku supeka wa totte moraimasu to keikoku
sekkyokuteki ni renshuu shimashou jimichi ni doryoku shite nenjuu uchimashou
zanki itsutsu de bomu ga nai joutai kiai, usoyokeshimaku tte choudai
toriaezu misu tte oku kedo kore wa mane shinai de ne

From the fire bird I’ll warn you: you’ll be able to capture 4 spellcards in a row!
So let’s practice positively, and let’s work hard steadily, firing bullets everyday!
In case you have 5 lives left and no bombs, then go for it, I want to see you avoiding ’em all, even if by luck
For now, let’s leave our mistakes behind, but it’s not like you have to do the same

ボスの位置を見るのも大事 ショット当てなけりゃ一大事
戦いの中で成長するニュータイプ 集中して危機回避

chinamini kojinteki ni yokeru toki
mesen wa jiki yori chotto ue kurai ga choudo ii
tama ga nai basho e hitottobi
bosu no ichi o miru no mo daiji shotto atenakerya ichidaiji
tatakai no naka de seichou suru nyuutaipu shuuchuu shite kiki kaihi

By the way, when you’re avoiding bullets individually
Keep your eyes slightly over your character, that’s for the best
And fly at once over the places without bullets
It’s also important to keep an eye over the boss’ position, ’cause it’s very important to be sure you’re hitting her
You’ll become a new type as you fight, so concentrate to avoid any crisis!

滅罪寺院傷 藍様の出番 左上に 使い魔の横が鉄板
高さを調整すれば合格 これなら簡単にスペカボーナス
同時に避けずに順番に 一つ一つ潜っていく感じ

metsuzai jinshou ran-sama no deban hidari-ue ni tsukaima no yoko ga teppan
takasa o chousei sureba gougaku kore nara kantan ni supeka boonasu
chinamini shoumen de yokete miru chousen suru anata ni adobaisu
douji ni yokezu ni junban ni hitotsu hitotsu mogutte iku kanji

Flaw of Forgiving Shrine? It’s time for Ran-sama to shine! The shikigami’s upper-left horizontal movements are reliable
Once you’ve adjusted your height, you’ll succeed – if you do so, you’ll get an easy spellcard bonus
Anyway, an advice to you, trying to challenge the spell by avoiding bullets over the central section of the screen
Don’t avoid them all at once, try to get in between them one by one, in order

上から青の札 下から来る紫の札 上から来る紫の札
ただこれの繰り返し no doubt

ue kara ao no fuda shita kara kuru murasaki no fuda ue kara kuru murasaki no fuda
tada kore no kuri kaeshi no doubt
sorezore ni atta yarikata ga kitto mitsukaru
han-anchi ga kakujitsu ka jibun de tameshite kimete mite
nante itta tte nanigoto mo keiken

Blue talismans from above, purple ones from below, and again purple ones from above
It’s just this, repeating itself, no doubt
You’ll surely find out your way to do it properly one by one
So try to find out by yourself a half-safe zone, try them out
After all, what I’m saying is that everything’s an experience!

一変 何が通常弾幕 スペカと同じレベルの感覚
出来るだけ撃ち込んでおきたい 赤札が下に来たらボムをお見舞い

ippen nani ga tsuujou danmaku supeka to onaji reberu kankaku
dekiru dake uchikonde okitai akafuda ga shita ni kitara bomu o omimai
nesshin ni okkakeru wake ja naku mo shoumen-dori o kokorogakeru
kokora hen mo yoyuu nara tabun kantan ni kuria dekiru pureiyaa

Next barrage is a complete change, ’cause it gives you the same feeling as a spellcard
So you should fire at once with all you’ve got, and unleash, if necessary, a bomb if red talismans will strike you while falling
Don’t panick over the fact they’re chasing you, just face onwards and put your heart over focusing on the boss
If you keep your cool here, than you should be able to clear it easily, player

さぁさぁ徐福時空 最下段で待機しといて よろしく
出来ますこちらも簡単に お得意様半安地
ちなみに最下段は結界組限定 青札気にせずに撃ち続けて

saa saa jofuku jikuu saigedan de taiki shitoite yoroshiku
dekimasu kochira mo kantan ni otokuisama han-anchi
chinamini saigedan wa kekkai-gumi gentei, aofuda ki ni sezu ni ochi tsudzukete
you wa jikinerai yoke tsutsu shita kara kuru aofuda o yoketereba ok

Get ready, here comes Xu Fu’s Dimension, just place yourself in the lowest section of the screen and good luck
You can do it, this one’s easy too, it has a regular customer safe zone!
By the way, this bottom section is only for the barrier team, so you can keep on shooting her without caring for the blue amulets
In other words, just avoid the aiming bullets and the red ones coming from below and it’ll be ok

あんなの出来ない でも憧れる その内慣れるからちょっとやってみる
高速移動使ってカスって稼いでる そんな気分にもなれる

kono supeka wa sukoaraa ga yaru to gureizu to koku-fu ga tondemonai
anna no dekinai demo akogareru sono uchi nareru kara chotto yatte miru
kousoku idou tsukatte kasu tte kaseideru sonna kibun ni mo nareru
jikoru to imi ga nai no de osusume wa shimasen ga

If you do this spellcard as a scorer, the quantity of graze and time orbs will be unbelievable
I can’t do such things, but I admire those who can – anyway, you’ll grow accostumed to it as you try it
If you make rapid movements you’ll just pile up failures, you’ll have to get used to this too
There’s no point if you make accidents, so I won’t suggest otherwise

さぁ行こうか 4つ目突破 事故ることも無く順調に消化
油断などせずに仕掛けるぞ リザレクション まさかの弾速 しばし苦笑
避けられないなら仕方がない ボムで削り取るぜ

saa ikou ka yottsume toppa jikoru koto mo naku junchou ni shouka
yudan nado sezu ni shikakeru zo rizarekushon masaka no dansoku shibashi kushou
ittemo sakki no tsuujou ga hayaku natta dake de yaru koto wa kawaranai
yokerarenai nara shikata ga nai bomu de kezuritoru ze

Ok, shall we go on? We broke throught the fourth spellcard, getting rid of everything without a single accident
We’ll get over this unfaltering and ready! Resurrection and high bullet speed, a bitter smile, astonished
Even if I say so, even if it grew in speed it doesn’t change how you go past it
If you can’t avoid them there’s no other choice, clean up the screen with a bomb!

お次はお待ちかね正直者の死 レーザーに物怖じしないのが大事
行き当たりばったりで知らなきゃ無理ゲー ただのハッタリ
画面一杯の弾幕 難なく避ける

otsugi wa omachikane shoujikisha no shi reezaa ni monooji shinai no ga daiji
iki atari battari de shiranakya muri gee tada no hattari
gamen ippai no danmaku nan naku yokeru
reezaa ni mukatte chon yokeshite mirya maka fushigi
assari to tsuuka shite katasukashi

Next up is our long awaited Honest Man’s Death, it’s important not to be afraid of the lasers!
It’s pretty damn impossible if you don’t know beforehand to run into them, it’s so unfair
There are bullets all over the screen, but you can avoid them pretty easily
Face the lasers and try to avoid them by hitting them, that’s really bizarre!
You’ll pass this one pretty quickly, so dodge ’em all!

