Winter 2014 Anime: First Impressions (Part 2)

Part 2 of yesterday’s post. Let’s check some more winter 2014 anime.
Once again, note that these aren’t reviews, and that wether you should watch it or not, it’s up to you. I’m just expressing my opinion only on first episodes.

Seitokai Yakuindomo*

Second season of the comedy anime “Seitokai Yakuindomo”. Watching its second seasons (and yes, that (*) is part of its title) is exactly like watching the first season. Full of (dirty) jokes and usual gag, Seitokai Yakuindomo will surely entertain the watcher, being a hilarious anime. I recommend to watch the first serie before it, though. Just to be sure to get to know its characters properly.
Genre: Comedy, School
Should I watch it?: Yes (be sure to watch season 1 first)

Gin no Saji 2

Another sequel from a successfull anime, Gin no Saji (also known as Silver Spoon). A pleasant comedy about agriculture (a thing that I found kinda original, with the first season) which I recommend if you’re searching for a full-lenght nice, easy to watch and carefree comedy. Second seasons directly follows the events of the first season, so you should obviously watch this after season one!
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Should I watch it?: Yes (be sure to watch season 1 first)


Just when I was talking about an agriculture-themed anime being original… here’s another one! Though, Nourin is different from Gin no Saji. Both are funny and nice to watch, but Nourin seems to have raising romance element in it. I thought it would turn up being another idol-themed anime but it’s not like that. I don’t know how it will continue, but the first episode was nice (though I could see some clichés). Probably some more released episodes are needed in order to have a solid opinion.
Genre: Comedy, School, Romance
Should I watch it?: More Yes than No

Onee-chan ga Kita!

I must say, animes with brother-sister incest have really bored me. But, that’s not the case of this on. First of all, each episode is 3 minutes long, so it’s not a big fuss to watch it. Second, the main character has a stepsister, not an actual sister. In other words, that might work better! Anyway, it’s funny and short, so it’s not a problem to watch. Plus, I like the voice of the female protagonist and her “:<" expression!
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Should I watch it?: Why not?


I must say this is not going to be a memorable anime (in my opinion), but I kinda laughed when the flying thief-maid is defeated with explosive butts. To put it simplier, I don’t think this will be a good remarkable anime, but I’m sure it will have several funny moments in it. Also, being 3 minutes long per episode, it doesn’t make it very annoying. I don’t think I’ll watch it right now, though.
Genre: Comedy
Should I watch it?: More No than Yes

Robot Girls Z

Another short episode serie, and probably the funniest among this season’s. I liked how the antagonists are somewhat the true protagonists, and overall it has not a relevant plot, is just a mix of gags and fun. Being just a comedy, is really enjoyable, and not having any further elements to deal with, makes it a good anime. I mean, why a total comedy show should turn into something like an annoying romance? (ex: Baka to Test 2) Carefree and hilarious: A must watch.
Genre: Comedy, Sci-fi
Should I watch it?: Yes

Due the fact that some animes are not out yet, there will be a part 3 that will complete this season’s animes (coming out when Sekai Seifuku is coming out)

Winter 2014 Anime: First Impressions (Part 1)

After having took a glance to the first episodes of this season’s animes, I decided to write a little aboout this season on this post. I’m not one who judges a book by its cover, and again, I’m not reviewing anything. It’s impossible to review an anime (or anything else) only after have watched the first episode (for instance, I enjoyed a lot the first episode of Symphogear season 1, but it turned out to be one of the worst anime I ever watched, in the end)
So, basically, what I’m writing there are just thoughts about first episodes and some expectations.
Well then, it’s going to be brief, but let’s start soon anyway!
(note that: the animes are listed without an order)

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Second Season from the popular omonimous anime, which came after a 12 episode first serie and a movie. It’s nice to see that the two main characters are now a couple and they share the same home (for various reason), and to see everyone back, changing as the time goes by. A nice start for the long-awaited second season, which is surely going to have some surprises (as you can, for example, see with the new character in the opening).
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Romance
Should I watch it?: Yes (If you watched season one, obv)


Though the overall plot doesn’t seems that unique by now, Noragami looks quite an enjoyable anime. Tons of funny moments and a cool main character, bizarre animations, colourful monsters and nice voice acting. Also, loved the ending by supercell. I have high expectations from this, hoping it won’t end up in clichés. (Also, I loved how the main character’s partner goes away before we get to know her)
Genre: Action, Supernatural
Should I watch it?: Give it a try


I don’t know why an anime like that should have a mere 5 minutes episode lenght. It looks very promising, being horror animes really rare those days. I’ll keep on watching it, though I dislike its lenght, its censorship and… What the hell is wrong with the main character’s face? Seriously, a flower on the head and a scar? I don’t know what are those for or if they’re going to be explained but they kinda… piss me off.
Genre: Horror, Supernatural
Should I watch it?: I suggest to watch it once it’s all completed, having short episodes.


Short episodes, few plot, cute drawings: enjoyable. Pupipo! is a short anime which deals with paranormal and creepy stuff such as monsters or ghosts, but in a cute and innocent way. The story revolves around the main protagonist who can see ghosts since long time and was always alone, until the day she had her first friend, and found a strange pink ghost called Pupipo. It is clearly intended to a younger audience but everyone can watch it.
Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy
Reccomended?: If you enjoy short light-hearted comedies, yes

Sakura Trick

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Genre: Comedy, Yuri
Reccomended?: Yuri.


