Want Help? [Translations Requests]



You can now request a song again but… this time isn’t for free anymore.
Translating takes time and effort, and I’ve worked on tons of lots of users’ requests throughout the years, and of course bad happenings occurred. Like, having some of my requester reuploading my translated lyrics elsewhere and – oddly enough – taking credits for it, or not receiving not even a “thanks” after translating a 1000+words song.
I don’t plan on making this wordpress a job, but there have been so many times in which at the end of the day, translating a song I didn’t even know didn’t left me anything.
So, from now on and 100% at your will, translations requests will have a small price, which won’t be much higher than a cup of coffee.
I don’t plan to discuss it here, and I hope anyone who’s interested in it will be able to read this. But, just in case, let me write it again bigger, in caps and crimson-red:
Payment and conditions will be explained on the DM / mail. Hope you’ll understand this and keep on enjoying my content!


Let me say this first.
I will accept your requests, but read those rules first.
Most important thing is that you must provide me a lyrics’ scan or something from where I can read the lyrics of the song you requested me.
If your song won’t be translated, it’s because I can’t find its lyrics.
So be sure to send me the song’s lyrics in order to have your translation done.
I’m doing this for free and I’m happy to do it, but finding lyrics could be a bigger burden than translation itself. So please, cooperate with me and be sure to provide me the lyrics for your requests.
It takes me a lot of time translating your songs, so I can’t afford to spend even more time to search for lyrics. Keep that in mind, please: Your translation will be done only if you provide me its lyrics/booklet/whatever!
If you don’t, I’ll delay them, and I can’t even assure you I’ll be able to find the lyrics.
Thank you for your attention!

You can request a song to be translated by getting in contact with me.
I don’t ask anything in exchange, but there are some rules and things to keep on mind.
1) Translation’s outcome will change depending according to the time I’ve got
2) I’ll give priority to songs related to my likes and website, meaning that, in order, Touhou-Kantai Collection and doujin band songs will have major priority over anime songs, and anime songs will have priority over any other kind of miscellaneous non-doujin japanese song.
3) If you’re going to use my translations for websites or youtube videos, I’d like to be referred to as the translator, if you don’t mind.
4) Try to avoid entrusting me more than a song at a time, just try to stick with only one.
5) If you badly want more than a song to be translated, set one of them as prior, so I’ll translate it first and later I’ll translate the other.
6) You must send me a link to hear the song (youtube or such) or a mp3 file of it.
7) Again, you have to send me a link where I can read its japanese lyrics, or a scan from the album’s booklet.
8) If you can’t find the lyrics, I’ll try find them myself, but If I can’t, I’ll let you know*.

*that’s because writing down lyrics by ear can result in syntax and translations’ errors, due japanese being a language full of homophones. Check this page in order to see your request’s status!

That’s a project I’m starting this year.
I don’t know how it’ll turn, but I’m giving it a try.
So, if you’re reading this and have a (yet untranslated) japanese song you’d want to get your english translation on, just don’t be shy and ask me anything!

How? Contact me:
Via Mail: maurobaratta1993@gmail.com
Via Twitter: @FGRNDNoises
Via Skype: flakyz2 (I don’t use it anymore)
Fastest way to get my attention is Twitter, ’cause having it on my smartphone I’ll be able to see if you contact me as soon as you do. Mail is the second fastest option. Skype is good too, but I do not log in everyday, so it’s not the safest.
Also, please, avoid commenting on other posts for requests. I would be happy if you’d choose another way (see above).

Thank you for your attention!


Done ✓ = translation done & posted.
Pending = request has been accepted.
Locked = request has been accepted but can’t be done ATM due some problems. Reasons on footnotes.
In Progress = translations in progress (only appears when a full CD / more than a song from the same CD has been requested)
Missing Lyrics = lyrics not provided by requester or that I wasn’t able to find online. “Missing lyrics” doesn’t mean I won’t translate the song warked as this. Once I’ll have the lyrics, I’ll translate these songs.
Aborted = request aborted because already translated by someone else (I’ll leave the link to their translations)
Scrapped ☠ = request I couldn’t translate. Possible reasons: way too hard to render in english, nonsense lyrics, impossibility to figure out its content and such. I can give up too, you know… Scrapped lyrics will be explained on the footnotes.
Also, there may could be footnotes about certain requests. Be sure to check them out.

