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Still goin’ with Clockworks Tracer‘s tracks, and this time is not from Shangri-La in Bloom. I promise I’ll keep translating it in 2-3 posts, but for now, I’ve been requested another song by them: Tartarus.
Even though I say I like Clockworks Tracer, it doesn’t mean I’ve listened to every song by them.
For instance, I’ve never heard of this one before. And it’s very good.
But it’s, like, impossible to find it online. It’s like this song doesn’t exists. And I really don’t know why when a doujin circle is good, it’s always hard to find their works online.
This song in particular was almost impossible to find.
It’s one heck of a good arrange from Desire Drive, and probably one of the greatest out there.
Just like most of Clockwork Tracers’ songs, it is mostly in english. That “idon’tknowitwasinenglishuntilireaditslyrics” english, typical of japanese people. Oh, Japan.
And it’s all sung by Yapan. No WeatherH, no anyone else. It’s actually very different from the songs in other albums from the same circle. But I like it.
While Tartarus was the son of Chaos, god of destruction, this word makes me think only about Persona 3… and Toothpaste, for some reason.


This is my fate to fall!!

On this painful and steep journey many a salvation I’ve left without been noticed
The anguish only in my sight have stabbed my immature heart and torn it down
Slowly I came to lose the ability to tell each other, and was pushed off the depths of despair

All the same, that infernal flame you gave birth keeps on blazing furiously
On each case, this internal blame I take invites to a downfall curiously
Even if your betrayal is spun into oblivion easily, I’ll never forgive and forget

Sink to 濁り沈む澱みの中で
扉の向こう 待ち受ける底なしの
苦痛が手招く Tartarus

sink to nigori shizumu yodomi no naka de
hakike o moyousu jama ni kokoro wa yakare kuchite iku
tobira no mukou machiukeru sokonashi no
kutsuu ga temaneku tartarus

Sink to the insides of the ground’s murkiness
My heart burns and rots, just to make me unable to deal with my nausea;
As I await before the gate for the beckoning
endless agony: Tartarus.

Bring me down!!

Thick as wall, that barrier continues to block my path
This closure suggests to the disclosure of my powerlessness

Like flames of hell, the malice burns me to the ground

最期の瞬間 とうに心は擦り切れ膝は折られてしまった
浅はかな願いだけが荒れ果てた心に渦巻いて 喧騒の中へと消えてゆく

saigo no shunkan tou ni kokoro wa surikire hiza wa orareteshimatta
ariamaru koukai to jiseki ni nureta tabiji no hate ni wa nani mo nokorazu
“mou ichido, mou ichido dake yarinaoseru nara”
asahaka na negai dake ga are hateta kokoro ni uzumaite kensou no naka e to kiete yuku

In the last instant my heart already wore out, my knees ended up breaking already;
There’s nothing left at the end of this journey painted in self-hatred except for pointless regrets:
“One more time… just let me do it again one more time”
Only foolish desires whirl in my heart fallen into ruin, as they disappear into the sorrounding tumult.

扉は開かれ 抜け出すことの叶わぬ
苦痛が手招く世界へ Curtain fall

nigori shizumu yodomi no naka de
hakike o moyousu jama ni kokoro wa yakare kuchite iku
tobira wa hirakare nukedasu koto no kanawanu
kutsuu ga temaneku sekai e curtain fall

Sink to the insides of the ground’s murkiness
My heart burns and rots, just to make me unable to deal with my nausea;
The gate is opened, but the agony won’t let me
break out from it, beckoning me into his world.
Curtain fall.

– At the beginning, it says “SINK TO” in english, but just after that, he repeats the verb “沈む” (shizumu) which, again, means “to sink”. So, I left the english words and added the actual translation of only the japanese part.
– 灼 is a strange kanji. It’s the simplified version of 焼 (yaku) which means burn (which is not used in japanese). For some reason, this kanji was written in chinese instead of japanese. Though, it could be a simple transcription error.
– The ending is strange. Again, I wasn’t able to fit the “curtain fall” with the japanese sentences, so I left out of it. What I meant to translate was something like “A curtain falls on the world (…)”, but doing this way I’d end up fixing the english text in the original lyrics. So I left it out of the sentence in order to keep the “Curtain fall” just like the song does.


Title: Tartarus
Album: Extreme Final Feast
Vocals: Yapan
Lyrics: Yapan
Arrangement: Yapan
Release Event: C87
Source: デザイアドライブ (Desire Drive), Ten Desires, Stage 4 Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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