[REQUEST] Another Stream – Thread of Fate

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Another Stream – Thread of Fate


“kono sekai wa zankoku da… soshite… totemo utsukushii”
kanojo wa sou itta.
soshite mata, tabi hitasura, kare o matteiru.

“This world is ruthless… and yet… so beautiful”
That’s what she said.
And then, once more, she kept on waiting for him.

Break off the chains.
The fragments will be rain of sorrow.
It get in my way.
my heart is gradually undermined
and collapsed
The Titans heartlessly keep walking.
Breath of matter, fluctuation of nature.
The flow of time is dread.

If there is the end of under the sun.
I accept all for you.
Dead or Alive.

watery ground
but, dry in course of time
People start walking again
To the unseen light
None can get away
from fate
So struggle, suffer
They live in pursuite of blessing
with the chains

If there is the end of under the sun.
I accept all for you.
Dead or Alive.
I take your hand in the edge of despair
The new soul dwells in our hearts

It will rain…

It will rain…
chi to namida ni toketeku kotoba wa kare no kioku
ima mo kokoro de tsunaida te o sotto sora e

It will rain…
His memories are words melting along blood and tears
Even now, I’m raising my hand connected to my heart towards the sky

“Open my arms
In the raging wind
Overflowing, it fall into my hands
Tread Of Fate!!”

If “Voluspà” is truth…


mata owari ga otozurete asa o kurikaesu nara ima wa soba ni ite

The end comes to visit us again; If I could repeat this morning I’d still be with you…


tsunaida te wa kokoro no naka de tsuyoku
mou ni do to hanashi wa shinai
mou wasurenai

I won’t let go anymore
Of that hand I’m firmly gripping inside my heart
I won’t forget it anymore

It will rain…

It will rain…
chi to namida ni toketeku kotoba wa kare no kioku
ima mo kokoro o tsunaida kono te de unmei no ito tsumuideiru

It will rain…
His memories are words melting along blood and tears
Even now, I’m still weaving the thread of fate connecting our hearts


2000 nengo, futatabi au tame

So we’ll meet again 2000 years from now…

It’ll be pain…

It’ll be pain…
kono ki no shita de zutto matteiru
mata kaereru hi ga kuru made…

It’ll be pain…
I’ll always be waiting under this tree
Waiting for the day where you’ll come back home…


– ??????

Tanaka’s Furious Thai Kick


Another short clip, this time even shorter than usual. I’m sorry, the time is not by my side lately! Next video is going to be something longer, I promise!
Anyway, I randomly found this clip some weeks ago, and I don’t even know where this is from (And if you know, please tell me!).
Looks like is something like a no-laughing Batsu Game starring Tanaka, in which he can’t fall into anger: if he does, he loses.
Sadly, that’s only a clip from the whole show, which I found hilarious and worth the sub.
It seems it’s also the last part of the show, that’s why I couldn’t get a clue of what they’re talking about at the end.
Anyway, I wanted to upload at least this, because It’s been a while since my last subbed clip and I felt like something new had to me uploaded.
Once again, more clips are yet to come, and they won’t be as short as this one… So, just stay tuned and see what happens!
On a side note, I’m not sure about the transcription of the tai kicker’s name, because it’s written in katakana and I’m not sure if that’s his real name. However, it doesn’t matter. Or does it?
And remember: be sure to bring your fianceé up on a mountain, in a river, on a temple and inside a f*cking cherry tree. It’s important.
See you next video!!


Yamazaki’s Slap Competition

Translator’s Notes

Here we are again, with a short clip from the times when Yamazaki looked like a child, Matsumoto had hair and Heipo was (arguably) brave.
Once again, sorry for the quality: Every other old Gaki no Tsukai clips are all like this one, so I can’t do anything about it!
Our Yamazaki challenges three brave slap-fighters: Shimoda Kageki, with his marvelous screams, the brave Heipo, back then when he wasn’t a total p*ssy, and lastly Tsuttsun, the one who defeated him.
An intense fight, full of suspense and thrills.
I’m sorry if the clip is too short, but I don’t have much time for subbing longer clips, though I’m already working on some other clips while I can… I promise more (and longer) stuff is coming out (not too much) soon, so stay tuned and don’t miss the next upload!!


[Touhou] 小野塚小町の暴走 – Onozuka Komachi’s runaway

Translator’s Notes

Well, I really like those KomachixShiki stuff, and expecially those kind, made by the same author. For how much I know, there’s another one about Komachi and Shikieiki, which is a parody of jingle bells. Of course one day I’ll sub that one too. I’m starting to like subbing videos, and it’s good to see that people likes my work too. Also, forgive me for using such a small font and such unclear colours. Next time I’ll do something more cleare, like the other video.
Talking about the video, it is way faster than Komachi’s Duty, so subbing it was very difficult, and also trying to understand what Komachi says was not the easiest thing. There could be mistakes, and if you spot some, feel free to leave a comment below. I have no doubt (more or less) about the internal writings that I’ve translated, since they were almost always readable (I still don’t know how I was able to read “Shiki-sama” wrote in that fancy style).
However, here are some notes about some translated sentences and curiosities:
0:21 “[…] Will face their end!” actually this is translated in an unproper way, due the fact that the correct japanese sentence contains the world “pichuun”, which in fanon is the sound produced by colliding to a danmaku in any touhou game. The correct sentence in english would be something like “Will go pichuun!”, in other words “will die”, in other terms, as I wrote.
0:24 I didn’t translate the notes on the background, because they are the wrote-down version of what Komachi is saying as she sings.
0:42 “Tyrol” is a region in Austria, near the North Italy, which is famous due their production of chocolate (which is very good, guaranteed by an italian!)
1:15 “Tsundere… Or kuudere? Or Sadist?” Various stereotypes in anime-characters. If you’re watching this particular touhou video, I’m pretty sure you already know what those terms mean, but I’ll explain it anyway! A tsundere is basically a girl which tends to act violent and grumpy toward a certain person, but actually has a sweet heart, and act in this way because she’s in love with that person. A kuudere is another stereotype, a girl who acts cold and emotionless toward a person, but actually is in love with him/her. A sadist… well, that’s common knowledge, isn’t it?