[04/23/2019] The “About” section has been updated

Foreground Noises is a 2013-born website dedicated to japanese songs translations.
It’s a follow-up to my previous – now “closed” – wordpress, The Distant Journey, which I started a long time ago, around 2009.
I used to translate japanese songs lyrics on that website too, but in italian (my native language).
When I started it, I didn’t know anything about japanese: all I did was to re-translate english translations for japanese songs in italian (I was young and unexperienced, now I’m just the latter).
I started studying japanese in 2012, and as soon as I started getting better at it, I decided to put what I’ve been learning into practice, by transcribing and translating japanese music, one of my biggest passion of all time.
The namesake for both my websites is from a Touhou-project arrangment screamo/metal band called Foreground Eclipse, being “Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises” their first full lenght album and “The Distant Journey To You” one of the songs inside it.
This band – which dismantled in 2013 – really meant (and still does) a lot to me, and it’s the main reason for why I started my first wordpress and then decided to move on by becoming a JP to ENG translator myself.
My first ispiration was the legendary translator Kafka-fuura, who translated most of Foreground Eclipse’s songs back then when even their lyrics were pretty hard to find online. I admired his work and his website, and I decided to make a sort-of “italian version” of it (and that’s the origin of The Distant Journey).
The second, but most important ispiration, came from a dear friend of mine, Jaefine: she started her own jp to eng music translation wordpress before I started mine (and by “mine” I mean foregroundnoises), and around that same time (which is almost 10 years ago by now), she had started learning japanese by herself.
I always wanted to learn japanese, but never actually put my mind into doing it before, and yet she did; I really admired that.
Not only. One time, we were talking about this and she said me something I still clearly remember to this very day: “if you like it, you should do it”.
Simple enough, those words really had an impact on me. That’s why I started learning japanese, and how I started this website, and how I went to Japan, and how I got my master’s degree in japanese language, etc. etc.
Basically, it’s all thanks to her.
Of course my website changed throughout the years: now it’s less Touhou-oriented (don’t get me wrong, I still love Touhou and it will always be my favorite series) and more indie/shoegaze/whatev-oriented, there have been ups, downs, requests I didn’t want to translate, projects I’ve moved to other websites, others I let die away, interface & scheme changes, this, that, this and that…

Now, foregroundnoises – which will keep the record of everything that happened before 04/23/2019 – will simply be what it should have always been: a place for music, for lyrics, and for discovery of new songs.
Some policies will change (and you can find them all down there), but the rest will stay the same. I don’t want a hobby to become a burden, so never expect anything from this website. But definitely keep an eye on it: maybe you don’t know about your own favorite song yet.

– Shion

So, what’s new?

Let me talk briefly about some things that will change from now (04/2019) on.
First of all, the translations request documented on the following page has changed: I won’t take any translation requests anymore, except for private requests (read more on the top section of it).
Even the translation system changed a bit: no more comments, no more colors, no more pictures, just lyrics, notes and infos. I want this wordpress to be a website about my music, not about me.
The layout changed too: it’s now more compact and text-focused. I also added few random header images, all from Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs‘s Albums and EPs cover arts (self-titled EP’s cover art, ひきずるビート/まで。Single’s cover art, たんたんたん bandcamp cover art, World is Yours‘s cover art, Zero Comma, Irodoritori Sekai‘s cover art, Slow Motion Replay Single’s cover art and No New World‘s cover art). I really like that band, but to be honest I chose their CD art to represent my website simply because… I think they’re really good.
One last thing. I always worried about translating songs that other have translated before, but I won’t do this anymore: I want to publish translated lyrics for songs I like, translated by me and regardless of other translations (I don’t think it’s bad to have more translators doing the same song, it gives the reader more possibilities to read it).

That’s pretty much it, maybe there won’t be many posts after this update, maybe none at all (I doubt it). But I want to everyone who stumbles upon this website to focus on its most important things: music and words.
Just that.

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