04/15/2014 UPDATE
Since things are getting really busy (and I don’t have so much time to deal with those huge amount of requests), I decided to give priority to some requests over others.
Some of those songs you requested to me have already been translated by someone else, so I decided to add another status “Aborted“. Songs marked with this are already translated (I’m sorry, but I don’t really have time to get over every request…), so I’ll leave the link of the translated song next to it.
I apreciate everyone who works with doujin songs translations, so I don’t think it’s a bad thing to promote other translator’s work.
That’s not a choice for laziness, I really have no time!
I’ll stick only to untranslated requests, I’m sorry!

27/01/2017 UPDATE
Please, try to stick with doujin / touhou / kancolle / shoegaze songs. Avoid meme / denpa songs, visual K & mainstream songs / stuff overly unrelated from this wordpress’ contents.
There’s no guarantee your requests will be take in consideration if they don’t fit such criteria. Of course any occurrence will be marked, notified and explained under this page.

Current Requests schedule / history

– (Minstrel) LIQU@ – ミックスオードブル | Status: Done ✓
-【undead corporation】天外冬黄 – 火車の叫ぶ夜に | Status: Done ✓
– [LA KIA] Akira – Break the Memory | Status: Done ✓
– [Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets] ICHIGO – FLANTICNIGHT | Status: Done ✓
– (Team Nekokan) Nyannyannya – オワタ\(^O^)/エイジア | Status: Done ✓
– (Automata Girl) ランコ – Hide and Secret | Status: Done ✓
– CLOCKWORK TRACERS – Shangri-La in Bloom (CD) | Status: Done ✓
– (Alice Music) Yuko Hoshina – magical love’n you | Status: Done ✓
– CLOCKWORK TRACERS – Tartarus | Status: Done ✓
– Register6 – 曼珠沙華 | Status: Done ✓
– (Pizuya’s Cell) 3L – キラメキスター | Status: Done ✓
– (Arte Refact) YURiCa – moonlit oath | Done ✓
– (ZERO SOUNDS) みーや – Blue Rise!! | Status: Done ✓
– 朱色 – Black Page ~盲目の文学少女~ | Status: Done ✓
AdamKadmon – Lonely Little Circus ~瞳の奥~ | Status: Aborted [link]
– (Riverside) 秣本瑳羅 – scape | Status: Done ✓
– CLOCKWORK TRACERS – Eschatologia (EP) | Status: Done ✓
– [FELT] 美歌 – Continues Waiting | Status: Done ✓
[FELT] 美歌 – Life | Status: Aborted [link]
– C-CLAYS – 風ニ舞シ恋桜歌 | Status: Done ✓
– C-CLAYS – 番ヒノ翼 | Status: Done ✓
– [Thousand Stories] めらみぽっぷ – 覚醒の火種 | Status: Done ✓
– A-HEAD – コモリウタ | Status: Done ✓
– ACTRock – DaNcE | Status: Done ✓
– SANTA MASSACRE – A Frog Jumps into the Trash Box! | Status: Missing Lyrics
– tac-t!s & ごくじゅん – TRAUMA XIV | Status: Missing Lyrics
– [領域ZERO/Crest] Lyn-A – Pray on the road | Status: Done ✓
– [Zero Sound] – Lost | Status: Done ✓
– A-One×UNDEAD CORPORATION – Just One Night | Status: Done ✓
– 金剛・比叡・榛名・霧島 – 提督との絆 | Status: Done ✓
– Elemental Records – 眠らない星 | Status: Done ✓
– 【艦これ】時雨ノナミダ | Status: Done ✓
[Shinra Bansho] めらみぽっぷ – その日私は空を見上げた | Status: Aborted [link]
– CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Elope With Thy Locus | Status: Done ✓
– ロクプラス – 唄葬 | Status: Done ✓
– ロクプラス – 睡葬 | Status: Done ✓
– MN-logic24 – RISING GOD HAND | Status: Done ✓
– 回路-KAIRO- – Flower | Status: Done ✓
– Minstrel – その影法師、幼さを残して | Done ✓
– Gekijou Tenor – zenmou CAST | Status: Done ✓
– 幽閉サテライト – カナシバリズム | Status: Done ✓
– ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – メロウ | Status: Done ✓
– [Bloody Sword] IZNA – 摂氏-⑨℃ | Status: Done ✓
– 魂音泉 – One’s Own Way | Status: Done ✓
– 回路-Kairo- – dying | Status: Done ✓
– 回路-Kairo- – remember | Done ✓
– Kissing the Mirror x LA KIA | セレネの呼ぶ声 | Status: Done ✓
– ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – 謎掛アリス | Status: Done ✓
– Undead Corporation – Flowering Night Fever | Status: Done ✓
– KRASTERII – 願い星、帰り道 | Status: Done ✓
– Pizuya’s Cell – 図書館型移動要塞 | Status: Done ✓
– MD – ゆらりゆられて | Status: Done ✓
– SANTA MASSACRE – Spit My Fate | Status: Missing Lyrics
– Register6 – ブレイズ・アップ・ソング | Status: Done ✓
– 君の美術館 – 秘封倶楽部の未踏世界 | Done ✓
– Sally – min~眠~ | Status: Done ✓
– Gekijou Tenor – zenmou CAST -ACT2- | Status: Done ✓
– Gekijou Tenor – zenmou CAST -ACT3- | Status: Done ✓
– セブンスヘブンMAXION – いつかみた夢 | StatusDone ✓
– ふぉれすとぴれお – 心象風景 | Status: Done ✓
– Feuille-Morte – River | Status: Done ✓
– SOUND HOLIC – 真・バーニングテンソクZ | Status: Done ✓
– Amateras Records|Bloody Bloody Moon | Status: Done ✓
– UNDEAD CORPORATION – うつぼ舟 | Status: Done ✓
– ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – 玉響蛍 | Status: Done ✓
– 死際サテライト (Shinigiwa Satellite) – 星屑デイドリーム | Status: Done ✓
La Kia – Vengeance From Dark | Status: Scrapped ☠
– サリー – ルク | Status: Done ✓
– VAGUEDGE DIES FOR DIES IRAE – …for Bloodlust and Anima | Status: Done ✓
サリー – 夜に向かって這う直線 | Status: Scrapped ☠
– Register6 – 想繋のリベリオン | Status: Done ✓
– Poplica (Syrufit) – P-rhythm Players | Status: Done ✓
RainyBlueBell – Re;Re;Refrain | Status: Scrapped ☠
– Register6 – And the Gods Disappeared | Status: Done ✓
– Applice – 誰何記号群 | Status: Done ✓
– ロリィタノイロォゼ – religieuse | Status: Done ✓
– 凋叶棕 (Diao ye Zong) – 心強きもの | Status: Done ✓
– Diabolic Phantasma – Moonlight Adjudicator | Status: Locked
– Nana Takahashi – Go On Being | Status: Done ✓
– Riverside – 妖精王Erbaの指先 | Status: Done ✓
– 凋叶棕 (Diao ye Zong) – ヤタガラスカイダイバ | Status: Status: Done ✓
– ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – 黄昏トンボ | Status: Done ✓
– CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Our Show Must Go On!! | Status: Done ✓
– SILENT DIFFERENCE – Left Behind | Status: Done ✓
– Register6 – 久遠の夢路 | Status: Done ✓
– オレオレウサギ – Rabbit, her name was GRIEF | Status: Done ✓
– 少女理論観測所 – 詠み人知らず | Status: Done ✓
– SILENT DIFFERENCE – 背徳なる漆黒 | Status: Done ✓
– MN-logic24 – 虚数の想定 | Status: Done ✓
– Adust Rain – Traumatic Syndrome | Status: Done ✓
– Applice – Farewell | Status: Done ✓
– SOUND HOLIC – The Party We Have Never Seen | Status: Done ✓
– [single] Edel Links – アオイロ | Status: Status: Done ✓
– ANOTHER STREAM – Thread Of Fate | Status: Done ✓
– Girls Short Hair – 夢のつづき | Status: Done ✓
– 彩音 (Ayane) – Lunatic Tears… | Status: Missing Lyrics
– Yellow Zebra – 色彩少女 | Status: Done ✓
– Magenta Spiral – ピアスド・ハート | Status: Done ✓
– 753 x ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – 楽園図 | Status: Done ✓
Silver Forest – チルの☆プリンセスさまっ♪ マジBAKA2000% | Status: Scrapped ☠
– きのこ帝国 (Kinoko Teikoku) – Girl meets NUMBER GIRL | Status: Done ✓
– MN-logic24 – 月の箱舟 | Status: Done ✓
– 縫糸 – あの時、始まったすべてのこと | Status: Done ✓
– 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) – yellow knife feat.抹 | Status: Done ✓
– ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – 千年の花 | Status: Done ✓
– ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – 桜花狂咲 | Status: Done ✓
– ElementalRecords – fabulous world | Status: Done ✓
– サリー – 朧 | Status: Done ✓
– Tears of Today – Eclipse | Status: Locked
– THOUSAND LEAVES – Immortal Vengeance | Status: Done ✓
– THOUSAND LEAVES – Crimson Moonchild | Status: Done ✓
– 753 x ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – Collage | Status: Done ✓
– LA KIA with しるへい – Cradle of peace hourglass | Status: Done ✓
– LA KIA with しるへい – Changeling | Status: Missing Lyrics
– 凋叶棕 (Diao ye Zong) – 童遊 | Status: Done ✓
– Yellow Zebra – Darling Star | Status: Done ✓
– Cyua – Ever After | Status: Done ✓
– <echo>PROJECT – meridian 〜霧雨魔理沙が死ぬときは〜 | Status: Done ✓
– <echo>PROJECT – Ghoti ~東風谷早苗が想うこと~ | Status: Done ✓
– 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) – トラウマ | Status: Done ✓
– 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) – She Saw the Future feat. 妖狐 , AO | Status: Done ✓
– SILENT DIFFERENCE – 翻弄 | Status: Done ✓
– Scrapyard – 旅死度 | Status: Done ✓
– Suspicion & Fear – Beautiful Imitation | Status: Done ✓
– ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – 青いカナリヤ | Status: Done ✓
– tieLeaf – 日溜まりの檻 | Status: Done ✓
– モジャン棒 – 自殺クラブ | Status: Done ✓
– 凋叶棕 (Diao ye Zong) – ―巳の三つ―「疵とマントと〇〇心」| Status: Done ✓
– SOUND HOLIC feat. 709sec. – 聖徳伝説 | Status: Done ✓
– Eternal Excaliver – Devotion to Black | Status: Done ✓
– SILENT DIFFERENCE – 崩壊の虚像 | Status: Done ✓
– SOUND HOLIC – Dirty Purity | Status: Done ✓
– 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) – Batti Koi Riddim | Status: Pending
– 少女フラクタル – 贅沢なエンドロール | Status: Done ✓
– Feuille-Morte – エクスデウス | Status: Pending
– ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY x しちごさん。- Lost Nostalgia | Status: Pending
– あ~るの~と (R-note) – Red Moonlight Septet | Status: Pending
– ヨルニトケル – 寄生 -replay ver.- | Status: Pending
– TAMAONSEN (魂音泉) – てのひらドール | Status: Pending
– C-CLAYS – Amakakeru Musume | Status: Pending
– Yuuhei Satellite (幽閉サテライト) – 泡沫、哀のまほろば | Status: Done ✓
– 舞音KAGURA – 魂を燃やせ!! | Status: Done ✓
– Mass of the Fermenting Dregs – Delusionalism | Status: Pending


