[REQUEST] Register6 – 久遠の夢路

[picture by Weast, size edited]

This song was requested by Alv.
Register6 is a great circle, I expecially love the way their lyrics are wrote.
It’s also true that in terms of music they’ve changed a lot, but tracks like this one made me feel as if there wasn’t any great change at all. After all this song is related to previous songs they made, and this made me really happy (also because I love the CD they’re talking about in this song). Everything’s explained in the notes, by the way.
About this song: I like it, let’s say it straight and easy. Let’s leave the rest to the notes because it’s there that’s explained the reason why I like this song this much. By the way, of course english uncolored lyrics = scream vocal.
– The song’s title is the same as a previous album by Register 6, with the only difference being that in this song “kuon no yumeji” has a “no” in hiragana (の) on its title while the previous album had a “no” in katakana (ノ) on instead.
– This song is also linked to another song from the album I stated on the previous notes, and I’m talking about 夢の通い路 which I’ve already translated (click on it). The first 3 lines from the sixth stanza of this post’s song is similar to some stanzas on the other song (yume no kayoi-ji), just check them:
> kuon no yumeji, sixth stanza: “nee yume o miru kimi to sugoshita / ano hibi wa mou modoranainda / okashii yo ne tada no yume datta no ni”
> yume no kayoiji, sixth stanza: “nee yume o miru kimi to sugoshita / ano hibi wa mou modoranainda”, and again, on the second stanza “okashii yo ne tada no yume na no ni”.
Again, this song uses “見知らぬ場所で” (mishiranu basho de) which also appears in the other one.
Of course the two songs are linked between each other even because of their original themes. “kuon no yumeji” is an arrange of Yukari‘s theme, Necrofantasia, while “yume no kayoi-ji” is an arrange of Merry The Magician, which is kind of Maribel‘s theme.
Needless to explain how Yukari and Merry are related.
– Second stanza 時間 (jikan) is read as 時 (toki). They both mean “time”.
– Third stanza “sumikomarete(i)ku” is wrote with a “i”, which is not pronounced.

Register6 – 久遠の夢路

The beginning is the end.

saihate ni egaita ketsumatsu wa
kimi no yume no naka de
The beginning is the end.

The conclusion depicted at the farthest ends
Is inside your dream
The beginning is the end.


mou dore dake toki ga tatta darou
deguchi no nai hakuchuumu no naka de
zutto samayou

I wonder how many time has passed by now?
I’ve always been wandering
Inside a daydream with no way out


mishiranu basho de hitori kiri
seijaku ni nomikomareteku
boku ga boku ja naku naru you de
kimi no namae o yonda

I’m being swallowed by quietness
Completely alone in a place I don’t know;
And I called out for your name
As if I wasn’t myself anymore


tasukete to sakenda sekai wa
yume to genjitsu no kyoukaisen
utsukushiku zankokuna sekai wa
hiki kaesu koto wa dekinai

The world who screamed for its salvation
Lies between the boundary of dreams and reality;
I just can’t bring back
This beautiful yet ruthless world…

I was beyond the point of no return.
How did that happen? Too late to turn back now.

ねぇ夢をみる 君と過ごした
あの日々はもう 戻らないんだ
おかしいよね ただの夢だったのに

nee yume o miru kimi to sugoshita
ano hibi wa mou modoranainda
okashii yo ne tada no yume datta no ni
torawareta no da

Look, the time I spent with your dreaming self:
Those days won’t return anymore.
Isn’t it strange? Even if it was just a dream
I was captured by it.


utsukushiku zankokuna sekai no
kuon no yumeji ni kiro wa naku
usure yuku kioku no naka ni wa
dare ka no omokage ga

There’s no way back on the neverending dream path
Of this beautiful yet ruthless world;
But inside my memories growing dimmer
I can feel someone’s trace…

届くこともなく 水面は絶え
ここはそう 通い路の終着

kienai de to negau kotoba wa
todoku koto mo naku minamo wa tae
koko wa sou kayoi ji no shuuchaku
mou kaeru koto wa nai
mou au koto wa nai

As my praying words stay undelivered
The water surface calms down to stillness;
Here, I’m sure, is the end of this route
And I can’t go back anymore
And I can’t meet you again anymore.


Title: 久遠の夢路 (The Neverending Dream Path)
Original Track: ネクロファンタジア (Necrofantasia), Perfect Cherry Blossom, Yukari Yakumo’s Theme
Vocals: ヨコヤマ (Yokoyama)
Lyrics: ロー (roo)
Arrangement:ロー (roo)
Circle: Register6
Album: 繋縛ノ境界
Release Event: Reitaisai 11

Listen to it on Youtube (non youtube momentary link) here: Register6 – 繋縛ノ境界

Translated by Shion (@FGRNDNoises)
Feel free to use it, but don’t forget to credit!

