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【Requested by Sweet


聞いて下さい 私の歌を
聞いて下さい 私の歌を……

kiite kudasai watashi no uta o
kiite kudasai watashi no uta o…

Please listen, listen to my song
I beg you, listen to my song…

幸せを謳う 青いカナリヤ
彼はまだ 雪解けの瞬間を夢見てるのだろう
幸せ求める 人に届けと
今はもう 枯れ果てた声で歌い続けている

shiawase o utau aoi kanariya
kare wa mada yukidoke no toki o yume miteru no darou
shiawase motomeru hito ni todoke to
ima wa mou karehateta koe de utai tsudzuketeiru

A blue canary is chanting for happiness
I wonder if he’s still dreaming about the moment the snow will melt away?
Reaching for those seeking fortune
As he keeps on singing even now, with his dried up voice

るるりらら 私の声が聴こえますか…

rururi rara watashi no koe ga kikoemasu ka…

Lululi la la, can you hear my voice…?

聞いて下さい 私の歌を
聞いて下さい 私の歌を
愚かな幸を追って 視力を失った人々に
幸せの祈りは 聴こえない――

kiite kudasai watashi no uta o
kiite kudasai watashi no uta o
orokana sachi o otte me o ushinatta hitobito ni
shiawase no inori wa kikoenai–

Please listen, listen to my song
I beg you, listen to my song
Those who pursued foolish happiness, losing their sight to it
Can’t hear no pray of fortune

幸せを捜す 盲目の少女
その手には錆びた鳥籠 “幸せを手にいれるの”
幸せの鳥を 見つめる少女
“枯れるまで泣いているなんて あきれたカナリヤね”

shiawase o sagasu moumoku no shoujo
sono te ni wa sabita torikago “shiawase o te ni ireru no”
shiawase no tori o mitsumeru shoujo
“kareru made naiteiru nante akireta kanariya ne”

The blind girl searching for happiness
Holds a rusty birdcage in her hands – “can you make it yours?”
The girl stares at the bird of happiness
“To cry until it dies… such an exasperated​ canary…”

るるりらら 私の叫びが聴こえますか……

rururi rara watashi no koe ga kikoemasu ka…

Lululi la la, can you hear my shouting voice…?

聞いて下さい 私の歌を
聞いて下さい 私の歌を
少女は籠を捨てて 声を亡くした彼を抱き
識らなかったはずの 存在を識る――

kiite kudasai watashi no uta o
kiite kudasai watashi no uta o
shoujo wa kago o sutete koe o nakushita kare o daki
shiranakatta hazu no iro o shiru–

Please listen, listen to my song
I beg you, listen to my song
The girl threw away her cage, embracing he who lost its voice
And now knows about the color she shouldn’t had known about

二度と鳴けない カナリヤは今も
少女の肩で 歌い続けている……

nido to nakenai kanariya wa ima mo
shoujo no kata de utai tsudzuketeiru…

The canary which won’t be able to emit any sound anymore
It’s still singing over the girl’s shoulder…


– The song has few stanzas which use the same words more than once (in particular “shiawase”). I tried to translate it without sounding repetitive (ex: “can you make it yours?” where “it” refers to “happiness”). Also, there are some words read in different ways (see notes below), which I’ve translated trying to keep the way they’re wrote.
– Second stanza: 瞬間 (“shunkan”, “moment”) is read as “toki” (時, “time”).
– Fourth stanza: 視力 (“shiryoku”, “eyesight”) is read as “me” (目, “eyes”)
– Sixth stanza: 叫び (“sakebi”, “shout”) is read as “koe” (声, “voice”)
– Seventh stanza: 存在 (“sonzai”, “existence”) is read as “iro” (色, “color”)


Title: 青いカナリヤ (aoi kanariya) (blue canary)
Album: リチェルカ (Ricerca)
Vocals: 中恵光城 (Nakae Mitsuki)
Lyrics: 中恵光城 (Nakae Mitsuki)
Arrangement: あたいわだれか (ataiwadareka)
Release Event: C80
Source: Original


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【Requested by レフィ



toki o koete kurai meiro o yuku
nagai kage ni koboreta namida wa
maru de yo ni chirashita namae mo nai loose
ima wa mou hibiwareta monogatari o tori dashite mo

Beyond the time, headed towards a darkening maze
The tears shed by a long shadow,
Are scattered throughout the whole night, bearing no name, loose
But now bringing out such fragmented tale won’t do anything, no more


sore wa yasashii nise no recollection
makurareta sekai ni tori nokosare
kizu ni, itami ni oboreta watashi no
kibou dake doko ka e tsure satta
daremo inai heya no naka de kimi dake o mitsumeteru

That’s such a sweet yet fake recollection
Left behind in a world wrapped over itself
The only thing which was took away somewhere I don’t know
Was my hope, drowning in pain and scars
Staring only at you, inside a room with no one else inside

使い古した言葉を並べるだけで 構わないと

sukima no nai yakusoku no renzoku
mawari dashita wa no naka ni ochite
onaji katachi ni hamatta irotoridori no piece
tsukai furushita kotoba o naraberu dake de kamawanai to

Consecutive promises with no gaps in between
Falling in a constantly revolving loop –
A multicolored piece, stuck in an identical shape
Merely lining up wore-out words – I don’t care about it

それは 眩しい刻のillusion

sore wa mabushii toki no illusion
kanpeki na sekai wa nuri tasenai
itsuka mezashita risou ga naiteru
rakuen o ikoku de sagasu nara
hitori ude o mune ni kasane inoru yori

That’s the illusion of glistening times
That can’t paint all over a perfect world
The ideals I once aimed at are breaking into tears –
And if you wish to find your paradise in another land
Than you have to do much more than praying alone with your arms over your chest

耳を塞ぎ 眼を閉じても感じられる何かは
理屈もない 理由もない 捨てられない存在
それがきっと 君の居場所 届かないなんて嘘
塵でもいい 消えてもいい 星のように 輝け

mimi o fusagi me o tojite mo kanjirareru nanika wa
rikutsu mo nai riyuu mo nai suterarenai sonzai
sore ga kitto kimi no ibasho todokanai nante uso
chiri de mo ii kiete mo ii hoshi no you ni kagayake

Something I can feel even if I’d cover my ears and shut my eyes,
A being I can’t cast aside, without a purpose, without foundations
That’s surely the lie about me, unable to seize your whereabouts –
But even if they’d shatter to dust, even if they’d disappear, it’s okay – they’ll shine like the stars

もう一度 信じてみたいだけ

sore wa yuganda ai no decoration
gyakkou no sekai ni torawareteta
watashi to (kimi to) tsunaida kioku o wakeai
mou ichido shinjite mitai dake
soshite kirameku shunkan no collage
kokoro nara dokodemo toberu deshou

That’s a decoration for a distorted love
Trapped inside a world of backlights
I want to share my (your) entwined memories
I just want to try to have faith in them, one more time
And then grasp this collage or dazzling moments
‘Cause I believe if it’s up to my heart, I can fly everywhere

ねえ 憧れ続けた新しい世界を今染めて

nee akogare tsudzuketa atarashii sekai o ima somete
kimi to (watashi) mazaru kiseki
itsumademo wasurenai eien ni

See? The new world we’ve kept on longing for is now gaining colors
I won’t ever forget, for all the eternity,
This miracle mixing me (and you) together


– First stanza: 往く (yuku) is “to go” (much like “行く”), but it’s mainly used for its metaphorical “to pass away” implied meaning. So, the kanji choice was probably made to remark this ambiguity.
– First stanza: 夜 (yoru, night) is read as “yo”, which is another on-yomi for this kanji, but it may be this way due a similarity with the word “yo” (世) meaning “world”, which gives the word a vaster range.
– Second stanza: “makurareru” means “to roll up something” or “to turn something up”. I guess the meaning it’s “the world is becoming distorted, wrapping itself up, just like a sleeve”. Thus my translation.
– On the second to last stanza, “watashi to” and “kimi to” are sung together, while in the last stanza “watashi” comes right after the previous words, so it’s part of the sentence.


Title: Collage
Album: Another Flower II
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae, Haruka Shimotsuki
Lyrics: 日山 尚
Arrangement: 阿部隆大 (ACRYLICSTAB)
Release Event: M3-35
Source: Original


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—sora kara tegami ga todokimashita.

—A letter arrived from the sky


awayuki wa anata no hoho o akaku somete,
nukumori o watashi ni tsutaete kuru no.

Light snowfall paints your cheeks red
And your warmth is transmitted right into me.


kira kira to kagayaku hoshi wa kirei dakedo,
samui to tsubuyaku to nigete shimau nda tte.

The shining, glittering stars are so pretty,
Yet they’re whispering coldness, so I ended up running away

ゆびきりにふれたらそっと降る雪 とけた。

kore kara mo futari de iyou, yakusoku da yo.
yubikiri ni furetara sotto furu yuki toketa.

Let’s keep on being together, it’s a promise.
The snow touching our joined little fingers has melted.


sora kara (hirari, shiroi, tsumetai)
tegami ga (hitotsu, fuwari, shizuka ni)

A (single, delicate, silent) letter, (fluttering, so white, so cold)
From the sky


“sora kara tegami ga todokimashita”

“A letter arrived from the sky”


– The second to last stanza is actually made of three stanzas. That’s how you should read it / how I choose to translate it (by keeping this structure): “① sora kara hirari, tegami ga hitotsu, todokimashita ② sora kara shiroi, tegami ga fuwari, todokimashita ③ sora kara tsumetai tegami ga shizuka ni todokimashita”. So, the translation actually goes like: “① A single letter, fluttering, arrived from the sky ② A delicate letter, so white, arrived from the sky ③ A silent letter, so cold, arrived from the sky”.

Title: 雪文 (yukibumi) (Snow Letter)
Album: 季ノ唄 (ki no uta)
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae
Lyrics: 黒川うみ (Kurokawa Umi)
Arrangement: ジン (Jin)
Release Event: M3-19
Source: Original


picture by kureta (nikogori)

【Requested by Mizu


名殘惜しそうな夕暮けは ゆっくりと消えてゆく
遠くに響いた春雷が 静寂に木霊した

ai-iro no yoiyami ga semari
nagori oshisou na yuuyake wa yukkuri to kiete yuku
omo dake na amagumo ga unari
tooku ni hibiita shunrai ga seijaku ni kodama shita

A lavender-colored darkness draws near
As a seemingly reluctant twilight slowly fades away
Only heavy rain-filled clouds are roaring
And the only sound echoing in silence is that of the faraway resounding Spring thunder

嗅ぎ慣れた愛しい匂いは 土埃が奪って
不安で重ねた唇は 冷たく渴いていた

hieta karada o yosete mite mo
kagi nareta itoshii nioi wa tsuchibokori ga ubatte
jitto damatteiru anata to
fuan de kasaneta kuchibiru wa tsumetaku kawaiteita

Even if I let my frozen body draw near you
The dust will take away your lovely scent I was used to smell from me
Along with you, silent, motionless
Your lips were coldly shut, dried, piled under uneasiness

重なる影 抱き寄せる手が震え
落ちる雫 殺せぬ嗚咽が漏れる

kasanaru kage daki yoseru te ga furue
ochiru shizuku korosenu oetsu ga moreru

Shadows over shadows, the hands embracing me are trembling –
A drop falls down, leaking an unstoppable weeping

咲いては散り 散ってまた咲く桜のように
散っては咲き 咲いてまた散る桜のように

saite wa chiri chitte mata saku sakura no you ni
mou ichido oai shimashou inga to karanda akai shizuku
chitte wa saki saite mata chiru sakura no you ni

Blooming and scattering, falling and blossoming again, like a cherry tree
Let’s meet one more time, a deep crimson drop entwined in karma
Falling and blooming, blossoming to scatter again, like a cherry tree

さあ 門出祝えや 散りゆく桜

mou ichido oai shimashou
nozomu koto sae mo shinki naraba
saa kadode iwae ya chiri yuku sakura

Let’s meet one more time,
And if wishing itself may be a taboo
Then let’s celebrate the departure of the withering cherry trees

君を探すには重すぎて 棄ててしまいたいのに
そのための永遠が欲しくて この命を捧げた

jiyuu wo ushinatta karada wa
kimi o sagasu ni wa omosugite sutete shimaitai no ni
mou ichido hohoende hoshikute
sono tame no eien ga hoshikute kono inochi o sasageta

I want to get rid of my body which lost its freedom
It feels way too heavy to search for you, and yet
I just wish to see you smile once more
I sacrificed my own life for this kind of eternity

歪む意識 懐中時計は止まり
醒めぬ悪夢 虚ろに彷徨い歩く

hizumu ishiki kaichuu-dokei wa tomari
samenu akumu utsuro ni samayoi aruku

My consciousness feels distorted, my wirstwatch stopped moving
I’m wandering aimlessly in the emptiness of a nightmare I can’t wake up from

咲いては散り 散ってまた咲く桜のように
散っては咲き 咲いてまた散る桜のように

saite wa chiri chitte mata saku sakura no you ni
mou ichido oai shimashou meguri meguri kuru haru to tomo ni
chitte wa saki saite mata chiru sakura no you ni

Blooming and scattering, falling and blossoming again, like a cherry tree
Let’s meet again, one more time, along with all these rotating Springs coming and going
Falling and blooming, blossoming to scatter again, like a cherry tree

さあ この血啜れや 数多の蕾

mou ichido oai shimashou
boku ga kimi na no da to wakaru kagiri
saa kono chi susure ya amata no tsubomi

Let’s meet one more time,
I can at least understand that I’m part of you
So come here, sip my blood of thousand buds


saite wa chiri, chitte mata saku sakura no you
mou ichido oai shimashou
dono you na sugata ni kawarou to mo
chitte wa saki, saite mata chiru sakura no you ni
mou ichido oai shimashou
dore hodo yugandeita to shite mo

Falling and blooming, blossoming to scatter again, like a cherry tree
Let’s meet one more time
No matter which shape it will change into
Blooming and falling, scattering to blossom again, like a cherry tree
Let’s meet one more time
No matter how distorted it may appear
Come on!

咲いては散り 散ってまた咲く桜のように
さあ 契り祝えや 満開の桜
散っては咲き 咲いてまた散る桜のように・

saite wa chiri, chitte mata saku sakura no you
mou ichido oai shimashou
watashi ga anata da to wakaru kagiri
saa chigiri iwae ya mankai no sakura
chitte wa saki saite mata chiru sakura no you ni…

Falling and blooming, blossoming to scatter again, like a cherry tree
Let’s meet again, once more
I’m you, that’s what I know for sure
So let’s celebrate this vow we made under the sakura in full bloom
Blooming and falling, scattering to blossom again, like a cherry tree…


– Lyrics are fixed and corrected, only a single last stanza is left, which goes, again, “saite wa chiri, chitte mata saku sakura no you ni
– 深紅 (fuka-kurenai) “deep crimson” is read as “紅い” (akai, “red” / “crimson”)
– Sakura = Cherry tree. I wanted to use “sakura” all the way, but it felt out of place, so I’ve used it only on the last stanza.


Title: 桜花狂咲 (ouka kurusaki)
Album: Automatic Roman
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae
Lyrics: Jager
Arrangement: 如月秋祐
Release Date: 08/16/2008
Source: Original


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【Requested by Mizu


ふわり風に混じる 優しい花の薫り
見上げれば満開の木 目を疑う

fuwari kaze ni majiru yasashii hana no kaori
miagereba mankai no ki me o utagau

A suave scent of flowers blends along with the gentle wind
And when I looked up, a tree in full bloom left me puzzled

真昼に見る夢のよう 綺麗すぎて怖い

mahiru ni miru yume no you kirei sugite kowai
genjitsu-mi no nai keshiki

It was just like a daydream – so beautiful it scared me
A scenery without a single trace of reality’s taste

手を伸ばせば 届きそうで
僕を呼んでる 君は誰?

te o nobaseba todoki sou de
boku o yonderu kimi wa dare?

If I outstretch my hand I feel like I could reach for it
But who are you, calling out my name?


boku no ima to kimi no yume ga kyoumei shiteru

My present and your past dreams are resonating…

千年の時越え 実らずの花開く
届けられた 祈りの歌を聴いた

sennen no toki koe minorazu no hana hiraku
todokerareta inori no uta o kiita

A flower which bears no fruit blooms after 1000 years
It has listened to the song of prayers we’ve been carrying along

狂い乱れ咲き 花ひらり はらひらり
笛を吹く 君の姿が綺麗で

kurui midare saki hana hirari hara hirari
fue o fuku kimi no sugata ga kirei de

The maddening unresting flower blooms so nimbly, so lightly
And the silhouette of you playing the flute is so gracious

ゆらり影が滲む あふれる涙の向こう
知らないのに知っている 胸が痛い

yurari kage ga nijimu afureru namida no mukou
shiranai no ni shitteiru mune ga itai

The swaying shadow blurs away beyond the overflowing tears
And I know why, though I don’t – my heart is aching

君が呼んでいる名前 君に向けた想い

kimi ga yondeiru namae kimi ni muketa omoi
komi agete kuru kanjou wa

The name you’re calling for, the feelings I’ve directioned towards you –
These emotions that are slowing filling me up…

僕じゃない 誰の記憶?
もう少しで 思い出せそう

boku ja nai dare no kioku?
mou sukoshi de omoidasesou

…They’re not mine, whose memories are these?
I feel like I’m about to remember them all –


boku no yume to kimi no ima ga kousaku shiteiru

And now my past dreams are blending along with your present…

千年の約束 もう一度逢いたくて
腕の中で 消えてく君は笑顔

sennen no yakusoku mou ichido aitakute
ude no naka de kieteku kimi wa egao

It’s a millenary promise – I want to meet you one more time
You were inside my arms, disappearing away with a smile on your face

狂い乱れ散る 花ひらり はらひらり
この一瞬 のためだけに 生きてた

kurui midare chiru hana hirari hara hirari
kono isshun no tame dake ni ikiteta

The maddening unresting flower blooms so nimbly, so lightly
It lived all the way just for the sake of this instant

千年の時越え 実らずの花開く
届けられた 祈りの歌を聴いた

sennen no toki koe minorazu no hana hiraku
todokerareta inori no uta o kiita

A flower which bears no fruit blooms after 1000 years
It has listened to the song of prayers we’ve been carrying along

狂い乱れ咲き 花ひらり はらひらり
時を越え 届けたかった「大好き」

kurui midare saki hana hirari hara hirari
toki o koe todoketakatta “daisuki”

The maddening unresting flower blooms so nimbly, so lightly,
Carrying along with it words which go beyond time itself: “I love you”


– Fourth stanza: “genzai” (現在) is read as “ima” (今). 過去 (“kako”, “past”) is read as 夢 (“yume”, dream”). Same goes for the tenth stanza. I tried to blend their meanings together.
– I’m not sure the word “flute” should appear on the translation. It appears in the japanese lyrics (“fue”, 笛), but 笛を吹くcould both mean “to play the flute” or “to whistle” (with one’s mouth). I choosed the first one because of the picture I’ve used for this post / the presence of a flute in the song.


Title: 千年の花 (sen’nen no hana) (millenary flower)
Album: Ricerca -リチェルカ-
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae
Lyrics: 黒川うみ (Kurokawa Umi)
Arrangement: ジン (Jin)
Release Event: C80
Source: Original


picture by rella

【Requested by Mizu


屋根裏部屋の隅で ひとり君は地図を描く

yaneurabeya no sumi de hitori kimi wa chizu o egaku
owari o kizamu tokei o daki nagara
tada hitotsu no tobira wa hirakanai to shinjiteita
mado kara mieru mono ga subete datta

In a corner of an attic, you’re drawing a map by yourself
While embracing a clock carving an ending –
You believed that single door over there wouldn’t open
And that what lied outside the window was everything

柔らかな春の雨 鮮やかな夏の陽

yawarakana haru no ame azayakana natsu no hi
te no todoku keshiki sae kaiga no you de

All the delicate Spring rains, the vivid Summer’s Sun
And even those sceneries my hand could reach seem like a painting


fukai yume no kanata e ochiru shoujo
kimi ga waraeru sora wa doko ni aru no ka
sashi konda tsukikage mo hedaterareta
gensou no mama kanashii sekai o uite

The girl is falling down beyond a deep dream
But where does the heavenly sky you’re smiling at lie?
The filtering moonlight too has grown distant
Sadly floating over a gloomy world shrouded in illusions

忘れられた街角 ひとり古い地図に頼る

wasurerareta machikado hitori furui chizu ni tayoru
mou ugokanai tokei mo suterarezu

I’m alone on a forgotten street corner, relying on an old map
But I won’t throw away the clock which isn’t moving anymore


oto ni natta kotoba wa

And all the words became sounds…


kawaranai to omotteita
mado kara nozoku kimi ga hohoemu made

I thought you would never change
That until I saw you smiling from outside the window

移りゆく秋の空 凍てついた冬霧

utsuri yuku aki no sora hitetsuita fuyugiri
kimi no inai kisetsu ni wa donna iro o taseba ii?

The Autumn sky moving away, the freezed up Winter fog…
Which colors should I add to all these seasons without you?


hikari o ataerarezu kieta shoujo
kimi ga nozonda sora ga koko ni aru nara

The girl disappeared without feeling the light upon her
But if the heavenly sky you’ve been wishing for is here, then…


fureru hodo karete yuku bara o mamoru
fukai yume o samayou kaze ni naritai
sashi konda tsukikage to hitotsu ni naru
gensou no kimi ga aishita sekai o yurashite

I’ll protect this rose that could rot away by simply touching it
Because I want to become the wind wandering in your deepest dreams
And become one with that filtering moonlight
So I can make your beloved, illusionary world sway back and forth


– Third stanza, 楽園 (“rakuen”, “paradise”) is read as “sora” (空, “sky”). Same goes for the the second to last stanza.
– I think “憂いて” (uite) on the third stanza plays over the word “ui” 憂い (sad) and the verb “uku” 浮く (to float). So, that’s why I’ve translated it this way.
– Fifth stanza, 約束 (“yakusoku”, “promise”) is read as “kotoba” (言葉, “word”)


Title: 楽園図 (Heaven’s Map / Sky Map)
Album: Another Flower II
Vocals: 中恵光城 (Mitsuki Nakae)
Lyrics: 日山 尚
Arrangement: 霜月はるか
Release Event: M3-35
Source: Original


picture by guweiz

What about a japanish song about snow and winter in the middle of one of the hottest summer of my whole life?
Come on, we all like things like that, just like when they broadcast those totally uncalled for Christmas movies when it’s not Christmas.
I love this song and its vibe, but this translation will be really challenging, mostly because the feel it’s conveying is pretty damn difficult to reproduce in another language.
Starting from the beginning, the song keeps on repeating “furu furu furu” and “shin shin shin”.
Both “furu” and “shin” repeated all those times are merely there to make the song more lullaby-ish, and to create an atmosphere with onomatopeia-like sounds like those.
On a side note, “furu” also mean “to fall”, and can be used in a sentence to express “the snow is falling”, “it’s snowing”. That’s why I translated it this way.
About “shin”, things get more difficult. There are hundreds of kanjis which can be read as “shin” in their on-yomi reading. Among those, 進 (to advance), 深 (deep), 寝 (to sleep / to lay down), and again 振 (to fall / to wave) are the ones that caught my attention the most while thinking about kanjis whose reading is “shin”.
Those kanjis seems all to allude to something falling (振/進) down (深) with delicacy (寝/振), and I find it really appropriate with “furu”, which, on the contrary, doesn’t need much explaination.
Not only that, the song also refers to Yuki-onna, the snow lady creature from the japanese folklore, to the crane, symbol of Japan which could also allude to the famous kagome-kagome song, and other elements which are really not that hard to translate, but hard to keep intact in their original japanese beauty when translated.
This is one of those song which should be understood in its original language to stay untouched. But maybe… it’s always like that.
Anyway, this intro was part of a larger section of notes, be sure to check them out.


