Gaki no Tsukai translations: Info, FAQs & Everything else



First of all: That’s not a translation post / a post related to japanese music whatsoever.
As someone who follows my blog or my youtube page already knows, I’m translating Gaki no Tsukai clips by years.
What is Gaki no Tsukai? I’m not wasting any time explaining that, just google it and you won’t regret it.
So, what’s this post about? Let’s try to explain.

Fansubbing & Encoding

I started fansubbing 2-3 years ago for fun and I noticed that people actually watched my translated videos and enjoyed them a lot, and that’s amazing.
I learned by myself how to add subtitles, how to set the “right” timing and how to encode everything at the end, but it was annoying the first time and annoying even today.
I won’t lie if I say that the most difficult thing about fansubbing is timing the subtitles instead of translating what the guys in the videos are saying.
I struggled a bit, but I managed to upload a bunch of subbed clips on my channel, and eventually I got over 1000 subscribers (which is a lot to me, considering how this started so suddenly and without no one helping me).
And I’m not considering quitting. I love Gaki no Tsukai and I love to spread some new clips to gaki fans who can’t speak or understand japanese.
Oh, by the way, I helped translating 1 hour of the Earth Defense Force Batsu Game with Team Gaki, but on my youtube channel (due copyright issues / complaining and sh*t) I only upload short clips of Gaki.
Anyway, while I’d like to keep translating and having a frequent upload pace, life is life and a lot of stuff comes in the way.
I’m graduating this year and I’m studying a lot in order to be able to do so… And than there’s this blog’s translations (which don’t take me much time as timing subtitles does…), books to read, friends to meet, graduation thesis to write, concerts to perform with my band, hobbies and stuff that leaves me only a few spare time that I don’t like to spend doing something I don’t like to do.
And while I like translating, I DON’T like timing.


“There’s the rub”, would write Shakespeare.
Truth is, I suck at timing subtitles, and I usually spend more than 2 hours for just a 1 minute clip. That’s crazy and tires me up to death.
I recently uploaded a short clip just as a sign, like “Hey guys, I’m not dead yet, but, y’know, I suck at timing subtitles and I won’t fucking stand a clip longer than a minute, I’m sorry”.
But hey! I’m doing this for free! I don’t want to die timing!
On another clip (and on this blog) I wrote about the fact that I’m looking for someone to help me timing my clips.
Read HERE for more, but let me explain it further. (CLICK HERE TO READ)
I don’t think I’m able to be the leader of a fansub group (as much as I wish to be one), having tons of stuff to do.
That’s why this project is not a “fansub team” project, but just clips uploaded on my channel, by me.
My channel grew a lot and I think it can grow more, so it will be a shame to leave it as it is by now.
If you’re good at timing subtitle and want to help me spreading Gaki no Tsukai, just let me know!
Just read the other post I linked before to read the instructions. You’ll be credited, so don’t worry!


Q: Why are those clips so short?
A: Mainly because of two reasons. First of all, if youtube notices that a full episode is uploaded, the chances that it’ll get removed will be higher than a short one. Second, because, as I stated before, I suck at timing and I really hate doing it, so I stick to short clips so I can upload without spending a year timing the subtitles and losing my hair due nervousness.

Q: What’s wrong with the videos’ quality?
A: Yeah, uhm, again, two reasons. First, just like before, higher quality means that the clip is more easy to be found and more similar to the clip aired on television. Just so you know, subtitling and uploading isn’t actually something that should be encouraged, but we’re fan and we’re doing what fans do! …But youtube doesn’t like this, so if it finds out I uploaded a HQ rip from a japanese tv show, he fucks me up.
Second reason is… I don’t know. I mean, I try my best trying to keep my video quality not high but not so low either. Usually I try to keep it between 360p and 480p (which is medium-low), but somehow during the upload process something always goes wrong and yeah… quality drops to 240p and sometimes to 144p.
I don’t really know, I’m technologically retarded.

Q: Will you translate the full episode from where this clip comes from?
A: Uh… it depends. If the full episode is around 20 minutes, not HQ and (most important) already timed/typesetted by someone else, yeah, I’d love to! If that’s not the case… I’m sorry, I won’t.