Register6 – 想ひ出の唄

[picture by urabe michiru, detail]

Register6, hitting your feels right in their center since 1967.
Have you ever said goodbye to someone you loved?
Well, I think it’s pretty stupid to say “loved” in the first place.
I mean, it’s not like one’s forced to love only one person during his / her whole lifetime, but I think once you love someone, even if time, circumstances and other things changes its shape to the point it’s completely different from how it was before, the (seemingly) perfect shape that love once had will never be completely erased from our memories.
Life is about moving forward, and sometimes it’s really difficult to do so, because it could mean that something we care a lot about has to be sealed away, either just for a bit or for a long, long time.
But I still think that in this world full of things that could easily die and disappear in an instant, there are some things that will never wither away.
The only things that can change someone’s life are two, love and death. In some ways, they’re really similar between each other.
But being overwhelmed by them, being unable to move forward because we have to protect our memories is not what we should strive for.
They’ll be there either way, they have to become the strenght to go on, not the weakness of not moving fearing we might crumble down any minute.
Still, it’s difficult. This song made me feel this way.
Going forward, without forgetting. Because things may change, but bonds won’t. And one day, after things could have changed, maybe something could happen again, differently…
Anyway, I’d say I love this song lyrical-wise WAAAAAAAAY more than I like it on its musical counterpart.
– Third stanza, “monogatari” (物語, “tale”) is read as “hanashi” (話), which has a similar meaning. “monogatari” is more like a tale in a book, “hanashi” is more like something someone tells to another person, a “personal story” rather than something you could read in a book.
– I didn’t know this song was translated before I finished this post, I’m going to post it anyways.

Register6 – 想ひ出の唄


kimi to ireba taikutsu shinai
tsune ni nani ka ga okorunda
konna jikan ga tsudzuite iku to

When I’m with you I never get bored
Because something will always happen
I believed that
The time spent this way would keep on going

I’m not like you but
we were able to understand each other.
That’s strange.
I have a long life.
You have a short life.
I don’t want to think about farewell with you.

終わりのない 物語はないと

kimi to no keshiki o itsumademo
towa ni towa ni negau
owari no nai hanashi wa nai to
wakatte wa iru, soredemo…

I’ll pray for the whole eternity
For a scenery in which I’m with you
And I know that there’s no such thing
As a tale without an end, but still…


naite, waratte, tsukihi wa nagare
otagai, sara ni chikadzuiteku
soredemo owari ga sasayaiteru
jikan da ne

Time flows by as we laugh and cry
And we’ll get closer and closer again
But still it’s the time
That’s whispering for an end to come


wakare ga futari o sakou to mo
iroaseru koto no nai uta o
semete… semete…

Even if our farewell will forcibly separate us
At least, at least
Let me sing this song whose color won’t ever fade away…


bokura no tsumuida omoide o
towa ni towa ni utau
wakare ga futari o sakou to mo
iroaseru koto nai you ni

I’ll sing about the memories we wove
For the whole eternity
So that even if our farewell will forcibly separate us
There won’t be no color fading away


kasuka demo, miete inakutemo
todoiteru to shinjite
itsumademo kono uta, utau yo
mata aeru hi o negau you ni

Even if it’s so blurry you can’t see it
I believe that it could reach you;
I’ll sing this song forever
Praying for the day we’ll meet again…


Title: 想ひ出の唄 (omoide no uta) (A song for my memories)
Original Track: 魂の花 ~ Another Dream… (Flower of Soul ~ Another Dream…), Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Staff Roll Theme
Vocals: ヨコヤマ (Yokoyama)
Lyrics: ロー (roo)
Arrangement:ロー (roo)
Circle: Register6
Album: Barrage Am Ring 4 Arrange/Side
Release Event: Reitaisai 11

Listen to it on Youtube here: Register6 – 想ひ出の唄

Translated by Shion (@FGRNDNoises)
Feel free to use it, but don’t forget to credit!

[R-18] [REQUEST] Silent Difference – Left Behind

[picture by Yuuki Eishi, detail, edited]

Disclaimer: The lyrics for this songs contains imagery that can disturb the readers.

This song was requested by B016.
Well, it’s the second time we got to see that disclaimer on a post, the first being in Diabolic Filth, from the same circle.
I think that its engrish is even worse than the words this song uses.
Anyway, at least to me, this song is still funnier than “shocking”, but still, its lyrics are not something I want to make appear on my homepage, so if you want to read the lyrics, notes and everything else you should just click “continue reading”.
Continue reading


[picture by kurobuta gekkan ]

This song was requested by Alv.
It’s been a while since our last CLOCKWORKS TRACER‘s post, and I never actually knew about this song.
It seems to be an original track featured on barrage am ring 3, but I haven’t hear of this before listening to it for this post’s sake.
Come to think about it, their songs seems to be pretty hard to find. Lost of them are just hidden somewhere in some unknown album no one ever heard of, others are simply covered by other most famous circles.
For example, remember Shangri-La in Bloom? That album was (and still is!) really great, but it didn’t get much credit / wasn’t really that popular amongst touhou fans.
I’m still glad Yapan sent me that album’s lyrics and I got to translate / post it all!
Oh, by the way, in case you missed it you can check them here (even though there are unrelated posts…): click here.
Today’s song is rather simple in terms of lyrics, but it’s still nice and clockwork-tracer-ish. I really like it! I’ll fix the youtube link in case it’ll get uploaded someday! [update: link available!]


Wake up and start this show!!