Probably Space☆Dandy will be my favourite anime from this season. Carefree, sarcastic, incredibly entertaining. Cool animations and nice trippy artstyle are the center of this anime, which doesn’t seem to be an ordinary anime. What makes it a good anime is the fact that it’s itself somewhat a persiflage to animes. Have you ever seen the entire cast dying on the first episode? Just check this out, already.
Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy
Reccomended?: ALL MY YES

Super Sonico The Animation

What’s the point of this anime? It looks like the usual ecchi-comedy filled with clichés. It was obviously made as a merchandise move for the main character, the mascot of Nitro+, Sonico, which already gained a huge success by… showing her boobs? Well, that’s kinda how the anime goes. Also, the fact that she’s always wearing headphones pisses me off more than Pupa’s main character (lol). Nice things about this? I guess it’s relaxing. Way too much. It’s kinda boring, in fact. Oh, and boobies.
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Music
Reccomended?: No

Tonari no Seki-kun

One of the most interesting anime of this season. The story (if we can refer to it as “story”) is aboout a boy, Seki-kun, who always do strange things at school, like creating huge domino tracks with rubbers during lesson, and Rumi, the girl who sits next to him who always gets in trouble because of him. Awesome animations, interesting art and overall very enjoyable. Also, episode are less than 10 minutes long, so it’s very relaxing and easy to watch.
Genre: Comedy, School
Reccomended?: Yes

Part 1 ending now. Part 2 coming out tomorrow.

Kill La Kill – Episode 13

And Kill La Kill is finally back! Damn, it felt like an eternity, this timespan without its broadcasting.
So, what happened those days? A lots of things, I must say. First of all, being Kill La Kill-related, the OST from this anime has been released. As expected, its tracks were epic (My personal favourite is 斬LLLア生LL) but there are several segments of tracks that weren’t that necessary (and yeah, I’m also talking about the rap part on “Before my body is dry”): even on my favourite track, the intro is not that great, as well as from 1:41 onwards. In other words, I only listen to this track from 0:34 to 1:40 (lol).
I hope there will be some arranges of those tracks, because they’re really epic.
About other stuff, let’s see…
Gaki no Tsukai news: I won’t release new Gaki no Tsukai clips on my channel (or at least, not in great quantity). Yeah, I kinda promised I’d release a new clip, but stuff happened and (as you can see from the header) I’m now part of TeamGaki fansub group! So, basically, I’m now working with those guys on big Gaki no Tsukai clips (I’m also currently working and helping on the new batsu game!), and I won’t release long clips of this show on my channel. Short clips? Probably. I also plan on releasing more subbed stuff related to Kantai Collection. I only need some time to start with this project of mine, and than on my youtube channel there will be several kancolle clips— I hope so, at least.
About this episode. Stuff happened. Lotsa stuff. Let’s see briefly:


In the previous episodes: Ryuuko defeated the elite four. Nui defeated Ryuuko and was banned from the school grounds by Satsuki. A plan to conquer the whole Japan starts. The end.
Now, present situation: The elite four are reunited (and they’ll have a new Goku’s Uniform soon). Also, as you can see, they devoted their own life to protect Wall Maria


After having show her doubtful geography skills, Mako seems to be a bit down. That’s because of the fact that she wants to join the “free trip” with the goku-uniform guys conquering Japan, but she can’t fight at all. But actually, that’s not the only thing that’s bugging her…


Another reason is Ryuuko, that doesn’t want to wear Senketsu anymore. After what happen, anyone won’t, right?


Glasses guy appears! He seems to be the former president of the journal club, banned from the school grounds for trying to go against Satsuki’s dictatorship with his writings. He grabs Mako and heads towards her house, where Ryuuko is resting. He needs Ryuuko to put her Senketsu back, in order to fight the current system!


And so, while Ryuuko is still so depressed she won’t even grab a bite of Mako’s mom delicious (?) croquettes…


The guy breaks the mood appearing everywhere. That was kinda hilarious.


He tried to explain the situation, but failed to persuade Ryuuko. He then got gtfo’d from the house.


I seriously need to know who’s the hairstyler of Satsuki’s mom. Anyway. pointless and idle talk about dressing and stuff. That’s probably the thing that I hate the most about Kill La Kill. Satsuki and her mother are ready to conquer your an*s.


Meanwhile, saw by Gamagoori while illegally spreading illegal newspapaer sheets, Mako is forced on working with the guys sending the needed items on the vans for the voyage. Poor her.


The guy with the glasses (lolreference?) was pursued by some guards of Honnouji’s Accademy, and ends up breaking towards Mankanshoku’s place. Literally breaking.


Ryuuko has no choice. After talking with Senketsu, she’s now ready to wear her uniform again. And here we are with the usual slashed nudity scene! Ryuuko won, but…


Looks like they were puppets. Well she managed to win anyway. I remember one time, when I was a kid, I was defeated by a puppet. Anyway, what’s happening?


It was all a trap set by this guy. And to think that I liked him at first! Hey, where did I already saw that eyepatch…?


She basically planned to fight Ryuuko outside the school’s grounds, in which she couldn’t enter. That clever b*tch.


The fight hasn’t started yet, and Nui already broke the 4th dimention, every possible perspective and physics rule and the 4th wall. Nice.


Even though Ryuuko tried to keep her cool in order to avoid having her blood start to boil hot, and managed to slash her sword around, not a single scratch was made on Nui.


On the other hand, Ryuuko is getting beated up for good. The situation is getting bad for Ryuuko, and what happens next is…


Just no


Probably Nui also planned to kill Ryuuko, anyway, Satsuki points her swords towards her, making her leave at once. Then, gets a look to Ryuuko’s condition. Awful.


Senketsu’s remains are collected by Satsuki and presented to the laboratory, in which they will be used for… for… I don’t remember. We’ll surely find out (arguable) in the next episodes.


And lastly, the Honnouji’s Accademy expedition finally begins.
Oh, and yeah, Mako seems to be inside one of those veichles.
For unknown reasons.


This episode got really interesting in the last part. I seriously want to know how it continues.
See ya next post!