Update History


This wordpress’ history.
Here are listed the changes foregroundnoises took over days, weeks, months, years.
In other words, in this section you can check what the hell the current logo means.

Opening (Oct 2013 – Jan 2015):
– Gaki no Tsukai subbed clips Youtube hotlinking!
– Original songs translations!
– Touhou subbed MVs!
– News from Japan Touhou world! (pending / in progress)
Anime advice! (project abandoned)
Anime episodes reviews! (project abandoned)
Chiaki Sensei clips! (project cancelled)

V2.0 UPDATE (Jan 2015 – March 2015):
– More anime-lyrics starting 2015!
– More touhou-lyrics starting 2015!
– More kancolle lyrics starting 2015!
– Requests available!
Twitter-feedback available!
– YT karaoke videos collaboration started!
– Added translation requests page.
– Added want TO help page.
– Updated About section.
– Gaki hotlinking only on twitter/youtube.

80% Reflowering UPDATE (March 2015 – May 2015):
– Multiple requests available!
– Request history available!
– Gaki no Tsukai typesetters request opened! (in progress)
– 1000+ youtube subscribers: success!
– Posts frequency raised!
– Added Update History page.
– Updated About section.
– Updated pages icon.

Unreasonable Aestivation (May 2015 – July 2015):
– Not an update at all. The logo remembers the viewer that the wordpress’ activity is slowed down due my university’s exams session, which will end in July (tba). I still accept request and translate them / publish new posts, but the frequency won’t be the same as before, at least for those two months. I’m also working on a project which will start with the next update. Keep an eye on this wordpress anyway!

十五夜 (July 2015 – October 2015):
Is poetry dead? Maybe we are more than it.
– Posts are back to be more than one per week.
– Monthly Haiku project started
– Reverse【逆】translation posts will pop out sometimes

V 3.0 (A little bit of Revolution)
It’s been almost two years since this worpdress opened, and now it has gained a shape it didn’t have before. I can now say that the wordpress has finally reached a new stage, a new version
– No rules: Anything can happen
– Header changing every 7 / 14 / 21 days
– Header changing according to events
– Headers are now random

★ V4.0 -らせんのゆめ-
frgcv4 PROVA1
I wouldn’t call this an update.
I’d say I want to keep the wordpress in a more efficient way than it was before, focusing on what it has to do.
Let’s just call it “a planning”.
Haiku: Last post July the 18th. No other posts scheduled.
– Requests: still available, but read the new rules about them first. If you don’t respect them, I can erase your request.
– Adding description to the pictures featured in the post. I feel like a dick for not crediting the artists until now. And now I’m too fucking lazy to fix every post. So, from now on there will be credit to the artists.
Gaki no Tsukai: reuploading stuff ASAP (not on my my channel), I’m planning on uploading everything again on dailymotion/whatever this summer (2016).
– Making 1 shitzillion of logos was fun, but it makes me feel like this wordpress has no identity whatsoever. I’m sticking to this one for a loooooong timespan. ‘Cause I like it and I feel it’s better off this way.
– Adding a small disclaimer to my own translation. Because f*ck you! (obviously joking)
– 2月9日から: Shoegazin’, baby!
– Uploading my own (personal favourite) translations on my channel!

Also, here’s how this wordpress will work during 2016:
– February – March: normal posting, around 2-3 times per week or even more.
– April – May: closed. I’ll be studying / traveling in Japan [unconfirmed yet].
– June – August: moderate posting, at least 1-2 new post per week or possibly more.
– September – October: low posting, I’ll be busy arranging things for university / residence changing.
– November on: moderate / normal posting (it depends on circumstances I don’t know yet).

NEWS! (March 2016) I’m no longer translating non-touhou / non-doujin music here, but on my second wordpress, 感激宴会 ~ Kangeki Enkai, which will mainly cover Shoegaze genre.
It’s a type of music that I like more (in general) than the music on foregroundnoises, so I think it deserves a greater attention. Thanks for reading, and remember to check it once in a while!

Also, there could be non-translation posts in the meanwhile (random posts, opinions post, おすすめ post).
I don’t know if there will be more 逆 posts and surely there won’t be new haiku posts except for those I’ve wrote up there.
Hope things will be more organized now!

08/21/2016 – Graphic Update

Again, not an update, at least not in terms of content.
But isn’t it different from before?
I’ve changed this wordpress’ theme, thus the logo vanished, but instead it gained a more mature-looking homepage which is really amazing in my opinion.
I love how the bold and italic look on each posts, as well as the links’ color, pictures’ frames, font size / compactness, navigation system, how the color blends, the two grey layers, Yukari’s gap on the left gazing at us…!
Isn’t it great? I like it way better this way.
Also, I never wanted to make this wordpress / its content to sound so presumptuous (and I realize sometimes it seems this way because of the sh*t I write), so it’s no more my Translations Archive, but my… Whatever Archive.
I feel like writing some “serious” / “bloggish” posts with this new layout… Like a journal or something… Maybe or maybe not.
The only “news” (for sure) is that sometimes we’ll see more posts like the Zero Conma, Irotoridori no Sekai one, meaning that there’ll probably be more “compilation” like that.
So, expect (in the future) some other full-CD posts coming in different parts.
Oh, I also added some “osusume” links in the bottom section of the website, right after the “Contacts” small section.
That’s all for now! further changings will be displayed beneath.

(original picture belongs to TUMENECO’s らせんのゆめ CD’s jacket)

unlisted headers:

18th Day (Haiku)Shizuha, Wicked Hermit, Scarlet Devil, Magus Night, Yukari, 白黒, Outside WorldTriple GoddessNight SparrowPerfect FreezeFlandre, S-Something’s Wrong? (Christmas)2016百鬼妖界の門The Maid and the Pocket Watch of BloodBorder of Life逆にしようShoutokuEndless Festival万年筆Dullahan Under the WillowCloudsStormy PerformancePurified Moon☢ WARNING! ☢Voile, The Magic LibraryTidal WaveEndlessly Flowing RiverBamboo Forest in FlamesKill la KillLegendary OarfishTrusting in Lies縁の腕Hellfire’s MantleMiracle Mallet怪異殺しの足跡イザナワレルUSA! USA!MayohigaSlash of the Present能舞台Lunatic Red EyesPresenceSuwa Foughten Field渡る者の無い歩道橋WakasagihimePhantom EnsembleLittle Dowser General少女秘封倶楽部ByakurenAsamiHinaLunatic PrincessThe Dark BlowholeA Miracle魔界AyaDualityMaiden’s CapriccioLotus ButterflyLonesome Werewolf七色の門番Poison DollFlower MasterFake Moonまさに秋の感じShipwreck GhostEagle Ravi未確認飛行物体持ち主なし傘Legend of KAGEもみじThree Fairies of LightSumirekoMist Lake冬の香りMaster… Spark?YamameInanimate Dream


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