Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs – Zero Comma, Irotoridori no Sekai PART 1/5: さんざめく

picture by Ilya Kuvshinov

I think that time is a spiral of things leaving marks here and there, but each time the spiral goes on the same place it went before, the mark gets weaker and dimmer.
That’s why I think one has to strike while the iron’s hot, as they say.
And now that I’m really into Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs I want to post more about them right now that I’m feeling them the most, basically.
There will be more posts by them, being their song pretty simple (lyric-wise) and not so time wasting. Of course I’m planning to post the other requests / doujin stuff too, but there’s no need to rush, right?
Short lyrics doesn’t mean inexpressive lyrics. One of the thing I like the most about this band is the space they give to the instrumental section and their lyrics, which aren’t really long but are really stunning.
But I guess that’s also part of my thoughts, being shoegaze one of the music genre I can relate the most to.
Anyway, ’till next post!

Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs – さんざめく

傘は いつも そのままで
なじる 境を愛すのさ

kasa wa itsumo sono mama de
najiru sakai o aisu no sa

My umbrella will always stay this way
Scolding off the world I love


ooi, ooi, kikoeteiru kai
ooi, ooi, sono mimi kashite
ooi, ooi, kaze ga naku kara

Hey, hey, are you listening?
Hey, hey, listen closely
Hey, hey, ’cause the wind is weeping


soko ni aru to iu imeeji to
wazuka ni mieru hametsuzou
ikiro, korose, itsukushime
to haite wa kieru bakari sa

The image of you being there
And that faintly visible impression of ruin…
“Live!”, “Kill!”, “Love!”
Those shouted words are just disappearing


watashi wa nakushita iro mo
kono te ni tsuyoku daite
tamerai wa oite iku kara
kantan ni yobanai de

Even the color I’ve lost
Is held firmly by this hand of mine
And because I’ll leave my hesitation behind
Don’t simply come and call me


gunjou ni somaru
sora wa asu-iro
itteshimatta hi o tsumuge, tsunage, aise yo

The ultramarine sky
Is painted with the colors of tomorrow;
Those days you heedlessly went towards to… Hold them, Become one with them, Love them

どこまでも 弧を描いて

koko made wa todokanai
doko made mo ko o kaite

It won’t reach until where I’m now
So I’ll be drawing arcs anywhere


– From the same album: .03 – 終わりのはじまり & .02 – まで。情熱ミックス / .07 – ズレる & .08 – ひきずるビート / .05 – ONEDAY & .06 – サイダーと君 + .04 RAT / .01 – ゼロコンマ、色とりどりの世界.


Title: さんざめく (sanzameku) (Great Noise)
Circle: Mass of the Fermenting Dregs
Album: ゼロコンマ、色とりどりの世界 (Zero Comma, Irotoridori no Sekai)
Vocals: 宮本菜津子 (Natsuko Miyamoto)
Lyrics: Mass of the Fermenting Dregs
Arrangement: Mass of the Fermenting Dregs
Release Date: 08/4/2010
Source: Original


picture by azuki-taste

【Requested by Tako

Remember kids, requests priority goes to:
1) Touhou arranges
2) People who never requested before / did it few times



hizumi yuku kiseki ni samayotte
shukumei ni tomadou monotachi
nageite wa kurikaeshi sakenderu

Wandering over a miracle growing in distorsion
The travelers, bewildered by their own fate,
Scream out for their grief, once more

明日を見送って 朽ち果ててゆくのか

akai suishou ni yakitsuketa
kokoro no sakeme miushinai
asu o miokutte kuchihatete yuku no ka

Burning inside those red eyelids
They won’t lose sight of their heart’s cracks:
If they’ll bid farewell to their tomorrow, wouldn’t everything just rot away?