Q: From which episode does this clip come from?
A: Most of the time you just have to read the description to answer that question. But sometimes I don’t know. I just happen to find on the internet some clips that catch my attention and I start translating them without knowing what they are or where they come from.

Q: Will you translate X?
A: Will you typeset/time X for me?


There are actually lots of project I planned working at, but couldn’t because the clips were long and I couldn’t stand timing 24 friggin’ minutes of japanese people talking.
I just… I can’t time subtitles. I’m sorry.
Here are some of the clips that I planned subbing, and I still am.
So, if you’re interested in lending me a hand, you can already start timing / typesetting the subs (.ass files) and send them to me!
– ガキの使い おもしろ廊下歩きコンテスト (Gaki no Tsukai – Funny Corridor Walking Contest)
– ガキの使い 藤原の500のコト (Gaki no Tsukai – 500 Things About Fujiwara)
– ガキの使い 松本 挑戦 (Gaki no Tsukai – Matsumoto Challenge) (EVERY UNSUBBED EPISODE)
– キキシリーズ (Kiki Series) (EVERY UNSUBBED EPISODE)
– ガキの使い コスプレバスツアー (Gaki no Tsukai – Cosplay Bus Tour) (EVERY UNSUBBED EPISODE)
– ガキの使い 七変化 (Gaki no Tsukai – ShichiHenge) (EVERY UNSUBBED EPISODE)
Obviously those are only few of the clips I’d like to translate.
If you’re willing to help me, you also get the right to choose which Gaki clip (not only those listed here) we should work to.

There’s really nothing else to add.
Once again, to get a clearer picture read HERE.
Hope you’ll help me, let’s work together!
I actually found someone who wanted to help me, but one has disappeared and the other… I don’t remember. Truth is, I’m still searching for helpers, and I’d love to work with you, and you, and you too!


Here’s a tutorial to how to contact me (people always find istructions VERY hard).

– Being able to read
– Being able to read and understand
– Being able to read and understand and read once more so you’re really sure you understood what you just read

Nice! Now, if you fullfil the prerequisites, here’s how you can contact me (which, obviously, means everything else that’s not wrote down here is not a valid method):
– via mail: write me an e-mail to adress.
– via Twitter: send me a tweet / PM to @FGRNDNoises.
– via Facebook: send a message my account.
– via Skype: add flakyz2 to your contacts.
– Simply comment this post.

You can ask me everything you want in the mail / messages. We’ll talk about what to do and decide together which clip we should start to work to. Lending me a hand doesn’t mean being bounded to my translations. In other words, you’re not obliged to keep typesetting for me! You can also typeset a clip and then get the f*ck back to your home planet far far away in the galaxy! That’s totally cool!
You’re basically help me when you want to: I can’t force you to continue or to do what I want to do.
I hope this post doesn’t sound stupid / pretentious, but I’m really looking forward to working with other Gaki fans who share my passion.
Let’s keep subbing and spreading the love!

And keep an eye to my channel: マウロ (Shion)
(this post was created in order to put it under my videos descriptions AKA those things that no one ever reads)

Hirasawa Susumu – MOON TIME


Foreground Noises is not just a request archive and a Touhou fandom spreading wordpress page. At least, I don’t want it to be just that.
I want it to be a gate to discovery, a mesmerizing cluster of multicolored clouds which lies beyond a window now closed now opened.
I’m not praising my translations at all, I’m actually praising today’s song, which is composed by a musical genius that every fan of japanese music should at least know.
We all have watched anime at least once, and if you’re reading this by now you’re probably pretty accustomated to Touhou project too.
But does japanese music ends within those two limits? Absolutely not.
I actually have something in my mind for the future of this wordpress, something that will change it a bit without destroying anything.
While right now is still too early to talk about that, today’s post is kinda like a peephole to that monochromatic and old world which once shined in vivid colours that I want to attempt to paint, even if just a little, again.
Let’s say no more for now. Back on topic.
Some avid anime fan might already know the name of Susumu Hirasawa, whose song, 夢の島思念公園, was used as the opening for the Paranoia Agent anime.
Truth is, besides this anime-feature, I think of him as a milestone of japanese modern music’s panorama.
We’re talking about a musical genius and one of the most popular, innovative and influent japanese composer from the late ’70s who’s still well appreciated today.
I love this song, it’s one of my favourite by him and I wanted to be featured in my wordpress. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Susumu Hirasawa – MOON TIME

見上げる塔の 影は伸びて
月夜にまた 人が集う

miageru tou no kage wa nobite
tsukiyo ni mata hito ga tsudou

The shadow of the tower I’m staring at is growing in lenght
And people, once more, gather under the moonlit night

忘れた 空を開いて MOON TIME 降りるよ

wasureta sora o hiraite MOON TIME oriru yo

The MOON TIME comes down widening the forgotten sky

無くした日の 都の灯を
ともして今 人の上に

nakushita hi no miyako no hi o
tomoshite ima hito no ue ni

Now, over the head of all the people,
The lamps of the capital of the lost days brighten

険しく刺す 風は吹いて
遠くでまた 人が泣くよ

kewashiku sasu kaze wa fuite
tooku de mata hito ga naku yo

As a severe piercing wind blows,
Far away, people are crying once more

急いで 遠くの胸に MOON TIME 伝えて

isoide tooku no mune ni MOON TIME tsutaete

Hurry up, let the MOON TIME propagate with the distant hearts

知られず“ 今日” が生まれてると
広場で今 花のように

shirarezu “kyou” ga umareteru to
hiroba de ima hana no you ni

“Today” is born without being noticed,
Just like flowers blooming in a square


harukana MOON TIME nagare yo MOON TIME
shizuka ni MOON TIME nagare yo MOON TIME

Distant MOON TIME, flow, MOON TIME
Silently, MOON TIME, flow, MOON TIME

閉ざした空を砕いて MOON TIME 流れよ

tozashita sora o kudaite MOON TIME nagare yo

Break the locked up sky and flow, MOON TIME

見上げる塔の ふもとあたり
始まる日を 祝うために

miageru tou no fumoto atari
hajimaru hi o iwau tame ni

By the foot of the tower I’m staring at
We’re here to celebrate the day which will begin


harukana MOON TIME nagare yo MOON TIME
shizuka ni MOON TIME nagare yo MOON TIME

Distant MOON TIME, flow, MOON TIME
Silently, MOON TIME, flow, MOON TIME


Circle: —
Album: 救済の技法 (kyuusai no gihou) (Technique of Relief)
Vocals: 平沢進 (Hirasawa Susumu)
Lyrics: 平沢進 (Hirasawa Susumu)
Arrangement: 平沢進 (Hirasawa Susumu)
Release Date: 08/21/1998
Source: Original



Disclaimer: The lyrics for this songs contains imagery that can disturb the readers.

【Requested by Dolce yAMAiNOS

This is the first ever song that deserves a disclaimer in it.
Also, on the homepage / section page you have to click “see more” to read it: I don’t want to have those lyrics displayed to the public.
I actually didn’t want to translate this song in the first place.
It’s a request that’s pending for way too much time.
And that’s because of its content. I’m not saying the song is bad. While I don’t enjoy this kind of music that much, I don’t despise it either.
The song is very energetic and atmospheric, but its lyrics are so fucked up in every possible way.
The english is ridiculously stupid, vulgar and embrassing.
Its lyrics are pointless, disturbing, creepy.
I struggled trying to fit this song on my wordpress.
But when I think about a song, I think about what’s behind it.
People who write music, people who play instruments, people who put their efforts onto it.
If I was to say something in this world which is the quintessence of beauty, I’d say is art in every shape it has.
Music is just another shape of it.
And art can be dark, can be creepy, can scare or disturb people.
It can depict blood, violence, death, sex, gore, blasphemy, sins, vices, fear.
It’s not that art should depict all of this, but it has the power to do so.
And so, yeah, I actually can find art even in this.
It’s just like modern art. Most of people say it’s simple shit, but it’s way more complex than they think.
It may be shit, but it’s a complex shit that makes you question what are you looking at, which makes your brain work harder and your heart race faster.
So, you’re the judge.
My role is just to translate. To understand and to think is the readers’ role.
I can only say that this song impressed me, left me something. Maybe negative, but it still had a remarkable impact. Just like modern art.
Enjoy the lyrics… or not.
I don’t really care. Click continue reading for the lyrics and notes.
Almost forgot, thanks (?) to Violet for the lyrics!

