CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Bride of Despair


First of all, thanks to Eiki for sending me this song’s lyrics.
Clockworks Tracer are always welcome here. In spite of the fact I always mispell their name.
So, I read everywhere that a lot of people were trying to search for this song’s lyrics between the comment section of youtube / whatever.
Let’s post them today and put an end to this problem. More or less.
Also, I wanted a picture of Satori in a wedding dress, but couldn’t find anything but R-18 ultrap0rn.

CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Bride of Despair

その言葉の陰 愛でて撫でて口づけて
露わになる心象と 今結ばれて
(This fate even mock my grief)
(There’s no fuckin’ wedding ring)

sono kotoba no kage medete nadete kuchidzukete
arawa ni naru shinshou to ima musubarete
(This fate even mock my grief)
giman o kakusu celebrate
(There’s no fuckin’ wedding ring)
hiyoku ni shibarareru

I’m so fond of those words’ shadows, I hold onto them and kiss them
The impressions I had, now exposed, has become entwined together
(This fate even mock my grief)
I’ll hide each deception and celebrate
(There’s no fuckin’ wedding ring)
Tied in a wing-like dress


abakareta junpaku no veeru
amaku toku akumu ni oboreta dake
chikai wa kokoro saku noroi
awaku saku kitai no hana o chirashite…

The pure white veil has been exposed
Just to sink and melt inside a sweet nightmare
A promise is a curse that rips open the heart
And makes fall the petals of the blossomed flower of expectation

その言葉の陰 愛でて撫でて口づけて
露わになる心象に ただ寄り添って
(This fate even mock my grief)
(There’s no fuckin’ wedding ring)

sono kotoba no kage medete nadete kuchidzukete
arawa ni naru shinshou ni tada yorisotte
(This fate even mock my grief)
giman o mitasu celebrate
(There’s no fuckin’ wedding ring)
renri wa kare ochiru (Wither)

I’m so fond of those words’ shadows, I hold onto them and kiss them
The impressions I had, now exposed, are now getting closer
(This fate even mock my grief)
I’ll fill my deceptions and celebrate
(There’s no fuckin’ wedding ring)
Entwined tree branches falls down as they wither (Wither)


otosareta junketsu no buuke
honogurai honoo ni yakare kuchite
sutendogurasu ni utsushita
kono zetsubou to towa ni soitogete…

The pure bouquet thrown away covered in dirt
Rots away devoured by a faint flame
Reflected inside a stained glass
I’m endlessly married for life to this despair…

Bride of despair!!


abakareta junpaku no veeru
amaku toku akumu ni obore ochite
chikai wa kienu kizu nokoshi
utsuro ni irodzuita hana o sakasete…

The pure white veil has been exposed
To sink and melt inside a sweet nightmare
A promise leaves a scar that won’t fade away
And makes a flower painted in void blossom…


– 比翼 (hiyoku) in the first stanza has an unclear meaning, to me. It can mean a lot of things, such as “wings” or a certain type of dress. I also read that it’s the name of the folding side of the kimono. You know, the one you HAVE to put over the other one because otherwise you’d look like a dead person.
…Following me, right? Yeah, probably not. Anyway, “wing-like dress” is incorrect, but I seriously can’t tell what it’s refering to.
– 連理 (renri) both stands for entwined branches of a tree and union between male & female. Aka a marriage, which, metaphorically, is the central image of this song.
– 汚された (yogosareta) in second-to-last stanza. meaning “being dirt”, is read as “otosareta”, meaning “thrown away”. I mixed their meanings.


Title: Bride of Despair
Album: Serenitia e.p.
Vocals: WeatherH, やーぱん (Yapan)
Lyrics: やーぱん (Yapan)
Arrangement: やーぱん (Yapan)
Release Event: C84
Source: 少女さとり ~ 3rd eye (Satori Maiden ~ 3rd eye) Subterranean Animism, Komeiji Satori’s Theme

Foreground Eclipse – A Retrospective: Part 1/5


Time for a different kind of post (kinda foreshadowed before).
Most of you already figured out, but I like Foreground Eclipse a lot.
There has never been a band that made a huge impact on me as they did, and while right now I’m not sure I can say they’re the band I like the most, they’re surely one of the most important band I’ve ever listened to.
The band released their last album on December 2013, thus marking their end.
Some says “there are two kinds of musicians: those who die as legends and those who live long enough to become sh*t”.
I think Foreground Eclipse died as a legend.
In terms of music, a lot of people doesn’t know that Foreground Eclipse changed their arranger through their carreer.
The arranger, aka the composer, is the structure of the band.
But people seem to ignore this. Just like those guys who thank the uploader of a subbed video instead of thanking the one who translated everything. F*ck you! (justkiddingofcourse)
The original formation had Merami as the lead singer, Teto as the drummer / scream vocals and Suzuori as the bassist / guitarist.
Most of the arranges are labeled “Foreground Eclipse” on the first albums, but each and every original track has been composed by Suzuori.
So, the first Foreground Eclipse original sounds were Suzuori’s.
But the formation changed on 2011, with Suzuori’s left during the production of Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone.
Let’s start from the Suzuori period from this post.
So, what is this post about?
My opinions (I’m writing this again: MY PERSONAL OPINIONS) on Foreground Eclipse’s song, with comments, stories, ratings and everything.
This is purely subjective and it’s not absolutely a critic to Foreground Eclipse.


Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises

For this first post, I’d like to talk about the first album I’ve listened to rather than the first one they produced (and also this wordpress’ namesake).
You can see at the bottom of this post how I’m going to deal with song rating and posts order.
I can’t remember what year was it when I first listened to this album, but sure was a long time ago.
Should be around the time it came out, around 2010-2011.
I think of this as the best album from the Suzuori period, completely overshadowing the previous and the next one (which I’ll discuss in the next post).
And here’s what I think about the tracks featuring in it.

