[UPDATE] Requests are over

Things have been getting busier and busier lately, which kept me away from publishing new posts.
But I also had time to think about this website, once again.
And before starting talking about it, just to make it clear, I do not intend to close / stop posting on this wordpress.
What I think I should end, are requests.
By now I realize how far I got from Japanese music, expecially doujin music.
I still listen to lots of Japanese bands / songs, but way fewer than before, and most importantly I barely listen to touhou arranges / doujin music anymore.
I feel like keeping on translating music I’m not interested in might result in feeling wrongly about this wordpress, as if it isn’t something mine anymore.

Actually, I loved translating requests even if I didn’t know the requested songs / haven’t really liked them.
I like to translate and work with the layout I’ve made, but translating takes time and effort.
And sometimes I don’t feel like it’s worth it.
There have been requesters who were like “translate this song” (no “please” nor any kind of polite greeting) and dropped a 4000×4000 px picture of some weird ass scan full of kirakira readings, with no context whatsoever / no infos about artists / albums etc.
But I’ve translated them anyway. Without getting an inch of a “thanks” afterwards.

Some of you may be thinking: that’s it?
Maybe that’s not all of it, but yeah, it surely means something.
I’m not being paid and I don’t feel like I deserve it, so the only two things I could “live off” are basically views and gratitude.
And trust me when I say I’m not really satisfied about either of them.
While my wordpress has received a fair amount of views overall, I’ve witnessed youtube videos featuring my translations easily reaching the all the views my wordpress has ever made alone, with comments sections thanking the uploader for the translations.
Or even users uploading music as I keep on posting, meaning their whole youtube channel uploads translated (or RE-translated, in some cases) music videos of my posts as they are published here.

I’m not accusing anyone.
I’m not mad at anyone and I’m not even mad at all to be honest.
I just don’t want to do this anymore ‘cause I don’t feel anything anymore about it.

On the other side, I had this Gaki no Tsukai project (which I haven’t continued ‘cause of stuff happening) which easily brought me tons of views / spread my name amongst the Gaki no Tsukai community.
Even though they’re two different things, I think that for how much I wish this wordpress to be the website I’m being known for, it’s not like that at all.

In short, I truly wish to translate stuff for everyone, whether is for make them laugh (gaki no tsukai) of for having Japanese music lyrics to be available for everyone (this website).
And I think I can keep on doing that by translating the songs I want to translate, instead of working on hundreds of songs I won’t ever listen again.

It’s not I’m unsatisfied about this wordpress. I’ve received lots of appreciation over the non-requests posts, managed to get in contact with amazing artists (My Dead Girlfriend, Yapan from CLOCKWORKS TRACER,Marmalade Butcher…) and getting attention by most of them, I’ve made over 360 translations and achieved a nice number of follows / viewers, so I’m not saying I’m not satisfied by my website, I just wish I could look at it and say “this is my website”, something I don’t feel like I can say right now.

…But It won’t end abruptly like this.
In fact, there will be a last period in which you can request your song, if you want to.
In short


I’ll work on the missing requests / any new possible requests I’ll get within that day and finish them all, but after that I’m just going to post (probably not as frequently as the past months) the songs I’ll choose by myself.
Again, this isn’t a choice I’ve made because I’m mad at anyone, nor because I’ve lost interest in translating: I just feel like focusing on my music.

Summarizing the reasons:
– I don’t have much time
– My music tastes don’t fit most requests
– Lack of satisfation

Love you all anyway!

That’s all and I hope you’ll understand, thanks for your support until now and I hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming posts as well!

The request system may reopen onwards, probably for short periods of time. I’ll notify on my Twitter for any news about it, so keep in touch if you wish to know more about it.

(PS: I didn’t check what I wrote, hope it’s clear enough)