【Take my hand】想いは一つ
【Sing with me】変わり始めた世界のその先へ

【Take my hand】omoi wa hitotsu
【Sing with me】kawari hajimeta sekai no sono saki e

【Take my hand】My wish is just one
【Sing with me】And it lies just before this world which has started to change

上だけ向いてちゃ 崩れる足元にも気付かないままだから ほら
【This upright wish connects between us always and forever
Let’s spin the never ending story together】

ageta muitecha kuzureru ashimoto ni mo kidzukanai mama dakara hora
【This upright wish connects between us always and forever
Let’s spin the never ending story together】

But if you look up, you won’t even notice the ground crumbling under your feet, so…
【This upright wish connects between us always and forever
Let’s spin the never ending story together】

【Take my hand】大丈夫だよ
【Sing with me】受け止めてくれるその手はいつも傍に
【Take your hand】皆待ってる
【Sing with us】帰る場所はいつだってここにある

【Take my hand】daijoubu da yo
【Sing with me】uketomete kureru sono te wa itsumo soba ni
【Take your hand】minna matteru
【Sing with us】kaeru basho wa itsudatte koko ni aru

【Take my hand】Everything’s okay
【Sing with me】That hand which took you in is always beside you
【Take your hand】Everyone’s waiting
【Sing with us】A place to return to will always be here!

【Our show must go on!!】

【Grip the past dream left behind
Even if it spills and falls, I can gather again (gather again)】

【time to shine is now!!
I’ll never lost my way
Trust the way to home with a smile
Let’s stand up and aim high】

確かめる必要なんてなかったんだ それは…

surechigau hibi no naka
tashikameru hitsuyou nante nakatta nda sore wa…

Inside these days coming one after another
There wasn’t any need to make sure everything was certain, and that’s because…

【Take my hand】想いは一つ
【Sing with me】変わり始めた世界のその先へ今
【Take your hand】どんな時でも
【Sing with us】手を取り合って いつか夢見た空

【Take my hand】omoi wa hitotsu
【Sing with me】kawari hajimeta sekai no sono saki e ima
【Take your hand】donna toki demo
【Sing with us】te o toriatte itsuka yume mita sora
kagayaku ashita e mukaou

【Take my hand】Our wish is just one
【Sing with me】Now, just before this world which has started to change
【Take your hand】No matter when
【Sing with us】Let’s take our hands under that sky we once dreamed of
And face towards a radiant future!


Title: Our Show Must Go On!!
Source: Original
Vocals: LIQU@, Yapan (screams)
Lyrics: やーぱん (Yapan)
Arrangement: やーぱん (Yapan)
Album: Barrage Am Ring 3 Produce/side
Release Event: C85

Listen to it on Youtube here: CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Our Show Must Go On!!

Translated by Shion (@FGRNDNoises)
Feel free to use it, but don’t forget to credit!

ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY x 753 – mirage

[picture by pa]

I love this song’s beat. It’s pretty unusual to see ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY along with other circles. This song’s an exception, being a collaboration between them and 753.
The lyrics are really nice too.
Yup, that’s it. I don’t really know what else I could say. This song is good.
– First stanza: “warau” (to laugh) is wrote as 微笑う. 微笑む (hohoemu) and 笑う (warau) mean the same thing, in the lyrics it’s halfway one and halfway the other.
– The words inside the parenthesys are the chorus, being this song a double-vocal one.


鏡の中で微笑う もう一人の私に呼びかける

kagami no naka de warau mou hitori no watashi ni yobikakeru
tsukikage no kobeya kara nukedasetara shiawase ni nareru no?

I’m being called by my other self, smiling inside the mirror
If I could sneak away from this moonlit room, will I become happy?


futo te o nobashite fureau yubisaki
motometa kyoukai ni wa –mirage
suimen no you ni hirogaru kagiana
saa (sono) ima (doa) koji akete

As I impulsively outreach my hand, our fingertips meet
A mirage on the boundary we’ve been seeking for,
A keyhole widening like the water’s surface…
Come on (that) now (door) pry it open

「私はあなたで あなたは私」

surechigau dake no sakasa no futari
tagai no basho e tadoritsuite
“watashi wa anata de anata wa watashi”
ire kawatta sekai de

We’ve just been passing each other on opposite directions
Finally reaching our mutual place anyways
“I am you, and you are me”
In this world that has changed place…


osanai koro kara akogareteita
otogibanashi o te ni iteremo
doushite kokoro wa mitasarenai no
sotto (onaji) sora ni (kumo ni) tsubuyaku… hitori de

Even if I’d get my hands on that fairy-tale
I’ve been longing for since when I was little,
My heart won’t get satisfied enough
I whisper faintly, to the (same) sky (to the clouds)… alone


kagami ga wareta ato mo musuu ni chiru mirai o motomete wa
haiiro no kakera kara nigeru you ni aruite kita watashi

The countless futures scattered around after the mirror broke
Are what I, walking as if escaping from each grey fragment, am seeking for

涙でぼやけて 迷いで震えて
「これ」じゃない何か あるべき形が

namida de boyakete mayoi de furuete
omoi o kakushiteita –mirage
“kore” ja nai nani ka aru beki katachi ga
nee (demo) mada (sou) mitsukaranai

Everything’s blurred by my tears and I’m trembling out of hesitation,
This mirage, this thought I’ve been concealing,
Something that’s not “this”, this figure that should be there somewhere…
Say, (but) can’t you still (that’s right) find it?