[REQUEST] Ayaka – たしかなこと ~【艦これ】時雨ノナミダ


【Requested by Dolce

I know I’m inactive and can’t do shit about it, but I really hate myself for having this translation delayed. It’s absolutely beautiful.
So, basically this is a song that’s completely unrelated to Kancolle, Touhou, Anime or stuff like that.
The one who requested me this song linked me a video where it was featured in a Kancolle PV, so I’ll leave a link to that Kancolle PV (which is pretty good btw), but keep in mind that this song is completely unrelated to it (thus the original pic)
It seems that when a song comes to themes such as distance, recollection of precious memories, nostalgia and such, japanese lyricists are unmatched.
This song was really like a bullet which mercilessly striked the forehead of my feelings.
The metaphor is lame as hell, but that’s really a strong-impact emotional song, and probably one of the best request I’ve ever got.
I wish songs like this one will keep being produced.
Enough of this. You got the picture.
(Watch the Kancolle MV here: 【艦これ】時雨ノナミダ)

絢香 (Ayaka) – たしかなこと

雨上がりの空を見ていた 通り過ぎてゆく人の中で
哀しみは絶えないから 小さな幸せに 気づかないんだろ

ameagari no sora o miteita toorisugite yuku hito no naka de
kanashimi wa taenai kara chiisana shiawase ni kidzukanaindaro

I was looking at the sky right after the rain, between the people coming and going;
And because the sadness won’t cease to exist, I’m sure I won’t notice a little happiness

時を越えて君を愛せるか ほんとうに君を守れるか
空を見て考えてた 君のために 今何ができるか

toki o koete kimi o aiseru ka hontou ni kimi o mamoreru ka
sora o mite kangaeteta kimi no tame ni ima nani ga dekiru ka

As the time passes by, will I be able to love you? Can I really protect you?
What can I do for your sake right now? That’s what I though, looking up the sky.

忘れないで どんな時も きっとそばにいるから
そのために僕らは この場所で
同じ風に吹かれて 同じ時を生きてるんだ

wasurenai de donna toki mo kitto soba ni iru kara
sono tame ni bokura wa kono basho de
onaji kaze ni fukarete onaji toki o ikiterunda

Don’t forget about me, because anytime I’ll be by our side;
And for that sole purpose, we’re in this place,
Feeling the same breeze, living in the same era…

自分のこと大切にして 誰かのこと そっと想うみたいに
切ないとき ひとりでいないで 遠く遠く離れていかないで

jibun no koto taisetsu ni shite dareka no koto sotto omou mitai ni
setsunai toki hitori de inaide tooku tooku hanarete ikanaide

Take care of yourself as if you were thinking about caring for someone else,
And when you’re in pain, don’t be alone, you don’t have to be far away from others…

疑うより信じていたい たとえ心の傷は消えなくても
なくしたもの探しにいこう いつか いつの日か見つかるはず

utagau yori shinjiteitai tatoe kokoro no kizu wa kienakute mo
nakushita mono sagashi ni ikou itsuka itsu no hi ka mitsukaru hazu

I want to believe in you rather than getting suspicious; And even if the wound in my heart won’t heal,
I’ll search for what I’ve lost: Sooner or later, one day I should be able to find it.

いちばん大切なことは 特別なことではなく
ありふれた日々の中で 君を
今の気持ちのまゝで 見つめていること

ichiban taisetsuna koto wa tokubetsu na koto de wa naku
arifureta hibi no naka de kimi o
ima no kimochi no mama de mitsumeteiru koto

The most important thing it’s not something special;
It’s looking at the you of those normal days
With the feelings I’m holding right now.

君にまだ 言葉にして 伝えてないことがあるんだ
それは ずっと出合った日から 君を愛しているということ

kimi ni mada kotoba ni shite tsutaetenai koto ga arunda
sore wa zutto deatta hi kara kimi o aishiteiru to iu koto

There still is a thing that I can’t say to you with simple words:
That’s the fact that I’ve loved you since the day I’ve met you.