ハッタリレーザーは右から その後左からと交互にやってくる
黒米は自機狙いだ 避けるのは自機の真上にやって来た瞬間
いわゆる初見殺し 派手な見た目も所詮は脅し

hattari reezaa wa migi kara sono ato hidari kara to kougo ni yatte kuru
kuromai wa jiki nerai da yokeru no wa jiki no maue ni yatte kita shunkan
iwayuru hatsumi-goroshi hade na mitame mo shosen wa odoshi
ware koso shoujikisha to iu hou wa daikaiten shite miru mo yoshi

The fake laser will come from right and then from left, they’ll come alternating directions
The black-rice danmaku will follow your moves, so you should dodge the instant they’re right above your character
That’s the so called “first-sighter killer”, despite its flashy appearance it’s menacing after all
That makes me think I am the honest man myself, anyway, try to perform a slalom with this one and it’ll be fine

というより普通に考えて無理だろ 誰が避けるんだよこんなの
ってな感じの弾幕です ボムで抜ける作戦で掴むサクセス

tsuujou danmaku wa nokori mittsu noobumu nante konnan
to iu yori futsuu ni kangaete muri daro dare ga yokeru nda yo konna no
tte na kanji no danmaku desu bomu de nukeru sakusen de tsukamu sakusesu
jiko ga meccha fueru no wa kokora hen kara dakara kuregure mo ki o tsukete

There are three normal danmaku barrage to overcome yet, and it’s pretty hard to go past them with no-bombs
More than that, isn’t it impossible if you think about it, normally? Who can dodge all this stuff!?
–That’s the kind of danmaku I’m talking about; If you go with the bombing strategy, than you’ll avoid them with success
The accidents from now on will be a friggin’ lot, so get ready for real and be careful

空間把握能力 弾速の緩急 この弾幕をもっと探求
れみ☆りあ☆うー おっとキャラを間違えた もこたん「ウー」
ひたすら正面陣取る 体力削り取る事だけに尽力
真ん中 左 左から右の順番でショット当て続ける精神力

kuukan haaku nouryoku dansoku no kankyuu kono danmaku o motto tankyuu
remi ☆ ria ☆ uu otto kyara o machigaeta mokotan “uu”
hitasura shoumen jindoru tairyoku kezuri toru koto dake ni jinryoku
mannnaka hidari hidari kara migi no junban de shotto ate tsudzukeru seishinryoku
migihashi made itte ittan tama secchi ga owattara sukasazu bomu
konkai wa bomu ga nai no de toriaezu misu ttokimashita
kono pataan wa bomu o suru koto ga zentei na no de bomu ga nai nara yuudou shite ne
mou ichido migi hashi toutatsu suru koro ni wa gekiha shiteru yo

You have to grasp the ability to understand the empty space in case you’re in difficulty with fast bullets, so study this spellcard more
Remi ☆ lia ☆ uuu! —Oh, wait, I mistook characters, that’s Moko-tan’s “Woo”
You just have to move around swapping places, but it takes a lot of effort to scrape ’em all off
In the middle-left section, then from left to right, make her shoot in order and keep on going, it’s a matter of force of will
Go all the way towards the right margin when shots stop for a moment and if it goes bad don’t hesitate bombing
If this time you don’t have any bomb, let’s at least avoid losing
By following this pattern it’s a condition to fire some bombs, so if you don’t have any, just follow the path
But if you’ll stay again on the right margin, by the time the bullets will reach you, you’ll be crushed

いつの間にか終盤戦 余裕を持ってる残機も4つボムも4つ
気張って行こう 狙っていこう 彩る弾幕は破天荒
落ち着いて勝利 今まで通りそれなりに引きつけ霊夢でボム

itsu no ma ni ka shuubansen yoyuu o motteru zanki mo yottsu bomu mo yottsu
ki o nuki tsudzuke zama ni misu nante shocchuu
kibatte ikou neratte ikou irodoru danmaku wa hatenkou
ochitsuite shouri ima made toori sore nari ni hiki tsuke reimu de bomu

Before you realize you’re at the end of the campaign, you’re composed and have still 4 lives and 4 bombs
Be sure not to lose focus or you’ll make mistakes over mistakes
Go all out and proceed, aim for this unheard-of colorful danmakus!
If you calm down, you’ll win, just as you did before, and if you can’t, use a bomb with Reimu

次のスペルはパターンなんて無い戦い 待ったなしの気合
許されない間違い 魅せる嘘避けの境地
驚天動地 誰がやったか抱え落ち
フェニックス 手に汗握る パターン無しなら弾の中見切る

tsugi no superu wa pataan nante nai tatakai mattanashi no kiai
yurusarenai machigai miseru uso-yoke no kyouchi
kyoutendouchi dare ga yatta ka kakae ochi
fenikkusu te ni ase nigiru pataan nashi nara tama no naka mikiru
kesshi kekkai mo aru ndakara minna jiryoku de yokete mina

The next spell will be a fight without a fixed pattern, so you have to give it all
Failing won’t be acceptable, it’s a situation where lucky dodges will be charming
It’s earth-shattering, who did it? You may die while holding bombs!
This phoenix is making your hands sweaty, there’s no pattern so you have to see every single bullet in between
But there’s still the border of life and death, so everyone, let’s try to avoid them all to the best

終わり近づく ただ力尽く 画面越しにがっつく
思い通り動かなくてムカつく 密度薄い方にするり抜けて通り

owari chikadzuku tada chikara tsuku gamen-goshi ni gattsuku
omoi doori ugokanakute muka tsuku mitsudo usui hou ni sururi nukete toori
dore mo ataranakereba dou tte koto wa nai

The end is drawing near, our strenght is fading away devouring what’s beyond the screen
It’s irritating not to be able to move as you pictured in your mind, just pass through it and slip away over the most dilute conglomerates
After all it’s impossible there’s not a single place where they can’t hit you

血走る目で必死 アナタも遊んでかない?
ボム3つまでだったらおっけーね 想定内

fenikkusu no o de dore kurai machi taerareru ka ga kiipointo
yatara nagaku kanjiru sentou jikan to mokotan no HP
chibashiru me de hisshi anata mo asonde ka nai?
bomu mittsu made dattara okkee ne soutei-nai

The key point in the Phoenix Tail spellcard is how long you can endure it
They feel absurdly long, both the fight’s duration and Moko-tan’s HP bar
Your bloodshot eyes are so desperate, are you really playing a game?
If you had up to three bombs it would had been okay, all according to the plan

遂に残す所はあと3枚 ここでネタバレ インペリは出ない
ラストの通常は気が狂ってんだ DANGERデンジャー
日本語で危険だってな ほら無理ゲー
ボムは2発使っておk ガチ避けなんて狂気の沙汰でしょ
アクション!藤原妹紅史上最強の弾幕 リザレクション
この大舞台で続けるぞ 凱風快晴 フジヤマヴォルケイノ
使い魔爆弾を下に配置 左斜め上にGO

tsui ni nokosu tokoro wa ato sanmai koko de netabare inperi wa denai
doushite mo mitai hito wa keene fukume nanamai ijou shutoku shinasai
rasuto no tsuujou wa ki ga kurutte nda DANGER denjaa
nihongo de kiken datte na hora muri gee
imada ni ikkai mo noobomu de toppa shita koto arimasen
bomu wa nihatsu tsukatte ok gachi yoke nante kyouki no sata desho
akushon! fujiwara no mokou shijou saikyou no danmaku rizarekushon
kono dai-butai de tsudzukeru zo gaifuu-kaisei fujiyama vorukeino
tsukai mabakudan o shita ni haichi hidari naname ue ni GO

Finally we’re here with only 3 spells left – ops, I’ve spoiled it, now you know the last spell won’t come
For those who want to see it so badly, just go and capture seven spells including Keine’s
The last non-spell is absolutely crazy, it’s a danger, a DANGER!
In japanese it would be “kiken”, just look, this shit’s impossible!
I still haven’t got through it without firing a bomb, not a single time
It’s okay even if you use two bombs, avoiding it by moving slowly is a matter of craziness
Action! This is the strongest danmaku in Fujiwara no Mokou’s history, Resurrection
It’ll keep on going over this large stage, “South Wind, Clear Sky -Fujiyama Volcano-”
Make her deploy the magical exploding bullets she’s using on the bottom section and GO to the left, diagonally

無いので被弾します 油断しない 此処で残機がないと絶望的
弱気な気持ちは踏んづける さぁさお待たせしました耐久スペル
パゼスト全部で4段階 最初と最後はゆっくりと使い魔を配置
これが基本 ボム使わずに取れりゃ最高
抱え落ちだけは絶対ダメ ボム惜しまない展開だぜ

nai no de hidan shimasu yudan shinai koko de zanki ga nai to zetsubou-teki
yowaki na kimochi wa fundzukeru saa sa omatase shimashita taikyuu superu
pazesuto zenbu de yon-dankai saisho to saigo wa yukkuri to tsukaima o haichi
nikaime sankai me wa ookiku mawari tsutsu mo saishin no chuui o haratte ugoku
kore ga kihon bomu tsukawazu ni torya saikou
sore demo sekkaku koko made keikaku doori ni kireta no nara suppaku ittoku
kakae ochi dake wa zettai dame bomu oshimanai tenkai da ze
jibun de kimeta jitsuryoku nara made genkai ja nai

I had no bombs so I was shot down, but don’t go unprepared: if you don’t have spare lives in here, you’re in a desperate situation
A feeling of impotence is crushing you, here comes, here comes the long awaited survival spell!
The possession is structured in 4 levels, in the first and the last the magic bullets will be placed slowly
But on the second and the third they spin a lot, so you have to be careful and move by paying a lot of attention
This is the basis, if you manage to capture it without bombs it’d be great
But at this point, if you’ve followed the plan, it may be a sour thing to say
Anyway, the only thing you should absolutely avoid is dying while holding bombs, let’s make a plan of not being frugal over bomb usage!
If it’s something you can decide by your own abilities, then you have no limits

2回目左上で開始 下にチョン避けし続けてから
慣れればどうという事もなくノーボム 気を抜くな こんな風に

nikai me hidari ue de kaishi shita ni chon yoke shi tsudzukete kara
bomu de kiri kaeshi suru houhou mo aru kedo mawatte koko wa kakujitsu ni
dansoku ga karai ga tsurai ga osome no kusabi-dan ni yotte mawaru no ga kotsu
narereba dou to iu koto mo naku noobomu ki o nuku na konna fuu ni

Start the second round from the top-left section and proceed by dodging swiftly to the bottom
There’s also a way to counterattack with bombs, but if you spin around this technique is pretty reliable
The speed of the bullets is harsh, but the secret is to spin closely around the slow wedge-shaped bullets
If you get used to it, you’ll be able to pull it out without wondering how, just like this


kono supeka ni kagirazu yuudou-kei de hidan shite rasuto superu ni natta baai
tenparazu ni yuudou o tsudzukeru shika nai
gucha gucha ugoku to tori kaeshi ga tsukanaku naru zo
puresshaa hanenokeru seishin teki ni seichoushi byoujoushin de are

It works not only with this spell, but also with every other guided-type last spell
So don’t lose your temper and follow the path the guided bullets are creating
By doing so you’ll avoid sloppy movements and counterattacks
Push this pressure aside and grow spiritually, this is the peace of mind

爆風巻き込まれちゃ屍 距離感しっかり見定め
体力ペース配分 集中切らさず耐久
残りわずか クリアが近づく 次でパゼスト最終

bakufuu maki komarecha shikabane kyori-kan shikkari misadame
guru guru mawaru yarikata de kouryaku shite iku da ze
tairyoku peesu haibun shuuchuu kirasazu taikyuu
nori wazuka kuria ga chikadzuku tsugi de pazesuto saishuu

If you get caught inside the blast, you’re dead, so make sure you have some distance from her
You just have to go around it, spinning
Give a pace to the distribution of your strenght, and endure your concentration without having it run out
Only a bit is left, “clear” is so close, this is the last bit of the possession

ばら撒き足される最終段階 結界組じゃ出来ない破壊
焼き鳥 マリス砲は別の機会で 弾幕ならパワーだぜ!
上下に動く時は低速で 横に動く時は高速で
ミスが怖くなる不安感 焦らせる音 カウントダウン

bara-maki tasareru saishuu dankai kekkai-gumi ja dekinai hakai
yakitori marisu-hou wa betsu no kikai de danmaku nara pawaa da ze!
jouge ni ugoku toki wa teisoku de yoko ni ugoku toki wa kousoku de
misu ga kowaku naru fuankan aseraseru oto kauntodaun

As the spreading shots becomes more and more, you can’t do much with the barrier team, it’ll destruct you
Let’s get over the Yakitori with the Malice-cannon on another occasion, ’cause it’s a matter of power when we come to danmaku!
When moving up and down go slowly, and when moving horizontally be fast
It makes you anxious and afraid of mistakes ’cause of the sound of the countdown hurrying you up

残機を所持してここまで消化 パゼストバイフェニックスを突破
遂に残す所あと1枚 気合を入れて行こうか
少しの辛抱 緊張 速くなる心音 姿を現す蓬莱人形
真ん中よりやや下 真正面にてスペル開始

zanki o shoji shite koko made shouka pazesuto bai fenikkusu o toppa
tsui ni nokosu tokoro ato ichi-mai kiai o irete ikou ka
sukoshi no shinbou kinchou hayaku naru shin’on sugata o arawasu hourai ningyou
mannaka yori yaya shita masshoumen ni te superu kaishi