無辺の次元 生まれ君と巡り逢った
真金の願い抱いて 永遠に翔てく

muhen no toki umare kimi to meguriatta
kin no negai idaite, eien ni kakateku

I was born in a boundless time just to meet you;
Holding firmly to that golden wish, I’ll leap into the eternity

千の 燈に成れ

OVER THE DARK yami o koete
sen no tomoshibi ni nare
ikudo hikisakarete mo togirenu kizuna ga aru

OVER THE DARK, go beyond the darkness
And become thousands of lamplights
No matter how many time it’ll be teared off, there’s a bond that will never break


arehateta kono michi o
yurumazu susumi ikeba
hokorashiku itsumade mo kagayaite yuku

If we’ll go further without giving up
On this desolated and ruined road
We’ll be radiant and proud, forever


seigan no hate ni mieru no wa
akirame o shiranai monotachi
tada hitori mamoru sa to se o muketa

What we could see at the end of our oath
Are people who doesn’t know what giving up is,
Turning their back to others just to protect a single one


takumi na sasoi ni okasarete
dangai ni ochiru kokoro o
mienai furi wa tsudzuketaku wa nai to

Faced by skillful temptations
They won’t wish to pretend not to see
Their heart falling off a cliff

青い欠片繋げて 永遠に翔てく

kuon no toki watari kimi to meguri chikau
aoi kakera tsunagete eien ni kaketeku

I’ve traveled across eternal times just to meet you by chance;
We’ll make our blue fragments join together and leap to the eternity

綺羅めく星 此処でそっと見つめながら

kirameku hoshi koko de sotto mitsume nagara
mune ni himeta honoo moyasu

And while I’m here, silently staring at the sparkling stars
A flame once concealed in my heart lighted up

何時も きっとこの地にある

ima egaita risou no mirai wa
itsumo kitto kono chi ni aru

I’m sure the ideal future I’ve just drawn out
Will always be amongst this land

幾度も流れ着いて 過去に破れはしない

OVER THE TIME toki o koete
sen no houju ni kawaru
ikudo mo nagare tsuite kako ni yabure wa shinai

OVER THE TIME, go beyond the time
And change into thousands of wishing stones
No matter how many times I’ll be washed out by my past, I won’t shatter it

千の 燈に成れ

OVER THE DARK yami o koete
sen no tomoshibi ni nare
ikudo hikisakarete mo togirenu kizuna ga aru

OVER THE DARK, go beyond the darkness
And become thousands of lamplights
No matter how many time it’ll be teared off, there’s a bond that will never break


arehateta kono michi o
yurumazu susumi ikeba
hokorashiku itsumade mo kagayaite yuku

If we’ll go further without giving up
On this desolated and ruined road
We’ll be radiant and proud, forever


– First stanza: “mono-tachi” means “people”, “those who”, I’ve translated as “travelers” because it’s refering to “samayou” (to wander), and felt more appropriate.
– Third stanza, 次元 (“jigen”, “dimension”) is read as “toki” (時, “time”).
– Third stanza, 真金 (should be read as “magane”) is read as “kin”, which is the reading of the second kanji only (金).
– I’m pretty sure that “tomoshibi” (燈) on the fourth stanza isn’t this kanji’s main reading, but I’m not sure.
– 三世 (sanze?) on the eight stanza is read, again, as “toki” for “time”.
– Third to last stanza, a “houju” (lt. “wishing stone”) is the spherical part of a pagoda. It’s said to grant good luck to those who pray towards it.


Title: Go On Being
Album: TOHO PROJECT SIDE STORY 「星の記憶」 サウンドトラック
Vocals: Nana Takahashi
Lyrics: Nana Takahashi
Arrangement: Nana Takahashi
Release Event: Reitaisai 5
Source: Original (based on Touhou project)

[REQUEST] 凋叶棕 (Diao ye Zong) – 心強きもの

picture by pisoshi

【Requested by B-016

The fact I like about Diao Ye Zong‘s songs is that you can always recognize them just by listening to them. It’s one of the few circles that cares the most about the instrument section, being always flawless. 流石RDさん!
About this song, there are lots of parts which are in classical / not-so-modern japanese, I’ve studied it a bit so I hope I didn’t screw them up that much.
But man, this song was long. It may be the longest post on foreground noises by far. [2017 edit: probably not even in the top 10]
I found the lyrics for this song good but… kinda silly? I mean, it’s great it’s all about Unzan and Ichirin, but it’s like… not the type of lyrics I like the most. But I find it really clever, to have a song which tells the characters’ background story. Yeah, this song is basically “how Ichirin met Unzan and how they become a pair”. There you go!