君は空を見てるか 風の音を聞いてるか
でもそれを哀しいと 決して思わないで

kimi wa sora o miteru ka kaze no oto o kiiteru ka
mou nido to koko e wa modorenai
demo sore o kanashii to kesshite omowanaide

Are you looking up the sky? Are you listening to the sound of the wind?
I know you won’t come back here again,
But that’s so painful I don’t want to think about it.

いちばん大切なことは 特別なことではなく
ありふれた日々の中で 君を
今の気持ちのまゝで 見つめていること

ichiban taisetsuna koto wa tokubetsu na koto de wa naku
arifureta hibi no naka de kimi o
ima no kimochi no mama de mitsumeteiru koto

The most important thing it’s not something special;
It’s looking at the you of those normal days
With the feelings I’m holding right now.

忘れないで どんな時も きっとそばにいるから
そのために僕らは この場所で
同じ風に吹かれて 同じ時を生きてるんだ

wasurenaide donna toki mo kitto soba ni iru kara
sono tame ni bokura wa kono basho de
onaji kaze ni fukarete onaji toki o ikiterunda

Don’t forget about me, because anytime I’ll be by our side;
And for that sole purpose, we’re in this place,
Feeling the same breeze, living in the same era…

どんな時も きっとそばにいるから

donna toki mo kitto soba ni iru kara

Because no matter when, I’ll always be by your side…


Title: たしかなこと (tashikana koto) (What is certain)
Circle: —
Album: 遊音倶楽部 ~1st grade~
Vocals: Ayaka
Lyrics: 小田和正 (Oda Kazumasa)
Arrangement: 小田和正 (Oda Kazumasa)
Release Date: 09/04/2013
Source: Original

[REQUEST] 暁Records – DaNcE


【Requested by yAMAiNOS

Today’s song is DaNce by Akatsuki Records, a nice arrange from Doll Judgement, with an interesting story behind its lyrics.
This song is full of english words in the japanese lyrics. Some of them perfectly blends with the japanese words without touching the grammar structures / meanings, some others are more f*cked up, but the meaning is still (pretty much) understandable.
I’m sorry if I always end up writing “dance a dance”, but “dance” is always wrote in english, and the verb “odoru” means “dance”. It’s stupid but can’t be helped.
Anyway, I’m aware this translation is not as good as it should be, and that’s because of its english parts and me not being very active, lately.
Hope it makes a little bit of sense, at least!
Almost forgot, guess who has found the lyrics for me?

暁Records – DaNcE

あらゆるもの、その“FAKE FACE”信じてはいけないHeart
わかるはずないDifficulty 触れるだけじゃわからない

kanjou o korosu koto ni nareta watashi no me ni wa
arayuru mono, sono “FAKE FACE” shinjite wa ikenai Heart
shiritai dakedo oshiete kurenai no wa doushite?
wakaru hazu nai Difficulty fureru dake ja wakaranai

Inside the eyes of myself who grow accustomed to suppressing feelings,
Lies a Heart that is forbid to trust everything, that “FAKE FACE”;
I want to know it, but why nothing will teach it to me?
I don’t know why I’m only able to grasp difficulties which I shouldn’t understand…

想い続けること、途切れの無い想い 私の知らない間に響いた
このVoice、そのNoise、止めてよSoul Rise

omoitsudzukeru koto, togire no nai omoi watashi no shiranai aida ni hibiita
kono Voice, sono Noise, tomete yo Soul Rise
okashiku naru hontou no ai

To keep thinking, a thought that can’t be interrupted… It ringed in the midst of my ignorance;
This voice, that noise, stop them, soul rise;
A real love that turned strange

踊る最後のDance 廻る祭壇を囲うDoll
そしたら見えてくる 息のない人形が目覚める

odoru saigo no Dance mawaru saidan o kakou Doll
soshitara mietekuru iki no nai ningyou ga mezameru
me o hanasanaide saigo no Dance

Dance to this last dance as dolls enclose the spinning altar;
Then, come to see the awakening of the doll that doesn’t breathe:
Don’t look away, it’s our last dance.