02. Vermillion Halo
Personal rating: ★★★☆☆
This is the very first Foreground Eclipse’s song I’ve ever listened to, and I found it randomly while looking for arranges of Riverside View.
I clearly remember I’ve listened to it without knowing Foreground Eclipse nor their album, and when I first got to listen to the whole Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises, I was very disappointed.
My musical tastes were not the same I have today, and I wasn’t particularly fond of screamo music, so this song was the only song I could have listened to without saying “why the screams, WHY?!”.
What I really liked about this song is the guitar rhythm which is both powerful and very delicate, and I also loved the final segment where the song fades out into that peaceful lalala~. Ohh, Merami.
Nowadays, I don’t listen to this song so much, because Foreground Eclipse has changed a lot, and with them my music tastes have changed too.
It’s still an amazing song and a nice arrange of Riverside View, but the myself of 2015 can’t give it more than 3 stars.
Maybe, some years ago, this would have been a 5/5.

03. Oath of Allegiance
Personal rating: ★★★★
The exact opposite of the previous song.
At first, I hated it with all my heart. I wasn’t into screamo music and couldn’t understand how “those screaming are considered music”.
I can’t clearly remember when I fled from this way of thinking and started to like screamo music.
But still, is a type of music that I still enjoy a lot today, and it’s of course thanks to Foreground Eclipse.
This song is so epic, how can someone dislike it?
First of all, its arrange is brilliant, and the double singing it’s one of the most well done I’ve ever heard.
Plus, the whole song is very aggressive but its lyrics are really soft, and that’s what makes it even more brilliant.
It’s a song that I won’t get tired listening to, no matter what.
Not worth 5 stars, but keep on mind that 4 stars it’s like saying “full marks”, while 5 stars means “full marks and hearts drawn around it with a red pen”.
That’s the most retarded metaphor ever.

04. I’m The Seeker (Maybe Each Your Word Calls For It)
Personal rating: ★★☆☆☆
Warning! 2 stars doesn’t mean I don’t like it! Only 1-star songs are “bad” scored.
This song is pretty brutal too, but I never actually got really into it.
Of course I like it, but there are lots of things about it that I can’t really stand.
First of all, the rhythm is cool but hard to listen because of its complex tempo, I can’t simply relax listening to this!
Second, the english sections.
Okay, I should be forgiving on japanese people singing in english (and I am, expecially if we’re talking about Merami), but while on other songs by them is pretty hard to understand the english section, in this one they’re pretty clear.
So, wrong pronunciations are pretty clear too.
There are FgE’s songs that I didn’t know were in english at first!
Also, the japanese section of this song is really good, and it’s a shame it’s so short.
I think they should have keep that type of sound for this song.
Still, this song builds up a clear picture of what its lyrics are talking about. And that can’t be negative at all.

05. Dancing With Happiness And Sadness
Personal rating: ★★☆☆☆
Pretty much the same things I said about the previous one can fit into this.
With the exception that this song isn’t brutal at all.
I’d say this song is not foreground-eclipseish (??) at all.
It’s still a nice song, but are we really sure Foreground Eclipse are behind it?
Nothing particular, but well executed.
Can’t give it 1 star because I don’t think it’s a bad arrange, but it isn’t that outstanding too.
If I didn’t know this song was on their CD, I would have guessed it was a different circle, like Draw the Emotional. That’s exactly why I can’t take this song as a FgE’s one.

06. In A Night When Her Sorrow Resounds Around
Personal rating: ★★★☆☆
When I finally got into screamo music, this one was probably my favourite track of the whole CD, at the beginning.
While I still think of it as an amazing arrange with nice lyrics / vocals, I can’t say that it stands out that much as I thought before.
That’s because its rhythm (which I like a lot, of course) lacks of something.
The drum section is marvelous and the guitar is really good, but I can’t say the same about the piano / chorus vocals and sometimes the normal vocals too.
It’s not like they’re bad, they’re just not-so-fitting sometimes.
To me, it sounds like the whole song lacks of something in some parts.
As if it’s filled with empty moments that should have been filled in some way or another.
And now it looks like I’m criticizing this song, but I’m not.
This song meant a lot to me back on those days, and I still love it as I did before.
Also, this song randomly shouts “Senses Fail” at a certain point.
And googling, lots of years ago, I found out it was a band. So, I’ve listened to “Bite to Break Skin” by them and…
They’re still one of my favourite band nowadays.
It’s amazing how things that happen randomly lead you into find something new and special.
And I could have never find out about them if it wasn’t for Foreground Eclipse!
I’m thankful to them in each and every possible way.

07. Truths, Ironies, The Secret Lyrics
Personal rating: ★★★☆☆
By far the most brutal out of the album, I swear it could have love it even more if its lyrics weren’t like that!
But that’s also what makes the song special.
Foreground Eclipse are actually one of the most succesful band on the touhou doujin panorama, and when this album came out, they weren’t yet popular.
So, I always symphatized with the lines on this song where they wish they were as popular as other touhou-music circles.
By now, the gained even more fame than most of them, and I couldn’t be happier.
Also, I remember I was pretty shocked reading its lyrics.
They were, indeed, “Secret”.
The arrange, by the way, isn’t half bad.
Everyone not paying attention to the lyrics could mistake it for a proper song with proper lyrics, because its structure suggests so.
I think this song shines more for its bizzarre lyrics rather than its actual musical contents.
That’s why I can’t give it more than 3 stars. It’s a good song after all.

08. Forget Me Not
Personal rating: ★★★★★
There we go, the first 5 stars!
I’m saying this on this first post and it can easily apply to every other post: Foreground Eclipse is a great musical circle and their touhou arranges are really good, but the songs where they shine the most are those that doesn’t involve Touhou project.
But we’ll talk again about it on other posts, expecially when we’ll come in contact with certain songs.
For now, let’s focus on Forget Me Not.
This song is outstanding.
No screams, and there’s actually no need for them, a simple and smooth guitar track that one can’t get away from his/her mind, a calming and intense bass line and an energetic yet somehow really appropriate drum beat that, along with one of the most beautiful lyrics from the Suzuori-era, makes the first original Foreground Eclipse song to shine brighter than the other tracks on the same CD.
I think of this song as the best original track from the first era of Foreground Eclipse, but it also made me realize something about the next era.
But… we’ll talk about it once we reach the third post.
Anyway, this song has everything a masterpiece requires.
The best track of the album in my opinion, and, still in my opinion, a little bit overshadowed my other tracks that aren’t as great as it is.
And it means a lot to me. Let’s not forget everything’s just part of my opinions.

