TUMENECO – ヒミツナグモノ

picture by hisona (suaritesumi)

This will be the last post on Foreground Noises for at least 1 Month from now (or probably a bit more).
I’ll explain the details in my next post which I’ll publish soon!
Anyway, TUMENECO again, with an arrange from Urban Legend in Limbo.
I love that circle, I can’t help it!
I like Sumireko‘s theme a lot too, so this song was one of the greatest C88 discovery. Why hasn’t this been translated before? I have no idea.
I’d love to write more, but there’s a f*ckload of notes for this song, which, by the way, I had lot of fun translating.
Check them, and enjoy this last post! I’ll see you again with the next translation on May (tba)!

TUMENECO – ヒミツナグモノ

思い焦がれてた綺麗なものを 夢中で蒐めてた
瞳閉ざしてる間に映る影 手を伸ばしてた

omoi kogareteta kirei na mono o muchuu de atsumeteta
hitomi tozashiteru aida ni utsuru kage te o nobashiteta

I collected with zeal all those the graceful things I’d been yearning for,
Outstretching my arms towards the shadow projected in the time lapse when my eyes were closed

酷く寂しく聞こえたのは 誰が望む夢だろう

“ima anata no sugu ushiro ni iru no” ishiki no soto, sono koe ga
hidoku sabishiku kikoeta no wa dare ga nozomu yume darou

Outside my conscious, I could hear a frightening and lonely voice saying
“I’m right behind you”; but whose dream is it? Who’s longing for it?


“himitsu o abaku mono”
sono na o tsugu kimi ga ayumi o tamerawanu you ni
“himitsu no natsugu mono”
sono deai o itsuka abakeru you ni
koko ni oiteyuku kara

“Someone who could uncover a secret”
You were sort of hesitating from walking beyond that name you’re carrying along,
“A person who’ll inherit this secret’s name”
Someday this encounter will have to happen,
So I’ll leave everything here as it is

幾つ並べても願った影は 触れずにすり抜けて
流れ祈ってた光のひとつ 染まる事を決めた

ikutsu narabete mo nagatta kage wa furezu ni surinukete
nagare inotteta hikari no hitotsu somaru koto o kimeta

I’m slipping through each countless lined up shades I’ve prayed for without touching them:
I’ve decided I’ll give a color to a single flowing light I’ve been praying for

標識の先の声が 遥か遠く聞こえてるのは

“ima anata no sugu soba ni iru mono”
hyoushiki no saki no koe ga haruka tooku kikoeteru no wa
kimi ga nozomu yume darou?

“Someone is right on your side by now”
The voice before that sign that I could hear from far, far away
Belongs to the dream you’re wishing for, doesn’t it?


“doko ni ita to shite mo mitsukerareru” you ni
hitori kiri ni shinai you ni
“itsu o kakushitete mo mitsukerareru” you ni
kakera o hitotsu kimi ni oite yuku kara

“I’ll find you for sure, wherever you are”, just like that,
So I won’t be left alone again;
“I’ll lay my eyes on you, even if you’ll hide away”, just like that,
Because I’ll lay a single fragment on you


“himitsugu mono” “tozashita mono”
“tomo ni yume o miru mono” “kanadeta mono”
“wakareta mono”
sono namae o tsugu mono

“Some secret I’m holding up”, “Someone who’s being sealed”,
“Someone to have a dream to share with”, “Something I could dance at ease to”,
“Something I could grasp”
Someone who could inherit those names…


“mayoeru mono” “omowanu mono”
“sato o furikaeru mono” “tsunagaru mono”
“okieta mono”
kaki nokoshita fumi no tsudzuki o

“Some illusion I could get lost in”, “Something out of my imagination”,
“Someone who’s leaving its village behind”, “Someone to connect to”,
“Someone who could wake up”
The continuation of the letter I’ve left behind will…

その名を継ぐ君が 握る手を離さぬ様に
此処で 繋ぐ名前 きっと出逢える日まで

“himitsu o abaku mono”
sono na o tsugu kimi ga nigiru te o hanasanu you ni
“himitsu no natsugu mono”
sono deai ni itsuka waraeru you ni
koko de tsunagu namae kitto deaeru hi made

“Something that could uncover a secret”
You were holding firmly to my hand, carrying your name with you;
“A person who’ll inherit this secret’s name”
Someday, we’ll be laughing together to this encounter,
For sure, until the day we’ll be bound by that name here…


– This song is full of puns and quotes. Starting by its title, “himitsunagu mono”, which blends the words “himitsu” (secret) and “tsunagu” (to link two things or more). So, “Something bound to a secret”, which, translated this way, kinda explains the pun.
– The first stanza says “muchuu” (夢中) which means “with zeal”, but here could have also a hidden meaning, being Sumireko able to enter Gensokyo through her dreams. The kanjis for this word are, in fact, the one from “dream” (夢) and the one from “inside” (中). Also, it follows up describing this very fact right after it, talking about a “shadow that’s projected when my eyes are closed” (Gensokyo in her dreams).
– Each time the word “you” appears in the translation, it refers to a girl, being “anata” wrote 貴女, with the kanji for “woman” (女).
– In the third stanza, “mono” could be both “thing” or “person”. I think that it could be a reference to Renko in this part, being that it’s talking about some kind of heritage, which could possibly be the Secret Sealing Club’s leader role, which we know it’s something in the hands of Renko & Maribel in the near future while it once belonged to Sumireko during the current Touhou events.
– The seventh stanza is worth several notes. First off, “hi, mitsugu mono” is another pun similar to the title, where “himitsu” (secret, which appears as “hi” with the 秘 kanji) blends along with “mitsugu” (貢ぐ) which means “to support”. Following up, “tozashita” which means “closed” is wrote with the kanji for “seal”, “sealing” (封), which brings a more mystical meaning to the sentence, without changing its content that much. Again, “kanadeta mono” is wrote with 楽 (pleasure) instead of 奏 (dance). I tried blending the meanings. Lastly, “egakareta mono” (描かれたもの) (something that’s been drawn) is read as “wakareta mono” (something I could understand).
– The eight stanza is pretty strange too. It features lots of links to the Touhou world. First off, “mayoeru mono” (something that could get lost) is wrote with 幻 (“maboroshi”, “illusion”) instead of 迷 (“mayou”, “to get lost”). Next to it, “omowanu mono” is wrote with 想 rather than 思 (which should be the correct one). Though, both have “omou” as a reading. While the second means “to think”, the first one is more like “to recollect, to imagine”. There’s a reason why they choose the first kanji rather than the second, but I’ll explain it later.
Lastly, for the first part of this note, we found 郷 (sato, “village”) which is a pretty common word, usually wrote as 里 even though the other reading isn’t an error.
The first three kanji appearing in those lines, forms the word “幻想郷” which is read as “Gensokyo”. That’s brilliant! That’s exactly why they choose those kanjis instead of others.
– I’m pretty sure that, in the eight stanza, “tsunagaru” wrote with the 緑 (midori, “green”) kanji is a special reading. It kind of reminds me of the stage 1 theme from LoLK, 忘れがたき、よすがの緑 (That unforgettable greenery of connection), being that “tsunagaru” means “to connect”.


Title: ヒミツナグモノ (himitsunagu mono) (Something bound to a secret)
Album: ヒミツナグモノ
Vocals: Yukina
Lyrics: ななせ, ななつめ (nanase, nanatsume)
Arrangement: tomoya
Release Event: C88
Source: ラストオカルティズム ~ 現し世の秘術師 (Last Occultism ~ Esotericist of the Present World) Urban Legend in Limbo, Sumireko Usami’s Theme

暁Records – 私達の真実 -The Battlefield Flower-


Time for fresh Touhou stuff (which I still occasionally and randomly search for online).
First of all, thanks to BackBurner12 from dojin.co for sending me the booklet’s scans.
I was searching for them and he really helped me out. Once more, thank you so much!
The Battlefield of Hanahazama (Or the Flower Threshold or whatever) is probably one of my favourite touhou theme ever.
Since I first listened to it, I fell in love with it, and it still is high on my top 10 touhou themes so far.
And of course, a good arrange from that theme is welcome.
But that’s not all!
This song is an arrange of A Flower-Studded Sake Dish on Mt. Ooe and Oni’s Island in the Fairyland ~ Missing Power too!
That’s crazy, and it works incredibly well.
I never listened anything by this singer, Stack (2017 edit: I was young), but I like her powerful voice a lot, it kinda reminds me of Itou Kanako‘s style (The singer of Steins;Gate‘s openings).
Anyway, this is a triple arrange mainly because of the popular theory that states that Kasen is an Oni.
Maybe the lyrics are nothing out of the ordinary, but everything else may be just a little bit over your typical Touhou arrange.
And that’s what really matters, right? 50% right. Or maybe 43%.

