[REQUEST] 舞音KAGURA – 魂を燃やせ!!

picture by kotaro-nosuke

【Requested by Petalite Yuu

舞音KAGURA – 魂を燃やせ!!


niekiranai omoi kakaete
nanto naku sugoshita hibi
setsumei no tsukanai kanjou
muzukashii kotoba nado iranai to kidzuita nda

I’ve somehow managed to let days pass
Holding up to my halfhearted thoughts
And I’ve realized I didn’t need any complex word
For all the feelings I can’t really explain


akane ni somatta kako to ima o iyasu shudan wa
shuunen no honoo to kokou no tomo

My past dyed in madder red and the way I’m healing it in my present
Are my implacable flames, my solitary allies

魂を燃やせ!! 尽きない命とともに
ヤツを道連れに最高の ShowTime

tamashii o moyase!! tsukinai inochi to tomo ni
yatsu o michidzure ni saikou no ShowTime
kono yo no owari ka fushi no noroi dochira ka ga
shouri osameru? kono honoo wa kienai

Let your soul burn!! Together with your neverending life
Make them all follow you by force, it will be the best Show Time!
Whether this is the end of the world or a curse of eternal life
Can I achieve victory? These flames won’t vanish!


daikirai datta tsuki mo hito mo
sukoshi wa yuruseta kana?
uramu koto ni mo akita shi
tada samayou dake no nukegara ni wa kyoumi ga nai no

I wonder if I could have forgiven just a bit
The Moon and all the people I’ve hated?
I’ve grown tired of bearing any grudge
Can a merely wandering empty vessel have any interest at all?


fushizen ni yureru mori no saki e tsuki tateta yubi
gouka ni kakareru junbi wa ii?

A finger is pointing from the unnaturally swaying forest
Are you ready to be engulfed by the hell fire?

魂を燃やせ!! 生きてる証を探そう

tamashii o moyase!! ikiteru akashi o sagasou
watashi hitori de wa mitsukerarenai
towa no kurushimi mo setsuna no yasuragi to nare
mune o kogasu kono honoo wa kienai

Let your soul burn!! Let’s find a proof of my “being alive”
‘Cause I can’t seem to find it just by myself
Become both the eternal suffering and the momentary serenity
For the flames burning in my chest won’t ever be extinguished

魂を燃やせ!! 尽きない命とともに

tamashii o moyase!! tsukinai inochi to tomo ni
futari nara kitto wakari aeru
sei naru sabaki ka kimagure na tawamure ka wa
dou de mo ii ya!

Let your soul burn!! Together with your neverending life
I’m sure we’ll understand each other if we’ll be together
Whether it is an holy trial, or a caprice, or even a joke
I don’t really care at all!

魂を燃やせ!! 尽きない命とともに
たいくつ死の義理最高の ShowTime

tamashii o moyase!! tsukinai inochi to tomo ni
yatsu o michidzure ni saikou no ShowTime
kono yo no owari ka fushi no noroi dochira ka ga
shouri osameru? kono honoo wa kienai

Let your soul burn!! Together with your neverending life
Make them all follow you by force, it will be the best Show Time!
Whether this is the end of the world or a curse of eternal life
Can I achieve victory? These flames won’t vanish!


– I know I’ve translated “tamashii wo moyase” as “let your soul burn”, even though it should be “burn your soul up” or something like that (“let your soul burn” would have been “tamashi wo moyasasete” or something like that), but I like it much more this way: sounds better and it’s not far from its actual meaning.
– 死の義理 on the very last stanza is what I’m hearing in the song, not what I’ve found online, so it’s not 100% sure (I am, though).

Title: 魂を燃やせ!! (tamashii o moyase!!) (Let your soul burn!!)
Album: 螢火-HOTARUBI- (Keika -HOTARUBI-)
Vocals: 小峠 舞 (Mai Kotohge)
Lyrics: 小峠 舞 (Mai Kotohge)
Arrangement: けぇぽん (keepon)
Release Event: C92
Source: 月まで届け、不死の煙 (Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke), Imperishable Night, Fujiwara no Mokou’s Theme

[REQUEST] 少女フラクタル – 贅沢なエンドロール

picture by daico

【Requested by Kaori Hanayama

少女フラクタル – 贅沢なエンドロール


mou omogurushii niku mo naku
chuu o mau
aa koufuku wa me de oenu
hazama ni atta

I don’t have any heavy flesh burden anymore
And so I sway in the air
Aah, joy lied right in the threshold
Where my eyes can’t reach


zutto sasaeteta
honegumi wa hai ni natte
aa fujiyuu o ushinatta
modoru koto wa nai

The structure which always held me up
Now has crumbled in ashes
Aah, I’ve lost such inconvenience
And there’s no way to go back


jikan no kuzushi kata o shirazu ni
yurari shizuka ni furu hana o nagameteita

And so, I’ve been gazing at the gently falling silent flowers
Without knowing the right way to destroy time itself


yoru ni motarete nijimu sakura
nagarenai hazu no
namida de kakonde ita
koko ga saigo ni miru keshiki
negatte mo nai
zeitakuna endorooru datta