きっと見ててくれた これが最後のDancing
針が突き抜けたSomething 血塗られたDoll History
今はすごく後悔してる そうでしょ?Darling?
絡み続けてるMy Thread 絶対に逃がさない

kitto mitete kureta kore ga saigo no Dancing
hari ga tsukinuketa Something chinurareta Doll History
ima wa sugoku koukai shiteru sou desho? Darling?
karami tsuzuketeru My Thread zettai ni nigasanai

Someone will surely watch it, this is my last dancing
Something is pierced by a needle, is the bloodstained doll history;
Now I’m regretting everything. What should I do, my Darling?
I won’t let you run away from my thread twined around you!


shinjiatteta kokoro, orimagerareta kara
dore mo ga anata o torikakondeiru
kono Feel, ano Hope, obieru hyoujou
towa ni mawaru Stage

Our hearts trust each other, and because they’re so alike
Mine is sorrounding yours in each and every way;
This feel, that hope, your hesitating facial expression…
A stage that revolves infinitely

踊る 続くよDance 囲うあなたを葬るDoll
繰り返されるStory この世界は永遠に廻る

odoru tsuzuku yo Dance kakou anata o houmuru Doll
kurikaesareru Story kono sekai wa eien ni mawaru

Keep dancing to this dance, as the Doll will sorround and bury you;
A story that can be repeated, as this world spins without an end.


(tsugi no haru made kazarou, mezametara mata aimashou)

(I’ll put you as a decoration until next spring, let’s meet again once you wake up)

踊る最後のDance 廻る祭壇を囲うDoll
そしたら見えてくる 息のない人形が目覚める
目を離さないで最後のDance 永遠に

odoru saigo no Dance mawaru saidan o kakou Doll
soshitara mietekuru iki no nai ningyou ga mezameru
me o hanasanaide saigo no Dance eien ni

Dance to this last dance as dolls enclose the spinning altar;
Then, come to see the awakening of the doll that doesn’t breathe:
Don’t look away, it’s our last dance.


– I tried my best keeping the english words untouched in the english translatioin, but sometimes I happened to fix them into right plurals or things like that. So, I’m sorry.
– 感情を殺 (kanjou o korosu): “to kill the feeling”. Literally, “korosu” is “kill”, but I don’t know if it means something or not in english. In italian, it doesn’t make sense. Anyway, in japanese, “kanjou o korosu” means “not letting feelings get in the way”, therefore “suppressing” them.
– 知らない間 (shiranai aida): literally: “the arc of time during which I didn’t know something”. “Ignorance” fits perfectly, right? Though it’s not exactly the same thing. I mean, can’t have a sentence be a mile long, right?
– (次の春まで飾ろう、目覚めたらまた会いましょう)(tsugi no haru de kazarou, mezametara mata aimashou). Let’s explain this. So, this song seems to be about Alice going crazy and making dolls out of people she loves. Am I right? Probably not, but that’s how I read it. If that’s the case, first of all, the verb “kazaru”, which means “to decorate”, is always used with the word “ningyou” (meaning “doll”) in japanese. Basically, if you locate something onto something else you simply “put” it(置く), but if you “put” a doll somewhere, than you are actually “decorating” that somewhere with the doll, so you should say “kazaru” (飾る)instead of “oku” (置く, “put”).
So, what’s the meaning of this sentence? Simple: Alice will “decorate” her room (aka placing the doll in her room) with the doll (which is possibly someone she knows turned into a doll) that will “meet again in spring” once it “wakes up”. Some stanzas before there was another line which stated “waking up” a doll. That probably means that Alice is putting people’s souls into dolls and waking them at her will, consciously. After all, the song started with her stating that “she doesn’t feel any emotion at all”. Makes sense, right? Yeah, not so much. Welcome to Japan.


Title: DaNcE
Circle: 暁Records
Album: 反逆の鐘 -Last Rebellion-
Vocals: 謎の人物K (Nazo no Jinbutsu K)
Lyrics: ACTRock
Arrangement: ACTRock
Release Event: C86
Source: 人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女 (Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People’s Shapes) – Perfect Cherry Blossom, Alice Margatroid’s Theme