私が私を この姿ごと見失う異世界で

utsusu koto de shika aenai hito o
omoi tsudzukeru imi wa aru no?
watashi ga watashi o kono sugata goto miushinau isekai de

Is there a point in keeping on idealizing
A person that I can’t meet anywhere except in my projections?
I am myself in a parallel world where I’m losing sight of my own shape…

いつでも心は 空っぽのまま

hanbun ni kaketa kotoba o hiroi
anata no kage o oikaketemo
itsudemo kokoro wa karappo no mama
dakara (ima mo) koko de (mabuta) tozashite

Even if I’d chase after your shadow
Collecting each half fragmented words
My heart will always still be empty;
So (even now) right now (your eylids) close them

夜が育てた花 咲かせても
不完全なふたり 確かなものはなく

kibou no hikari ni wa tarinai iro o shita
yoru ga sodateta hana sakasete mo
fukanzen na futari tashika na mono wa naku
toge no kizuato mo (mou) kieru no

The light of hope was painted in a dim color
Even if I’ll let bloom the flower raised by the night
There’s nothing certain for our incompleteness
Even the scars of our thorns are (already) vanishing

「私は私で あなたはあなた」

“nani o sagashiteta?”
toikake sae mo noizu ni mazari mimi o fusagu
“watashi wa watashi de anata wa anata”
nanimo kawari wa shinai

“What were you searching for?”
These questions are blended in noises, so I clear my ears;
“I am me, and you are you”
Nothing will ever change.

けれど どうしてもなくしたくない

yume no naka de shika aenai no nara
wasureru koto wa tsumi deshou ka?
keredo doushitemo nakushitakunai
dakara (ima mo) koko de (tsuki o) matteru… hitori de

And if I couldn’t meet you but in a dream
Would it be a sin to forget about you?
But after all I don’t want to lose you, anyhow
So (even now) right here I’ll wait (for the moon)… alone

もう一度 あなたと巡り逢う
壊れた(明日を)昨日を(ただ 探して)見つめて

mou ichido anata to meguri au
kowareta (ashita o) kinou o (tada sagashite) mitsumete

To the moment I’ll meet you again by chance
I’ll (just search) stare into the broken (tomorrow) yesterday.


Title: mirage
Source: Original
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae, Haruka Shimotsuki
Lyrics: 日山 尚
Arrangement: 幾丹弥吹
Album: Another Flower II
Release Event: M3-35

Listen to it on Youtube here: ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY x 753 – mirage

Translated by Shion (@FGRNDNoises)
Feel free to use it, but don’t forget to credit!

[REQUEST] 凋叶棕 (Diao Ye Zong) – ヤタガラスカイダイバー

[picture by toutenkou]

This song was requested by B016.
Man, I must say this song is pretty different from the (usual) others arranged by RD-Sounds.
It sounds like an old song, if you ask me. Both because the current RD-Sounds songs have really improved and because Merami‘s vocals too are way more refined than this right now.
It’s so catchy you won’t mind its problem, but it’s still something “outdated”, in terms of comparison.
The lyrics of course focuses on Utsuho, but the song is an arrange from both her and Orin‘s themes, that’s why I choose this picture.
“Sky” (空) appears lots of times on this song, it’s for two reasons. The first, is that the kanji can both mean “sky” and “void” (on some stanzas you should think it’s “void” rather than “sky”), the second is because Utsuho’s nickname, Okuu, is wrote with the same kanji.
– I think that “融合”(yuugou) and“対比” (taihi) are read as “フュージョン” (let: “fusion”) and コントラスト (let: “contrast”). It’s unclear, but that’s the same meaning as the japanese terms, so I’m guessing they’re most likely right.
– Same goes for the next stanza, “狭隘”(kyouai) is read as “サブテッラニアン” (let: “subterranean”) and“無限”(mugen) is read as “インフィニティー” (let: “infinity”). Again, the meanings are the same, but this time I’m more confident about them.
– Again, some stanzas later, “限界”(genkai) is read as “オバードライブ” (let: “overdrive”) but I have some doubts on how“臨界” (rinkai) is read. I can almost hear エクスプローション (let: “explosion”) but I’m not sure at all about this (edit: it’s EXCURSION). Japanese’s pronunciation of english is to blame, not me. Let me know if you know the right word!
– And again, on the stanza right after that, “公転”(kouten) is read as “レボルーティオン” (let: “revolution”) and “自立” (jiritsu) is read as “アイデンティティー” (let: “identity”).

凋叶棕 – ヤタガラスカイダイバー


doushite, kono sekai ni wa
watashi yori mo hikari o hanatsu mono ga inai no darou?

–I wonder why
Is there nothing in this world that can emit a light brighter than mine?


tsune ni hate naki toikake no saki ni
midashita kotae wa tada hitotsu dake

As always, just before each unfinishing question
The discovered answer will be just one


ittai, kono atsui tengai no
mukou gawa ni tojikomerareteiru mono wa nan nano darou?