Personal rating: ★★★★
Well, this song too, like Vermillion Halo or In a Night When her Sorrow Resounds Around, used to be one of those who I couldn’t stop listening to.
Like other screamo tracks, I completely ignored this one at the beginning, only to discover, later, that it was indeed an awesome track.
I also named my previous (failure-filled) wordpress after this track, and I think there’s actually a western touhou music circle that uses it as their name.
The song isn’t an original not either a Touhou arrange, it’s a remake of a previous song sung by Merami by the circle SUPER POWER.
This song is, in my opinion, one of the most important Foreground Eclipse’s song, but to explain it better we need to wait post #4 and #5.
So, keep it on mind for now!
I don’t listen to this song that much nowadays because it marked a certain period of my life, and I want it to stay as it is.
So… yeah, I love this song but I can’t say I listen to it that often as I did before!

About this post

I decided to start with their second album because it’s the first one I’ve listened to, and, in my opinion, the best and most important album from the first Foreground Eclipse’s period.
The next post will be about Missing, Loving… and Suffering and Tears Will Become Melodies Tonight, which are, in my opinion, far from this album’s sounds, in a general way (and the two albums I dislike the most…).
You can check the rating system down below, as well as the posts order.
Hope you enjoyed reading all of this, and I hope everyone asking me opinions about Foreground Eclipse will be satisfied!
Next post coming… maybe not so soon, but coming for sure.

Rating system:
☆☆☆☆ – Poor
★★☆☆☆ – Nice
★★★☆☆ – Good
★★★★☆ – Very Good
★★★★★ – Excellent

Retrospective parts:

Part 1: Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises
Part 2: Missing, Loving… and Suffering + Tears Will Become Melodies Tonight
Part 3: Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone
Part 4: Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights
Part 5: Extra, Bonus tracks, Seated with Liquor

See you next post!
PS: check this post’s category.



【Requested by Lonesome Shrine

That’s an ending for something I’m missing, right?
I mean, I have no idea from where this comes from, but I’ve read it’s used as an ending for some touhou-related stuff (edit: indeed, Osana Reimu).
I don’t think I’m the smartest when it comes to find out stuff about something.
Still, every youtube link to this song features a smiling face of Marisa, so I was hoping it would have been a cheerful song.
Turned out it isn’t.
Its rhythm is indeed well suited for an ending, and its lyrics too.
I can’t say this song is “sad”.
I’d rather say it’s one of those bittersweet songs, like those who talks about a beautiful journey that just ended.
Not so happy but not even that sad.
I hope I’m not the only one who thinks of it this way.
I like the bass for this song a lot, it’s so calming!
The vocals aren’t bad too, but I think a different type of voice would have been better.
This one’s a little bit too high pitched to go along with the song, in my opinion.

KRASTERII – 願い星、帰り道

いつからかこんなにも当たり前になってる 君と眺める景色

yawarana kaze ga fuku yuuyake no kaeri michi
kotoba o nakushite aruita
itsu kara ka konna ni mo atarimae ni natteru kimi to nagameru keshiki

I walked on a sunset road where the gentle wind blows
And I lost everything I had to say
I wonder since then has the scenery you’re looking at become so obvious?

悔しくて泣いた夜 二人笑った時間
誰よりも何よりも君だけだと 秘めた恋心

kuyashikute naita yoru futari waratta jikan
omoide no tsumoru ashiato
dare yori mo nani yori mo kimi dake da to himeta koigokoro

Those regrettable nights spent crying, and the time when we laughed together
Footprints of piled-up memories
Of a newborn love for you, above everyone, above everything.

幾度も探った気持ち あの箱に仕舞って
抑えきれない視線 面影を求めた

ikudo mo sagutta kimochi ano hako ni shimatte
osaekirenai shisen omokage o motometa

The feeling I’ve searched for so many times was put away in that box
I’ve been seking for that expression, that look I can’t simply get from you

隣合わせ 同じ速さでも いつか離れてしまうのかな
そんな明日壊したくて でも言えなくて

tonari awase onaji hayasa demo itsuka hanareteshimau no kana
sonna ashita kowashitakute demo ienakute

I wonder if we’d part away even if we’re running at the same speed side by side?
I want to destroy this kind of future, but I can’t say that

目が合た意識した いつも通り振舞った
どれくらい気付いてる?期待してる 変わらない笑顔

me ga atta ishiki shita itsumo toori furumatta
taai mo nai hanashitari
dore kurai kidzuiteru? kitaishiteru kawaranai egao

We were conscious as our eyes met behaving as usual
Talking with no trace of altruism
How much of it would you notice? My smile of expectation isn’t changing.

どうでもいい理由付けて 呼び出した星空
勢いで頬を寄せて 願いを唱えた

doudemo ii riyuu tsukete yobidashita hoshizora
ikioide hoho o yosete negai o tonaeta

“Whatever”, that’s the excuse I’m going with, shouting at the starry sky;
I’ve gathered courage and got closer to your cheeks, chanting a wish

ずっとずっと素直じゃないけど いつか伝わる日が来るよう
閉じた扉の奥には 君の全てが

zutto zutto sunao ja nai kedo itsuka tsutawaru hi ga kuru you
tojita tobira no oku ni wa kimi no subete ga

I’m not always honest, but I’m wishing the day we could get along will come
Everything you are and everything you have is far deep that closed door

重ね握った温もり いつか繋がる日が来るよう
同じ夕陽が照らした 君と帰る道

kasane nigitta nukumori itsuka tsunagaru hi ga kuru you
onaji yuuhi ga terashita kimi to kaeru michi

Wishing for the day I’ll be tied to that piled up warmth I once held firmly to come,
On the road where I’m going home with you, shined the same setting sun.