The oozing cherry tree, reclined on the night
Was surrounded by tears
Which shouldn’t have flowed –
I didn’t even wished for
Here to be the last scenery I would have seen
Such a wasteful, luxurious endroll…


kagi o sutete kutsu o nuide
wasuremono wa nai
ima usumaru sora kioku nagare
subete ga shiro e mazaru

I threw the keys away and took my shoes off
There’s nothing I’ve forgotten
Memories are flowing in the now weakened sky
And everything is blending with its whiteness


tsumori tsumotta
haji o mita kieru mae ni
aa sosoideta afureteta
ai mo kieru darou

Everything was piled up
Before disappearing by looking at my shame
Aah, I wonder if the overflowing love I’ve poured
Will disappear along?


maigo ni naranai you ni
ano ki wa hana o chirashite
warumedachi shiteru no darou

The tree made the flower fall down
So it won’t become a stray child –
I wonder if it’s just being obtrusive?


yoru ni motarete nijimu sakura
nagarenai hazu no
namida de kakonde ita
koko ga saigo to ieru kara
negatte mo nai
zeitakuna endorooru datta

The oozing cherry tree, reclined on the night
Was surrounded by tears
Which shouldn’t have flowed –
And I know, I can say this will be my end
Yet I didn’t even wish for it
Such a wasteful, luxurious endroll..


nobashita te de
sora o tsukamu
imanara todokesou de
mou usumaru ima
kioku wa naku
subete ga shiro ni somaru

So I seize the sky
With my outstretched hand
Now I feel like I could reach for it
But the present is already becoming dim
And memories are gone
And everything is painted in white


– I think this song is about death, or rather, dying. That explains some “weird” sentences, like the one in the second stanza, where the “inconvenience” is “being alive” / “having a physical body”.
– The title of this song features the word “zeitaku” which is meant to be “luxurious”, but not in a positive way. By using “zeitaku”, you are also implying something to be wasteful, not necessary. That’s why I’ve added “wasteful” in the fourth stanza. (extra: if you want to say something is “luxurious” in Japanese without having it sound rude / having a feel of “wasteful” to it, you could use words such as “yutaka” or “houfu”)

Title: 贅沢なエンドロール (zeitakuna endorooru) (Luxurious Endroll)
Circle: 少女フラクタル (Shoujo Fractal)
Album: インヴィジブル (Invisible)
Vocals: 柚木梨沙 (Yuzuki Risa)
Lyrics: 奥山ナマリ (Okuyama Namari)
Arrangement: 奥山ナマリ (Okuyama Namari)
Release Event: C92
Source: 死霊の夜桜 (Night Sakura of Dead Spirits), Ten Desires, Stage 1 Theme


picture by hisona (suaritesumi)

【Requested by Lunomin

Disclaimer: The lyrics for this song contain imagery which can disturb the readers.


[REQUEST] 幽閉サテライト – 泡沫、哀のまほろば

picture by asahi (uwa)

Requested by Kaii Schwartz

幽閉サテライト – 泡沫、哀のまほろば


utakata, sono mahoroba

I want to lay my fingers
Over an ephemeral, splendid land of sorrow…


sotto yubi de nadetakute mo
nokoru tomoshibi ga boku o jama suru

Even if I’d caress it lightly with my finger
The light it leaves would be a hindrance to me


kimi no seijaku koise domo
homura wa kienai

Even though I love your quietness
The flame won’t vanish


aa… sore nara
kimi no katawara de kono mi, shizumeyou
kokoro dake o koroshite

Aahh… If it’s like that
I’ll let this body of mine sink right beside you
And suppress my heart alone


utakata, kimi no you da
furete kowasanu you ni
setsuna, ai no mahoroba
mimamoru yo

Ephemeral, just like you,
Touching it so it won’t break
Momentary, splendid land of sorrow
I’m watching over it


yukiba no nai “yasashisa” dake
boku no kokoro o tadayou bakari

Only my “kindness” with no place to go
Is drifting aimlessly in my heart, nothing else


sore ga muda da to shite mo
kore shika dekinai

And even if it may be something useless
I can’t do anything but let it be


ushinatte kidzuite shimau, to
boku wa wakatteta okubyouna dake datta

I ended up noticing it the moment I’ve lost it,
And by that I realized I was just a coward


utakata, kimi no you da
ososugita egoizumu
tsutaeru koto mo dekizu

Ephemeral, just like you
My egoism was too late
And it vanished away
As I couldn’t even convey it…


kimi o komarasetai hodo
shinjitsu no ai na no ni
shuuen no sadame kara

I ran away
As if I wanted to cause trouble to you
From my fate of demise
Even though my love was true


utakata, yume no you na
karisome no koi deshita
kesshite omoide ni nado
sase wa shinai

Ephemeral, just like a dream
It was a transient love
And I won’t let it become
Part of my memories or such



No matter what


– Not really sure, but I think the song is some sort of Touhou-fanmade anime opening. Never been that interested in those so I can’t really tell, but I’m guessing the video I’ve found featuring this song seems pretty legit.

