(Empire Ensemble) 茶太 – 君は進む

kongou sink

I had some time to think about my website.
All I realized is that it was just sitting there, getting dust and being used just to post news from my youtube channel.
Anime reviews? Not my thing. I can’t write as much as I wish I could.
Youtube posts? Kinda sad, isn’t it?
Episode Summaries? Fun, but takes way too much work.
My first blog was about translations and translations only.
I liked it, though I didn’t liked my modus operandi nor the fact that I translated in italian, leaving few possibilities of receiving any kind feedback.
No one wants to do something without getting something in exchange, Am I right?
I’ve also noticed how people liked my translations of Ping Pong OP or songs by Absolute Castaway… So, back on track, I’m getting back to translating song lyrics.
Doujin, Touhou, Kancolle, Anime, Miscellaneous, everything is fine.
The next year will be the year I get back on track.
I’ve improved so much and I love to share the songs I love with those who can’t translate any of them by themselves.
So, here I am!
I’ll start translating songs from January, but for now, to celebrate my decision, here’s the lyrics and the translation of a song I like a lot: 君は進む.
Circle is Empire Ensemble, and the song is an arrange from Kantai Collection’s port theme.
Without further ado, here’s my translated version!

Empire Ensemble – 君は進む

君の手を取り 共に夢を見た人は

kimi no te o tori tomo ni yume o mita hito wa
minasoko ni shizunda,

I hold your hand, along with the person who was dreaming
Sinking in the bottom of the sea

揺れる水面に 仲間の背を見だして
追いかけて 声の限り叫び震えていた

yureru minamo ni nakama no se o midashite
oi kakete koe no kagiri sakebi furueteita

On the swaying water’s surface I head torwards my comrade’s back
Chasing after the voice that was screaming to its limit, trembling.

この道の 後に何が残るの?
声が聞こえて 何度も振り返る

kono michi no ato ni nani ga nokoru no?
koe ga kikoete nandomo furikaeru
utsumuku kimi wa, ima ni mo oresou da yo

What’s left after this journey?
I can hear a voice, I turn around many times over
And you, bending down, seem to be breaking.

夢を失い 過去を手放しても尚

yume wo ushinai kako o tebanashitemo nao
tomoshibi wo mamorinagara yoake o matteiru

Dreams are lost, and yet holding onto my past
While protecting those lights, I’m waiting for the dawn.

崩れ落ちた 祖国に雪が舞う

kono michi no saki ni nani ga mieru no?
kuzureochita sokoku ni yuki ga mau

What can you see before this journey?
On my crumbled down native country, the snow is dancing…

君は進む 誰の支えも無しに

kimi wa susumu dare no sasae mo nashi ni
ashita e…

You, towards tomorrow, even without no one supporting you…
Are moving forward…


– 道 is always a problem when it comes to translation. It could mean “way”/”Street” even in a philosophical way, so it’s easy translated as “Journey”. I prefered using this translation, but keep on mind that it could mean a lot of things.


Title: 君は進む (Kimi wa Susumu) (You’re Proceeding)
Circle: Empire Ensemble
Album: 陽はまた昇る (you wa mata noboru) (The Sun Rises Again)
Vocals: 茶太 (Chata)
Lyrics: kyrie
Arrangement: HIR
Release Event: C85
Source: Kantai Collection (艦これ) – Port Theme

Downtown Talk: What happens when you die?

Translator’s Notes

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