If you had some spare life consumed to this point, you’ll overcome Possessed by the Phoenix
We’re finally to the point only one spellcard is left, let’s get ready and face it, shall we?
A bit of endurance, nervousness, your heart pounds faster, and here comes Hourai Doll
Move a bit to the bottom from the center, start the spellcard right in from of her

まぁ言うは易く行うは難し 練習と慣れが大事って話

akadama aodama no jiki nerai wa chiisaku tokei mawari de shori o shiyou
dekireba kono 1 way ki o torarenai you ni natte ugokerya saikou
kono superu ato no zenpou idan dake mirya noomisu de seikou shichau
maa iu wa yasuku okonau wa muzukashi renshuu to nare ga daiji tte hanashi

Get rid of the aiming red and blue aiming bullets with small clockwise movements
If you can do it 1 way, without being afraid of what you’re facing, it’d be amazing
If you manage to get an overall sight of every bullets on the screen on the next part of this spell, you might end up capturing it with success
Well, saying it is easy, but doing so it’s hard, it’s the same story: practice and experience are important

己が最強と言い聞かす クリアは目前 一気に勝つ
少しの油断が招く被弾 僅かとなった残機と残り時間
全身全霊 もこたん目の前 ひたすら撃ち込みな

kazukazu no gyakkyou nori koete kita koko de jikan hakkyou
onore ga saikyou to ii kikasu kuria wa mokuzen ikki ni katsu
sukoshi no yudan ga maneku hidan kasuka to natta zanki to nokori jikan
zenshin zenrei mokotan me no mae hitasura uchi komi na

Time seem to have gone crazy to this point you’ve reached after countless adversities
It’s warning you “I’m the strongest!” – but victory is right in front of you, win at once!
A tiny bit of distraction will get you shot down, there’s only some time left and a shortened number of remaning lives
Pour your complete devotion on it, Moko-tan is right in front of you, you have to strike her down!

物量作戦 あとはボムでゴリ押ししてれば倒せます 無理せずいきましょう
諦めないでよくぞ辿り着いてくれました Congratulations!

zanki hitotsu ijou de bomu hitotsu ijou shoji shite koko made kureta anata e to okurou
eiyashou EXTRA kuria kakutei! omedetou!
butsuryou sakusen ato wa bomu de gori oshi shitereba taosemasu muri sezu ikimashou
akiramenaide yoku zo tadori tsuite kuremashita Cogratulations!

If you have more than a life and more than a bomb, if you came to this point then just release them
It’s settled: you’ve just cleared Imperishable Night’s EXTRA! Well done!
It was a well-executed plan, you were able to defeat her ’cause you’ve pushed through and kept on without doing the impossible
It’s good not to give up, and you were able to come to this point because of this, Congratulations!

と、言うことで解説は終了 攻略完了

to, iu koto de kaisetsu wa shuuryou kouryaku kanryou

With that being said, the commentary is over as well as the walkthrough

ノーマルシューターよ クリア目指してがんばれ お疲れ様でした!

meccha nagai no ni saigo made kiitekurete arigatou gozaimashita
noomaru shuuta yo kuria mezashite ganbare otsukare sama deshita!

Thanks for hearing me all the way to the end even though this was friggin’ long
You normal shooter! Aim to clear it and give it everything you have! That’s enough for today, thank you!