– サリー – 夜に向かって這う直線: [15/03/2016] I’ve been translating this song for days, and it’s full of words that, more than difficult, are completely random. They seem to be out of place, as if someone took them and smashed them forcedly inside the lyrics. I couldn’t simply be satisfied of how the translation was turning out.
– I’ve found the lyrics for Vengeance From Dark by La Kia, but I won’t post them because the song is in english. You can read them here (thanks to Remilia)
– About “Moonlight Adjudicator”, I can’t translate it because I can’t grasp most of the romajis for this song. Some readings are different from the usual ones, and the voice is way too covered by instruments / overall unclear for me to post this song without having it feel incomplete. If you have romajis for this song, pass them to me, I’ll keep on translating it as soon as I have them.
– Being “Re;Re;Refrain”‘s lyrics too confusing (almost 50% random engrish) it was switched with another song by the requester.
– About “チルの☆プリンセスさまっ♪ マジBAKA2000%”, I don’t find this song appropriate for this wordpress. It’s more a meme than a song, and its lyrics don’t make much sense / I’d rather avoid publishing it in here.
– Tears of Today – Eclipse is locked due copyright issues. Once the requester will get the permission to use the lyrics posted on the band’s official website, I’ll work on the request.
– Lyrics scans provided for “Changeling” are too blurry for me to figure out some sections, waiting for more HQ scans / sources.

