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I think it might be a good idea to write some stuff about this website past, present and future.
So yeah, first of all I’m done with exams (actually there’s still one left, but not it’s not right now) so there are actually things that will change accordingly to this.
I’ll get back on working on the missing requests and try to make the translation pace faster than it was during those past months.
But here’s a few other things I’m yet trying to figure out / find a way to add to this wordpress.
As you probably read before, I want to make my Gaki no Tsukai clips upload rate higher.
Considering that I usually spend a lot of time finding clips / typesetting them, keeping the uploads monthly would be perfect.
So, basically I’m not trying to be an avid uploader, someone who uploads weekly or more than once per week. I just want my youtube channel not to fall under tons of dust.
But that’s nothing new, and you can read more, if you’re willing to lend me a hand, in this post.
And here’s the main dish.
I’m sorry, but I wrote more than I should have for this part. Close this tab, NOW!
…Or read it. Maybe you’ll learn something..?
As somebody (few people) might know, I’m italian, and as somebody (anyone) might know, I enjoy writing stuff in italian.
I actually won more than a prize in italian modern poetry contests and I enjoy a lot the (almost lost) art of poetry, both reading and writing.
Of course I’m not going to say that this wordpress will change to a total different wordpress with contents that differ completely from the previous ones.
I’d like to make an experiment, though.
While I enjoy writing poetry in italian, I never actually tried to make poetry in english or japanese.
But I mean, the languages may change, but the mind stays the same, right? I’d like to try.
I started writing poetry naturally, because I felt like it.
And I noticed that people actually liked what I wrote and how I thinked of some things.
I’m not saying this can work out or I can become a master of whatever, I just want to do what I like with what I like.
After getting in contact with japanese culture, I started to read japanese poetry.
My first contact was with the Waka poetry.
Waka poems are composed of 5 phrases with a 5-7-5-7-7 syllabic metre.
I read wakas from the greatest and most apreciated collections of Japan, such as wakas by Fujiwara no Teika, or taken from various poets from Kokin and Shinkokin Wakashuu or Man’youshuu.
While I can’t say I disliked Waka poetry, I felt like it had a great potential, but poorly developed.
Being a relative short poetry style but having 5 sentence to fill, the Waka poetry can sometime appear bizarre and relatively weird to a reader with or without “experience” on reading poetry.
While some wakas I read are really good, most of them just don’t feel right to me.
Wakas are (almost) always 5-7-5-7-7,

…I’m sorry. But the fact is that wakas always starts really good, but ends up getting weirder, at least to me.
Generally they’re parted between the first block (5-7-5) and the second (7-7), but it’s really hard to link those two blocks toghether in meaning.
It’s like talking about the sound of the wind at the beginning and ending up completing the poem with two phrases that are totally unrelated to it.
Usually, the relation between those two blocks are not so obvious on purpose.
Poets likes to play with the reader, writing something that seems unrelated but it’s actually connected very closely with the previous block.
Like, associating the suffering from a lost love (first block) with the water drops running down a gutter (second block).
They’re obviously linked, but sometimes it just sounds too weird.
I still found this kind of poetry pretty weird (not that I enjoy it), but I really liked how the japanese poets were able to express powerful feelings in the first block of wakas.
Just 3 phrases can be poetry? Yes, they can. I liked that a lot.
So, basically, as some of you may already understood, Waka lead me into discovering the fine art of Haikus.
I started writing Haikus as a joke.
I used to write down Haikus at night when I couldn’t get any sleep, and they were just a bunch of stupid things that I thinked of and wrote down just to read them to my friends the next day and see if I could make them laugh.
I could. I felt like a God. Or something like that.
The Haiku poetry is basically just like the first block of waka poetry, meaning that you don’t have to add more (seemingly random) phrases to make it longer.
5-7-5 and you can write down basically EVERYTHING.
The power of haikus is immense.
There are two types of Haikus:
1) Haikus whose structure is a continuum, meaning that the three phrases that appears on it are connected between them as if it was a longer sentence, and
2) Haikus whose three phrases are actually three distincted blocks, connected by meanings / contents / mental links.
I like them both. Japanese people like the second type more. I’m not japanese. Duh.
Anyway. I keep writing Haikus each time I feel like it.
That’s the good thing about Haikus. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of time thinking about them: they just came out so naturally you don’t have to destroy your brain thinking about what to say or how to say it.
While I always wrote Haikus in italian (and I plan to release a book about them once I graduate) (but that was supposed to be a secret, FUCK), I also practiced in english and japanese, and I’d like to put some Haikus in this wordpress too.
My plan is yet to be defined, but I have some ideas.
I’d like to keep the Haiku posts few, like once per month (this way people won’t get pissed and I can write Haikus down more freely), and add to each post some Haikus in english and some in japanese (with translations) wrote by me, as well as some selected Haikus from great poets of the past or from the present time.
Each month will have a certain theme, and the haiku posted will follow it.
I don’t know if I’ll start this in July or in August, but I think it’s the right thing to do.
Because it’s something I love to do and I want to share with everyone, and because I’m sick of people saying that “poetry is dead”.
I don’t think poetry is dead, I just think that it got way better at hiding, and we got way lazier to try to search for it.
This post is long and I’m not entirely sober. Recently I’m not writing ANYTHING while sober. I should rename this wordpress into “”. Yeah, I should.
Hope you won’t mind this little thing, and I hope you’ll enjoy my next song lyrics posts as well as those (occasional) haiku posts.
Have a nice day / night / whatever, and see you tomorrow with a new post (that I HAVE TO add), followed by the return of the (almost) daily basis-isisiissh(?) request / touhou stuff / random japanese songs.
Smell ya later!
(forgive my grammar I swear I’m exhausted)

And for more news / shit just follow my twitter. Everything I post here, goes there faster than Sanic the hehdhgohd. @FGRNDNoises

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

2 thoughts on “Gaki? Poetry? Alcohol? [十五夜 Bulletin Board]”

  1. Your idea sounds awesome, I’m looking forward to it! I don’t think posting them once a month is bad, but you shouldn’t limit yourself if you really enjoy creating them and sharing them. Well, I guess it depends on how many you plan to add to each post.. but still!

    Are you also planning to share some of your poems in Italian? You said that the mind stays the same and that you’d like to try making them in English and Japanese, but I think the thought process does change( at least a little). Plus, it would be cool to see you do some stuff in your native language.

    1. Is that so? Maybe I can fill up a post with “my three languages”, than!
      Anyway, I’m really happy to read this, and yeah, probably I should add some of my italian ones too.
      We’ll see what will happen soon!

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