– The whole song is about Imperishable Night‘s extra stage (it is kind of a tutorial on how to beat it) and, more in general, about Touhou as a game serie. You can see in this video how the whole song seem to fit the lenght / patterns of IN’s extra stage.
– First stanza: of course “hard” is refering to the difficulty levels. So the meaning should be “this song is already hard enough, but not lunatic (which it’s nonsensical/impossible to make)”.
– Second stanza: kekkai-gumi refers to 幻想の結界チーム (gensou no kekkai chiimu, Illusionary Barrier Team) which is the Reimu & Yukari combo team. It’s an easy choice to play with, having homing shots and bonus deathbomb timespan when hit.
– Second stanza: eiya could both refer to the Extra stage or the whole game itself, being Imperishable Night’s japanese title “EIYAshou”.
– Second stanza: Fujiwara no Mokou is refered as Moko-tan, a childish nickname japanese fans gave her and kind of become a meme over websites such as 2channel since IN’s release.
– Third stanza: “saitan” means “shortest”, but I thought “simplest” conveyed the meaning better, giving that’s what the lyrics want to express.
– Fourth stanza: “hitbox” is implied, but not specified in the lyrics.
– Fourth stanza: “border of death” refers, as I said on a previous note, about the timespan the team has when they get hit. I don’t know if there’s a specific term for that in the (unofficial) english translation, though.
– Fourth stanza: “last spell” should be the technical name for what we usually call “deathbombing” (aka using a bomb the exact moment you get hit).
– Fourth stanza: While Reimu’s bombs cover the whole screen and aim directly to the enemies, Yukari’s cover only a small part of it and don’t aim for enemies by default, so if you’re in a pinch / you want to get rid of more bullets / enemies, it’s common knowledge to use Reimu’s bombs (using a bomb without holding focus) instead of Yukari’s!
– Fifth stanza: if you get enough points, you should be able to get your first extend (aka an extra life) shortly before Keine appears, which is more or less the exact minute the song’s lenght has reached by this point.
– Fifth stanza: 2nd / 3rd verse is basically saying that if you have collected some points but not enought to reach 200 (the first Extend you’ll get), you can manage to reach them even while fighting Keine.
– Sixth stanza: much like “Moko-tan”, “Kimo-keene” is a nickname for Keine, I think it comes from this IOSYS song. I translated it keeping a same-meme feeling with the “CAVED!” Keine meme.
– Eight stanza: The gap youkai is of course Yukari.
– Eight stanza: By “ENEMY” (and “e” “m” “y”), it means the sign labeled as “enemy” right under the player, showing where the enemy is lying on the top section of the screen. It’s suggesting to stay over some of the letters appearing in the bottom section.
– Ninth stanza: “Returning-Bridge Ichijo” is the name of Keine’s second spellcard in Imperishable Night’s Extra stage.
– Tenth stanza: Next History stands for Future “New History Of Phantasm -Next History-“, Keine’s last spellcard from IN’s Extra Stage.
– Tenth stanza: “jintori” couldn’t be translated in single word. It’s a children game in which the aim is to occupy the opponent’s home base, so I just wen for something simple conveying such meaning (to swap place). Again, the “E” is refering to the “enemy” sign.
– Tenth stanza: I think ポイフル (Poifull) refers to a kind of jelly beans sold in Japan, with the same shape of the bullets Keine fires in the last spellcard. I think it’s maybe a meme-ish way to call such type of bullets. I translated it in a different way to avoid having the reader wonder what a poifull is.
– Eleventh stanza: I think the third verse is refering to the fact a player always reads “extra” on the menù section, but few actually try to attempt it.
– Eleventh stanza: I believe the fourth verse is trying to say something like “if you don’t beat the extra stage, you haven’t played the game at all, thus it’s like you’re treating it as a collector’s edition game (a game you only buy for collection purposes rather than for gameplay)”.
– Twelfth stanza: On the lyrics I’ve found, “tenpu” (点符) was wrote as “天符” (tenpu), but I’m guessing it was a typo. I corrected it but I’m not 100% sure about it.
– Thirteenth stanza: Second verse is refering to the fact points could be collected (回収) by going on the upper section of the screen, which sometimes is risky because could get you shot by suddenly appearing bullets / enemies.
– Thirteenth stanza: the “green” bullets are the homing-attack pattern of the fairies shortly after you defeat Keine. They later switch to a vertical blue bullet barrage you can simply avoid by staying in the central section of the screen (as the song says). Also, on the next section it talks about the points, that’s because lots are made while shooting down enemies, but it’s risky to get them so you just have to let them fall down and resist the urge to go collect them.
– Fourtheenth stanza: Ran is Yukari’s shikigami and spinning attack in Imperishable Night
– “Toho Geek Extra” counts as the fifteenth stanza on the notes, so the next big stanza is the sixteenth. Also, from this point onwards the background rhythm changes from Extend Ashes ~ Hourai Victim (Extra stage’s theme) to Reach for the Moon ~ Immortal Smoke (Mokou’s theme).
– Sixteenth stanza: by “talisman” I mean Mokou’s first type of danmaku (aka “seals” / “cards”).
– Seventeenth stanza it’s about Mokou’s first spellcard, a whirlwind of spinning & homing knives. A pretty difficult one, to be honest, way more difficult than some of her other spells coming after.
– The nineteenth stanza is about Fire Bird -Flying Phoenix-, Mokou’s second spellcard, which can be avoided by luring her shot away in order to clear a safe path. Not hard at all once you get how to deal with it.
– Twentieth stanza: I’ve done some researches, looks like the term “uso-yoke” (嘘避) is used in shooting games to refer as the act of avoiding bullets out of lucky movements, rather than by skills. Thus my translation.
– Twentysecond stanza is about Flaw of Forgiving Shrine, Mokou’s third spellcard.
– Twentyfourth stanza: I think he’s trying to say that the non-spell right after Flaw of Forgiving Shrine gives you the same feeling as a spellcard due its difficulty / huge amount of onscreen bullets.
– The twentyfifth stanza is about Deathless – “Xu Fu’s Dimension”, Mokou’s fourth spellcard.
– Twentysixth stanza: he’s basically saying that if you’re aiming to score high points, this spellcard gives you lots of them, but he’s not able to do so, he’s merely trying to get us beat Mokou normally. Time orbs are a mechanic used only in IN.
– The random “resurrection” in the twentyseventh stanza refers to Mokou’s spellcard she uses each time a spellcard is cleared.
“Forgiveness – Hones Man’s Death” appearing on the twentyeight stanza is one of the trickiest spellcards of Mokou, giving that you have to hit the lasers not to die. It’s tricky because if you don’t know it / you’re not prepared you may try to avoid them by going to the opposite direction, but this will kill you. Like, 100%.
– Twentyninth stanza: “first sighter killer”, again, refers to the fact that this spellcard will 100% kill the player which doesn’t know how it works.
– Twentyninth stanza: In the last section, the singer refers himself as the “Honest Man” dying in the spellcard’s name, giving the spell’s unfairness.
– Thirty-first stanza is about the next spellcard, “Hollow Giant “Woo”“. It also plays a pun over Remilia. Remilia going “Uuhh!” is a common japanese internet meme, and the “uuu” Remilia says sounds like the “woo” in the spellcard’s name. Thus the joke on the second verse.
– Thirty-third stanza is about the next spellcard, “Everlasting “Phoenix’s Tail“, which covers the whole screen indiscriminately, so doesn’t have a recurring pattern. Thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth stanzas too are about this spellcard.
– The term 抱え落ち – kakaeochi (appearing on the thirty-third, sixteenth and thirty-seventh stanza) is used in shooting games to express the act of dying by hitting a bullet even though the player had some bomb left, ready to be used to avoid dying. We all know this horrible feeling.
– Thirthy-eight stanza: “inperi” refers to “Imperishable Shooting“, Mokou’s last spellcard which will appear only by capturing 7 or more spells from the Extra stage including Keine’s, as the stanza explains later. He’s basically saying that after he’ll defeat Mokou, this spell won’t come, so there are only three left (Fujiyama Volcano, Possessed by the Phoenix and Hourai Doll).
– Thirthy-eight stanza: “kiken” means “danger”, I’ve left it in japanese so the joke would still work.
– The thirty-eight stanza introduces Hourai – South Wind, Clear Sky -Fujiyama Volcano- (Mokou’s third-to-last spellcard) by saying its name pretty clearly.
– The thirty-ninth stanza starts with “nai”, I’m guessing it’s refering to “bomu” (bomb), but it doesn’t appear on the lyrics. I put it anyway, it may be wrong, though.
– Thirty-ninth stanza: the survival spellcard “Possessed by the Phoenix” (in katakana: パゼストバイフェニックス – pazesuto bai fenikkusu) is refered simply as “pazesuto” (possessed) in this section. I’ve translated it as “The possession”, but keep in mind it’s refering to this spellcard.
– Up until the forty-second stanza, the lyrics are about the spellcard of the previous note.
– Fourty-third stanza (I’ve lost count at this point): the Malice-cannon is a bug in Imperishable Night: by choosing the Marisa-Alice combo team and pressing shift repeatedly, the firing power gains a significant boost, adding Marisa’s shoot type to Alice’s. Also, “Yakitori” is refering to the spellcard itself, as ZUN describes “Possessed by the Phoenix” (まさに焼鳥).
– The fourty-fourth stanza is about Hourai Doll, Mokou’s last spellcard (excluding Imperishable Shooting, which the song won’t cover).
– This is probably not only the longest translation of foregroundnoises, but the longest touhou-related translation ever. 多分。

Title: TOHO Geek -東方永夜抄EX編-
Circle: 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN)
Album: Elysion II :TOHO Geek
Vocals: ytr
Lyrics: ytr
Arrangement: Coro
Release Event: Reitaisai 14
Source: エクステンドアッシュ ~ 蓬莱人(Extend Ashes ~ Hourai Victim) Imperishable Night, Extra Stage Theme & 月まで届け、不死の煙 (Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke), IN, Fujiwara no Mokou’s Theme

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My Dead Girlfriend – Nasty Mayor’s Daughter

picture by clea

My Dead Girlfriend – Nasty Mayor’s Daughter


ijiwaru na chouchou no musume wa
boku no kata ni te o kakenagara waratteita

The malicious daughter of the Mayor
Was smiling while placing her hands over me


kimi ga mita isshun ni
yoru no tsuinpiikusu kiete yuku

The moment you saw that
The nighttime Twin Peaks started fading away

あのこ死んだ 夏の午前八時三分

ano ko shinda natsu no gozen hachiji sanpun
puurusaido koshi kake nagara matteta no ni