I just wander what does actually lie
Beyond this enclosed thick horizon’s other side?


toki ni shinri o tsuku tetsugaku no saki ni
midashita michi wa tada hitotsu dake

Just before the philosophy connected to the truth
The road I’ll find out about is just one


“sora” to wa, aku naki kuusou no saki o
mezasu sono mae ni wasureteshimau maboroshi

“The sky” as such, just before aiming for that fantasy I’m not going to grow tired of
There lies an illusion that I’ve forgot about


soredemo… takamaru akogare.

But still… my longing is rising.


tashikametai sono sekai
tsuyoi kibou o mune ni
watashi wa tobidashita!

I want to make sure that world’s real
Holding a strong hope inside my heart
I’ve started flying!


“FUSION” kara “CONTRAST” e to
tsubasa wa ima, sono sugata o kaete yuku.

From a “FUSION” to a “CONTRAST”,
I’ll now change my wings into that shape.


sekai mo ima, sono sugata o kaete yuku.

I’ll change the very shape of the world into it, now!


“sora” to wa nan nano deshou
tsukinu toikake wa haramu
yatagarasu no utagoe wa hitoshirezu…

I wonder what’s that “sky” thing;
As I get filled with this neverending questions
The hell raven’s singing voice, unnoticed, will…


watashi igai dare mo inai
kono sekai no juunin wa

There’s no one except for me
As a resident of this world


ittai doko ni
iru no deshou ka

I just wonder
Where am I?


kono “sora” ni watashi wa hitori bocchi…?

Am I completely alone in this “sky”…?


miageru tentakaku furisosogu hikari
doko ka natsukashii sono chikara no saki

The light of heavenly heights I’m looking at
Lies before a nostalgic power hidden somewhere


watashi yori mo… ookina taiyou.

A Sun… bigger than mine.


deaetanda kono “sora” de
onaji hikari o hanatsu
mou hitori no watashi ni!

I’ve met her under this “sky”
My other self
With a light as bright as mine!


soshite mata
chikara wa ima, sono sugata o kaete yuku.

And then again
I’ll now change this power into that shape


watashi mo ima, sono sugata o kaete yuku.

I’ll change my shape into that too, right now


kagayaku watashi to onaji anata e to
tsukiru koto no nai yorokobi no utagoe o sasagu

I’ll dedicate an endless song of joy
Both to me and you, radiating the same way


dare yori mo takai basho de
yatagarasu no utagoe o hibikasete…

We’ll make the hell raven’s singing voice resound
From the highest place no one could reach…


Title: ヤタガラスカイダイバー (yatagarasu kai daibaa) (Yatagarasu-skydiver)
Original Tracks:
– 霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion (Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion), Subterranean Animism, Reiuji Utsuho’s Theme
– 死体旅行 ~ Be of good cheer! (Corpse Voyage ~ Be of good cheer!), Subterranean Animism, Kaenbyou Rin’s Theme
Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao Ye Zong)
Album: 謡 (Utai)
Release Event: C78

Listen to it on Youtube here: 凋叶棕 – ヤタガラスカイダイバー

Translated by Shion (@FGRNDNoises)
Feel free to use it, but don’t forget to credit!

TUMENECO – 終わりなき旅を夢見よう

[picture by abe kanari ]

TUMENECO again, folks.
There are some periods in which I have nothing to post on foregroundnoises, and some other in which I have tons of songs I’m dying to post.
Right now I’m on the second one, I have lots of posts incoming including requests and sh*t.
But first things first. And we all know TUMENECO means both nice music and easy-peasy lyrics.
To be frank, this translation took me 5 minutes. It was reeeeeeeally easy!
But I like this song, it’s not like easy to understand lyrics mean the song isn’t good enough.
On the contrary, I love songs which have nice, clear and clean lyrics that won’t trouble me while translating them.
And by the way, this song is an arrange of two themes from Neo-Traditionalism of Japan, one of them being Wind of Agartha which is one of my favourite original touhou track from the hifuu CDs.
Surely it is the one I like the most from that album.
Anyway, I’ll try posting as much as possible during this day when I’ll have some spare time.
Until next post..!

TUMENECO – 終わりなき旅を夢見よう

優しい風が吹き ふわり春が香る
また季節は巡り はじまりの夜がやってくる

yasashii kaze ga fuki fuwari haru ga kaoru
mata kisetsu wa meguri hajimari no yoru ga yattekuru

The wind blows gently, spreading the light Spring’s scent:
The night in which the seasons will start revolving again has come

あの日見上げてた 空はずっと遠くて

ano hi miageteta sora wa zutto tookute
boku wa senobishite te o nobashi
“nanika” o tsukamou to shita

The sky I was looking at on that day is so far away;
Standing on tiptoe, reaching out my hand
I almost seized that “something”

ふたりはめくるめく 夢の世界へ旅に出る

hitori kodoku na kurai yoru no sukima kara
futari wa mekuru meku yume no sekai e tabi ni deru

From the gap of a lonesome dark night
We set off for a voyage in the dazzling world of dreams

信じてよ 僕だけは 

sagashiteta bouken no chizu wa ne
koko ni wa mou nai nda
kimi to tadori tsuku toko made
shinjite yo boku dake wa
itsu demo kimi no soba ni iru kara
furueru kono kokoro no koe o kiite