凋叶棕 (Diao Ye Zong) – 心強きもの


sono mi no take yama no gotoku
kumo sae tsuranuku hodo no oootoko to shite kikoeta

His body height is the same as a mountain
It’s said he’s the giant man who can even pierce through clouds!


sore wa kokoro no yowaki mono ni wa
keshite mitsumeru koto sae mo kanawanai ayakashi

He’s the shapeshifting being that can’t be rivaled
And can’t be seen by those with a weak spirit!


osorubeki jidai oyaji!

He’s the terrifying traditional old man!


sono uwasa no tashika naraba to
ikutabi mo arawarete wa hitori mata hitori to tagae

And if that rumor turns out to be true,
He’ll appear more and more often, changing his shape one by one


sonna sugata ni sae obieru mono
ikura ita to te tsuyoki mono to wa yoberu koto naku

And those who were terrified by his figure
No matter if they met him, they’ll never be called brave-hearted


iru naraba tsuyoki mono – kokoro ni kumo hitotsu kageranu mono
-sore ka goutan gouhou gou ni shite obienu mono

If there’s someone strong – someone who hasn’t a single cloud drifing in his heart…
– Or which can make courage and honesty his strenght and show no fear…


saredo – imada kage mo mizu

Even so – he’ll may still not see that shade


ikutabi mo nanjakumono o hofutte mo
jidai oyaji wa mitasarezu

No matter how many weak-willed people he’ll defeat,
The traditional old man won’t be satisfied!


itsu shika omoi egaku sugata
tsuwamono ya wa itsu kuru

A figure that, before one knows,
Imagines strong men to come face it one day


imi naki sesshou o kasanete wa
shitsui ni kureru hibi

Living his days in disappointment
Piling up countless pointless killings…


ware ma ni tsuyoki mono o
motomete wa kaze makase

I’ll entrust this true longing
For someone strong to the wind


sono yukue wa asu yuku kumo no saki

Those wereabouts are just before the clouds heading towards tomorrow


soshite mata kureyuku sora no shita
utsuro ni kage o yurashite tatazumu ayakashi no areba

And then again under the setting sky, if that being
Will be standing there, making a shadow sway into the void…


koko ni ashi o narashite sono kage o
wa ga michi yori doke to bakari ni fumu mono ga kuru

And if that shadow’s steps will resound here,
I’ll move away from this road so someone who dare to step it will come


miru ni haikarana shoujo!

What I see is a stylish girl!


sono uwasa ni nadakakereba
sono sugata o hitome mite wa nigekaeranu mono no naku

No one who took that rumor for real
Could go back home after looking just once at that figure


shikaru ni sono osanasa no nokoru kao ni
futeki na emi sae tatae ayumi tomeru koto nashi

Scolding over that face which still show glimpses of immaturity
While she shows an intrepid smile she kept walking without stopping


sono hitomi rin to shite – nannimo kussanu futoufukutsu sa
– ono ga tsuyosa o utagawazu ikiru sono me no iro

With cold eyes – with an absolutely unbending indomitableness
– I won’t doubt that strenght living in your eyes’ color!


maru de – osore o shiranu mono

She’s really – someone who doesn’t know fear


sore wa keshite itsuwari de naku
kayou na tsuyoki mono no aru koto
sore o tooku sagashiteita to
sono sugata rin to shite

There’s no way it is a lie
The fact that such a strong being exist;
He searched for that cold figure
For a long time and far away



“I can see your moves!”


“sono shoutai miyabuttaraba nani mo osoreru koto wa nashi!”

“I don’t fear anything since I can see through your thoughts!”


“sareba kieyo mikoshi nyuudou, sono akuji kore made yo!”

