回路-kairo- – 天地爛漫


I still think that alone but never alone is a gem amongst touhou CDs.
It brings me back so many memories, being released (edit: more than) 4 years ago.
I don’t know if its lyrics have been translated or not, but, for what I searched, there’s no entry in touhou wiki for this CD. Just why?! This album is soooooo good!
Of course I can’t post the whole song list in a single post, but I can say for sure that one of the song that I like the most in it is 天地爛漫, an arrange from Flawless Clothing of the Celestials from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.
And that’s a theme I like a lot.
There are plenty of themes in Touhou that aren’t actually composed by ZUN that are outstanding, like The Eternal Steam Engine, Septette for a Dead Princess (SWR), Border of Life (SWR), Broken Moon, The Village in the Dead of Night or Flawless Clothing of the Celestial (edit: even new themes such as Bamboo Forest in Flames and Bell of Antipodes are amazing!).
The last one in particular gave me a feeling as if I’m staring at the world under my feet from atop a mountain or something like that. And because 天地爛漫 gave me the same feel, I think it’s an amazing arrange.

回路-kairo- 556t – 天地爛漫


haruka tsudzuku daichi e
hikari sosogu sora aogi mite
utakata no shizukesa ni ima mi o yudaneru

Proceeding towards the far off vast land
As I look up the sky filled with light
I abandon my sight to that ephemeral calmness

戯れに 彩る
集う 有頂天

tawamure ni irodoru
fujou no shogyou
tsudou uchouten
kumoma o saite

An irregular enlightenment
Painted in caprices
Will gather ecstasy
And break the rift between the clouds!

舞い踊り咲く 麗しき乙女の
紡ぐ言葉と遊戯 清く清く強く

mai odori saku uruwashiki otome no
tsumugu kotoba to yuugi kiyoku kiyoku tsuyoku

Dance and bloom, oh beautiful maidens’
spinning words and plays, so graciously, so strongly…

歌え忘却の果て 疼く数多の想
汚れ無き幼子の 遠き遠き記憶

utae boukyaku no hate uzuku amata no sou
yogorenaki osanago no tooki tooki kioku

Until my singing voice’s oblivion, a vast number of aching thoughts
Goes to that distant, distant memory of my purest offering


ten takaku maiodoru
utsukushiku chiru hana no gotoku
hisou o mune ni dakite
kono sora no shita de

Dancing to the peak of heavens
The same way as beautiful falling flowers do
Sorrow embraces my heart
Under this sky


haruka tsudzuku daichi e
hikari sosogu sora aogi mite
utakata no yasuragi ni
ima mi o makaseru

Proceeding towards the far off vast land
As I look up the sky filled with light
I give myself
To that ephemeral ease

嗚呼 揺らめく宵と 昼の狭間に立ち
果てる事なき時に 揺れて揺れて融ける

aa yurameku yoi to hiru no hazama ni tachi
hateru koto naki toki ni yurete yurete tokeru

Aah… standing in the threshold between noon and the flickering evening…
Swaying and swaying, and melting in the time where nothing ends…

いつか朽ち果てるとも 永遠に抱くは
つかの間の此の場所と 君の声と歌と

itsuka kuchi hateru to mo eien ni daku wa
tsukanoma no kono basho to kimi no koe to uta to

Even if someday it’ll rot away, I’ll eternally embrace them…
This momentary place, and your voice, and this song, and…


ikubaku no setsunasa to
hisou no kage o furiharaite
koyoi sakazuki kawashi
yoiyami ni emi o

Just how many momennts
The shade of the unthinkable will shake off?
Tonight, we will exchange our wine cups
And laugh to towards the dusk!


haruka tsudzuku daichi e
hikari sosogu sora aogi mite
utakata yasuragi ni
ima mi o yudaneru

Proceeding towards the far off vast land
As I look up the sky filled with light
I abandon myself
To that ephemeral ease


– 不常の諸行 (fujou no shogyou) shougyou is a quite interesting word. It could mean both the practices of nembutsu prayer not involving the recitation, or something like a mysterious, undefined act leading one to his /her own enlightenment. It’s quite hard to fit this whole meaning into a sentence, so I used “enlightment” in order to avoid writing a sentence that long in its place. But keep in mind that it’s not the its actual accurate meaning.
– 悲想 (hisou) the first time is wrote as 悲愴 (meaning sorrowful), but the second time is written in two different kanjis, which are the first two kanji that makes the word 悲想天則 (Hisoutensoku). While together they sounds just like “sorrowful” (and that probably should be the real meaning), I prefered translating both characters into another word. And with 悲 meaning “negation”, “non-“, and “想” meaning “thought”, I translated this hisou as “unthinkable”.


Title: 天地爛漫 (tenchi ranman) (Heaven and Earth’s Luxuriance)
Circle: 回路-kairo-
Album: alone, but never alone
Vocals: 556t
Lyrics: 556t, Ke, megane
Arrangement: megane, Ke, KENTO
Release Event: C81
Source: 天衣無縫 (Flawless Clothing of the Celestials), Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, final stage pre-battle theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

2 thoughts on “回路-kairo- – 天地爛漫”

  1. Good work. What a great song this is, even after such a long time. Wonderful to finally see a translation.

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