[Touhou] 小町機能 – Komachi’s Duty

Translator’s Notes

Komachi is my favourite Touhou character by far, and when I discovered this video I always wondered why there wasn’t any translate of it (at least I never found any of it).
And so, considering that I’m studying japanese I decided to give it a try, and I’m quite satisfied about the results. It was indeed a funny song, after all.
And God only knows how hard it was to sub this, because of my retarded computer.
Just a few notes about some sentences:
0:10 “In a pure white way!”, it actually means “in a sincere way”, but its literal meaning is (more or less) what I wrote. I found it funny and unusual, so I kept it like this.
0:24 “Eh! Shiki-sama, you came here by night to rape me?”, actually it says “Eh, Shiki-sama Yobai?!”, in which yobai means an ancient practice in Japan, in which a man sneaks by night in the house of her lover to… Well, just google it and read it!
1:03 Literally, “Atai wa I love you” means “I am I love you”, or to be less specific, “I I love you”, because Atai means “me” in japanese, and wa is the particle which defines the subject. It’s a repetition. The same way, “Boss wa take kill me” is similar, except due the fact that it doesn’t have a sense to begin with. ENGRISH LOGIC! And so… I translated it as “I am like I LOVE YOU” because I find it funny, and similar to what I thought Komachi would say.
1:20 “Please, don’t judge me!”, Actually the literally translation of this would be something like “Don’t give me any black nor white!” Which is a typical way to refer to a judgement in japanese, especially the Yama one.


Blog Opening!

So, the time has come. I’ve been thinking about it for way too much time, but I think that’s the best solution.
I decided to open this blog, “Wishes Hidden in The Foreground Noises”, in which I can share and store every single translation I’m working on.
Let’s start answering common hypothetical answers.

1) Who Am I?

I’m known with the nickname of Shion, and that’s basically how I want the people on internet to adress me. Every translation and posts are done by me and only me myself. I work alone, though I don’t mind lending an hand if needed.

2) What is this blog about?

In my blog, I post my translations of Gaki no Tsukai clips, Touhou Project Pvs, Japan’s television programs clips, Japanese music lyrics, curiosities from Japan, anime reviews and other stuff.

3) What is “Gaki no Tsukai”?

Short for “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!”, it’s a popular japanese comedy television show. It’s not simple to describe what the comedians in this program do, it’s way simpler to watch it online: You won’t regret doing it. Nothing is funnier than this show.

4) What is Touhou project?

Touhou project is a serie of side-scroller shooting game for PC. Its fandom is huge, both in Japan and overseas, and there are lots of songs and music videos based off this great serie. Thus, some posts are translations of clips or songs derived from it.

I wanted to write as short as possible in this first post.
If anyone has some other answers, feel free to contact me.

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