That girl died in a summer evening at 8:03 P.M.
Even though I was waiting for her, sitting over the poolside


kimi ga mita isshun ni
yoru no tsuinpiikusu kiete yuku

The moment you saw that
The nighttime Twin Peaks started fading away

意地悪な顔をして笑ってるよ 今夜も

ijiwaru na kao o shite waratteru yo kon’ya mo
ijiwaru na chouchou ga waratteru yo

And even tonight, he’s smiling at me with a malicious face;
The malicious mayor is smiling


– Lyrics transcribed by ear by youtube user 木下芙蓉. There’s no 100% guarantee they’re right, but they most likely are. (歌詞を書いてくださった方:木下芙蓉)
– As you can see, like most of My Dead Girlfriend’s songs, the lyrics are about the usual topics and shares lots of common words appearing in almost every other song by them (“ano ko ga shinda”, “puurusaido”, “waratteiru”…)
– Even though the name of the song is based off “ijiwaru na chouchou no musume” appearing in the first stanza and on, I’ve decided to translate “ijiwaru” as “malicious” rather than “nasty”, because I liked it more and its meaning is closer to “ijiwaru” in terms of “unkindness” rather than the “gross” meaning associated with the word “nasty”.
– The “ツインピークス” on the second stanza refers to Twin Peaks, a popular 90’s horror / mystery drama (its third season is airing this year). I guess in this song is a metaphor for “strangeness”, “aberration”, “mystery”.

Title: Nasty Mayor’s Daughter
Circle: 死んだ僕の彼女 (My Dead Girlfriend)
Album: Underdrawing For Three Forms Of Unhappiness At The State Of Existence
Vocals: Ishikawa, Takahashi
Lyrics: 死んだ僕の彼女 (My Dead Girlfriend)
Arrangement: 死んだ僕の彼女 (My Dead Girlfriend)
Release Date: 03/14/2012
Source: Original

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[REQUEST] 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) – She Saw the Future feat. 妖狐 , AO

picture by mushiyo

【Requested by Rachel Lee

魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) – She Saw the Future feat. 妖狐 , AO

なんて楽観的にパラレル気分雨粒と風はフリー自在にFor you
She saw the future

tanjun meikai sora ni osonae tenkiteki na ironna mirai
nante rakkanteki ni parareru kibun amatsubu to kaze wa furii jisai ni for you
hora 1, 2, 3, 4… kiseki wa awesome na eesu kitto suteki na iron nai mirai
demo konpon-teki ni hyouri aru rizumu yugameta paasenteeji
She saw the future

Countless futures as an offer to the sky like the weather, so simple and clear
Such a hopeful parallel mood to the freely moving wind and raindrops for you
Come on, 1, 2, 3, 4… miracles are an awesome ace, I’m sure they’ll lead us to a marvelous future with no objections
But there’s basically a two-sided rhythm in such distorted percentage
She saw the future


nanjuuoku bun no ichi no kakuritsu nanbai ni nareba kimi no itteru “kakujitsu”?
tekitou ni erabi hiraku chizujou de kami ga sai o korogasu kiraku na bakuchi ga “guuzen”
betsu ni daremo warukunai nezu ni sake o aoru kurai wasuretai yasumeba ii?
nanimokamo owari ni sureba ii no kana

For how much will this one in several hundred millions chance duplicate ’till it’ll become the “certainty” you’re talking about?
Choose wisely, ’cause God is throwing his dice over this spreading map on the comfortable gamble of “coincidences”
It’s not like no one’s not evil, I just want to forget about it to the point I’d chug down alcohol without sleeping – can I rest?
I wonder if it’d be okay to but an end to everything and anything…

煮詰まらないFormulaはBoom bang! Take it easy.

en’en to keisan zero to ten to sen ga kousa shiteiku sekai
tenmongaku-teki muzukashii men wa niawanai kara
nitsumaranai formula wa boom bang! Take it easy.

Endlessly counting over the line from zero to point X, crossing the world
‘Cause it doesn’t seem to match any astronomy-related difficult aspect
The formula we’ve boiled down is boom bang! Take it easy.


fukisoku na suuji no raretsu kitaikan fukurande haretsu
mou zettai nai moshi mooze naraba umi demo wareru?
naitemo wameitemo shou ga nai nante wakatteru
kono mama ja owaranai
itsu made mattemo okoranai nara okoshitai
o nain no kiseki

The enumeration of an irregular number, an exploding, swelling feeling of expectation
There’s no way it could happen anymore – but maybe if I were Moses I could split even the sea in half..?
Even if I’d cry or yell, I know there’s nothing I could do
But it can’t end this way
If it won’t happen no matter how much I wait, than I want to make it happen
This 0.000000001% of a miracle

遊んでるだけじゃ一瞬で老いぼれI got it.
ひたすらにただやるまで掴みたい未来に向かってJust fly high.

nanjuuoku bun no ichi no kakuritsu nanbai ni sureba kimi no itteru “chakujitsu”?
sude ni zenkoku kakuchi de onaji mou kami ga saji o nageta musekinin na sakuhin ga “unmei”
you wa kantan jibun de tsukame tataitara dame mudaguchi to kame
asonderu dake jaa isshun de oibore I got it.
hai agare amai kangae mo an’i na hassou mo maa ii nja ne?
hitasura ni tada yaru made tsukamitai mirai ni mukatte Just fly high.

For how much do I have to make this one in several hundred millions chance duplicate to reach the “steadiness” you’re speaking of?
God has already thrown his spoon over every field, every land, generating the thoughtless product known as “fate”
The point is simple, grasp it and beat it yourself, pointless idle talks and a turtle
Just playin’ around, I got it, I’ll grow old in an istant
But isn’t it ok to crawl up without thinking that much to reach a simple idea?
Just fly high towards the miracle you want to grasp, just do it ’till you’ll reach it


genkaku ga feedoin kobiri tsuita imeeji chakushoku shita burein
kousai rikuri kiri totta betsu no sekai-sen o peesuto
sonna kiseki mo ii yo ne, ne? hora jikou mekuru

Illusions fades in, the image stuck to them colors out my brain
A dazzling image I’ve cut away and pasted over a different world line
Isn’t such miracle good to, don’t you believe? Come on, let’s head to the next paragraph

余計なことなどForget about it.ご都合主義な奇跡

furukusai manga no jun shujinkou mitai ni fukkatsu shite kyuu-shi ni isshou
mahou no youna kiseki no chuui jikou odoranai shin’ya no juuni-ji ikou
daijina mono dake tokenokori sou garasu no kutsu to tokei no hari
yokei na koto nado forget about it. gotsugou shugi na kiseki

Coming back to life ike the protagonist of a old-fashioned comic, a narrow escape from the jaws of death
You have to be aware of this magic-like miracle that won’t let me dance late at night, not after midnight
Only what was precious to me melted away and what seem to be left is the hand of a clock and a shoe made of glass
Forget about it, Forget about what’s unnecessary. That’s the miracle of timeserving!


