Kill la Kill – Episode 3 – Part 1/2

Episode 3: WAT.
I mean, I liked it, but it’s starting to look a lot more like a “serious” anime, and I didn’t actually enjoyed all the fanservice in this episode. It’s way too much.
It was epic anyway, though.
The animations were absolutely gorgeous, and the fighting scenes are getting better and better as it continues.
I also liked how the “boss fight” is so early in the plot, but it ends halfway. I’ll talk about this in part 2, coming tomorrow.
So, in few words, this episodes’ pros and cons.
– Epic animation/battles.
– Plot seems to get clearer.
– It settles the right ground for the next episodes.
– Different from the previous episodes, it’s not so random as them.
– Too much fanservice.
– The gags were kinda forced and lame.

(PS: I wrote Mato instead of Mako in the previous post!)


We start with a flashback of Satsuki where she’ seen talking t- OMFG THAT’S ADORABLE.


The teacher is going to talk to Ryuuko. Meanwhile, enjoy some free Mako spinning.


I liked this part: Ryuuko seeking for answers, the teacher trying to avoid answering. Guess a blade in-da-face will do the job.


It looks like the teacher is a friend of Ryuuko’s father, and they were in a group against Satsuki’s family’s dictatorship. He was instructed to give Ryuuko her senketsu after his death. Apparently, kamuis are made 100% of life threads, a powerful material, the same used for Goku’s uniforms, though they only use less than 30% of it. Way too much plot for my tastes-


Meanwhile, in school the “bad guys” are trying to create a 50% life thread Goku’s uniform, which results in creating an uncontrollable beast, later blocked by the guy with glasses and blue hair. I kinda like him.


Satsuki is back home, intended to take back her “wedding dress” her father promised her when she was a child. Obviously it’s a kamui, and she offers her blood to it, even though her servants are trying to stop her from doing so.


Despite the pain, she’s able to wear it. I liked this blood stain detail.


And we’re back in Mako’s place, where her father and brother (and dog) continue to harass Ryuuko. Yay!


Just before going to bed, Mako notices that Senketsu is strange, as if it has goosebumps. Some sh*t is going to happen.


Epicness. Satsuki awaits Ryuuko in the next morning: sh*t happened.


The two are ready to fight each other, but not before Satsuki shows her ultimate gear: the Senketsu.


After a Sailor-Moon-Styled transformation sequence (in which fanservice hits its peaks), Kamui Junketsu is finally showed: The battle is about to begin.


Part 2 coming out tomorrow

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