[REQUEST] Register6 – 想繋のリベリオン

picture by iwai ryou

【Requested by B016

Today’s song seems to be an original track from the famous circle Register6, which we know for their touhou arranges.
I’m not a big fan of this circle, I’m rather a big fan of certain songs they made.
If someone made me listen to this song without telling me who’s behind it, I would have never guessed it was something by this circle.
It sounds way too visual-kei-iish for my tastes, but lyrics are fine I guess.
And I’m not even making a comment about that “sadame”, this time.
Is it possible that this song is about Steins;Gate? I mean, “世界線”, “opposing to fates”, “changing world lines”… Mh. Not sure, but that’s what this song made me think about.

Register6 – 想繋のリベリオン

I grasp at the future but that was too far away.

縛られた空虚な世界 馬鹿げている
自由は来るのだろうか わからないままで

shibarareta kuukyo na sekai bakagete iru
jiyuu wa kuru no darou ka wakaranai mama de

This tied up empty world is just fooling around
As I’m here, not knowing if freedom will eventually come

I don’t surrender to fate.
I continue to fight a fate.
Put a stop to the negative chain.

狂った世界 囚われた光求め
少しの勇気でいい 抗うすべを

kurutta sekai torawareta hikari motome
bokutachi no mirai o tsukami torunda
itsuwari no kanjou ni imi nado nakute
sukoshi no yuuki de ii aragau sube o

I’ll seek for the light this mad world has stolen
So we could get our own future back;
There isn’t a thing such as a meaning inside fake emotions
So even a bit of courage is fine, let’s just resist

死んだ感情が映した 理想郷で
未来があるのだろうか わからないままで

shinda kanjou ga utsushita disutopia de
mirai ga aru no darou ka wakaranai mama de

As we still don’t know if there lies a future
In the distopia reflected by our dead emotions
We’ll seek for it


tatakai nuku koto ga sonzai shoumei
shuusokusuru sadame ni aragatteiku
bokutachi no mirai tsukamu sono hi made
tatakai nuku tame no tsuyoi ishi o

Fighting until the very end is a proof of existence,
We’ll rebel against our destiny until it’ll be back to normal
Until the day we’ll seize our own future
We’ll show our strong resolution of fighting to the end


sekaisen no saki ni aru mirai ni wa
mugen no kanousei ga matteiru darou
rifujin’na sadame nado wa kaete yaru
mujihina sekai ni shuushifu o

In the future just before our world line
Should be waiting endless possibilities;
We’ll change those things such as irrational destinies
And put an end to this ruthless world!

失敗は許されない わかってる

nigeru nante arienai
tachi mukatte ikunda
bokutachi no mirai tsukamu sono hi made
shippai wa yurusarenai wakatteru
tatakai nuku tame no tsuyoi ishi o
ima koko ni

Running away isn’t an option,
We’ll fight against it!
We know that until the day we’ll seize our own future
Failure isn’t something we could forgive,
So we’ll show our strong resolution of fighting to the end
Here and now!


– 理想郷 in the fifth stanza is read as “ディストピア (distopia)”, while it should be read as “risoukyou”. Fun thing is that “risoukyou” means “utopia”, which is the exact opposite thing.
– 求める in the fifth stanza isn’t featured in the lyrics’ booklet. I’ve added it anyways, because it can clearly be heard in the song.


Title: 想繋のリベリオン (soukei no riberion) (Illusionary Bound Rebellion)
Circle: Register6
Album: 繋縛ノ境界 (keibaku no kyoukai) (Border of Restraint)
Vocals: Kei(DHS)
Lyrics: Low
Arrangement: Low
Release Event: C89
Source: Original

[REQUEST] Gekijou Tenor – zenmou CAST -ACT3-


【Requested by Alv

Act 3 by now. Right after Act 1 and Act 2. It’s becoming a thing! And it’s a crescendo in terms of sound.
I keep on failing understanding the meaning of these songs, but I’m somehow still fascinated by them.

Gekijou Tenor – zenmou CAST -ACT3-

-test NO.1-

-test NO.1-
tada no garakuta = boku no dokutaa wa
teashi o SETshite kai

-test NO.1-
My (Me = just rubbish) Doctor
Has set both my hands and feet to examination

today I can少しだけどdance.

yesterday zengo idou dake
today I can sukoshi dakedo dance.

yesterday I could just move back and front
But today I can at least dance a little.

-test NO.2-

-test NO.2-
saishin no Heart o boku ni bury sa
Battery o ryoute de ON

-test NO.2-
Bury that newest Heart inside me;
Switching the Battery ON with both my hands

前よりI Love You出来そうさ

So yue ni kimi no koto
mae yori I Love You dekisou sa

So, in other words, I feel like
I could Love You more than I did before

-test NO.3-
Last present僕にDr.は

-test NO.3-
Last present boku ni dokutaa wa
konshin no futatsu no EYES

-test No.3-
The Doctor gave me his Last present
A pair of EYES for my whole body


mainichi kimi no kao
mireru koto ga shiawase

The thing I can see everyday on your face
Is happiness


kore kara deau kireina monotachi
kitto kono kansei o motto
shigeki shitekureru no darou

The beautiful things I’m going to encounter from now on…
I’m sure they will stimulate
This feeling of mine even more, right?


demo omotteita yori mo
sekai wa minikui mono de afureteite…
mitakunai yo

But this world is overflowing with horrible things
More than I thought…
I don’t want to look at them.


sunao ni odorenai kurai nara
isso kono sega o mou EYES goto
saa, kurinuite kure

If I was to reach the point where I couldn’t even dance properly
Then each of my EYES too will pester me even more;
So, please, go deeper, find me!


sono mama LO sae yomenakute mo
yakusoku sa kono ai o zutto
kimi ni tsutaetsudzukeyou

As I am now, I can’t even read “LO”
But it was a promise, you know? This love.
I’ll keep sending it to you, forever.



Let’s keep dancing



Let’s keep loving each other


Title: 全盲キャスト-ACT3- (zenmou kyasuto-ACT3-) (Blind Cast-ACT3-)
Circle: 劇情テノール (Gekijou Tenor)
Album: Purezza (Purity)
Vocals: —
Lyrics: 電子レンジ剛志 (Tsuyoshi Denshirenji)
Arrangement: TaNa
Release Date: 08/20/2014
Source: Original

[REQUEST] Gekijou Tenor – zenmou CAST -ACT2-


【Requested by Alv

ACT 2 of a song I’ve already translated, you can read ACT 1 here!
I must say I like this a lot more than the previous one in terms of music.

Gekijou Tenor – zenmou CAST -ACT2-


“kurayami no naka ni hourarete doko e mukau no?
sora o toberu wake mo nai no ni habataichatte”

“Where am I supposed to go, set free in the midst of the darkness?
Even though I don’t have any reason to soar the sky, I ended up flying”


fujiyuu da to doujou suru kai? sou de mo nai sa
dareka ni kawareta tori yori wa mae ni susumeru

Would you pity me if I was lacking something? No, it’s not like that
A bird raised by someone could go way further than me

光のない世界でも (blind cast)
自らの「鳥籠」に縛られなけりゃいいさ (brilliant)

hikari no nai sekai demo (blind cast)
dochira ga nani ka wakaranakute mo
mizukara no “torikago” ni shibararenakerya ii sa (brilliant)

Even though it’s a world without light (blind cast)
Even if I don’t know where that “something” lies
I should at least untie this “bird cage” by myself (brilliant)

“even if you don’t wanna cast me”

tatoe odoruna to iwarete mo odoridasu no sa
“even if you don’t wanna cast me”
dare ni mo yamesase wa shinai

And if someone was to say “Don’t dance”, dance anyways;
“even if you don’t wanna cast me”
I won’t let anyone stop me

いつか「I love you」の文字さえ読めなくなっても

itsuka “I love you” no moji sae yomenakunatte mo
jibun no kotoba wa hakushi kara tsudzutteiku

Even if one day you won’t be able to read the words “I love you”
I’ll keep spelling these words by myself on my white paper sheet

“even if you don’t wanna cast me”

tatoe odoruna to iwarete mo odoridasu no sa
“even if you don’t wanna cast me”
dare ni mo yamesase wa shinai

And if someone was to say “Don’t dance”, dance anyways;
“even if you don’t wanna cast me”
I won’t let anyone stop me

“even if you don’t wanna cast me”

moshimo L to O ga mienakute mo yobidasu no sa
“even if you don’t wanna cast me”
yobareru no o machi wa shinai

Even if you can’t see not even an “L” or an “O”, I’ll shout it
“even if you don’t wanna cast me”
But I won’t wait until you call my name


Title: 全盲キャスト-ACT2- (zenmou kyasuto-ACT2-) (Blind Cast-ACT2-)
Circle: 劇情テノール (Gekijou Tenor)
Album: Shall we Dance?
Vocals: —
Lyrics: 電子レンジ剛志 (Tsuyoshi Denshirenji)
Arrangement: TaNa
Release Date: 08/08/2013
Source: Original