118 thoughts on “Want Help? [Translations Requests]”

    1. Those two have lyrics, so it’ll be just a matter of time!
      Sadly the CW tracer’s one are almost impossible to find, but for now I’ll focus on those others and the other requests.
      Then, I’ll probably ask Yapan again if he can let me see their lyrics!

  1. HI!
    Could you translate lyrics of these songs?

    Title: Spit My Fate
    Album: Masterpieces For Our Struggle


  2. Hello
    Can I requests these songs?

    Title: ルク
    Album: LessExtra
    Circle: サリー (Sally)

    Title: zen -hybrid mix-
    Album: LessExtra
    Circle: サリー (Sally)

    Title: irony
    Album: LessExtra
    Circle: サリー (Sally)

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi there!
      First of all, as it’s written in here ( https://foregroundnoises.wordpress.com/2015/12/03/requesting-a-song-the-role-of-the-translator/ ), I can’t take more than a request per time by the same person.
      In other words, I suggest to you to choose only one between them, because if I let you choose more than one request, than everyone else would do the same and my request list will become unbearable.
      Hoping you’ll understand, I also suggest you to check if those songs have already been translated (because I kind of remember some of those were).
      Once you’ve checked, whether if it was already translated or not, let me know if there’s one song between those you want it to be translated, or, in case they’ve not been translated yet, choose the one you’d like the most to be translated first!
      Don’t worry, once I’m done with your request, you can request another.
      I also give priority to those who never requested before, so you have a sort of bonus for you first request, in terms of time.
      I hope everything’s clear, let me know if you have made your choice!

      1. Okay I just made my mind:
        Title: ルク
        Album: LessExtra
        Circle: サリー

        At all I just want that
        thanks for your kind 🙂

      2. I added it to the list.
        I would have gave to your request priority, haven’t requested anything before.
        But sadly, I don’t have lyrics for your song.
        I’ll leave it pending for now, if you have the booklet / scans / whatever containing this song’s japanese lyrics, please let me have it.
        Once I’m done with the other requests I already got the lyrics for, I’ll try searching for yours.
        If in the meanwhile you’ll find your lyrics, then I’ll start translate your song as soon as you gave me them.
        I’m sorry and I hope you’ll find them! I’ll try myself once I have more time to, but I can’t guarantee…

  3. Shion, i sent you the lyrics from Vengeance from Dark on twitter, the lyrics from the first song of that album are also in the scan 😀

    1. Hey! I just have a problem with this: I can’t read the kanjis appearing on the link you posted (I read random symbols instead).
      Is there another way to send me the lyrics? Maybe via .txt / .odt files?
      Also, can you tell me more about this song? Like, youtube link to listen to it, author, year, album, etc.? Let me know!