– The lack of pronouns on this song makes it difficult to understand who are some sentences refering to. So, whenever you read “I” or “You”, it’s uncertain if it’s one or the other.
– 明日 (ashita) on the fourth stanza means “tomorrow”, but I’ve translated “future” because it’s supposed to indicate “tomorrow” as “the time that will come”.
– 君の全て (kimi no subete) on the second to last stanza is “your everything”, but I’ve translated it as “everything you are and everything you have” because it sounded better.


Title: 願い星、帰り道 (negaiboshi, kaeri michi) (wishing star, road of return)
Album: Kraster Cluster
Vocals: 羽丘淳
Lyrics: Ne;on
Arrangement: 羽丘淳
Release Event: C86
Source: オリエンタルダークフライト (Oriental Dark Flight) Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Kirisame Marisa’s Theme

俺++ (Includeore) – VOICE


This song, oooh, this song!
I’ve been wanting to translate this song for soo long!
It’s actually one of the first touhou arrange I’ve listened to without a reason and ended up liking it.
But I seem to forget very often about it.
That until today!
Because, once again, I’ve remembered about it and -kinda- found its lyrics online!
Chata‘s voice is a very peculiar one, and an arrange like this one is perfect for her.
That’s why I don’t like that much Chata in other songs.
I like her voice a lot, I could easily say that she’s one of my favourite female singers in the doujin music field, but it’s hard to fit her voice in arranges.
But when her voice goes along the melody, than it’s perfect.
That’s the case. No one else could have sung this song.
And it’s so… peaceful!
It makes me feel relaxed so much. I want to lie down a garden and stay still.
Clouds passing by. My pace, my pace.

俺++ (Includeore) – VOICE


sora mo tobenakatta ano koro
egaiteta yume mo aimai de
hibiku hazu no ashioto sae
nichijou ni kaki kieteita

On that time when I couldn’t even soar the sky
And when the dream I pictured was still unclear
Even the sound of footsteps that should have echoed
Disappeared from my daily life


kakusu bakari datta ano koro
ukaberu emi mo kanman de
namida no ato no atsusa sae
kidzukanu furi o shiteita

On that time when I couldn’t do anything but hiding
And when my floating smile was dull too
I pretended not to notice at all
Even that warmth that comes after the tears


watashi o tsutsumi michibiita ishi ga sasayaku
“sato ni iki yo”

That purpose that wrapped and guided me is whispering
“Go and live in the village”


ima wa tada
mukidashi no taiyou ni sora wa yake
gouman na chishiki no koui no hate umi wa moe
mizukara no seimei no sakebigoe
ari no mama ikiru basho
subete o aisu basho

Now there’s just
The naked sun burning up in the sky
And the sea burns on the edge of the knowledge’ acts of insolence
The screaming voice of my own life
That I had been seeking
Lies untouched in the place where I’m living
The place where I love everything


daichi to ikiru
kokuu ni asobu
tomogara wo shiri
utage ni tsudou

Live with the vast earth
And play with the void
Get to know comrades
And assemble for a party


sora mo tobenakatta ano koro
egaiteta yume mo aimai de
hibiku hazu no ashioto sae
nichijou ni kaki kieteita

On that time when I couldn’t do anything but hiding
And when my floating smile was dull too
I pretended not to notice at all
Even that warmth that comes after the tears


kagura ni awasete
uchi naru koe ga sasayaku

Along with a ritual song,
A voice from inside is whispering
“Live your life!”

春霞 たなびいて

harugasumi tanabiite
kono sato de karami ai
konton no naka tsumugu
utsukushii iro moyou
motome dasu
mizukara no seimei no yobigoe
ari no mama ikiru basho
subete o aisu basho

Hover above the springtime haze
And become one with the villagge
Make your way in the midst of chaos
Like a beautiful colored pattern
The screaming voice of my own life
That I had been seeking
Lies untouched in the place where I’m living
The place where I love everything


– 郷 (kou / kyou) which usually stands for “capital” (example: Gensokyo 幻想郷 uses that kanji) here is read as “sato” (usually wrote as this 里), meaning “village”. That’s probably because it’s refering to Gensokyo itself. It’s not a strange reading, though.
– Also, on the same line, it says “郷へ生き” (sato e iki) which means “live in the village”, but “iki” also means “to go”, and again, with different kanjis, it could mean “die in the village”.
– 神楽 (kagura) are typical shinto songs, but I prefered using a simpler term for it.


Title: VOICE
Circle: 俺++ (Includeore)
Album: 慣 -TRADITION-
Vocals: 茶太 (Chata), 桜ふみ (sakurafumi)
Lyrics: —
Arrangement: HIR
Release Event: C79
Source: 少女綺想曲 ~ Dream Battle (Maiden’s Capriccio ~ Dream Battle) Imperishable Night, Hakurei Reimu’s Theme



【Requested by Eiki

Do you remember Truth? Or maybe Queen of Hearts? I’ve already translates song from this album, Nazokake Alice.
And the one Eiki requested me is also the song the album’s namesake.
I already stated it on the other posts: Alice in Wonderland-related stuff is nothing original and I can’t understand how so many people like it, but this song is really good in terms of music.
Maybe the lyrics are way too long and not very song-like, but the arrangement and everything else is really good.
I think this song would have been translated anyways, even if no one would have requested it.
Also, before I forgot, thanks to Violet for posting its lyrics on her wordpress, it spared me a lot of time!
This song is everything! From rock to dubstep, it’s a really complex and well-done arrange that confirms how ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY is one heck of a fine musical circle.
There’s no need to say that the lyrics for this song are based off Alice In Wonderland, right?
If I’m not wrong, this album featured several riddles on ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY’s website, so maybe some parts of the lyrics could refer to them.
After all, we can say this whole nazokake Alice album is a concept album.
I’m not even sure there’s need for notes for this post, so let’s just go straight to the lyrics!


Its time for you to “wonderland”

道化の紳士が 手招いている
渡された鍵が 合うのはひとつ

douke no shinshi ga temaneite iru
watasareta kagi ga au no wa hitotsu

The gentleman of antics is beckoning me
There’s only one key that fits through

覚悟があるのなら往きなさい。 全て自己責任。」

“sagashite goran, anata no tame.
shinjitsu wo shiritai nara. sore ga donoyou na riaru de atta toshite mo.
kakugo ga aru no nara yukinasai. subete jiko sekinin.”

