EastNewSound – Long Time Ago


EastNewSound – Long Time Ago

零れゆく願いは星屑 夜を遮って輝き

kobore yuku negai wa hoshikuzu yoru o saegitte kagayaki
itsumademo soko ni aru to sonna ki ga shita no
zutto yume ni mita yo na ohanashi
tooi me o shita kimi wa ima nani o miteru?

Wishes that overflow turn into stardust whose radiance obstructs the night,
I had the feeling that they’ve always been there
Just like the tale I kept dreaming about;
And you, gazing to the distance, what are you looking at right now?

闇の中照らした光は 思いの数だけ満たした
そっと涙 その意味解らず

yami no naka terashita hikari wa omoi no kazu dake mitashita
dochiramo hitsuyou na no to kimi wa utau you ni
sotto namida sono imi wakarazu
hitomi utsushita sora wa hoshikuzu darake de

The light which radiated in the darkness only filled the number of my thoughts,
As if you were singing about how both are important;
I couldn’t understand the meaning behind that gentle tear
As in the sky reflected in your eyes there was only stardust

懐かしさ覚え 切なく胸を締め付けて 何か聞こえた

natsukashisa oboe setsunaku mune o shimetsukete nani ka kikoeta

As I press hard on my grieving chest entwined in nostalgia, I heard something.

続かないように照らした 君が迷わないように
ずっと遠い記憶は輝いて 空へと浮かんでそっと囁く

hikari sae nomi komu kurayami
tsudzukanai you ni terashita kimi ga mayowanai you ni
zutto tooi kioku wa kagayaite sora e to ukande sotto sasayaku
negai kanaimasu you ni

In a darkness that swallows even light itself
You were there, shining like you couldn’t keep on, and without hesitating,
You were whispering to those radiating far away memories floating in the sky
“May my wishes be fulfilled…”

流れてく時に いつしか慣れてゆくけれど 忘れたくない・・・

nagareteku toki ni itsushika nareteyuku keredo wasuretakunai…

“I’ll get used to the flowing time before I’ll realize it, but I don’t want to forget…”


Title: Long Time Ago
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Dione Aggregation
Vocals: 紫咲ほたる (Hotaru Murasaki)
Lyrics: 海兎
Arrangement: MiYAMO
Release Event: C81
Source: 小さな欲望の星空 (A Small Desire’s Starry Sky) – Ten Desires, Stage 6 Theme


About foregroundnoises

I'm a 23 y.o. italian guy, I have a degree in japanese language & culture and I'm currently advancing in my studies. I love music but I'm too self-destructive to attempt to produce it myself. Sometimes I gaze at my shoes and think it's a nice genre. Mainly translating japanese music lyrics (Touhou / doujin / indie / etc) and Gaki no Tsukai clips (worked with Team Gaki too). 宜しくお願いしマスタースパーク。
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  1. thetest1174 says:

    GL with exams, thanks for translation!!

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