The map of our adventure we’ve been looking for
Is not here anymore;
Just believe in it,
Until the moment I’ll finally reach you
Because I’m the only one who’ll always be by your side:
Listen up to the voice of my trembling heart

気付けば夏が過ぎ くるり葉っぱが躍る
いつか聞いてみたい 「はじまりの夜覚えてる?」
あの日見上げてた 星空は綺麗で

kidzukeba natsu ga sugi kururi happa ga odoru
itsuka kiite mitai “hajimari no yoru oboeteru?”
ano hi miageteta hoshizora wa kirei de
isso nomikomarete mitai tte kimi wa naiteita yo ne

Summer has past before I could notice, and the leaves are suddenly dancing
One day I’d like to ask you “do you remember the night in which everything began?”
The starry sky we were looking up that day was so pretty
And you were crying, as if you were being swallowed by it, do you remember?

ふたりでいれば日向のように あったかで
いつしかめくるめく 夢の世界を旅してた

futari de ireba hinata no you ni attaka de
itsu shika mekuru meku yume no sekai o tabi shiteta

Together we would feel as warm as if we were standing under the Sun;
Before I knew it, my voyage in the dazzling dream world has begun

描いてた冒険の地図はね もっと大きくなるんだ
ありがとう これから先もずっと・・・

egaiteta bouken no chizu wa ne motto ookiku naru nda
kimi to tadori tsuku toko made
shinjiteru kimi dake wa
itsu demo boku no soba ni ita kara
arigatou kore kara saki mo zutto…

The map for our adventure we’ve drawn has become even bigger
You just have to believe it
Until the moment I’ll reach you;
You’re the only who was always by my side
So thank you, for then, for now, forever…

さぁ 手を繫いで帰ろう

saa te o tsunaide kaerou
ashita mo tsudzuku owari naki tabi o yumemiyou

Come on, let’s hold our hand and go back home:
Let’s dream of our endless voyage that will continue even tomorrow!

ほらね 冒険の地図はね 

hora ne bouken no chizu wa ne
motto zutto egakeru
kimi to tadori tsuku toko made

See, the map of our adventure…
I could draw it more and more, forever
Until the moment I’ll reach you…

信じてよ 僕だけは 

shinjite yo boku dake wa
itsu demo kimi no soba ni iru kara
furueru kono kokoro no koe o kiite

…Believe in me, because
I’m the only one that will always be by your side you
So, listen up to the voice of my trembling heart,
Reach out for it…


Title: 終わりなき旅を夢見よう (owari naki tabi o yumemiyou) (Let’s dream of an endless voyage)
Original Tracks:
– アガルタの風 (Wind of Agartha), Neo-Traditionalism of Japan, track #5
– 日本中の不思議を集めて (Gathering the Mysterious from All Around Japan), Neo-Traditionalism of Japan, track #9
Vocals: Yukina
Lyrics: Yukina
Release Event: C88

Listen to it on Youtube here: TUMENECO – 終わりなき旅を夢見よう

Translated by Shion (@FGRNDNoises)
Feel free to use it, but don’t forget to credit!


[picture by yuufuushi, detail]

This song was requested by Dora Bocancea.
Man, it’s been a while since last time I’ve listened to this song, and I never actually thought someone could end up requesting it to me.
I’d be 100% honest if I’d say I almost forgot about this song’s existence.
It may be my impression, but I’m pretty sure this song is about (or at least, it makes clear quotes from) the myth celebrated during the Tanabata (it’s almost time!) of Orihime and Hikoboshi‘s love story.
Long story short… Nah, you all know that. Anyway, it’s pretty clear it’s refering to it, at least a little bit. It’s nice I got this request just some days before Tanabata!
Don’t forget to make a wish, by the way. I think that such days, rather than making you wait for your wishes to come true, are a great chance to remind yourself what you really want.
– Starting off with the title, “tonbo” means “dragonfly”, and I’m pretty sure it’s refering to something I didn’t get. The stanza where “tasogare tonbo” appears, means, at least to my interpretation, that she’s waiting for his lover (or even someone else, being lonely, thus “誰”) to come, but it won’t happen, and only a dusk (symbol of transiety) firefly, which symbolized married couples (夫婦) reaches her. I think what it means is that she’s haunted by those visions of other couples who were able to fullfil their dream to find someone, but are transient compared to a love that can’t happen nor wither as the one Orihime (or whoever is the singer’s character) feels.
– This song is full of “strange” readings, meaning both kirakira readings / sophisticated readings.
– First stanza: ama-no-gawa is wrote without “no”, but that’s not actually that strange.
– Second stanza: “toki” is wrote with 刻 instead of 時. Also, I’ve translated “Susuki” as “tall grass”, while it’s actually the name of a plant I don’t know in english. It’s basically tall grass, by the way.
– Third stanza: “hitoyo” instead of “hitoya” (I think they’re both fine btw), “hitotsu” (one) as the reading for 一色 (one color), 帰る (kaeru, “to go back home”) is read as 来る (kuru, “to come”) and 遥空, wrote with the kanji of “haruka” (distant) and “sky” (sora) is simply read as “sora”. Of course, I tried keeping their compound meanings anyways.
– Fourth stanza: 夫婦 is normally read as “fuufu”, here is read as “meoto”, which is a more classical way to read this compound.