“Try searching for it, for your sake.
If you want to know the truth. No matter what kind of reality lies beyond it.
Come forth, if you have the resolution. It’s all your responsibility.”

始まりは既に 扉を開いたその時に
「謎掛けに気付くかな? うさぎ穴にはご注意を……」

“saa oidenasai, misete okure!”
kikai na kamen ga usu warau
toumei na kabe no ushiro “dashite dashite…” to dareka no koe ga suru
hajimari wa sude ni tobira o hiraita sono toki ni
“nazokake ni kidzuku kana? usagi ana ni wa gochuui o……”

“Come on, come forth, show me what you got!”
The weird masks laugh faintly
Beyond the invisible wall, someone’s voice goes like “let me go, let me go…”
The beginning has already been enstablished when that door was opened
“Have you noticed that riddle? Be careful of that rabbit’s hole…”

There’re riddles riddles all around

懐古に郷愁 摩訶不思議かな
赤い鬼灯が 枯れては咲いた

kaiko ni kyoushuu makafushigi kana
akai hoozuki ga karete wa saita

Homesick of nostalgia, I wonder if that’s a mystery?
The red ground cherry that withered away has now blossomed


“shinjitsu made oisogi nara, oku no ma e oyukinasai.
anzen wa hoshou shikanemasu ga, yokereba…”

“If you’d haste towards the truth, come forth to what lies within.
I understand if you’re reclutant of finding this place to be safe, but if it’s okay with you…”

進む道 形を変え 最後に往くべき先を示すだろう
戻るか進むか 視えるものが全てではない
「正解の扉まで 喰われぬようご注意を。」

“saa minasan! omachi kane no hinto o sashiagemashou ka ne.”
susumu michi katachi o kae saigo ni yukubeki saki o shimesu darou
modoru ka susumu ka mieru mono ga subete de wa nai
“seikai no tobira made kuwarenu you gochuui o.”

“Come on, everybody! Should I give you the hint you were waiting for?”
Advance to that road, change your shape; I wonder if it will lead me to the last place I should go to?
Should I go back? Or go forth? What I can see is not anything
“Be careful not to be eaten until you reach the door to truth.”


kimyou na tokoro ne
tameiki o tsuita sono setsuna ni…

It’s a bizarre place, isn’t it?
By the time I let out a sigh…

Oh Alice when will you learn
Passing the point of no return
Curiosity wins
Why choose the path of meaningless sins

Truth may lead into pain
What else can you gain?

But you will keep on looking
Head for what you believe in
Open the door and see your “wonderland”

視界の端を過ぎった 白兎の影追った

shikai no hashi o yogitta usagi no kage otta

Passing by the boundaries of my vision, I chased the shadow of a white rabbit

奥の間へ踏み込めば 床は形を変えて黒い穴へ
暖く間にほら 真っ逆さまに落ちていくよ
鍵を手に叫んでも 誰も助けちゃくれないよ

saa hajimatta! koukishin ga, kichi to deru ka kyou to deru kana.
oku no ma e fumikomeba yuka wa katachi wo kaete kuroi ana e
atatakaku ma ni hora massakasama ni ochite iku yo
kagi o te ni sakende mo daremo tasukecha kurenai yo

Come on, it has started! I wonder from what curiosity comes from? From good or bad luck?
Stepping into the furthest depths, the ground’s shape changes into a black hole
In this warmth lapse of time, I’m falling head over heels
Even if I call out a key to be on my hand, no one is willing to help me


usagi ana→sono saki wa marui tsuki ka, deguchi ka, [toki wo kizamanai sekai] ka
toranpu asobi o shite kaeri wo omachi shitemasu
zonbun ni tanoshinde. douzo itterasshaimase…

The rabbit’s hole→before it lies something. Is that the round moon? Or an exit? Or a world where time doesn’t flow?
Playing card games waiting for the time I’ll return home
Enjoy it to your heart’s content! Please, take care of yourself…

Its time for you to “wonderland”


Title: 謎掛アリス (Nazokake Alice) (Alice’s riddle)
Album: 謎掛アリス (nazokake arisu) (Alice’s riddle)
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae
Lyrics: Nakae Mitsuki
Arrangement: 塚越雄一朗(Yuichiro Tsukagoshi)
Release Event: C87
Source: Original

[REQUEST] Kissing the Mirror x LA KIA – セレネの呼ぶ声


【Requested by B016

I had trouble with the small fonts on the scans I had for this, but luckily Violet is here to save the world again!
This song’s lyrics are pretty unique, in terms of structure: each stanza is pretty long compared to your ordinary japanese song.
And I must say that the lyrics themselves are not bad at all, really!
The arrange is pretty good too, but nothing exceptionally remarkable. I’m not really a big fan of Septette for the Dead Princess, I actually think of it as the most overrated Touhou theme ever composed by ZUN.
Can’t really see how such an unrefined theme (which, by the way, is inspired by Beethoven’s Sonata Pathetique 3rd movement…) can overshadow way more complex and, in terms of music, better-composed themes.
But anyway. It’s not like I despise its arranges (starting from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody‘s version of this theme, that is absolutely outstanding) or the song itself.

Kissing the Mirror x LA KIA – セレネの呼ぶ声

揺れる小さな灯火 照らす幾多の星も さぁこの手に眠れ
温もりに餓え彷徨う者よ この身に宿れ 奥へと

yureru chiisana tomoshibi terasu ikuta no hoshi mo saa kono te ni nemure
nukumori ni uesamayou mono yo kono mi ni yadore oku e to

Swaying little lampligths, vast number of star! You too, come forth and sleep in my hand!
Oh people, starving and lurking for a warmth, it dwells in the depths of this body of mine

鐘の音が終わるまで この静寂でさえも ただ余興に過ぎない
始まりを迎えたその時に 必然も生まれている

kane no oto ga owaru made kono shijima de sae mo tada yokyou ni suginai
hajimari o mukaeta sono toki ni hitsuzen mo umareteru

Until the sound of the bells will come to an end, even this silence won’t be an entertainment;
In the time the beginning will be welcomed, necessities are born with it too

希望や夢は綺麗事だと 遠ざけていたのは誰の言葉でしょうか?

kibou ya yume wa kireigoto da to toozaketeita no wa dare no kotoba deshou ka?