Title: 泡沫、哀のまほろば (utakata, ai no mahoroba) (ephemeral, splendid land of sorrow)
Circle: 幽閉サテライト (Yuuhei Satellite)
Album: 泡沫、哀のまほろば (utakata, ai no mahoroba)
Vocals: senya
Lyrics: かませ虎
Arrangement: Iceon, HiZuMi
Release Event: C82
Source: エクステンドアッシュ ~ 蓬莱人 (Extend Ashes ~ Hourai Victim), Imperishable Night, Extra Stage Theme & 月まで届け、不死の煙 (Reach For The Moon, Immortal Smoke), IN, Fujiwara no Mokou’s Theme


picture by kagari6496

【Requested by Petalite Yuu

SOUND HOLIC – Dirty Purity

欠けた月 食い込んだ刃
浮かんだ笑顔に 差し込む狂気

kaketa tsuki kui konda yaiba
kimi ni kimi ni kimi ni fureru
tojita yume yaki tsuita mama
kimi ni kimi ni kimi ni ochiru
ukanda egao ni sashi komu kyouki
mou tomerarenai ibitsu na kyouki

The blade piercing the waning Moon
Is being touched by you, you, you
As the shut away dreams burned into my memories
Fall down over you, you, you
The madness shining over my faint smile
Is so warped I can’t stop it anymore

逆さま泳いでみて 君を壊したい

shizukana umi ni ukanda
chiisa na hoshi o atsumete
sakasama oyoide mite kimi o kowashitai

Gathering up all the small stars
Floating over the Sea of Tranquillity
So I could swim upside down – I want to destroy you

燃えて 揺れて 何度でも 消して

moete yurete nando demo keshite
nani mo kamo ga fujou

Burn, shake, disappear, more and more
Everything and anything is impure

爆ぜた夢 焦げ付いた愛が
落ちた夢 涙の波間
もう止められない いびつな狂気

hazeta yume koge tsuita ai ga
kimi ni kimi ni kimi ni fureru
ochita yume namida no namima
kimi ga kimi ga kimi ga nijimu
toke dasu itami ni haki dasu kyouki
mou tomerarenai ibitsu na kyouki

The split up dream of the love I’ve been burned with
Is touching you, you, you
Falling down between the waves of my tears
You, you, you’re spreading it
The madness I’m spitting out from my melting pain
Is so warped I can’t stop it anymore

醜い 声を上げて 君を 壊したい

haruka tooku ni ukabeta
chiisa na yume o kudaite
minikui koe o agete kimi o kowashitai

Smashing all those little dreams
Floating over the farthest distance
Rising up a fiendish voice – I want to destroy you

泣いて 揺れて 美しく 視えて

naite yurete utsukushiku miete
nani mo kamo ga fujou

Crying, trembling, looking so beautiful
Everything and anything is impure

巫山戯た 夢を視てる 君を 壊したい

fumi komu yami ni kakureta
chiisa na uso ga kowakute
fuzaketa yume o miteru kimi o kowashitai

Fearing those little lies
Hidden in the darkness I’m stepping into
Gazing into a dream – I want to destroy you

消えて 消えて 鮮やかに 消えて

kiete kiete azayaka ni kiete
nani mo kamo ga fujou

Disappear, disappear, disappear so clearly
Everything and anything is impure


– Second stanza: the Sea of Tranquillity (Mare Tranquilitatis) is one of the Moon’s seas. In the Touhou universe, it’s a proper sea, with water and everything.
– Fourth to last stanza: “minikui” is most likely “ugly” or “horrible”, but I couldn’t find them both appropriate for the subject (“voice”), so I choose “fiendish” instead (which doesn’t change its meaning that much).

Title: Dirty Purity
Album: 強敵 -LAST BOSS-
Vocals: aki
Lyrics: 隣人 (Linjin)
Arrangement: 隣人 (Linjin)
Release Event: C92
Source: ピュアヒューリーズ ~ 心の在処 (Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart) Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, Junko’s Theme

[REQUEST] 凋叶棕 – ―巳の三つ―「疵とマントと〇〇心」

picture by hekoningyou (waraningyou)

【Requested by B016

凋叶棕 – ―巳の三つ―「疵とマントと〇〇心」


anta wa nannimo shiranai
nannimo nannimo shiranai

You don’t know anything
You know nothing, nothing I say


sekai o dore hodo shitteiru no ka kangaete mite mo

Even if you try to think about how much you know about this world


keshite oyobi mo tsukanai
ten de ohanashi ni mo naranai

It’s something you’ll never grasp
There’s not a chance in heavens you will


hito ni majitte ikiru mono no kazuoosa sae mo

And neither those multitudes living among humans will


soredemo dareka to
tomo ni ikiru koto nado nai
kokou ni shite kodoku
sore ga hokorashiki arikata

Yet still you haven’t lived
Together with someone else at all
By your proudly indipendent loneliness
That’s such a haughty way to be

どいつもこいつも全部目障りなのよ すごく!

da no ni
doitsu mo koitsu mo zenbu mezawari na no yo sugoku!
sonna me o shinagara kocchi o minaide yo

Yet still
Everybody is just an eyesore, for real!
Don’t just stare this way with that kind of look


shibireru you na shisen o abiru tabi
aa! kono kizu no itami kubi kara shita o

Each time I’m soaked in this seemingly trembling gaze
Ahh! I can feel the pain of this wound all the way down my neck


guruguruguruguru mawatteiku.

