[2017 update: while kangekienkai still remains online, most of my music translation are posted here on foregroundnoises regardless of their genre]

Time for a serious post about what’s going on with this wordpress.
I’ve been writing all of this since this morning.
I scrapped lots of drafts and I came to this conclusion: a short post that could explain everything.
So, in few words, here’s what I want you to know.
The music I translate in this wordpress isn’t the music I want to translate. I listen to very few touhou doujin music / anime/ videogame stuff, and I think I’ve kind of grew out of it. THOUGH that doesn’t mean I’m quitting this wordpress. Because there are still songs (not entire album / artists, just songs) that mean a lot to me and even lots of the ones I’ve already translated were very significant to me. And that doesn’t even mean that I dislike doujin music. I still think that ZUN’s a genious, and there are lots of songs by doujin circles that I love. But I can’t seem to fit in this category of music.
The only consequence to this, is probably about requests. The more you request, the longer time it will get. Requesting a song means that I have to work on a translation which I don’t know if it will be easy or not or if I’ll like or not. So, I don’t think I’m saying something bad if I’d state that requests won’t be frequent / fast.
After all, this is my wordpress isn’t it? This of course isn’t because I’m tired of people who request songs, but I’m not stimulated enough piling up requests for songs I don’t know / don’t want to translate.
Things will get slower, but it doesn’t mean I won’t translate them. “Pending” = “I know I have to translate it, give it some time, it’ll came out”. Keep that in mind.
So, in other words, Foreground Noises is what it has become throughout those two years: a place for doujin music.
And I don’t want to change that.
I’ve tried to blend up lots of other things (gyaku, shoegaze, poetry), but it didn’t work, at least to me.
Let’s focus on shoegaze, or, more in general, japanese indie / non-doujin/ non-anime /non-videogame music.
I’d love to translate more of those, because I think that’s the type of japanese music I seem to fit the most in.
But it feels so out of place in this wordpress.
So, I made another one.
A monochromatic one. More serious. Without me being part of it. Without any more words aside from lyrics and descriptions.
A silent place where the notes and the words blend up together into something silent and personal.
A wordpress which is not mine, but it’s everyone’s.
Its name is 感激宴会 ~ Kangeki Enkai, and you can already see its first post structure (from a foregroundnoises post, even the other two shoegaze will be added ASAP).
Here, I’ll publish translation for Shoegaze / Indie / Non-anime/Non-Jgame/Non-touhou/Non-doujin songs, but again, it’s more like a personal archive rather than a wordpress for fun like this one.
I want those songs that I feel closer to me to be on the other wordpress, so the silly atmosphere of this one won’t be ruined and viceversa.
Normal posts will pop out on this wordpress too, that’s not a goodbye.
But they’ll probably slow down to give the other wordpress some space too.
I hope you’ll like the other posts as well as this wordpress’s.
You can follow me on twitter so you won’t miss any new (both wordpresses’) posts: @FGRNDNoises
Thanks for reading, and see you next post!!

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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