Who said the words vanished into the distance saying “dreams and hope are something beautiful”?

痛みなど無い苦しみならば 教えてあげる 靴の音の鳴る方へ 「お行きなさい」
そして知るでしょう 螺旋の意味を 消えた声の持ち主は誰?

itami nado nai kurushimi naraba oshiete ageru kutsu no ne no naru hou e “oikinasai”
soshite shiru deshou rasen no imi o kieta koe no mochinushi wa dare?

If there’s a suffering without pain, please tell me; “Go away”, I can hear from when the sound of the shoe comes from
And then, I should have know it; Who’s the holder of that vanished voice holding a distorted meaning?

木の葉たちの喝采も 注ぎ込む囁きも 皆、我を讃える
愚かしき行く手を阻む者 不快よ、消えなさい

konohatachi no kassai mo sosogikomu sasayaki mo minna, ware o tataeru
orokashiki yuku te o habamu mono fukai yo, kienasai

Even the cheers of the leaves and even the overlapping whisperings, they’re all praising me;
Disappear, oh unpleasant human who’s trying to stop me from walking my foolish path!

理想の像なら ここにあるでしょう 進みなさい、その胸が正義と云うのならば

risou no zou nara koko ni aru deshou susuminasai, sono mune ga seigi to iu no naraba

An ideal portrait should be just there; Proceed, if your heart holds what’s called “justice”

絶望でさえ縋りたいくらい 魂の道なき者たち 集えよ 「名のもとに」
そして知るでしょう 本当の価値を 噎び泣くその声はどこへ?

zetsubou de sae sugaritai kurai tamashii no michi naki monotachi tsudoeyo “na no moto ni”
soshite shiru deshou hontou no kachi o musebinaku sono koe wa doko e?

Even in despair, join together! Oh, those who have no road for their soul to cling to! “In your name, my mistress!”
And then, I should know its true value; Where is that sobbing voice going to?

あなたがもし望むなら 聞いてもいい ふたつ自由に選ぶこと

anata ga moshi nozomu nara kiite mo ii futatsu jiyuu ni erabu koto

And if you’re willing to wish for something, it’s okay to ask: There are two freedoms to choose from


hanabira mau
hoshi furu yoru

The petals are dancing
A night with falling stars


– The transcription I’ve made is based on the booklet. The last two stanzas works differently. They’re not actually the last two stanzas, but are the chorus featuring in the song:
> あなたがもし望むなら 聞いてもいい ふたつ自由に選ぶこと (second to last stanza) is the backing track chorus repeated more than one time in this song.
>花びら舞う (hanabira mau) is repeated two times inside this song, each time the first refrain ends.
>星降る夜 (hoshi furu yoru) appears one time, on the last refrain.
– On the second stanza, “生まれている” is wrote as “umarete-I-ru”, but the singer says “umareteru”, withouth the “i”. That’s not an error, since they can be both used in japanese. Still, in the lyrics the “i” appears, while it doesn’t on the song. That’s why I didn’t keep the “i” in the romaji.
– I added “my mistress” in the last stanza because, while it doesn’t appear, it’s obviously what the song’s refering to. Without it, it would have been difficult to understand.


Title: セレネの呼ぶ声 (serene no yobukoe) // Selene’s calling voice
Circle: Kissing the Mirror // LA KIA
Album: Labyrinth of Selene
Vocals: AKIRA
Lyrics: —
Arrangement: Woomin | AKIRA
Release Event: C87
Source: 亡き王女の為のセプテット (Septette for the Dead Princess) Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Remilia Scarlet’s Theme

サリー – con~痕~


So, few posts ago I’ve posted my Top 15 Touhou arranges, and turned out that min~眠~ is one of the touhou arranges I like the most. [2017 edit: link is now private lolol]
So you may think that Sally should be one of my favourite circles by now… But it’s not.
Let’s start saying that I discovered that circle right from the beginning, I randomly gave it a listen when their first album came out and was actually really impressed by it.
Then I’ve listened to other albums and noticed that good tracks were becoming more and more repetitive and, at least to my ears, worse.
That doesn’t mean I don’t like each and every song from this circle.
There’s at least a song I like from each albums they made.
It’s just that… Each album is like the replica of the original album, they copied its style and its structure.
So, why today’s post?
Because I think con~痕~ (you can already see its title has the same structure as min~眠~’s… But it’s nothing like it) is the best track from Syndrome album.
But still, it’s nothing exceptional, in my opinion.
Still, it kinda surprised me no one has ever translated it in english (NOTE: Because it makes no f*cking sense whatsoever).
After all, either in a good or a bad way, Sally was something that was part of my touhou-arrange musical experience.
Let’s just say this post is a tribute to min~眠~.

Sally – con~痕~

このまま悲劇から逃れ おしまいと言って暗闇
その姿は まるで 啜り泣く花びら模様

kono mama higeki kara nogare oshimai to itte kurayami
sono sugata wa maru de susurinaku hanabira moyou

Still escaping from the tragedy, in this darkness that calls for an ending;
That silhouette really looks like a weeping shape of petals

木の葉に仕舞う鼓動 もう止まれと言って暗闇
攫う異形の羽 地下に撒く花びら模様

konoha ni shimau kodou mo tomare to itte kurayami
sarau igyou no hane chika ni maku hanabira moyou

A darkness that has already ended the sound of leaves
Strange looking abducted wings scatter underground, like the shape of petals

This all for you is wave or gun.
Below, below

不確かな時を刻み続く 非対称なガラクタで
館奥のドアを閉めたのは 僅かな目を隠す掌

futashikana toki wo kizamitsudzuku hitaishouna garakuta de
yakata oku no doa o shimeta no wa wazukana me o kakusu tenohira

I’ll keep marking the passage of an uncertain time over asymmetrical rubbish,
Who shut the door of the mansion’s depths is slightly covering her eyes with the palm of her hand