Spinning round and round and round in circles.


doitsu mo koitsu mo dara shinai
tonikaku minna fugainai

Everyone’s too careless
In any case, everyone’s worthless


omatsuri goto ni utsutsu o nukasu gumai gumin domo wa

All these absurdly ignorant people straying away from reality on each occasion


ookina mono ga mietenai
daiji na koto o wakatte nai

Aren’t looking at the big things
And can’t understand what’s important


antatachi no rinjin o koso osoreru beki da to

You all should be afraid of those next to you as they told you


manto ni kakushiteru
kono kyoufu no subete
shitte osore o nase to
nirami o kikaseteiru no ni

All this fear
I’m hiding beneath my mantle –
I know, I’m afraid it’s there
Even though I’m displaying my glare

どいつもこいつも全部鈍感なのよ すごく!

da no ni
doitsu mo koitsu mo zenbu donkan na no yo sugoku!
sonna me no iro de toomaki ni miteiru dake

Yet still
Everybody is just so dull, for real!
They’re just staring at me from a distance with their colored eyes


soredemo naze ka sono me o ishikisuru tabi
aa! nanika o kitai saseru you na yokan

And yet, for some reason, each time I become aware of those eyes
Aah! I feel like a premonition of expectation for something…



Growing impatient more and more and more and more.

柳の下で 独り佇むの
増長するものども 群衆の中で

yanagi no shita de hitori tatazumu no
zouchou suru mono domo gunshuu no naka de

I’m standing still, alone under the willows
In the midst of crowds of arrogants

外套の下に 隠されたものが
なんなのか誰も 知ろうとしないまま

manto no shita ni kakusareta mono ga
nanna no ka daremo shirou to shinai mama

And still, no one is trying to figure out
Nothing that’s hidden beneath my mantle


kitto doko kashira de
motometeiru no ka
daitansa to fumi komu keiki
hikkakari nagara mo kono basho de zutto

I’m sure that somewhere
I’m seeking for it
For a chance to step into it, audaciously,
In this place, all the way, while making connections

どいつもこいつも全部意気地なしなのよ すごく!

doitsu mo koitsu mo zenbu ikuji nashi na no yo sugoku!
kono watashi ni mou koko made sasete oite

And ・ Yet ・ Still!
Everybody is just so spineless, for real!
They just made me the way I’ve become to this point


manto no shita no kizu no uzuki ga tomerarenai mama
kyoufu to puraido no hazama de
guraguraguraguraguraguraguragura yureteiru

As the ache from the wound under my mantle won’t stop,
In the threshold between fear and pride
Everything sways, shaking and shaking, so unsteady


– Seventh stanza: 体中 (karadajuu, “the whole body”) is read as “kubi kara shita” (首から下), meaning “down from my neck”. The meaning is the same, I guess.
– 外套 “gantou” (“mantle”) is read as “manto” (マント “mantle”) each time it appears on this song.
– Last stanza: not sure about 自尊心 (“jisonshin”) reading, but I think it says “puraido” (プライド, “pride” in english), which is also close to the japanese word.

Title: 疵とマントと〇〇心 (Wound, Cloak and 〇〇-hearted)
Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao Ye Zong)
Album: 随 (manima) (Compliance)
Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arrangement: RD-Sounds
Release Event: Reitaisai 14
Source: 柳の下のデュラハン (Dullahan Under the Willows) Double Dealing Character, Sekibanki’s Theme


picture by hazuki shino

【Requested by Lunomin



zankyou ni nagashi komareta zouo
hikigane kara umareru shinwa
shinkou o tamesu mouja no warutsu
nani o imi suru mune no itami

This hatred washed down into the echo
Is the myth born from a gunlock,
A waltz for the dead, testing their faith –
An anguish trying to hold a meaning


saegiru no teigi no hametsu ni kiri sakareta hyoujou
kurushimi no katasumi de namiutsu kaikan ni mitasareta shoujou

This expression tore in pieces by the destruction of the concept of obstruction
Is a symptom of fulfilling that pleasant feeling of dashing against the corner of pain


shouki o kanjinu mousou
dotamaikareta ore wa saikopasu
sekkou no nise-mukuro kara nozoku
shaburi tsukusareta shifuku no tou

No sanity is felt in such delusion,
I am a psychopath
Peeping inside a fake corpse made of plaster
I saw the tower of bliss being chewed on

群れる常識 猿の宴

reiketsu ni akuma wa warau
mureru joushiki saru no utage

Demons are smiling cold bloodedly
My common sense crowded like feasting primates


maichiru tanbina teisou kan’nen
gyaku juuji no ingajin
butagoya kara hajimaru
chi o chi de arau moumoku no yuetsu

My aesthetical sense of virtue slowly scatters down
I’m bound to such karma, on an upside-down cross
It began from a pigsty
This blind joy of washing away blood with other blood


bon’nou ugomeku kiritsu no hakoniwa
banka de kazaru seigi-ron
shinda mama ikasarete nemuru
guchokuna made ni kodama suru ganbou

