[REQUEST] Alice Music – magical love’n you


【Requested by Helly

Today’s song is from a circle I’ve already translated another song (which you can find here), aka Alice Music.
As the name suggests, they arrange only Alice Margatroid‘s themes / stage themes. One could say that it’s an Alice-fag circle.
A thing I like a lot about the two albums Alice†Holic and Alice†Holic 2, is that while they focus on Alice’s themes only, the songs are very different between them, covering a lot of genres.
This song in particular belongs to that “not-serious-themed-song” branch.
Of course, it’s obvious is not one of those songs with that deep meaning one should go deeper and deeper in order to grasp. It’s, in fact, a song with pretty simple lyrics (Probably the first ones without words that made me ask myself what they meant) and a good dose of denpa.
The whole song seems to be from Alice’s point of view. Oh, and of course it’s a AliMari-friendly song.
Also, the singer uses the particle わ (which marks both emphasis and feminility), so I tried to choose words a girl would use (and came out I’m not good at this).
I lol’d at “Dr. Shanghai”. Being Shanghai one of Alice’s doll, I imagined this section as Alice pretending to be talking to a doctor while she’s actually playing with her Shanghai doll. That’s cute.

Alice Music- magical love’n you


arifureta monogatari mo mahou o kakete
suteki ni naru wa
hajimari no kane ga naru wa
dokidoki shiteru wa
kimi no yoko de

A spell has been cast even on our common story!
It will become lovely!
The initial bell is ringing, dear!
My heart is racing
Being by your side!


kimi no sugao ga mitai demo chotto hazukashii
oningyo ni kakure kimi no koto mitsumeteiru yo

I want to see your true face, but that’s a little embarassing…
So I’m hiding inside a doll to stare you!

lan lan alice alice to
lan lan marisa marisa


futari de nomu koucha tokubetsuna afutanuun
kouchoushita hoho ni kidzukanaide to negau no

The black tea we’re drinking together, our special afternoon,
I hope you won’t notice my cheeks dyed in red!


arifureta sonna hibi mo
kimi no iro ni somaru
guruguru maigo no watashi
te o hiite tsuredashite
kimi ja nakya iya da yo

Even those common days of us
Are painted in your color!
You took the hand of
The stray child I am;
If you’re not here, I’d hate it!


arifureta monogatari mo mahou o kakete
suteki ni natta
kimi no sono te ni hikarete
kakemawaritai yo kono sekai o

A spell has been cast even on our common story!
It has become lovely!
Pulled by that hand of yours,
I want to run around this world!


saikin wagamama ja nai kana fuan ni naru
hoshigatte shimau yo kimi no koto kimi no kimochi

Lately, I’m becoming worried about being too selfish
I ended up desiring them… your feeling, your everything…


“kisutte jukkai ittemite?
kisu kisu kisu kisu kisu
kisu kisu kisu kisu kisu
kyaa >< sukidatte!
demo hazukashikute marisa ni wa ienai wa…
mune no dokidoki ga tomaranai no!
nee shanhai dokutaa dou sureba ii no?"

“Try to say “kiss” ten times, will you?
kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
kyaa! >< I said I love you!
But it's so embarassing I can't say this to Marisa…
I can't stop my heart's throbs!
Say, Dr. Shanghai… what should I do?"


chikuchiku itamu kono mune
motto kimi to itai
suki dakara kisu mo shitai
demo kimi no sono taido
kimochi ga wakaranai

My prickling heart
Wants to be more with you!
And because I love you, I want to kiss you too!
But with attitude of yours,
I can’t understand your feelings..!


arifureta monogatari wa mahou o kakete
shiawase ni naru
koi no monogatari wa hora happiiendo ga ne
matteiru no

A spell has been cast even on our common story!
We’ll become happy!
You know, I’m waiting for a happy end
To this love story!


yuuki dashite dakishimeta
kimi no karada kimi no kokoro
zutto zutto hanasanai
watashi dake no kimi aishiteru wa

I let out my courage and hug
Your body, your heart;
Don’t ever, ever let go of me
For I love you, my only one!


Title: magical love’n you
Circle: Alice Music
Album: ありす†ほりっく 2 (Alice†Holic 2)
Vocals: 星名優子 (Yuko Hoshina)
Lyrics: ゆずひこ (Yuzuhiko)
Arrangement: ゆずひこ (Yuzuhiko)
Release Event: C82
Source: ブクレシュティの人形師 (The Doll Maker of Bucuresti), PCB, St. 3 Theme / 人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女 (Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People’s Shapes), PCB, Alice Margatroid’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

One thought on “[REQUEST] Alice Music – magical love’n you”

  1. I was busy so I missed this one, thanks a loooooooot for your translation! Yuko Hoshina if my fav. denpa vocalist, and having the only Touhou song she has ever done so far, makes me extra happy >=D

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