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Genius P.J’s×daoko – world is yours

picture by zonomaru Before talking about this song, let’s remember some points: 1. I’ve translated already-translated songs before even if I knew they were already translated. As I stated countless times, I want this wordpress to feature the songs I … Continue reading

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[Temporary Update] Translation Requests Suspended

The title pretty much sums it. “Suspended” doesn’t mean I’ll stop getting requests. Things are getting pretty busy at the moment with university and I’m also working on Gaki no Tsukai translations, so I won’t be able to accept request … Continue reading

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[REQUEST] Another Stream – Thread of Fate

【Requested by Alv】 Another Stream – Thread of Fate 「この世界は残酷だ……そして…とても美しい」 彼女はそう言った。 そしてまた、たびひたすら、彼を待っている。 “kono sekai wa zankoku da… soshite… totemo utsukushii” kanojo wa sou itta. soshite mata, tabi hitasura, kare o matteiru. “This world is ruthless… and yet… so beautiful” That’s … Continue reading

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Yet another Gaki-no-tsukai update

Okay, this will be the last post about Gaki no Tsukai I’m making on foregroundnoises. First off, after the copyright strikes I’ve decided to open a new youtube channel in which I’m going to upload new gaki no tsukai clip … Continue reading

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[REQUEST] Girls Short Hair – 夢のつづき

picture by nurupo (abooon) 【Requested by Remilia】 Girls Short Hair – 夢のつづき 心地よい風が 僕の心包む ふと見上げた空に 浮かぶ満月が 僕を見ている あの日と同じように 二人語った夢は今も 消えない kokochi yoi kaze ga boku no kokoro tsutsumu fu to miageta sora ni ukabu mangetsu ga boku o miteiru ano hi to onaji you … Continue reading

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DAOKO – もしも僕らがGAMEの主役で

picture by kamin I remember finding out about Daoko with Me!Me!Me! and Girl, both part 1 and part 2 (still the most viewed translations on my wordpress), and I started loving her. If I have to be honest, I think … Continue reading

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picture by futon (kitsune tsuki) 【Requested by B016】 (I always wanted to use a picture of this artist somewhere!) Yet another SILENT DIFFERENCE song. This time we don’t have to deal with explicit stuff like the previous post, so I … Continue reading

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きのこ帝国 – 夜鷹

picture by iy tujiki I wanted to bring yet another different type of song to this wordpress, and that’s why today’s post happened. Well, technically this one is Shoegaze too, but it’s really different from other songs of this genre … Continue reading

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[REQUEST] Edel Links – サラマンダー

picture by itou (onsoku tassha) 【Requested by XOSkz-】 Second part of the アオイロ EP requested by the same user, this post is strictly linked to the previous one, so I suggest you to read it too (mostly because I like … Continue reading

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[REQUEST] Edel Links – アオイロ

picture by loundraw 【Requested by XOSkz-】 I didn’t know this song before the requested made me know about it, and I’m really glad I got to listen to it. I fell in love so much with this song that even … Continue reading

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