ヒビ割れた綿の迷路は 深さ知らず
黒柄に触れたものは いつの間にか萎れた

hibiwareta wata no meiro wa fukasa shirazu
kurogara ni fureta mono wa itsu no ma ni ka shioreta

I don’t know the depth of this cracked labyrinth of cotton
Everything touched by this black pattern withers in a blink of an eye

その歌 を紡ぐ序章 空に
限りなくひとり 幾年と花びらの錠

sono uta o tsumugu joshou sora ni
mou owari to itte kurayami
kagiri naku hitori ikutose to hanabira no jou

This song that makes yarn to a void prologue
It’s already a darkness that calls for an end
Alone for all the eternity, with petal shackles of years and years

一目のみとなれど お芝居をうって暗闇
虹色 歪めて 赤く咲く花びら模様

hitome nomi to naredo oshibai o utte kurayami
niji’iro hizumete akaku saku hanabira moyou

A darkness just like a drama saw with nothing but an eye
Just like a distorted rainbow-colored shape of a blooming red petal

ひとひらだけ 水面にくべてくべて
「もしも」と換えて 距離など埋めて全て

hitohira dake minamo ni kubete kubete
“moshimo” to kaete kyori nado umete subete

I’ll burn just a petal, only one, on the water’s surface
I’ll bury everything and anything, so distances and such could turn into “what if…”

粉々に果てた からだ こころ たゆたうだけ
影宿る 最後の火が消えた気がした

konagona ni hateta karada kokoro tayutau dake
kodoku ni wa yasuragi sae hisomi
kage yadoru saigo no hi ga kieta ki ga shita

My body is turned into tiny pieces, only my soul is still flickering
In my loneliness, even the calmness lies dormant
I have the feeling that last fire left on my shadow has vanished

跡形も残らぬほどに 別れたなら
二の句を紡ぐ間際 狂気を見ていられた

atokata mo nokoranu hodo ni wakareta nara
ni no ku o tsumugu magiwa kuuki o miteirareta

If I’d be parted away to the point all my traces disappear,
I will be staring into my craziness, waiting for the moment I’ll grasp an answer

サヨナラ ああ 愛しい熱よ 脈を打つ管 名残りよ
落ちる雫の絵 夜を裂く花びら模様

sayonara aa itoshii netsu yo myaku o utsu kan nagori yo
ochiru shizuku no e yoru o saku hanabira moyou

Goodbye, oh my beloved warmth; I’ll miss the pulse of your lungs
A painting of a falling dew, just like the shape of a night petal tore away

逆さ廻りの針 何処までゆこうと暗闇
お外は今日も雨 よるを巻く花びら模様

sakasa mawari no hari doko made yukou to kurayami
osoto wa kyou mo ame yoru o maku hanabira moyou

In the darkness of the clockhand rotating backwards as far as it can,
Outside is still raining, just like the shape of a petal swayed by the night

Be gone. Unknown un-continued
Bit, bit
This all for you is wave and gun.


– 模様 (moyou) is repeated lots of time in the song. It means “pattern”, “figure”, but in this song is also used as a pun to the words “の様” (no you), meaning “just like…”
– Don’t mind the engrish, please. It’s part of its lyrics.
– 鼓動 on the second stanza is, as always, “beating”, “heartbeat”. But here doesn’t make much sense, so I simply translated it as “sound”.
– 空 (sora) in the 6th stanza, is “sky”, but it could also mean “emptiness”, “void”. “Sky” didn’t make any sense, to me, so I used “void” instead.


Title: con~痕~ (con ~kon~) // (marks)
Circle: サリー (Sally)
Album: シンドローム (Syndrome)
Vocals: 茶太 (Chata)
Lyrics: shuriken
Arrangement: NSY
Release Event: Reitaisai 9
Source: U.N. オーエンは彼女なのか? (U.N. Owen was Her?) Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Flandre Scarlet’s Theme

電気式華憐音楽集団 (Denkare) – W.M.S.


When I don’t have much to do, I like to explore the depths of my iTunes collection, where lies forgotten music.
And look what kind of gem I can find doing so!
W.M.S. by Denkare, it’s been a long time since I’ve last listened to it.
I clearly remember Jaefine made me listen to this song and introduced me to them.
And I clearly remember that W.M.S. was of the tracks I liked the most from this band. Or circle. Or whatever they are.
We’re talking about a long time ago, probably around 4-5 years.
When I was still in highschool and I was into gothic metal more than I ever was before.
And Denkare was a leading band for this genre.
As I’m writing this, Denkare’s songs keep coming to my mind. It’s so nostalgic!
Probably I’ll make more Denkare posts in the future… mh.
After all it can’t be only touhou here, am I right?

Denkare – W.M.S.


nemurenai yoru no yami de
yokubou ga kinu no you ni
yasashiku hoho o nadete
kizuato o nokoshite yuku

In the darkness of a sleepless night
The despair softly strokes my cheeks
As if it was silk
Leaving scars on me as it passes through


utsurona me o shite
nani o sagaseba
kotae ni naru no ka
wakaranai mama

I wonder what should I search for
With the empty eyes I’ve got
As I still don’t know
If I’d be able to seize an answer


agakeba agaku dake
mae ni susumerunara
inori o sasagu yori
watashi agamereba ii

If I’d struggle, I’d just struggle;
If I’d be able to move forward
I’d rather worship myself
Than offer prayers to someone


tatoe yami no naka demo
jibun wa shinjirareru

Even in the midst of darkness
I’d be able to trust myself


sokoshirenu mune no itami
wakiokoru kono sakebi o
hikitomeru jutsu wa nakute
yokubou wa nagaredashita

This shout arise
From a bottomless aching heart;
There’s no way to restrain it
And my desires gush out of it


watashi no subete o
nomikonda mama
uzu o makinagara
doko ni yuku no ka

By the time my whole self
Was being swallowed
Was there a way I could go
As the swirls were rolling?


mogakeba mogaku dake
fujou dekiru no nara
inori o komeru yori
ue o miagereba ii
kami ga inori no moto ni oriru mae ni

