Kill la Kill – Episode 3 – Part 2/2

And here comes part 2 of the third episode of Kill la Kill, full of action, fighting sequences, tits, epic animations, tits, tits and pointless fanservice.
Overall good, as I said in the previous post, but kinda disappointing in some parts.
I hope it will get back on its track by the next episode.
But let’s not waste any time on pointless talk, let’s just enjoy the best moments from this second half.

kill la kill #3-2 moments

As the battle is about to begin, Senketsu warns Ryuuko that Satsuki is more powerful than her. In fact, Ryuuko is loosing lots of blood, and is in trouble. Also, apparently Satsuki can shoot lasers (?)


Satsuki is not even moving her feet, and yet, she’s winning. Just look at her royal badassery.


Ryuuko is launched inside the school building. She’s about to faint. Ass shots everywhere.


To avoid to have Ryuuko fainting, Senketsu deactivates, leaving Ryuuko powerless, face on the ground.


That scene. Ryuuko is about to face her defeat.


Satsuki tells her that there’s no point to be ashamed of what they’re wearing, because that’s the Kamui’s true nature. Also, pointless ridiculously large tits shot.


Here comes Mako, saving the day! (?) She basically tells Ryuuko not to give a f*ck about her being ashamed, because she’s not in a position to being it to begin with.


Just before Satsuki is about to slice Mako in half, Ryuuko stops her. She now understood everything. The fact she understood everything because of Mako’s stupid talking, was rather nonsensical and lame. Oh well.


Ryuuko gains Senketsu’s full power. No need to be ashamed of anything! Just kick some ass!


Ryuuko attacks! Fanservice is not missing, though.


Spinspinspinspinspin~ Ryuuko is unstoppable, but Satsuki is not so weak to be defeated by her.


…In fact, Satsuki is able to dodge Ryuuko’s ultimate attack. She seems quite pleased by the fight overall, but in the end…


…No one won. Satsuki retreats, they’re both exhausted.
…BUT! The next scene will be something epic, because…


Satsuki tells Ryuuko that if she’ll fight her again only after Ryuuko defeated every other club under her command…


…In other word, we’ll get to see Ryuuko against several villains, and lastly agains the final boss Satsuki! JUST LIKE I WANTED!! TYPICAL SHONEN GRADUATED BOSS-FIGHT RULES!!


Probably I didn’t enjoy this episode as the other two, but that final scene was satisfying. I have my hope raised again for it!


See you next week!

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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