“Go away! Vanish! Oh Nyuudou who sees through anything, your evil deeds will face an end right now!”


egao sae misenagara mo
kizen to tsugeru sono koe ni

Her voice was ringing with resolution
As she was showing off her smile


jidai oyaji mo egao sae
ukabeteita koto ka

And has a smile appeared bright
On the traditional old man’s face too?


tsuyoki mono
kokoro no tsuyoki mono
osore o shiranu mono

A strong one,
One with a strong heart,
One who doesn’t know fear


soshite sore ni tsukishitagau ga jidai oyaji no negai

And the choice to follow her was the Traditional Old Man’s wish


mamori mamorare te o tori au kage futatsu
kumoi ni saku ichirin no hana

Two shadows holding their hands, protecting each other
Like a single-petaled flower blooming in the sky


– In the translation: he = Unzan, she = Ichirin
– 化妖 on the second stanza is read as “ayakashi”, which is a term pretty similar to “youkai”. In this song is wrote with the kanji for “transforming” (化) and “being” (妖), so it’s more likely refering to Unzan.
– “weak spirit” in the second stanza could be “weak heart” too. What I wanted it to mean is basically “those without a strong will”.
– 入道 on… which stanza was it? There are way too much. Anyway, 入道 should be read as “nyuudou” (priest), but here it’s read as “ayakashi” again. It’s again a reference to Unzan.
– In this song, Unzan is also refered to the “Traditional Old Man” and Ichirin to the “Stylish Girl”. I’ve left this two terms with this translation, being the “”””official”””” english one.
– I’ve left “nyuudou” instead of “priest” in the translation, because is also the youkai-race of Unzan. Is Ichirin which is saying that, lastly, to him.
– On the second to last stanza, 本懐 (honkai) is read as “negai” (wish).
– On the last stanza there’s an interesting part. “雲居に咲く一輪の花” (a single-petaled flower blossomed in the sky) features “kumoi” (雲居, which could be both another type of writing 雲井, which means “sky” or another way to express 雲間, “kumoma”, in other words the space between the clouds) and “ichirin” (一輪, which is another way to read the kanji for “wa” 輪 that, when speaking about flowers, means “petal”). Those two terms form the kanjis for Ichirin Kumoi’s name. That’s really clever!


Title: 心強きもの (kokoro tsuyoki mono) (those with a strong heart)
Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao Ye Zong)
Album: 屠 -Hohuri-
Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arrangement: RD-Sounds
Release Event: C86
Source: 時代親父とハイカラ少女 (The Traditional Old Man And The Stylish Girl) Unidentified Fantastic Object, Ichirin Kumoi & Unzan’s Theme

Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs – たんたんたん

official promo art for たんたんたん

I first translated a song by this band on 感激宴会 (kangeki enkai), but space, time, Atlantis whereabouts, ancient aliens and the Fermi’s paradox made me think about lots of things and stuff.
Like, “why should I have two blogs?” and “why should I have two blogs which are about the same thing?” and “why should I have two blogs which are about the same thing and the latter doesn’t get not even the 0,001% of my other more famous blog?”
So, yeah… I don’t intend to close kangeki enkai (mainly because it has been recognized by My Dead Girlfriend!), but I think I’ll make more kangeki-enkai-ish posts here rather than posting them on the other darker and more forgotten website.
After all, that’s music. And that’s music that I’m willing to share and translate.
Mass of the Fermenting Dregs— I’m in love with this band, so expect shitloads of post by them here and there.
We’re talking about Shoegaze, here. And as a bassist (or rather, as a guy who bought one 5 years ago and pretended to play it once in a while) I couldn’t avoid falling in love with their music style. That’s the type of music I’ve always wanted to play, and I wish someday I could do it (meaning, find the right people with the right music tastes to play, something that NEVER happened in the “bands” I’ve played in).
There are lots of songs I love from this band, and I’ll translate them occasionally (so checking this website won’t become obnoxious), but before getting to this song, I want to recommend one song by them that I won’t post again (because it has no lyrics).
The song name is エンドロール (Endroll) and it’s one of the most beautiful music pieces I’ve listened to in a while. Give it a shot and don’t be afraid of its almost 10 minutes lenght. It’s one of the instrumental songs that I love the most, and I want to share my love for it with whoever is reading this.
Today’s song is titled たんたんたん, and it’s one of their latest release. It’s way calmer than their other songs, but it has an amazing distorted guitar solo that is just… beyond words.
Music is meant to be listened and understood. Just by yourself.

Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs – たんたんたん


kono mama sekai ga owareba ii to

“I wouldn’t mind if the world would come to an end just now”
That’s what I thought, unwillingly
That’s what I wished for, unwillingly

ひとりじゃ歌さえ うたえないくせに

hitori ja uta sae utaenai kuse ni
kodoku de aru koto o negatteshimatta

Even though I’m one of those who can’t sing alone
I wished to be alone, unwillingly


anata wa ima
watashi o ima
aishiteimasu ka?
koishiku omoimasu ka?

Is the you of this moment
Loving the me
Of this moment?
Are you missing me?


kyou no sora ga
kinou ni mata
sayonara suru no o miteitai

Today’s sky
Is still willing to look back
At yesterday’s farewell


daijina mono wa ikutsu mo nai sa, itsumo
kimi to boku no te, tatta hitotsu no kotoba

There’s not a great number of important things, you know;
But in me and you, in our hands there lies a single word…


Title: たんたんたん (tantantan)
Circle: Mass of the Fermenting Dregs
Album: [posted on their official website]
Vocals: Natsuko Miyamoto
Lyrics: Mass of the Fermenting Dregs
Arrangement: Mass of the Fermenting Dregs
Release Date: 9/01/2012
Source: Original

TUMENECO x GET IN THE RING – Dive to the Dream

picture by よしこ

By now you know I love TUMENECO and I also happen to like GET IN THE RING. This song is AMAZING, it could be one of the most touhouish arranges I’ve heard to this day.
Why? Because it’s full of quotes from Touhou themes and such, so the notes will be fun as hell to write!
In fact, the notes will be the main part of this post. Because I love to write about (not so) hidden stuff like that. So, without further ado, let’s go!

TUMENECO x GET IN THE RING – Dive to the Dream

さぁ今日も 夜が降りてくる 始めよう 星を見上げ

saa kyou mo yoru ga orite kuru hajimeyou hoshi o miage

Come on, once the night falls let’s start looking up the stars as always!

夜のデンデラに謎を求めるなら 幻を視る度また化かされて
月の鳥に化けた猫のように 今宵 浮かぶは幻想の海

yoru no dendera ni nazo o motomeru nara maboroshi o miru tabi mata bakasarete
tsuki no tori ni baketa neko no you ni koyoi ukabu wa gensou no umi

If you wish to seek for mysteries amongst the night denderas, you’ll be deceived again each time you’ll see these visions;
Just like a cat morphed into a bird moon, this evening is floating upon a sea of illusions

Dive to the Dream

tada tojirareta riyuu ni kokoro ubawarete
furubita michi no hana ni sasowareru mama ochite yuku
Dive to the Dream

My heart has been stolen by a mere sealed-away reason,
As it falls down and down tempted by that unknown flower growing older and older…
Dive to the Dream

Dust to Dust 真実には 誰も辿り着けない
この瞳を惹く夢には 気づけたとしても
いつか現実さえ 正体を暴きだして
幻想の世界へ 此の世界の仕掛けさえ解き明かして

Dust to Dust shinjitsu ni wa dare mo tadori tsukenai
kono me o hiku yume ni wa kidzuketa to shite mo
itsuka genjitsu sae subete o abaki dashite
gensou no sekai e kono sekai no shikake sae toki akashite

Dust to Dust, no one could reach out for the truth
Even if my eyes will be able to see that captivating dream
One day even the reality will be fully uncovered
Towards a world of illusions even this world’s mechanisms will become clear

空を紫に染める川を下り 種も仕掛けもない薔薇透き通り
壊れそうな解を紡ぐ大地 旅を続けよう 朝になるまで

sora o murasaki ni someru kawa o kudari tane mo shikake mo nai bara suki toori
kowaresou na kai o tsumugu daichi tabi o tsudzukeyou asa ni naru made

Down a stream painted by the purple color of the sky, there lie transparent roses with no seeds or scales,
The Earth holding firmly to a solution which seems to break will keep on its journey until morning will come

