Downtown Talk: What happens when you die?

Translator’s Notes

I know, I know.
It’s been a long time and I come back with a low-quality, short and kinda pointless video.
My bad.
But don’t you want to know the secrets of life and death that Matsumoto knows and shares with the world?
On a side now, that’s probably my lousiest video ever.
I don’t even know what that chime-like sound is.
Forgive me.
I decided to upload it anyway just to say “Hey, I’m still alive!”
By the way, there are high chances that I’ll work on the translation of this year Batsu Game, and of course I won’t stop upload here on youtube.
Also, on a side note, I deleted my previous twitter account, because I didn’t like how I was using it.
I’ve made a new one, though, in which I’ll display only news and few tweets.
If you don’t want to miss any update, be sure to follow me!
And of course, subscribe to my channel here, because more is yet to come!
See you next video!!

(Gaki no Tsukai) Hamada Volleyball Coach

I decided to start posting once again on my wordpress, though I’ll have some changes.
First of all: It will be a translation-only wordpress, like my first one was (and now I can truly say that I became better at translating).
I’ll post the last episode which I uploaded on my channel from Gaki no Tsukai, and something new is coming next…


Welcome to my lousiest video ever! (Or not so much, considering youtube kept the 480p!)
Yeah, can’t help it. Its quality is low but it was the best I found. