I’m Shion, an italian university student.
I’m 23 years old, I live near Rome and I’m a degree in japanese language & culture in Rome’s university “La Sapienza”, though I plan on keeping my universities studies soon on a next level (currently doing so).
Just as you can figure out easily, I like Japan and what it has to offer.
You can call me a Japan-addicted, though I don’t act like a complete idiot. I think that’s one of the passion I had which never totally faded out from my life. So yeah, that’s it!
I love Touhou Project, of course, its music in particular (ZUN is a genius imho).
As you can see by my blog name, I like Foreground Eclipse a lot, they’re my favourite band.
“Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises” is the first album I’ve ever listened to, and it’s very important to me, thus the blog’s name.
Around 2011, I’ve found on youtube some clips of the japanese television program “Gaki no Tsukai”, and I fell in love with it.
It made me laugh like anything else did in my entire life, and it helped me so much overcoming the times when I was down.
I think everyone should watch it, because everyone has the right to laugh, and everyone could be happier by laughing.
Thus, I decided to use my “abilities” of understanding japanese language in order to translate untranslated clips from this show.
I really apreciate every view, like and comment on my translations, and I hope more and more people will smile and laugh by watching them.
…And so, I’ve decided to open this blog, in order to keep every update and news of my translations.
I’ll also post translation unrelated to Gaki no Tsukai, such as Touhou pvs, japanese shows and song lyrics, as well as other stuff that I want to share with everyone, such as curiosities and anime-related pseudo-reviews.

Well, well, time to update things, I guess.
Foreground Noises focuses on japanese lyrics’ translations. Mostly touhou-derivated works, but also original doujin song, popular jpop-jrock songs, anime opening / endings, kancolle arranges, or simply indie music I’d like to share with you.
Occasionally, you’ll find poetry or some shit like that. No one likes that, it’s a bit selfish, don’t you think so? Updating again, no more poetry & stuff, but lots of shoegaze in exchange!
This place is my dumpster. My useless, unworthy, meaningless beautiful dumpster.
Hope you’ll enjoy your stay!
I’m really not much of a writer, so I think I’ll end it there.
For any info, you can contact me via…
Twitter: @FGRNDNoises
Skype: flakyz2 (I don’t use it anymore)
And obviously where I upload all my subbed videos (youtube removed them all, f*ck you), on my youtube channel:
Youtube: ForegroundNoises

Lastly, feel free to request me translations of untranslated Gaki no Tsukai clips (possibly under 10 minutes, ’cause I don’t have much time… university’s fault, don’t blame me!)

One more thing: this wordpress background is dark-grey but on the mobiles it appears to be white, so I’m sorry if sometimes lyrics’ colours are too bright to be read via mobile, but I’m focusing on the computer interface, so I won’t change them! I’m sorry.

That’s all, if you have any question, Don’t hesitate!


Thanks to:

– Friends
– Supporters
– Followers
– Those who helped me find lyrics for songs
– Those who requested me songs
– Those who use my translation on youtube as karaoke for subbed videos (Helly, Alv, Eiki, Alice Margatroid, ParasiteTeromea, Mayumi Sugihara, Vital, Baka, Meng Yue, Nitori Kappashiro etc. etc…)
– Those who helped me with Gaki no Tsukai clips typesetting
– The whole TeamGaki

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& my other websites
感激宴会 ~ Kangeki Enkai

Recommended pages:

• 8-bit Fiction
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Special thanks:

• Violet (tiramisu cowboy), who significantly helps me finding lyrics and is always available for anything.
• Jaefine (mirrorofparanoia), who drove me to start studying japanese years ago.
• Helly (undefinedfantasticchannel), who helps me keeping my love for Touhou untouched.
• Yapan (clockworkstracer), who kindly sent me his own songs’ lyrics.
Marmalade Butcherさん、「Siro Kuro」の歌詞を読ませてくださってありがとうございました!
• Teto (foregroundeclipse), founder of the unforgettable band which lead me to be the one I am today.
• ZUN (teamshanghaialice), who created much, much, much more than a simple videogame.

…And you.


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