Klesha – gardens of crawling regulations
Theories of righteousness decorated by elegies
Brought back to life, asleep, from a state of death
With a desires echoing to the point it becomes stupidly true


rinjin kara ubawareta shisou
dorobune de wataru mirai ni asu o kou

My thoughts are stolen by those near me
Begging for a future I could cross with a mud boat


isshun no ayamachi ga
aisuru mono subete o mu ni kaesu

The error of an instant
Returned everyone I loved into nothingness


kuzure ochiru gareki no hana
boukyaku no hate ni shizumu taiyou
tachi naoreru koro ni wa
daremo namae sura oboeteinai

By the time
The crumbling down flower made of debris
Recovers under the Sun sinking down at the end of oblivion
It couldn’t remember not even a single name of anyone

狂える闇 嗚咽と今

chinmoku o kirau risou
kurueru yami oetsu to ima

My ideals hating on silence
Now – it weeps – a maddening darkness


megami no te ga
umidasu asa wa
risei o shita de nazori karamase tokasu

The hand of the goddess
And the morning she gave life to
Entwining and dissolving, her tongue tracing my reasons

I never want your tolerance.
I don’t believe you anymore.


megami no te ga
umidasu ai ni
shitataru chi de gurasu o sosogu

Over the hanged
Given birth by the hand of the goddess
Its dripping blood filling up a glass


ishuu mamire no
ugokanu zoukei
mabuta wa tojizu ni
mukidashi no mama…

The unmoving molding
Drenched in a foul smell
Stays bare, still
Without closing its eyelids…


– Third stanza: ドタマイカ (dotamaika-(reta)) is a word I have no idea what means. I haven’t heard it before, couldn’t find anything online / dictionaries. The verb appears in katakana, the Japanese “alphabet” for writing foreign words as well as marking some words just like our CAPS LOCK does. The part “reta” coming after it makes it like a verb, and if we take “ore” (“me”, “I”) coming after it, it’s like it says “The me who was [dotamaika]”. So, we know the function of this word, but not its meaning. Being its function merely adjectival, the remaining sections don’t suffer much change. So I’m simply leaving the word out of my translation, but if anyone has some kind of idea about what that word could mean, please leave a comment! It’ll help a lot.
– Sixth stanza: Klesha (煩悩) is buddhist concept involving polluting and dark thoughts such as hatred, envy, delusion or greed taking over someone’s mind and causing them to suffer.


Title: 崩壊の虚像 (hametsu no kyozou) (virtual image of ruin)
Vocals: しるへい (shiruhei)
Lyrics: しるへい (shiruhei)
Arrangement: しるへい (shiruhei)
Release Event: C82
Source: リジッドパラダイス (Rigid Paradise), Ten Desires, Yoshika Miyako’s Theme

[REQUEST] SOUND HOLIC feat. 709sec. – 聖徳伝説

picture by kayako (tdxxxk)

【Requested by Petalite Yuu

SOUND HOLIC feat. 709sec. – 聖徳伝説

遥か彼方 僕らには 分かるはずもない世界で
唯一無二の君 伝説は続いている

haruka kanata bokura ni wa wakaru hazu mo nai sekai de
yuiitsu muni no kimi densetsu wa tsudzuiteiru

On the farthest side of a world we couldn’t know anything about
You and only you are keeping the legend alive

時代の流れには 逆らう事など出来ずに
聳える権力に 欲張り達が戦火に散る

toki no nagare ni wa sakarau koto nado dekizu ni
sobieru kenryoku ni yokubaritachi ga senka ni chiru

Without being able to go against the flow of time
The greedy ones perish in wars for soaring power

あの日 苦みの中 苦虫 振る白旗
箸の墓 奇々怪々 針の山 I gotta go
流離いの溜め息 茜色に染まった
ストラテジー頼りに Go my way

ano hi nigami no naka nigamushi furu shiraha
hashi no haka kikikaikai hari no yama I gotta go
sasurai no tameiki akaneiro ni somatta
sutoratejii tayori ni Go my way

In the midst of the bitterness of those days, sour faces were swinging a white flag
Graves of chopsticks, mountains of needles, only mysteries – I gotta go
Roaming sighs were painted in madder red
So I’ll go my way, relying on the strategy

時空を超え 甦る

daremo shiranai kako wa
jikuu o koe yomigaeru
osorezu ni tatakatta
tsuwamono domo ga yume no ato

The past no one knows about
Will overcome space and time and come back to life
Following the traces of the brave ones
Who fought without any fear

遠くから 微かに
哀しみの詩 聞こえる
僕らは ただ 慰めるだけ

tooku kara kasuka ni
kanashimi no uta kikoeru
tokoshie no hana no kaze
bokura wa tada nagusameru dake

Faintly, from a distance
I can hear a song of grief
This eternal wind of flowers
Is merely comforting us

物語は いつまでも 無言で僕らに語るよ
破り捨てられた 幾千もの記憶たち

monogatari wa itsumademo mugon de bokura ni kataru yo
yaburi suterareta ikusen mo no kioku tachi

Our story will always silently narrate us
About all the thousands of memories we scrapped away

七つ 言葉尻 混乱も無く聞き分けた
時の軌道だけ 静かに渦を作っている

nanatsu kotobajiri konran mo naku kikiwaketa
toki no kidou dake shizuka ni uzu o tsukutteiru

Seven slips of tongue distinguished with no confusion
Only the time orbit is silently tracing down a whirlpool

耳元に 届け雷鳴 雁字搦め 勘違い
クロニクルの地図 掲げ 負け戦も So what ?
視聴覚 打ち打擲 目論みの映る条約
Peace of the world 目指し Go my way

mimimoto ni todoke raimei ganjigarame kanchigai
kuronikuru no chizu age makesen mo So what?
shichoukaku uchi chouchaku mokuromi no utsuru jouyaku
Peace of the world mezashi Go my way

Mishearing thunders reaching my ears as I stand still
Rising high the map of chronicles, even the war we’ve lost – So what?
My sight and my hearing beat all over, pacts reflecting our goals
Aiming for the peace of the world, go my way

この手広げて 仰げば

hare wataru aozora ni
kono te hirogete aogeba
machigatta koto datte
daremo seme wa shinai kara

When i spread my hand, looking up
The cleared up cloudless sky
I knew all we did was wrong
But no one is to blame…

明日だって 過去になる

inishie no ito ga
tsukuru daichi no zawameki
asu date kako ni naru
torawareteita sekai no naka

The wire of ancient times
Echoes the noises of creation
Even tomorrow will become past
Inside this world we can’t escape from

時空を超え 甦る

daremo shiranai kako wa
jikuu o koe yomigaeru
osorezu ni tatakatta
tsuwamono domo ga yume no ato

The past no one knows about
Will overcome space and time and come back to life
Following the traces of the brave ones
Who fought without any fear

遠くから 微かに
哀しみの詩 聞こえる
僕らは ただ 慰めるだけ
Go my way
Go my way
Go my way

tooku kara kasuka ni
kanashimi no uta kikoeru
towa no hana no kaze
bokura wa tada nagusameru dake
Go my way
Go my way
Go my way

Faintly, from a distance
I can hear a song of grief
This eternal wind of flowers
Is merely comforting us
Go my way
Go my way
Go my way


– Second stanza: 時代 (“jidai”, “era”) is read as 時 “toki” (“time”). I think that’s, like, the millionth time this clever special reading appears in a touhou arrangement.
– Third stanza: 箸の墓 (hashi-no-haka) refers to the Hashihaka-kofun (箸墓古墳), one of the first keyhole-shaped kofun (megalitic tombs / tumuli constructed between the 3rd and the 7th century).
– There are some unclear sections. It’s not a matter of words, but context. Some parts weren’t so clear to me, but I guess that’s because I’m missing some kind of context. I can assure there are no mistakes in terms of words translation.

Title: 聖徳伝説 (Shoutoku densetsu) (Shoutoku’s Legend)
Vocals: 709sec.
Lyrics: 朱里
Arrangement: 709sec.
Release Event: C92
Source: 聖徳伝説 ~ True Administrator (Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator) Ten Desires, Toyosatomimi no Miko’s Theme

[REQUEST] モジャン棒 – 自殺クラブ

picture by yudaoshan

【Requested by Alv

モジャン棒 – 自殺クラブ


semai sora o mite
kanojo wa iu “koko wa gendai”
usan kusai chikara ni sou
honeorizon no hibi no naka

She said “this is our present-day”
While looking up the narrow sky
Following such shady forces
Inside our days of vain efforts


touzainanboku o
kakezuri mitsuketa genjitsu-sen
haitsukubatte zetsubou
“kono yo nya yume mo kibou mo nai”

Running around in every direction
We’ve found reality’s horizon
Its knees bent to despair
“There are no dreams and hopes in this world”

アイラブユー ほらメリー

airabuyuu hora merii
aisuru watashi no iu koto wa
sen’nou kuratta mitai ni
damatte kiiterya ii no ni ne

Hey Mary, I love you
What I, loving you, am saying
Seem to have brainwashed you
But it would have been okay even if you’d stayed quiet and listen to me


kimi no warui mono
gensou ni yuku imi chi o
sonna mono o yoko ni oite
anshin shiteita dake

Let’s leave aside
All these unpleasant things
Such as this forbidden blood chasing the illusions
Let’s just aim for a peace of mind


ichimon nashi no kaidou
bokura wa hana aru joshi daisei
teisoukan no sakujo
kokoro to karada o okizari ni

We’re excellent college students
Over a worthless highway
Our sense of virtue erased
Our mind and body left behind


genjitsu touhi o rikou
nigotta me utsuru kanjou-sen
“issei no se de tobou”
te to te o tsunaida mukou-gawa

We’ve managed to escape such reality
With a loop line reflected over our soaking eyes
“Let’s jump to the count of three”
We were on the other side, our hands joined together

アイラブユー ほらメリー

airabuyuu hora merii

Hey Mary, I love you

アイラブユー ほらメリー

airabuyuu hora merii
aisuru watashi ni kashidzuite
sen’nou kuratta mitai ni
tsumasaki nameterya ii no ni ne

Hey Mary, I love you
What I, loving you, am saying
Seem to have brainwashed you
Even though it would have ben okay just to lick my tiptoes


bouei-sen no ketsujo
aizou uzumaku sono nuime
reitenshii no gohou
saki ni te o hanashita no wa dare

Our stitch whirling in love and hate
Is lacking of any line of defence
Latency’s incorrect report
Who let go of the hand first?

アイラブユー ほらメリー
アイラブユー ほらメリー

airabuyuu hora merii
airabuyuu hora merii

Hey Mary, I love you
Hey Mary, I love you


– Second stanza: the “yo” (世) is usually refering to the word “world”, but it can also mean “era” or “generation”. I made this note ’cause it may be ambiguous, being the whole song about the “modern era”, a concept it got from the original theme the song is based off.
– Some notes for the fifth stanza. First of all, “hana aru joshi daisei” features the word “joshi” (“female”) which I couldn’t fit well in the translation, so keep in mind we’re talking about girls (Renko and Maribel). Second, “hana aru” itself seem to be a term only used in ancient times (Edo) just like “kaidou” refers to a highway / main street in the same period. “Hana aru” should be more or less what the modern day “sugureta” (優れた “excellent”) means. Lastly, “ichimon nashi” is literally “penniless”, but I’ve translated it as “worthless” ’cause it sounded better. In other words, correct translation of the first 2 lines would be “we’re two excellent female college students on a penniless highway”, and the meaning would be “even though we are two young female college students with potential, we’re traveling over a road of no value, so everything’s vain”. Well, at least that’s my interpretation..!
– Second to last stanza: Of course it’s refering to Dr. Latency’s Freak Report, and by “Latency” is most likely refering to Maribel again, being Dr. Latency her pen-name according to the story featured in the original CD.

Title: 自殺クラブ (jisatsu-kurabu) (suicide club)
Circle: モジャン棒 (mojan-bou)
Album: —
Vocals: 田中じゅんじろー (Tanaka Junjiroo)
Lyrics: 田中じゅんじろー (Tanaka Junjiroo)
Arrangement: 田中じゅんじろー (Tanaka Junjiroo)
Source: 科学世紀の少年少女 (Boys and Girls of the Science Era) Changeability of Strange Dream, Track #5

[REQUEST] 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) – トラウマ

picture by sheya

【Requested by Petalite Yuu

魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) – トラウマ

一方的な会話で終わらせずにhola back
またFlash back 目を覚ますトラウマ

kyoumi hon’i de kochira ni chikadzuiteru naraba
ippou teki na kaiwa de owarasezu ni araba
juunin toiro sorezore nemuri ni tsuku dorama
mata Flash back me o samasu torauma

If you’re drawing near just to satisfy your curiosity
Hola back without ending such a one-sided conversation
Everyone’s different, and each of us have a drama to put to sleep
And again, a flashback, opening your eyes to a trauma

旧地獄は灼熱地獄跡 地上を追いやられた者達のアジト
昔の話をしようなんて輩は居ない 皆多少なりとも脛に傷持つ
中々奇怪 背景を探るなっつ一のが此処の暗黙の了解
だけどもただ一つの例外として どんと構えた館 何から聞きたい?
ある種憂さ晴らし 尾ひれが付くけど誰もが疑わない
自分を棚に上げ皆口揃えて言ってるのさ 化物が住んでるってな

kyuu jigoku wa shakunetsu jigoku-ato chijou o oi yarareta monotachi ajito
mukashi no hanashi o shiyou nante yakara wa inai minna tashou nari to mo sune ni kizu motsu
nakanaka kikai haikei o saguru na ttsu – no ga koko no anmoku no ryoukai
dakedomo tada hitotsu no reigai to shite donto kamaeta yashiki nani kara kikitai?
aru shuyuusa subarashi ohire ga tsuku kedo dare mo ga utagawanai
koitsu wa sebire mo tsuite oyogi dasu kurai no uwasabanashi
iwaku, mittsume tsukai mitsumeru
iwaku, kochira ga nani o sareta ka wa kidzukezu
iwaku, aite no atama no naka sura yomi toru
iwaku, nemureru omoi dashitakunai kioku yobi okosu
masaka to warai tobasu yatsu mo ita ga are to deatte kara
okashiku natte waraenaku naru
akumeidakai jingai mo koko ja mezurashiku nai ga
jibun o tana ni age minna kuchi soroete itteru no sa bakemono ga sunderu tte na

The Former Hell leaves traces of the scorching hell, a hideout for those driven away from the surface
But there won’t be anyone listening to such old tale, everyone’s always feeling their own sins
Isn’t it kind of stange? It’s a tacit understanding not to search for any background, in here
But you, standing as a single exception, what do you want to hear from this mansion?
Those of its kind are so special and magnificent, and no one seems to care about such babble
They’re just swimming through such gossips as if they have a dorsal fin on their back
They say “seek for it by using your third eye”
They say “don’t care for what happened in here”
They say “read all the way through your opponents’ head”
They say “wake up all those sleeping memories you don’t want to remember”
There were also some of them laughing, and since I met them
It became all so strange, I couldn’t smile anymore;
Infamous inhuman treatments aren’t anything rare in here
Yet I’m locking myself away, all those mouths spitting all at once “a monster lives in here”