– The first stanza is repeated more than once throughout the song.
– Second, Fourth, Fifth and Last stanzas are sung by 妖狐, the remaining ones by AO.
– I think the “ten” in the third stanza refers to the number 10 rather than the word “ten” means in english (“point”). I’ve translated it as “point X”, where “X” also means “10” in roman numbers.
– On the fourth stanza I’m assuming 0,000000001 is read as “0-9”, meaning 1 after 9 zeroes.
– I’m totally not sure what the sentence with “turtle” in it means. Probably refering to the Urashima Tarou tale, giving the “growing old in an istant” on the following line.

Title: She Saw the Future feat. 妖狐 , AO
Circle: 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN)
Album: She Saw
Vocals: 妖狐 , AO
Lyrics: 妖狐 , AO
Arrangement: Coro, TINY PLANETS
Release Date: 05/07/2017
Source: 少女が見た日本の原風景 (The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Watched) Mountain of Faith, Stage 5 Theme

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[REQUEST] Cyua – Ever After

picture by sakamoto himemi

【Requested by レフィ

Cyua – Ever After


uso hitotsu nai
aozora no shita wa
yume no matsu basho

There’s not a single lie
In the place waiting inside a dream
Under the blue sky


totemo daijina
negai inoru you ni
namae o yonda

I called out for your name
As if I was praying
For a really important wish


kono hi ga kuru koto o
matteita nda
ichiban aitakatta
egao dakara

I was waiting for this day
To come
Because yours
Is the smile I wanted to meet the most


kimi ga soba ni iru
mou hitori ja nai
futatsu no kokoro ga
ima hibiki au
owaranai sekai de
monogatari wa tsudzuku
kore kara mo… zutto…

You’re by my side
And I’m not alone anymore
Our hearts
Are reverberating
In this endless world
Our story will go on
From now on… forever…


itami o hodoku
hitomi ni utsushita
ashita no kioku

Let your pains aside:
What reflects in your eyes
Is a memory from tomorrow


mamoritai mono
mitsuketa toki kara
mebaeta tsuyosa

That’s the strenght sprouted in me
Since the day I’ve found
What I wanted to protect


tatoeba hanaretemo
kimi o omou to
hikari ga afure dasu
sore wa kizuna

Even if we’re distant
Thinking about you
Makes me overflow in light
That’s our bond


donna chikai yori
donna kotae yori
kienai nukumori
shinjitsu da yo
shiawase no arika wa
itsumo mune ni aru to
kidzuita no… yatto…

This everlasting warmness
Is made of reality
More than any vow
More than any answer;
I’ve finally realized
The whereabouts of happines
Where always inside my heart…


kimi ga soba ni iru
mou hitori ja nai
futatsu no kokoro ga

You’re by my side
And now our two hearts
Aren’t alone anymore


– I know this song is from an anime, Lostorage Incited WIXOSS, but I don’t know anything about it and so I decided to use an original picture instead of one from the anime. Also, I haven’t heard the song, so the picture is completely random.

Title: Ever After
Circle: Cyua
Album:「selector」Best -Ever After-
Vocals: Cyua
Lyrics: 六ツ見純代
Arrangement: 前口渉
Release Date: 12/21/2016
Source: Lostorage Incited WIXOSS

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[REQUEST] <echo>PROJECT – Ghoti ~東風谷早苗が想うこと~

picture by niy (nenenoa)

【Requested by katsuragirin

Ghoti ~東風谷早苗が想うこと~

乗せた祈り鶴 手のひらから離れ

sotto sayonara
kaze ga hakobi tsure saru mono
noseta ori tsuru te no hira kara hanare

A faint goodbye
To what was took away, carried away by the wind
Like a crane origami I placed on my palm

空の波間 浮かぶ泡が消えて弾けて

sora no namima ukabu awa ga kiete hajikete
shijima ni nomare doko ka mienaku naru

The bubbles floating between the sky’s waves burst open and disappear
Somewhere I can’t see, swallowed by stillness

今日も夕暮れ 燃える赫に染まる金鳥

kyou mo yuugure moeru kaku ni somaru kin’u
tsugai wa neya de ikudo mo umi otosu

Today’s darkening Suns are still burning, dyed in bright red
They both will be born countless time in their sleep


kanashimu dake hito wa mina sore o wasurete yuku
itsuka mita you na ayamachi kuri kaesu

But those only willing to suffer are all bound to forget such fact
And repeat the mistakes they once felt like having a glimpse of


―― kazaguruma ga mawaru.

――The windmill is spinning.

空を游ぐ魚の群れ 列を成す無言の虚

sora o oyogu sakana no mure retsu o nasu mugon no uro
nagarete yuku atsui kumo ga motarasu yoru o tsuibami

A group of fishes swimming through the sky forms an empty line of silence
Picking at the nightscape brought by the flowing thick clouds


tomoshibi wa kareta kawa o nagare itsuka tadori tsuku, sono kishi e to.

All these lights flowing down the dried up river will eventually arrive over that shore.

降って夕立ち 人はみなそれを避けゆく

futte yuudachi hito wa mina sore o sake yuku
watashi wa hitori ame ni nurete omou

Everyone is running away from the downpouring evening shower
And I’m here, alone, soaked by rain, having a revery


ataeta dake hito wa sore o muge ni shite yuku
soshite futatabi onaji you ni motomu

Only those who had it granted turn it into freedom
And again they search for it the same way


byakuya ni tsudou musuu no tamashii tachi ga sora e noboru

Countless souls, assembled in this short night, are rising towards the sky


―― kageboushi ga odoru.

―― their silhouettes are dancing.


moe sakaru honoo no naka de kagirareta mizu o motome
uragiri ai hofuri nagara ikite nan ni naru to iu no

Searching for fresh, limited water in the midst of blazing flames
But what does it mean to live while slaughtering and betraying each other?


kono kare hate yaseta tochi e megumi no ame o furasete
konna ni mo moroku hakanaku yowai sonzai o ikashi…

So I’ll let the rain of bliss pour down over this dried, withered soil
And I’ll let those overly frail, weak and transient beings live…


tomoshibi wa kareta kawa o nagaru koto wa naku kieru, sono basho de.

In that place, where all these lights disappear without flowing down the dried up river.