ito koishi ya, to saikai o negau
ama-no-gawa no kishi to kishi no you deaeunu futari

As I dwell in nostalgia I pray for the reunion of us,
Unable to meet by chance just like two opposite banks of the Milky Way


mochidzuki ma ni, hoshi wa usuakaku nagare
susuki wa kaze ni shinau mama
yoi wa fukete, toki wa sugisaru no

As Full Moon shines, stars are flowing in a dim light
And while the tall grass is bent by the wind
The evening grows late and the time goes by


hitoyo hitoyo no koigokoro
hitotsu hitotsu orikasanetemo
kanau koto naku, kuru to naku
sora ni chiri toke kiete yuku

This one night only awakened love, for only one night,
Even if I’d wave it a bit after another piling it up
It won’t come true, it would come back to nothingness
Scattering, melting and disappearing in the distant sky


kare wa dare toki, to machitsudzukete mo
otonai hito wa meoto no tasogare tonbo dake

Even if I’ll keep waiting for him, for whom to come,
The only sound I hear is the dusk dragonfly of couples


samishisa amari, sora ni kierareta no nara
ano hito wa oikakete kureru no ka to
fu to omoi nagara

If I’d be erased by the sky because of my loneliness
I wonder if that person would chase me up for my sake–
–That’s what I was suddenly thinking


kururi kururi to mawari michi
ruuu ruuu to kaze ga naku
satoru koto kanashi, aware to mo
wakare no toki o yokan suru

Round and round, the road is spinning
Wooshh wooshh, the wind is howling
Even if realizing it is sad and pitiful
I can feel the time we’ll part away will come…


hitoyo hitoyo no koigokoro
hitotsu hitotsu orikasanetemo
kanau koto naku, kuru to naku
sora ni chiri toke kiete yuku

This one night only awakened love, for only one night,
Even if I’d wave it a bit after another piling it up
It won’t come true, it would come back to nothingness
Scattering, melting and disappearing in the distant sky


hitoyo hitoyo no koigokoro
hitotsu hitotsu orikasanetemo
kanau koto naku, kuru to naku
sora ni chiri toke kiete yuku

This one night only awakened love, for only one night,
Even if I’d wave it a bit after another piling it up
It won’t come true, it would come back to nothingness
Scattering, melting and disappearing in the distant sky


Title: 黄昏トンボ (tasogare tonbo)
Source: Original
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae
Lyrics: Mitsuki Nakae
Arrangement: ジン (Jin)
Album: 季ノ唄 (Ki no Uta)
Release Event: M3-19

Listen to it on Youtube here: ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – 黄昏トンボ

Translated by Shion (@FGRNDNoises)
Feel free to use it, but don’t forget to credit!

sawadarling (vocal: yori) – 夢無き明日のラブソング


[picture by harada miyuki, color edited]

This song isn’t like anything else in the world.
There’s nothing that could get close to this song’s sound and vibe.
I just found it, and listening / reading to it was just like being hit by a sudden meteorite.
It has also already been translated, but I want to make this song mine anyways, so I’m translating it anew, with lyrics and all.
I don’t even know how to describe this song, but I assure you this is one of the most important posts I’ve ever wrote on foregroundnoises. Words won’t just help me this time.
I’m leaving everything to this song, hoping you’ll understand.
About requests, they’ll come soon, even those pending for months. Sorry for the delay, enjoy the music.

sawadarling (vocal: yori) – 夢無き明日のラブソング


dekiru dake karuku aru you ni,
kaban no nakami wa sutete yukou.

I’ll throw away my bag’s contents
So I can feel as light as possible.


atogaki dake o tabeta bunkohon de
ashi no fumiba ga nai ne.

There’s no place to place my feet on
As everything’s covered of books I’ve only read their afterwords


bokura wa itsumo
amari tokui de wa nai ai o
kasuri atte ikiteru no yo.

We always live
Feeling each other’s love
Which we’re both not good at.


soko ni aru soko no mienu asu o
kimi wa yume mireru kai?

But can you really dream of
That unseen tomorrow lying down those depths?


naite, waratte.
sono tsugi wa?

Cry, Laugh,
But what’s after it?


yumenaki asu wa,
yume yori sutekina
nanika o miyou.

On the dreamless tomorrow,
Let’s see something even more marvelous
Than dreams.


subete no yuuutsu ya
wasureteshimaitai nanika o,
aise yo.

All your depression…
And everything you want to forget…
…Love them.


naite, waratte.
sono tsugi wa?

Cry, Laugh,
But what’s after it?


misete yo.
boku ni zutto.

Show them to me.


