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My Dead Girlfriend – Sweet Days and Her Last Kiss *耳コピ歌詞

[picture by yamaada, detail] It’s true that 感激宴会 – kangeki enkai was the wordpress which collected each My Dead Girlfriend‘s songs (also, the band knows and supports that website), but I wanted to post this song so dear to me … Continue reading

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【逆】Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter

[shuryukanさんに描かれた絵] 久ぶりにこのようなポストが。 まぁ、正直と言ったら俺もあんまりしたくないと思う。 だって、日本語が少しだけ分かるようになったことはあるけど書く時にいつもどぎまぎしてしちゃって自信をどこかになくしてしまう。 綺麗に出来ないかもしれないが、意味なら通じるとしんじているので、新しいポストより練習のためのポストだと思う、これ。 って、これで一言も残らない。 この曲はね、実に大好き。ほとんどの人はPVの方が好きけど、実はPVはそんなに非常に印象的じゃなかったと思う。まぁ、それはモチロン俺の意見だけど。 PVもいいと思いながら、曲の方が強い印象をあたえられたって言うこと。 外の和訳があるに違いないと思うけど、とにかく和訳してみたかった!練習のため、練習。 このポスト無視した方がいいかもしれない。 【逆】Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter I could never find the right way to tell you Have you noticed I’ve been gone? ’cause I left behind the home that you … Continue reading

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My Dead Girlfriend – ヴァンデミエールの頭

[picture by akahata] It seems incredible, but after all the posts I’ve made on 感激宴会 I still have some more My Dead Girlfriend‘s lyrics to post. And the best thing is that this is not the only post by them: … Continue reading

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花たん – 会いたい

[picture by tokunaga akimasa] If you ask me “what did your first love sounded like?” my answer will be this song. Literally, to be honest. The first time I fell in love with a girl and started going out with … Continue reading

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Marmalade Butcher – Siro Kuro (feat.町乃)

[picture by usatarosu, detail] Ok, let’s start this post with 3 main points: 1st: I love this song / this band. 2nd: I got the lyrics for this amazing song from Marmalade Butcher after sending them an email stating I … Continue reading

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Hakobune ft. DAOKO – うそ

[picture by kumaori jun] What I want to do the most right now on this wordpress is translating the songs I like the most / make more people know about them. Even if they were translated before by someone else. … Continue reading

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