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きのこ帝国 – ユーリカ

picture by ronopu きのこ帝国 – ユーリカ ゆこう 港まで 帰る場所など捨てましょう yukou minato made kaeru basho nado sutemashou Let’s go to the harbor And throw away our places to return あなたが歌っているのは 嗚呼 最後の子守唄 anata ga utatteiru no wa aa saigo no komori-uta What you’re … Continue reading

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[REQUEST] きのこ帝国 – Girl meets NUMBER GIRL

picture by kawano 【Requested by Tasos Vozikas】 きのこ帝国 – Girl meets NUMBER GIRL 閉ざす窓を開けてバスを揺らすよ 耳を通って脳に青が刺さる 沈む水の底へ妄想になすべなく past timeいつの間にか終点が始点になる tozasu mado o akete basu o yurasu yo mimi o tootte nou ni ao ga sasaru shizumu mizu no soko e mousou … Continue reading

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きのこ帝国 – 愛のゆくえ

picture by wataboku One of the latest kinoko teikoku‘s release, pretty much different from previous works in lots of terms (that’s something that applies to their latest songs rather than this song alone), but still pretty close to their “old” … Continue reading

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