暁Records – The Battlefield Flower


aru hi, ari mo shinai detarame ga hirogatteita
hitobito wa nani ka ni odorasare, negai ja nai yokubou ga afureta

One day, unreal bullshit started spreading around
People are being manipulated; Wishes aren’t overflowing, it’s just desires

生み出す「欲」「願い」宿るSoul Power

ikisugiteru hanashi ni magireteiru kurayami
seishishiteita sekai ga ugoki, shuuketsushite yuku
umidasu “yoku” “negai” yadoru Soul Power

Darkness that slips into tales went to far
The world that has been standing still now moves, gathering everyone
Creating “desires” “wishes” and a dwelling Soul Power

私達の真実Bright 照らし出した真相が未来の旅路
戦いの末に見る The Battlefield Flower

motometsudzukeru nani ka o ubai atteiru watashi o
ue kara miru meikai no Eyes
watashitachi no shinjitsu Bright terashidashita shinsou ga mirai no tabiji
tatakai no sue ni miru The Battlefield Flower

As I struggle while I keep seeking for something I don’t know
The Eyes from the hades gazes down at me
Our Bright truth lightens up a reality, our voyage to the future
Once we’ll end this fight, we’ll see The Battlefield Flower

私達は蝕まれていた だけど信じ続けた それは…

watashitachi wa mushibamareteita dakedo shinjitsudzuketa sore wa…

We’re being ruined, but what we still believe in is…

誰もが知る世界の輪 失ってた右手のPlace
もう惜しまないよ 今、願え、届け、その手で掴むTruth

daremo ga shiru sekai no wa ushinatteta migite no Place
sorera no negai o hitori seoi
mou oshimanai yo ima, negae, todoke, sono te de tsukamu Truth

The wheel of the world everyone knows, the Place where I lost my right arm…
I’ll carry on my back their wishes by myself
I’m not holding back anymore now; I’ll wish, I’ll reach it, the Truth held by that hand

私達の真実Cruel そこで知ってしまうことも、いずれ知ること

hashiritsudzukeru watashi o dare ka ga oikaketeiru
yagate nukeru gaikai no World
watashitachi no shinjitsu Cruel soko de shitteshimau koto mo, izure shiru koto
kibou wa sukoshi kareteshimau

As I keep running, I’m being chased by someone
Soon, I’ll make the Outside World come out
Our truth is Cruel, that’s something we’ll end up learning anyway
The hope is faintly withering

何度もまた 呼びかけている

nandomo mata yobikaketeiru
sukoshi zutsu demo “hontou” o shitte yuku

Again, for countless times, I’m calling for it:
I want to know what’s “real”, even little by little

自分自身に問いかけてるんだ どうしてずっと戦うのだろう
次第にずれてく世界の輪 君は何を手にする?願い、宿るSoul Power

jibunjishin ni toikaketerunda doushite zutto tatakau no darou
shidai ni zureteku sekai no wa kimi wa nani o te ni suru? negai, yadoru Soul Power

I’m asking this to myself: why am I always fighting?
The wheel of this world is gradually becoming crooked; What will you take with your hands? A wish, its Soul Power within

私達の真実Bright 照らし出した真相が未来の旅路
戦いの末に見る The Battlefield Flower

motometsudzukeru nani ka o ubai atteiru watashi o
ue kara miru meikai no Eyes
watashitachi no shinjitsu Bright terashidashita shinsou ga mirai no tabiji
tatakai no sue ni miru The Battlefield Flower

As I struggle while I keep seeking for something I don’t know
The Eyes from the hades gazes down at me
Our Bright truth lightens up a reality, our voyage to the future
Once we’ll end this fight, we’ll see The Battlefield Flower


– The lyrics has a lot of english words in it. I decided to left them unchanged both in the romaji transcription and the translation. The original english words are marked with a capital letter.
– The whole lyrics seems to be linked to Urban Legend in Limbo’s plot.
– デタラメ (detarame) is not a really gentle word. It means “nonsense” or “random stuff”, but in a not-so-good way. So, “bullshit” fits better than anything else. And remember, kids. Kasen’s point of view.
– First stanza: 願い (negai) vs 欲望 (yokubou). You can translate both as “desire”, but they’re different. “negai” implies a genuine wish, while “yokubou” implies an avid desire, a lust for something. In my translation, “negai” is wish (a softer word) while “yokubou” is desire (a little bit more “aggressive”).
– 求め続ける何か (motome tsudzukeru nanika), Third Stanza. I’ve added “I don’t know” because “nani ka” implies something unknown, not yet defined. It fits better this way.

love east.jpg

Title: 私達の真実 -The Battlefield Flower- (watashitachi no shinjitsu – the battlefield flower) (our truth – the battlefield flower)
Circle: 暁Records (Akatsuki Records)
Album: LOVE EAST -to the beginning 04-
Vocals: Stack
Lyrics: ACTRock
Arrangement: ACTRock
Release Event: C88
Source: 華狭間のバトルフィールド (The Battlefield of the Flower Threshold) – Urban Legend in Limbo, Kasen Ibaraki’s Theme, + 華のさかづき大江山 (A Flower-Studded Sake Dish on Mt. Ooe) – Subterranean Animism, Yuugi Hoshiguma’s Theme, + 御伽の国の鬼が島 ~ Missing Power (Oni’s Island in the Fairyland ~ Missing Power) – Immaterial and Missing Power, Suika Ibuki’s Theme