Dive to the Dream

mata wasurerareta basho ni ashi o fumi irete
yume to utsutsu no yami ni torawareta nara modorenai
Dive to the Dream

Once again I step into a place that has been forgotten,
But I won’t go back if I’d be caught into the darkness between dreams and reality…
Dive to the Dream

Ashes to Ashes 真実には 誰も辿り着けない
瞳閉じて想えば 終わりはないけど
二度と戻ることも 帰ることも出来ぬ
向こう側の月へ 此の世界の仕掛けさえ解き明かして

Ashes to Ashes shinjitsu ni wa dare mo tadori tsukenai
hitomi tojite omoeba owari wa nai kedo
nido to modoru koto mo kaeru koto mo dekinu
mukougawa no tsuki kono sekai no shikake sae toki akashite

Ashes to Ashes, no one could reach out for the truth
But if you close your eyes and think about it, there’s no such thing as an end;
I can’t neither go back or return home again
But on the far side of the Moon even this world’s mechanisms will become clear

Dust to Dust 真実には 誰も辿り着けない
この瞳を惹く夢には 気づけたとしても
いつか日常さえ 正体を解き明かして
幻想の世界へ Dive to the Dream

Dust to Dust shinjitsu ni wa dare mo tadori tsukenai
kono me o hiku yume ni wa kidzuketa to shite mo
itsuka nichijou sae subete o toki akashite
gensou no sekai e Dive to the Dream

Dust to Dust, no one could reach out for the truth
Even if my eyes will be able to see that captivating dream
One day even everything about my everyday life will be clear
Towards a world of illusions, Dive to the Dream

Ashes to Ashes 深奥には 誰も辿り着けない
瞳閉じて想えば 終わりはないけど
二度と戻ることも 帰ることも出来ぬ
向こう側の月へ 此の世界の境界を越えて

Ashes to Ashes shin’ou ni wa dare mo tadori tsukenai
hitomi tojite omoeba owari wa nai kedo
nido to modoru koto mo kaeru koto mo dekinu
mukougawa no tsuki e kono yoru no kyoukai o koete

Ashes to Ashes, no one could reach out for the truth
But if you close your eyes and think about it, there’s no such thing as an end;
I can’t neither go back or return home again
But on the far side of the Moon I’ll go beyond this world’s border

さぁ今日も 夜が降りてくる いつまでも 君と此処で

saa kyou mo yoru ga orite kuru itsumademo kimi to koko de

Come on, once the night falls I’ll always be just here, with you


– QUOTES FESTIVAL! Let’s start. Keep on mind that this song is an arrange from several touhou themes, so it’s like a whol big touhou clusterf*ck. And that’s amazing.
– First stanza: “夜が降りてくる” (yoru ga orite kuru) “Night falls”, which is part of the title for Yukari‘s theme from Immaterial and Missing Power (夜が降りてくる ~ Evening Star)
– Second stanza: “夜のデンデラ” (yoru no dendera) “The Night’s Dendera” refers to 夜のデンデラ野を逝く (yoru no dendera-no o iku – “Dying on Dendera Fields by Night”), the first track from Ghostly Field Club.
– Second stanza: “月の鳥に化けた猫” (tsuki no tori ni baketa neko) (“The cat disguised as the Moon bird”) is a reference to Ghostly Field Club‘s track #7, 月の妖鳥、化猫の幻 (Strange Bird of the Moon, Illusion of the Strange Cat).
– Third stanza: “封じられた” (“tojirareta”) (closed) it’s a really peculiar way to imply the term “closed”, which usually is wrote with other kanjis such as 閉. So this could be a reference to Yamame‘s theme, 封じられた妖怪 ~ Lost Place (“The Sealed-Away Youkai ~ Lost Place”), giving that the kanji used in here (封) it’s the kanji for “seal”. I kept this translation.
– Third stanza: “未知の花” (michi no hana) (Unknown Flower) is probably refering to 未知の花 魅知の旅 (“Unknown flower, Mesmerizing Journey”), ZUN’s music collection vol.5.5’s title and song.
– Fourth stanza: “正体” (shoutai, “identity”) is read as “subete” (“everything”).
– Sixth stanza: “夢と現の境界”, double note for it. First, “kyoukai” (境界, meaning “border”) is read as “yami” (闇, meaning “darkness”). Second, this is a reference to “yume to utsutsu no kyoukai”, aka Border Between Dreams and Reality, 9th track from ZUN’s album Changeability of Strange Dream. Which is also one of my favourite touhou themes ever.
– Seventh stanza: “向こう側の月” (mukougawa no tsuki) AKA The Far Side of the Moon is the last track from ZUN’s album Magical Astronomy. Again, one of the touhou themes I love the most.
– Second-to-last stanza: “世界” (sekai, meaning “World”) is read as “yoru” (夜, which means “night”).


