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—sora kara tegami ga todokimashita.

—A letter arrived from the sky


awayuki wa anata no hoho o akaku somete,
nukumori o watashi ni tsutaete kuru no.

Light snowfall paints your cheeks red
And your warmth is transmitted right into me.


kira kira to kagayaku hoshi wa kirei dakedo,
samui to tsubuyaku to nigete shimau nda tte.

The shining, glittering stars are so pretty,
Yet they’re whispering coldness, so I ended up running away

ゆびきりにふれたらそっと降る雪 とけた。

kore kara mo futari de iyou, yakusoku da yo.
yubikiri ni furetara sotto furu yuki toketa.

Let’s keep on being together, it’s a promise.
The snow touching our joined little fingers has melted.


sora kara (hirari, shiroi, tsumetai)
tegami ga (hitotsu, fuwari, shizuka ni)

A (single, delicate, silent) letter, (fluttering, so white, so cold)
From the sky


“sora kara tegami ga todokimashita”

“A letter arrived from the sky”


– The second to last stanza is actually made of three stanzas. That’s how you should read it / how I choose to translate it (by keeping this structure): “① sora kara hirari, tegami ga hitotsu, todokimashita ② sora kara shiroi, tegami ga fuwari, todokimashita ③ sora kara tsumetai tegami ga shizuka ni todokimashita”. So, the translation actually goes like: “① A single letter, fluttering, arrived from the sky ② A delicate letter, so white, arrived from the sky ③ A silent letter, so cold, arrived from the sky”.

Title: 雪文 (yukibumi) (Snow Letter)
Album: 季ノ唄 (ki no uta)
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae
Lyrics: 黒川うみ (Kurokawa Umi)
Arrangement: ジン (Jin)
Release Event: M3-19
Source: Original


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I love music more than everything; I'm also a (shamefully mediocre) bass player and wannabe composer / writer (only in my dreams). Also interested in astronomy, traveling, theatre, literature, poetry, art, movies, mostly everything from Japan and other stuff. I'm also okay with anime stuff as long as I don't have to deal with weeaboos. Touhou project? Love it! Gaki no Tsukai? Love it! Foreground Eclipse? Of course I love them! I'm an university student, I study japanese since years for unknown reasons and I managed to get a degree on japanese language & culture (currently 進学中). I'm italian, but I can (almost) perfectly understand english.
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