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きのこ帝国 – 愛のゆくえ

picture by wataboku One of the latest kinoko teikoku‘s release, pretty much different from previous works in lots of terms (that’s something that applies to their latest songs rather than this song alone), but still pretty close to their “old” … Continue reading

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ミドリ – 都会のにおい。

[picture by cola (gotouryouta) I love my friends. Expecially those who introduce me to amazing bands like Midori. This band is absolutely crazy and I’m really willing to post more by them. Starting off with my favourite song by them, … Continue reading

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きのこ帝国 – 畦道で

picture by tbotan I’m listening to shoegaze music more than usual, and that’s one of the best things ATM. Incidentally, do you remember Kinoko Teitoku? If you don’t, this post may help you doing so. Today’s song is a pop/shoegaze … Continue reading

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