近寄るなかれ 無事でいたいなら逃げろ 止まるな
見透かされてるだけ 頭の中 抵抗も微か
誰が言ったか 偉そうにしてる奴ら 妖怪のカルマ
誰もが恐れてる 地下の彼方 目を覚ますトラウマ

chikayoru nakare buji de itai nara nigero tomaru na
misukasareteru dake atama no naka teikou mo kasuka
dare ga itta ka erasou ni shiteru yatsura youkai no karuma
daremo ga osoreteru chika no kanata me o samasu torauma

You must not get close, if you want to be safe / run away, don’t stop
What’s inside your head is just being seen through / and your resistance is futile
Some of those said such thing with presumption, / “it’s the karma of a youkai”
But everyone is fearing what lies underground / waking up into a trauma

ステンドグラスに映るシルエット 地下暮らす 日陰を見る目
前後不覚 ペットへの躾 落ち着け いずれ恐怖へとこじつける
跳梁跋扈Hierarchy 唯一無二
深層心理に問いかける 恐怖が追いかける
誰かの腫れ物 生れ落ちた罪も食べ頃
縦穴 飲み込まれず勝てるかな
誰が聴いてる 見てる ちょっと待って すぐそこまで来てる
ってな勘違い 理解し難い行動も仕方がないが被害妄想はSTOP
屋敷に近づく 治外法権 しきりに目配り誰も居ないようで
果たして存在はしているのか 震えているのは恐れているからか

sutendo gurasu ni utsuru shiruetto chika kurasu hikage o miru me
zengo fukaku petto e no shitsuke ochi tsuke izure kyoufu e to kojitsukeru
kokoro no itami ga toke komu kurayami ni shootokatto
chouryoubakko Hierarchy yuiitsu muni
shinsou shinri ni toikakeru kyoufu ga oi kakeru
dareka no haremono umare ochita tsumi mo tabe koro
hora karada wa damasarenai no
tateana nomi komarezu kateru kana
ue mo shita mo migi ni narae de imi kirawareteru
dare ga kiiteru miteru chotto matte sugu soko made kiteru
tte na kanchigai rikai shi katai koudou mo shikata ga nai ga higai mousou wa STOP
yashiki ni chikadzuku chigai houken shikiri ni mekubari daremo inai you de
hatashite sonzai wa shiteiru no ka furueteiru no wa osoreteiru kara ka
shin’en o nozoku toki, shin’en mo mata omae o nozoiteiru no da

A silhouette is reflecting over the stained glass, it’s that of the eye staring the shadows, living underground
Unconscious, breeding her own pets – calm down, or you’ll end up strained in fear
The pain in your heart melts down into a shortcut of pure darkness
Your one and only dominating hierarchy
So you start asking your own deep psyche, being pursued by fear
Feeling like someone’s tumor, a newborn sin ripe enough for eating
See? Your body can’t trick you
Can you possibly make it through without falling down the pit?
I’ve been hated both from above and below the same way
Who’s listening to me? Who’s watching? Wait a moment, ’cause I’ll be there soon
– That’s what I misunderstood, it was so hard to get it and I couldn’t do anything but act, but it’s time to stop such persecution complex
Drawing closer to this mansion equals extraterritoriality, so keep your eyes constantly opened, as if no one’s there
Does someone really exists in here? Are you trembling because you’re frightened?
When you look down into the abyss, the abyss will be looking back at you

逃げろ 止まるな 抵抗も微か
妖怪のカルマ 目を覚ますトラウマ

nigero tomaru na teikou mo kasuka
youkai no karuma me o samasu torauma

Run away, don’t stop / resistance is futile
It’s the karma of a youkai / waking up into a trauma

闇の中飲み込まれる 心の痛みが広がり暗がりの中に落ちる
また1人トチる 渦巻きにじり寄り満ちる言葉は誰宛でもない

aitai nara sugata o arawasu mono
soutai shita nara narifuri kamawazu hashiri saraneba tori komareru
yami no naka nomi komareru kokoro no itami ga hirogari kuragari no naka ni ochiru
mata hitori tochiru uzumaki nijiri yorimichiru kotoba wa dare ate demo nai
nemuri o samasu kyoufu no kioku

To those willing to meet me, showing up in here
If you want to face me, then no matter how you look – if you try to run away, I’ll capture you
Swallowed by the obscurity, falling into the darkness as the pain in your hearts widens
Yet another one is confused, the whirlpool keeps on revolving getting closer to being full of no one’s words
And then you’ll wake up with such terrible memory


– First stanza: no idea what is hola back. On the original lyrics I’ve been provided, it was “araba” and it made sense, but on the booklet it says “hola back”, so I’m keeping it.
– Second stanza: 旧地獄 (kyuu-jigoku) refers to the Former Hell of Touhou‘s universe, where the Palace of the Earth Spirits (Satori‘s home) is located. Also, I’ve translated the second “jigoku” as “hades” instead of “hell” to avoid repeating myself.
– The third stanza is repeated again two times in the song, after the fourth stanza and after the sixth stanza. The first stanza is repeated once more again right at the end of the song.

Title: トラウマ (trauma)
Circle: 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN)
Album: Elysion II :TOHO Geek
Vocals: ytr
Lyrics: ytr
Arrangement: TINY PLANETS
Release Event: Reitaisai 14
Source: 少女さとり ~ 3rd eye
(Satori Maiden ~ 3rd eye), Subterranean Animism, Satori Komeiji’s Theme