    1. Can I have more infos about this song? Such as original theme, release event, details about the circle, singer etc..?
      It would help a lot! I’m currently transcribing it, by the way.

  4. more SILENT DIFFERENCE is pending mmmmmh, seems nice… you have some metal taste huh?
    BTW if you aint gonna post the song in English, this one is most likely sing in English the whole song
    and I’d like to ask you to translate it just this part if you’re not going to post https://youtu.be/i30GWbLMb3Y?t=49s
    sry for bad English :((

  5. want some original(?) stuff?
    im so in love with this song right now

    Edel Links – アオイロ (U Remix)
    also, last request seems like ive made a mistake, sorry about that

    1. Omg the vocals are so good! And the genre is pretty good to. Is it a request, by the way? If it is so, I just need each songs’ lyrics. Though it will take some more time / posts being a (full?) CD!
      Just let me know! 😀

    1. I just shut down (temporarily) the TL request system. I’ll make an exception for this one of yours just because you posted this comment before I could make the post, but note that I won’t accept new requests (after this one) for now for a while, as it’s wrote in this post: http://wp.me/P3YRre-8Y
      Once they’ll be back, you can submit your requests again, it won’t last long, I promise.
      (I’m taking this request of yours right now, don’t worry about it)

      1. Thanks a ton for accepting my request~!

        If you’re busy with real life’s matter, just take it easy, tho I don’t know what kind of problem you’re having or not.

      2. Oh, thanks for the concern, don’t worry!
        I’m just busy and having lots of requests could be a bit of a burden for now, so I’m just stopping them for a while so they won’t pile up. I’ll do yours soon tough, as well as the other one pending 😀

    1. Two of them are fine, but I need you to send me a better version of the booklet’s scans! Can barely read ’em! If you don’t have them it’s fine, I’ll manage to do something myself 🙂

      [EDIT] scrap that, I’ve found A HD booklet scan, I’ll use that 😉
      Added to the list!

  6. Hello! I’m here for two things : first to thank you for translating the lyrics of some doujin musics i like!
    second, can you translate the lyric for this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CbvqJAfCRc
    someone probably transcribed the lyric ( i cant tell if it is the original lyric or the user who put it there transcribed it by-ear) in the comment, not so far below! I can’t seem to find the original lyrics, so that is the best i can provide
    I am a big fan of diao ye zong, thank you for providing the translations for their songs, and i would really appreciate if you can translate this one! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comment! 🙂
      Of course you can! I’ve added it to the request list! Be sure to check this wordpress within the next days / weeks, I’ll work on your request 😀

  7. Can I request a rap song from TAMAONSEN please? Thank you!
    トラウマ || Torauma
    Album: Elysion II :TOHO Geek
    Circle: 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN)
    Arrangement: TINY PLANETS
    Lyrics: ytr
    Vocal: ytr
    Original title: 少女さとり ~ 3rd eye
    (Satori Maiden ~ 3rd eye [Satori Komeiji’s Theme])
    Source: 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism
    (Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism)
    Event: Reitaisai 14

  8. Hey there, can I request this song from TAMAONSEN?
    the lyrics are pretty long but hopefully you can translate it ^.^

    She Saw the Future feat. 妖狐 , AO
    東方風神録 より 少女が見た日本の原風景
    Lyrics source: http://imgur.com/co0wHIm

  9. Hello! If you’re not busy atm, i have a translation request for the lyrics of this song :

    several top comments have the lyrics for this, i’d be happy to have the english lyrics since it’s rare to find remi’s theme arrangements that isnt some dubsted or sth


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