– 金鳥 on the third stanza is a word composed off the kanji for “gold” and “bird”. Its reading should be “kinchou”, but this doesn’t seem what the singer is saying. I’ve searched on several dictionaries for what it could actually mean / how it’s read. Turned out I’ve found more than a site indicating “kin’u” as its reading (and it seems to fit what the singer is saying) and some pages indicate that it’s a old way to refer to the Sun. It also says “tsugai” (pair) shortly thereafter, referring to the Sun. I’m guessing it’s referring to dawn and twilight, the two red-dyed Suns we can see during daytime.
– I had no space on the bottom section to write the title translation. It is “Ghoti – What Sanae Kochiya Imagines”

Title: Ghoti 〜東風谷早苗が想うこと〜
Circle: <echo>PROJECT
Album: 博麗霊夢が死んだ
Vocals: 田辺 (Tanabe)
Lyrics: aoma
Arrangement: Mano
Release Event: Reitaisai 10
Source: 信仰は儚き人間の為に (Faith is For the Transient People) MoF, Sanae’s Theme + 少女が見た日本の原風景 (The Primal Scenery of Japan the Girl Watched), MoF, Stage 5 Theme + 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日 (Tomorrow Will Be Special, Yesterday Was Not), MoF, Extra Stage

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[REQUEST] <echo>PROJECT – meridian ~霧雨魔理沙が死ぬときは~

picture by kayako (tdxxxk)

【Requested by katsuragirin

<echo>PROJECT – meridian ~霧雨魔理沙が死ぬときは~


yoi no sora o nagami nagara
houki-boshi wa tabi o hajimeru
hitori kuraku akari no nai mori o nuke dashi

The starry broom begins its voyage
While gazing at the evening sky
Slipping out from the lonely, gloomy forest with no lights


hitotsu hitotsu kazoe nagara
hoshi wa nagai tsukihi o tadoru
yaru senasa ni karare nagara, yami ni furuete

While counting each of them one by one
The stars follow a long timespan of years
Trembling in the darkness as they succumb to their own misery


sore demo umarete oogoe ageta, kagayaki o idaite
sore demo umarete koko made ikita
soshite miageta sora wa…

But still I was born raising a loud voice, embracing the light;
But still I was born and lived up to this very moment
And then, the sky I looked up was…


karita kotoba kaeshi nagara
hoshi wa kiri no ame o furaseru
asa no hikari somaru machi ni, te o furi nagara

While returning all the words I’ve borrowed around
The stars are being poured down by a foggy rain
And in the meanwhile I’m waving my hand towards the town dyed in morning light


yorisoi nagara hito wa kizu tsuke ai, sou shite kurushimu
moetsuki nagara hito wa nani ga dekiru? nanika o nokoseru?

People hurt each other as they get close, and then they suffer from it
What can someone who’s burning out do? Will something be left out of it?


nandomo koi shite koko made kureta, kanashimi ni kogarete
sore demo aishite koko made ikita
soshite deaeta sora de

I’ve come this far loving countless times, scorched by sadness
But still I’ve lived up to this moment by loving
And then, under the sky we’ve met…


koyoi mo doko ka de ubugoe ageta, yorokobi ni idakarete
sou shite dareka ga matataki kieta
dareka no ude no naka de…

This evening too, the voice of a newborn is rising, as it’s being embraced with joy
And with it, the flickering light of someone has vanished
Inside the arms of someone else…


– First note is a personal note. I wasn’t expecting much from this song when I first read its title only, but man I was wrong. It’s such a brilliant arrange and nice song I’m glad I got to know it (even lyrics-wise is beautiful)!
– The “foggy rain” on the fourth stanza is probably refering to Marisa, being her surname composed off the kanjis for “foggy” (霧, “kiri”) and “rain” (雨, “same”).
– I’ve used “it” more than once, because it felt strange to use whether “he” or “she” or such. “It” also applies to concept, so it shouldn’t be that wrong. But mind that, more than once, it’s refering to a person whose gender is unknown. That’s why I’ve decided to keep “it”.

Title: meridian ~霧雨魔理沙が死ぬときは~ (meridian ~ When Marisa Kirisame died~)
Circle: <echo>PROJECT
Album: 博麗霊夢が死んだ
Vocals: 蒼-aoi-、イチ (Ichi)
Lyrics: aoma
Arrangement: Mano
Release Event: Reitaisai 10
Source: Dim. Dream, PoDD + 恋色マスタースパーク (Love-colored Master Spark), IN + メイガスナイト (Magus Night), FW – all of three being Marisa Kirisame’s themes

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・・・・・・・・・ – ねぇ

picture by kanekokaihatsu

・・・・・・・・・ – ねぇ

ねぇ あの日のメロディ

nee ano hi no merodi
nami no ookesutora
tasogaredoki tsutsunda

Hey, the melody from that day
The orchestra made of sounds of waves
Wrapped inside a twilight

もし ため息ついても

moshi tameiki tsuitemo
fuku wa asu no kaze
fuwa fuwa fuwa

And even if I’d let out a sigh
You know, tomorrow’s wind will still blow
Fluttering, fluttering

ねぇ 糸を結んで

nee ito o musunde
kotoba ga umareru
mirai made tsunaide yo

Hey, let’s entwine our wires
So words will come to life
And let’s link them lightly
To our future

ふぅ 夢から溢れる

fuu yume kara afureru
negoto to tsumugu monogatari
munya munya munya

Fuu~ my sleeptalk woven tale
Is overflowing from my dreams
Mumbling, mumbling


kamisama datte kou iu yo
“hitotsu no yoru wa sabishii ne”
fuwari wataboushi
kimi no moto e tonde yuke

Even God himself said so
“A single night is lonely, isn’t it?”
The fluttering bride silk veil
Is flying towards your feet

ああ 通り過ぎていく

aa toori sugite yuku
maegami ga yureteiru
kitto karafuru na
yori kakatte
me o tojiru no

Ahh, the wind blows passing through us
Swaying my bangs all over
I’m sure a colorful
Will lean against us
So close your eyes

もう 夢から覚めたよ

mou yume kara sameta yo
iki ga dekinakute
sonna ohanashi

I’ve already woken up from a dream
And I can’t breathe properly
Should I avoid saying such things
Shouldn’t I?

はぁ 世界の仕組みを

haa sekai no shikumi o
bokura wa shicchatte
kura kura kura

Aah, we ended up getting to know
The structures of our world
So dizzy, dizzy


te to te o totte hohoemeba
omoi wa kitto issho da ne?
namida atsumetara
suiheisen ni tadori tsuku

If we’d join our hands together and smile
Then our thoughts will become the same, won’t them?
Gathering tears
So we’ll make our way towards the horizon

ああ 空に消えていく

aa sora ni kiete yuku
atena no nai kotoba
zutto kawaranai
fuukei ni
yori kakatte
me o tojiru no

Aah, these words with no addressee
Disappearing in the sky
In an ever unchanging
Relying on us
So close your eyes

ああ 通り過ぎていく

aa toori sugite yuku
maegami ga yureteiru
kitto karafuru na
yori kakatte
me o tojiru no

Ahh, the wind blows passing through us
Swaying my bangs all over
I’m sure a colorful
Will lean against us
So close your eyes


– I’ve found out about this band recently, they’re not really popular right now. It’s a shoegaze / idol band (kind of a strange combination, huh?) and they’re pretty good. The combination of these two “genres” resulted in something which may not be 100% shoegaze, but surely in something new, refreshing and nice sounding.
– The song uses lots of onomatopeia, I tried to translate them, hoping they won’t sound incredibly silly..!

Title: ねぇ (nee) (Hey)
Circle: ・・・・・・・・・ (dots)
Album: しゅわしゅわEP
Vocals: ・・・・・・・・・ (dots)
Lyrics: ・・・・・・・・・ (dots)
Arrangement: —
Release Date: 01/09/2017
Source: Original

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