Title: 夢無き明日のラブソング (yumenaki asu no rabusongu) (Love Song for the Dreamless Tomorrow)
Source: Original
Vocals: yori
Lyrics: sawadarling (American Last Night)
Arrangement: sawadarling (American Last Night)
Circle: —
Album: —
Release Event: —

Listen to it on Youtube here: yori – 夢無き明日のラブソング

Translated by Shion (@FGRNDNoises)
Feel free to use it, but don’t forget to credit!

aquarifa – 溶けない嘘

[picture by nanahime (aoi)]

You probably never heard of this band, haven’t you?
I didn’t either, not before some days ago.
Little do I know about aquarifa; I’m not even sure we’re talking about doujin music or not.
What I do know is that I like their sound, and today’s post is the song I’ve liked the most from their E.P. マーニの秘密 – EP.
Pretty hard to find online and pretty much unkown to western fellas, this band doesn’t really shine for being one of those revolutionary sounding bands.
To be honest, I think that their strong point is the fact their music is so simple it’s what we’ve all been missing lately.
By the way, this song in particular is really something, and if you get the chance go and listen to it. Sadly there’s no youtube link for its full version (which is the version I’m translating), but you know the way to find it anyway, don’t you? You know, it’s against my policy to publish a download link for this album. But come on, I’m giving you a hint. Just… just do it, really.
– Sixth stanza: “kioku” is followed by “memorii” (memory). They are the same thing, so that’s why it’s repeated in the translation.
– Sixth stanza: My translation could seem weird. What I mean by that last segment, is that the speaker is implying “I’ll cut off our joined pinkies (pinky promise) so the promise will be sealed and our memories won’t disappear”. Not “I’ll chop down your friggin’ finger”.
– Seventh stanza: “akaku somatte” is literally “painted in red”, but it’s highly implied is refering to “blushing”, or “(cheeks) painted in red”.

aquarifa – 溶けない嘘

今 君を大事にしよう
すぐさま サヨナラしよう

ashita o nakushite shimaou
ima kimi o daiji ni shiyou
kotoba de kizutsukeru hibi ni
sugusama sayonara shiyou

I’ll just get rid of tomorrow
And value you as you’re now;
So let’s just promptly bid farewell
To those days in which we hurt each other with words

まだ いない君を求めているよ

sameteru koucha no naka de wa
tokekiranai uso ga nijimu
tabekake no satoukashi wa
mada inai kimi o motometeiru yo

Inside this cooled down black tea
A lie that can’t melt is oozing
As my half-eaten lump of sugar
Is still longing for the absent you

十秒数えても届いた 君の距離は
間違ってるよ 言い聞かすばかり

juubyou kazoete mo todoita kimi no kyori wa
machigatteru yo iikikasu bakari
yubikiri mo yakusoku mo jitsu wa suki ja nakute
kanaerareru hoshou mo nai no ni

Even if I’d count 10 seconds, your distance
Is just wrong, it’s just a warning;
Pinky promises or pacts… I really don’t like those,
After all there’s not even guarantee they’re going to come true…

嘘をついて また傷を付けて
溜息 飲み込んで進んで

uso o tsuite mata kizu o tsukete
kimi no asu o negatteiru yo
tameiki nomikonde susunde
shiawase ga nigedasanai you ni

By telling lies we’ll get scarred again,
But I’m wishing for your tomorrow
While going forward, gulping down my sighs
So happiness won’t run away from here

十秒数えたら 瞳開けてごらん
ねぇ 君は 今 笑ってる?

juubyou kazoetara hitomi akete goran
sono uchi ni yukue kuramasu yo
yubikiri mo yakusoku mo shinakya yokatta yo
nee kimi wa ima waratteru?

When you’re done counting to 10, please open your eyes
By that time your directions will be deceived;
I’m glad we got to make those kind of promises back then
Say, are you smiling right now?


kuchi-yakusoku wa wasurechatte ii kai
kioku memorii ookunai kara
tsunaideta yubikiri no koyubi mo hiki chigitte ageru kara

Is it really okay to forget about verbal promises,
Being our memories, our own memories not that much?
But I’ll tear off our joined pinkies too, for you.

十秒間で突き刺すんだ 数え歌
繋いでいたこの手が 君の感覚問いかける
思い出せないの? もう二度と
他人な僕ら 赤く染まって 他人な僕ら

furasshubakku de toikakeru
kimi no koe ga toikakeru
juubyoukan de tsukisasunda kazoeuta
tsunaideita kono te ga kimi no kankaku toikakeru
omoidasenai no? mou ni do to
tanin na bokura akaku somatte tanin na bokura

I’m being questioned by a flashback
Your voice is asking me something
A counting song piercing through 10 seconds
This hand I’m holding is asking me about your sense of self
Can’t you remember? We’re no more
The strangers we were, the blushing red strangers we were…


usotsuki no shita wa kitte ii yo
hitotsu dake negaigoto ga kanau nara zenbu kimi ni ageru
negaeba ii yo
kimi ni ageru

It is okay to cut down a liar’s tongue
If I could make one wish of mine come true, than I’ll give them all to you
It’s okay to wish
Because I’d wish for you
For you


Title: 溶けない嘘 (tokenai uso) (unmelting lie)
Source: Original
Vocals: aquarifa
Lyrics: 岩田真知
Arrangement: 岩田真知
Circle: aquarifa
Album: マーニの秘密 – EP (Marnie’s Secret – EP)
Release Event: —

Listen to it on Youtube here: [link unavailable]

Translated by Shion (@FGRNDNoises)
Feel free to use it, but don’t forget to credit!