Title: Dive to the Dream
Album: Another World 3
Vocals: みぃ (Mie)
Lyrics: ななつめ (Nanatsume)
Arrangement: tomoya
Release Event: C88
Source: 魔法少女達の百年祭 (The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls), Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Extra Stage Theme + 妖々跋扈 (Charming Domination), Perfect Cherry Blossom, Extra Stage Theme + エクステンドアッシュ ~ 蓬莱人 (Extend Ashes ~ Hourai Victim), Imperishable Night, Extra Stage Theme + 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日 (Tomorrow will be Special, Yesterday was not), Mountain of Faith, Extra Stage Theme + ラストリモート (Last Remote), Subterranean Animism, Extra Stage Theme + 夜空のユーフォーロマンス (UFO Romance in the Night Sky), Unidentified Fantastic Object, Extra Stage Theme + 妖々跋扈 ~ Who done it! (Charming Domination ~ Who done it!), Perfect Cherry Blossom, Phantasm Stage Theme

wow that’s a lot

C-CLAYS – 66

picture by homo 1121

Today’s post is 66 by C-Clays. Of course a Touhou arrange, and from one of my favourite themes, The Lost Emotion.
This song is amazing and funky as hell!
Of course it’s about Hata no Kokoro, and so it focuses on the character’s mindset. “What am I born for?”, “What am I?” and such.
66 is a reference to Kokoro’s mask, or, to say it in another way, the number of the emotions she gathered.

C-CLAYS – 66

絶望 失う事で知った痛み
ああ許されないと 自分に牙を向け

zetsubou ushinau koto de shitta itami
aa yurusarenai to jibun ni kiba o muke
rokujuuroku no kamen ni toraware
nee, douka atashi o minai de

A pain I got to know after despairing over what I’ve lost…
Aah, “I won’t forgive you” as I point my own fangs against myself…
Took away by those 66 masks,
Hey, don’t you dare look at me

隠し続けた むき出しの心

kakushi tsudzuketa mukidashi no kokoro
kasaneta kamen ga konpuriito shite yuku
namida no iro ni tomadowanai de
nagareta shizuku ga nigotteiru no

My completely exposed heart that I kept on hiding
Has become complete with the masks I’ve piled up
Don’t get confused by the color of my tears,
For the flowing drops are growing turbid

失望 どこかで無くしてしまったの

shitsubou doko ka de nakushite shimatta no
aa watashi wa nan no tame ni ikiteru no
rokujuuroku no kamen ni ubaware
nee, douka atashi o sagashite

I ended up losing my disappointment somewhere, but where?
Aah, just for which sake am I living for?
I’ve been caught by those 66 masks
Hey, would you find out where I lie?

失くしたナイフを 探しまた斬りつき
ボロボロの世界 憧れは遠く

sakebi tsudzuketa kizu darake no kokoro
nakushita naifu o sagashi mata kiritsuki
boroboro no sekai akogare wa tooku
nagashita shizuku mo itsuwari to negau

My scar-covered heart which kept on screaming
Is searching for the knife it has lost so it could cut it again;
The longing for this worn-out world is too distant,
And so I hope for this tears I let flow to be fake too.


nakushita koto de umareru jiyuu yo
owaranai de

That’s the freedom born from what I’ve lost
It won’t reach an end

心に刻む 迷いはないぞ

mamori tsudzuketa okubyouna kokoro
kasaneta kamen ga watashi ni kawatteku
akiramenaide mada ma ni au to
kokoro ni kizamu mayou wa nai zo

My timid heart that I’ve kept on protecting
Along with the mask I’ve piled up has changed who I am;
And so, I engrave on my own heart, without hesitation
“Don’t give up, you have still time to do it”.