If I’d be impatient, I’d just be impatient;
If I’d be able to rise to the surface
I’d rather look up what’s above me
Than relying on prayers
Just before falling down underneath a praying God


agake ba agaku dake
mae ni susumeru nara
inori o sasagu yori
watashi agamereba ii

If I’d struggle, I’d just struggle;
If I’d be able to move forward
I’d rather worship myself
Than offer prayers to someone


subete ga yami ni kiete mienakutemo
koko ni watashi ga iru koto dake wa shinjirareru

Even if I couldn’t see the world disappearing into the darkness
I’ll be able to believe the single fact I’m still there


– On the lyrics I’ve found, in the first stanza there’s a “欲望” (yokubou, “desire”, “greed”), but I keep hearing “zetsubou” (絶望, “despair”). Probably it’s both a special reading (typical of japanese lyricist) or simply a typo. I’m translating it as “zetsubou” because I’m positive that’s what the singer is saying.
– Last stanza: I’ve translated “subete” as “the world”, where it means “everything”. I couldn’t find a decent translation using “everything”.


Title: W.M.S.
Circle: 電気式華憐音楽集団 (Denki Shiki Karen Ongaku Shuudan) (Denkare)
Album: 電気式音楽集 II (Denki Shiki Ongaku Shuu II)
Vocals: 華憐 (Karen)
Lyrics: 華憐 (Karen)
Arrangement: 音 (On)
Release Date: 10/28/2011
Source: Original

[REQUEST] ロクプラス – 睡葬


【Requested by Vital

It’s not much different from the other request I got from the same person, RockPlus – Funeral Song.
But this one had a ton of kanjis I’ve never saw before.
Seriously, that’s one of the songs I struggled the most transcribing!
Be sure to read the notes and check them out.
About the song, it probably isn’t my genre, nor the type of music that I’d enjoy listening to.
But still, I must say, pretty unique, being this circle the only one to arrange touhou themes in such nursery-rhyme fashion.

Rockplus – 睡葬


michita haru ni negawakuba
oborodzuki ni torawarete

As I prayed to the spring in full bloom
I was being captured by the hazy moon

憧憬の香 薫き染めて

utsukushiki shi no arika e
shoukei no ko dakishimete
usuzumi no shitone no moto
wa ga mei wa kaze ni chirinu

Towards the whereabouts of a beautiful death
I embrace the fragrance of its longing
On the base of the cushion soaked in ink
My life won’t scatter to the wind


shidareru sakura ni
masoo no tada akaki koto
hodokeru yubi ni
tamayura no yowa tsutau

On the weeping cherry tree
Only the ocher grows redder
And on my fingers, unfastening from it
Flows the dew of the dead of night


kiyome no shiraha de
kazarareta kizuguchi kara
fukasuru chou no
rinpun no hisui-iro

The purified white sword
Adorning my wounds
Is hatching a butterfly
Whose scales are jade green


kasumu mabuta o tojite watashi wa
mizuumi ni houmurareta
tsukiakari no you ni kurai tsuchi no soko de
touwa ni nemuru
kuchinu mama kirei ni

And then, closing my hazy eyelids,
I’m being buried down the lake
Just like a moonlight on the faint darkness on the earth’s abyss
Sleeping here for the eternity
Beautifully, as I still don’t rot away


usuzumi no shitone no moto
sadame wa koko ni aran to

On the base of the cushion soaked in ink
Something tells me here lies no destiny


– First stanza: “negawakuba” (願わくば) is a pretty old-fashioned way to say “I wish for”. 満ちた (michita) means “to be full”, but being refered to “spring” (春) it should imply “in full bloom”, thus my translation.
– Second stanza: 薫き染めて (daki-shimete) ok this seriously confused me. I know for sure that the second part (染めて) is “somete” (to paint something), and that the first part, again, can be read as “kaori”, meaning “scent”. But I keep hearing “dakishimete”, meaning “to embrace”. And it’s possibile, considering that most of the things she says are read in a old-fashioned way. I leave it “dakishimete” even though I’m not really sure about this, if you can let me know what does it actually stand for, than I’d really apreciate!
– Second stanza: yeah. We have “cushion”, we have “ink”, we have everything. I don’t get its meaning, but there’s no doubt the words are wrong. Maybe a suicidal note…? Considering we’re talking about Yuyuko‘s death… (also, may be refering to the ink in the name of Yuyuko’s theme “cherry blossom of SUMIZOME“, where Sumi-zome means “ink-colored”.
– Third stanza: 枝垂れる桜 (shidareru sakura) is a strange way to write “shidarezakura“, which is a variety of the typical sakura (japanese cherry tree) with drooping branches. Being wrote in a different way, instead of simply writing “shidarezakura” I wrote “weeping cherry tree”, picturing on my mind a weeping willow.
– Third stanza: 真赭 (masoo) one of the hardest word of this song. The singer says “masofu” because of its old reading. It means “ocher”, a shade of yellow.
– Second to last stanza: 仄い and 土底, both special reading. The first one is read as “kurai”, while should have been “katamui”, the other is “tsuchi” and “soko”, but in the song it’s read as a whole segment, “tsuchi no soko”.
The first kanji is also usually featured in the word “honomeku” (仄めく) which means “to grow faint”, though it’s pretty unusual. Here, “kurai” means “darkening”, “dark”, so the meaning could be the same. I blended them togheter.
– Hey! Guess who’s back? That’s right. Last stanza: fucking 運命 (unmei) read as “sadame” again! I should start to count the times this pops out in touhou lyrics. It’s a nightmare.
– The last particle “to” (と) implies that that’s a conclusion or something heard from someone. It usually features in sentences where who’s talking is doubtful, thus I added “something tells me” before it.


Title: 睡葬 (Sleeping Burial)
Circle: Roch Plus (ロクプラス)
Vocals: たくあん
Lyrics: 城籠雅
Arrangement: あかゐ
Release Event: C82
Source: 幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~ Border of Life (Bloom Nobly, Cherry Blossoms of Sumizome ~ Border of Life) Perfect Cherry Blossom, Saigyouji Yuyuko’s Theme