C-CLAYS – 66

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Today’s post is 66 by C-Clays. Of course a Touhou arrange, and from one of my favourite themes, The Lost Emotion.
This song is amazing and funky as hell!
Of course it’s about Hata no Kokoro, and so it focuses on the character’s mindset. “What am I born for?”, “What am I?” and such.
66 is a reference to Kokoro’s mask, or, to say it in another way, the number of the emotions she gathered.

C-CLAYS – 66

絶望 失う事で知った痛み
ああ許されないと 自分に牙を向け

zetsubou ushinau koto de shitta itami
aa yurusarenai to jibun ni kiba o muke
rokujuuroku no kamen ni toraware
nee, douka atashi o minai de

A pain I got to know after despairing over what I’ve lost…
Aah, “I won’t forgive you” as I point my own fangs against myself…
Took away by those 66 masks,
Hey, don’t you dare look at me

隠し続けた むき出しの心

kakushi tsudzuketa mukidashi no kokoro
kasaneta kamen ga konpuriito shite yuku
namida no iro ni tomadowanai de
nagareta shizuku ga nigotteiru no

My completely exposed heart that I kept on hiding
Has become complete with the masks I’ve piled up
Don’t get confused by the color of my tears,
For the flowing drops are growing turbid

失望 どこかで無くしてしまったの

shitsubou doko ka de nakushite shimatta no
aa watashi wa nan no tame ni ikiteru no
rokujuuroku no kamen ni ubaware
nee, douka atashi o sagashite

I ended up losing my disappointment somewhere, but where?
Aah, just for which sake am I living for?
I’ve been caught by those 66 masks
Hey, would you find out where I lie?

失くしたナイフを 探しまた斬りつき
ボロボロの世界 憧れは遠く

sakebi tsudzuketa kizu darake no kokoro
nakushita naifu o sagashi mata kiritsuki
boroboro no sekai akogare wa tooku
nagashita shizuku mo itsuwari to negau

My scar-covered heart which kept on screaming
Is searching for the knife it has lost so it could cut it again;
The longing for this worn-out world is too distant,
And so I hope for this tears I let flow to be fake too.


nakushita koto de umareru jiyuu yo
owaranai de

That’s the freedom born from what I’ve lost
It won’t reach an end

心に刻む 迷いはないぞ

mamori tsudzuketa okubyouna kokoro
kasaneta kamen ga watashi ni kawatteku
akiramenaide mada ma ni au to
kokoro ni kizamu mayou wa nai zo

My timid heart that I’ve kept on protecting
Along with the mask I’ve piled up has changed who I am;
And so, I engrave on my own heart, without hesitation
“Don’t give up, you have still time to do it”.

I belong to me

mou dare demo nai
I belong to me

There’s no one, no more
I belong to me


– “shitsubou” and “zetsubou” (first and third stanza) can be both translated as “despair”. “shitsubou” is more like despairing over something that wasn’t as one could have pictured. I guess it’s closer to “disappointment” rather than “despair”.
– 斬りつき (kiritsuki) could be both “to cut”, so “to cut again” in this case, but also refer to 斬月 (zangetsu, wrote with the same kanjis) which is a character for KAMEN-Rider (kamen = mask). It could be a reference to the show which featured masked superheroes, which we can link to Kokoro and her masks, in a funny way.


Title: religieuse
Circle: C-CLAYS
Album: 66 -Sixty Six-
Vocals: 小峠 舞 (Mai Kotohge)
Lyrics: 小峠 舞 (Mai Kotohge)
Arrangement: あとぐる (Atoguru)
Release Event: C88
Source: 亡失のエモーション (The Lost Emotion), Hopeless Masquerade, Final Boss Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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