[OLD] Gaki no Tsukai 2015 Update

09/19/2016 UPDATE! (LAST UPDATE)
Foreground Noises won’t deal anymore with Gaki-no-Tsukai. All the new uploads / posts will be posted on Shionの使い and uploaded on this youtube channel.
Learn more about this update on this post.


You can still check my old removed subbed videos on the following links. Report if broken / removed. New content MAY come, so I suggest you to follow my Twitter (@FGRNDNoises) to check any may-to-come new content.

Here’s the (almost complete) list of my subbed videos:

Downtown Talk: “What Happens When You Die?”
Downtown Talk: Matsumoto’s Occupational Desease
Downtown Talk: Matsumoto’s Childbirth Technique
Tanaka’s Furious Thai-kick
Member’s First Contact With Pepper the Robot
Rap Battle: Tsukitei Housei (Yamazaki) vs Greengrocer
Airport Batsu-game Unseen Footage: Jimmy Onishi
Cocorico Tanaka’s Shichi-henge
Yamazaki’s Ass Magic
Yamazaki’s Slap Collection
Yamazaki Producer ft. Haruna Ai
Earthquake during Downtown Talk
A Hamashou-only Baseball Match
Cocorico Presents “Chilly Chilly Contest”
Volleyball Coach Hamada



Some of you probably don’t know this, but this blog used to be my archive for video translations stored in my Youtube Account.
My main video target was (and still is) Gaki no Tsukai clips.
Now, in 2015 I started anew this wordpress, making it a doujin music translations archive. And that helped me a lot practicing and discovering new things. But I don’t want to give up on Gaki no Tsukai.
So, what I’m doing here with this post, it’s explaining the situation, and hope YOU can give me a hand!
Translation is, of course, a matter of time. I spent more than a hour on translating songs, and some time typing up notes, infos, credits and extra stuff. But it’s a pace I’m able to keep, being a translation published once in 2-3 days or so, and a job involving only typing words and some html codes.
I can’t say the same for videos. Of course, translating a video is not that hard, and while it takes me more time than a song (because I don’t have any text to see), it’s not impossible.
What it’s impossible to me is doing it quickly, because translating a video also implies typesetting, coloring, timing and other stuff I’m not good at. Those things are what makes me delay my videos for months.
So, in other words, what is the purpose of this page? I’ll tell you. I’m searching for help.
There are lots of Gaki no Tsukai clips yet unsubbed that deserves to be, and I’m willing to keep spreading Gaki no Tsukai all over the western part of internet, but I can’t do it alone.
Are you a fan of Gaki no Tsukai who’s also good at using Aegisub? Are you a master of typesetting and timing? If you are and you’d like to work with me on Gaki clips,get in contact with me!

General informations

– There’s no time limit and no person number limit. The more, the merrier.
– If you’re also good at translating, I’d be happy to receive help on the translation too.
– This project is free. I don’t earn any money for it, and so no one’s getting paid.
– You’ll be credited in every video you worked on.
– There’s no strict schedule; If I was to get help, videos will come out not so frequently (maximum 1 video every 2-3 weeks), so it won’t be a hard work.
– Whoever decides to cooperate as a typesetter, also gets the right to choose which clip to sub.
– Let’s avoid searching for high quality clips (such as 720p~1080p), ’cause they’ll most likely be shut down from youtube. 480p is the best we can afford as long as this project will continue on youtube.
– Keep on mind that it’s not a Gaki no Tsukai fansub project, it’s just my channel with collabs, being unable to typeset as I would like to.
– Full episodes are not good, on my channel there will be upload of maximum 20 minutes.
– If this project will start and one day it will become bigger, we might start thinking about extending everything (keep on mind that, if you’ll lend me a hand, everything will be uploaded on my channel, though you’d still have credit on your work).

What I’m trying to say it’s that I’m not aiming for something big such as a fansub project, because I don’t think I’m fit for being a leader myself. I’m just saying that I would like to keep on uploading and translating Gaki clips, but typeset is not really my strong point, and it’s its fault my translations are slowly disappearing from my channel. So, you’ll be able to support my channel and get all the glory (and YOU will choose the clips to translate!) but it will still be my channel! But who knows, one day you could become the leader of a fansub group in which I’ll be lending a hand…

Getting in contact

If you’re interested in typeset Gaki clips to spread the love word of Gaki no Tsukai, you need to get in contact with me first. There are several ways to do it.
– Twitter: @FGRNDNoises – Just tweet me or send me a PM on twitter, it’s the fastest way and I’ll notice it as soon as you contact me.
– Mail: m_baratta@hotmail.it – The perfect alternative for twitter, I check my e-mails very often, so I’ll be able to read your e-mails without leaving you become older.
– Skype (flakyz2), Youtube (ForegroundNoises) or wordpress comments are the methods I prefer you’d choose only as last chances, because I do not check those three very often. If you’d use twitter or my mail, it’s safer.

I think that’s all. There’s no time limit, so even if you’re reading this in 2036, it’s still ongoing! Hope you’ll help me, let’s work together!
~ Shion



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