I belong to me

mou dare demo nai
I belong to me

There’s no one, no more
I belong to me


– “shitsubou” and “zetsubou” (first and third stanza) can be both translated as “despair”. “shitsubou” is more like despairing over something that wasn’t as one could have pictured. I guess it’s closer to “disappointment” rather than “despair”.
– 斬りつき (kiritsuki) could be both “to cut”, so “to cut again” in this case, but also refer to 斬月 (zangetsu, wrote with the same kanjis) which is a character for KAMEN-Rider (kamen = mask). It could be a reference to the show which featured masked superheroes, which we can link to Kokoro and her masks, in a funny way.


Title: religieuse
Circle: C-CLAYS
Album: 66 -Sixty Six-
Vocals: 小峠 舞 (Mai Kotohge)
Lyrics: 小峠 舞 (Mai Kotohge)
Arrangement: あとぐる (Atoguru)
Release Event: C88
Source: 亡失のエモーション (The Lost Emotion), Hopeless Masquerade, Final Boss Theme

[REQUEST] ロリィタノイロォゼ – religieuse

picture by asahiro (algl)

【Requested by Eiki

ロリィタノイロォゼ – religieuse

夏の終わり 冷たい雨

natsu no owari tsumetai ame
mihoreru no youna hikari no kasa
hisoyakana koi ni ochita

In a cold rain on Summer’s last days,
I quietly fell in love, as if charmed,
With an umbrella made of light


sukeru hada e gin no hari ito otooshi
houseki wo nuitomete
“piasu ni shite kazatte”

A silver wire and needle through her transparent skin
Are sewing a mermaid tear’s jewel
“Make it a pair of earrings”

ラパチーニの庭 シレーヌの海
悲しみも 倖福のシノニムも

rapachiini no niwa shireenu no umi
kanashimi mo koufuku no shinonimu mo
wakachiau koto wa yurusarenai to
shitteita no ni

Rappaccini’s garden, Sireno’s sea,
Both sadness and a synonim for luck,
Even though I knew
Sharing them wasn’t something you would forgive

東欧、桐の花 チャルカーを抱き
生きる場所を違えた 私は

touou, kiri no hana charukaa wo idaki
ikiru basho wo tadaeta watashi wa
kono ashi to tsutaetai kotoba wo nakushi
anata no kawari ni

A flower of Paulownia embraces a Charkhā in the Eastern Europe,
And I, who failed searching for a place to live,
Have lost the words I could convey with my feet
Taking your place


– The whole song’s lyrics are pretty confusing / have probably hidden meanings / messages I couldn’t grasp.
– 人魚の涙 in the second stanza (ningyo no namida, “tears of the mermaid”) is read as “houseki”(宝石)(jewel). I got their meanings blended.
– on the same stanza, 金 is read as “gin” (silver) instead of “kin” (gold).
– ラパチーニ (Rappaccini) comes from Rappaccini’s Daughter, a short tale by Nathaniel Hawthorne. By the way this one caught my attention, I’ll read it when I’ll have some time to do so.
– シレーヌ (shireenu) Sireno, according to what internet taught me. It should be another quote from another book / novel / tale / whatever, but this time I wasn’t smart enough to get the reference.
– The Charkha is the traditional indian spinning wheel which is used to spin threads. It’s also one of the oldest kind of its genre.
– 代替 (daitai) on the last stanza is read as “kawari”, though their meaning is pretty much the same.

regina s

Title: religieuse
Circle: ロリィタノイロォゼ (lolita-neurosis)
Album: Regina S
Vocals: りみゆ (rimiyu)
Lyrics: りみゆ (rimiyu)
Arrangement: りみゆ (rimiyu), pre-holder
Release Event: M3-37
Source: Original