ふるふるふるふる 冬の夜
しんしんしんしん 降り続く

furu furu furu furu fuyu no yoru
shin shin shin shin furitsudzuku

Falling, falling, falling, falling, a winter’s night
Down, down, quietly, quietly, it keeps snowing

ふるふるふるふる 雪吹雪く
しんしんしんしん 降り止まぬ

furu furu furu furu yuki fubuku
shin shin shin shin furi yamanu

Falling, falling, falling, falling, snow gets harsher
Down, down, more and more, it won’t stop snowing


yukionna wa ikaga kana–
nukumori ukete toke sarinu

How does the snow woman feel, I wonder?
Accepting the warmth just to be left melting away…

ふるふるふるふる 丑の刻
しんしんしんしん 音も無し

furu furu furu furu ushi no koku
shin shin shin shin oto mo nashi

Snowing, snowing, snowing, snowing, 2 hours past midnight
Quietly, quietly, more and more, not a sound to be heard

ふるふるふるふる 月明かり
しんしんしんしん 雪化粧

furu furu furu furu tsuki akari
shin shin shin shin yuki-geshou

Snowing, snowing, more and more, the moonlight
Quietly, quietly, falling again, is covered in snow


tsuru no kizu wa ikaga kana–
shoutai sarashi tobitateru

How has the crane’s wound gotten, I wonder?
Exposing its wounded figure to fly away…

ふるふるふるふる 春の朝
しんしんしんしん 六花咲く

furu furu furu furu haru no asa
shin shin shin shin rikka saku

Falling, falling, falling, falling, on a Spring morning
Quietly, quietly, more and more, snow is blooming

ふるふるふるふる 梅と桃
しんしんしんしん 雪解ける

furu furu furu furu ume to momo
shin shin shin shin yuki tokeru

Swinging, swinging, waving around, the plum and the peach tree
Gently, gently, quietly, quietly, melt the snow away


kourohou wa ikaga kana–
sudare o agete miru yoroshi

How’s mount Xianglu by now, I wonder?
It would be good if I could look at it by lifting this bamboo blind…


– furufuru / shinshin, as you read above, I kept them “falling” and “down”, with variations depending on the stanza they appear in (in other words, if there are other words to point out the “snowing” meaning or such, my translation could have variations).
– “ushi no koku” is a old way to say “2 A.M.”. The whole song has a classical vibe to it, so it’s not that unusual at all.
– “rikka” (六花) is another old way to say “snow”, and here’s a pun. The word “saku” means “to bloom”, and “rikka” is wrote with the kanji for “flower” (花).
– “furu” is also “to wave”, “to shake”, “to swing”, in the second to last stanza I found it more appropriate being the subjects two trees.
– I did some research over the last stanza, seems to talk about a poem by Bai Juyi, a chinese poet. The japanese translation of this poem「 遺愛寺の鐘は枕をそばだてて聴き、香炉峰の雪はをかかげてこれを看る 」(colored parts = appearing in this song) was well known to nobles of the Heian period, as well as other chinese poems even by the same author. The “kourohou” is the japanese transcription of the same word in chinese, which translates into xianglu-feng (Mount Xianglu, also know as “Incense Burner Peak“) which this poem refers to. The poem roughly translates into: “As I lift from my pillow and prick up my ears to the sound of iaiji (name of a temple)’s bells, I saw the snow covering the bamboo blind up there mount Xianglu”. What does that mean? Bamboo blinds were used to cover royal ladies, so they could speak to anyone behind them without being saw directly. And as a distant call of a temple’s bell wakes the writer up, the sound resonates as a calling, as a signal to extend his gaze beyond what’s on his reach towards the far off mount Xianglu where his love interest’s bamboo blind is slightly opened due the snow pressing over it. He’s not seeing this scenery, he’s rather imaginating it, being too far away. In other words, this poem is about longing for someone and the concept of distance, when knowing someone’s there, even if unreachable and far away, makes us feel as if we’re gazing at a beautiful scenery of closeness.
In this song, the verb for “bamboo blind” is “ageru” which means “to lift”, so the song is from the point of view of the girl inside the blind rather than the poet from the other side of Mount Xianglu…
Keeping all of this in mind, the translation won’t seem that weird… I think? Hope the meaning’s clear enough..!


Title: おゆき (oyuki) (snow)
Album: 華唄 (hanauta) (flower song)
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae (中恵光城)
Lyrics: Kurogawa Umi (黒川うみ)
Arrangement: あたいわだれか (ataiwadareka)
Release Event: C76
Source: Original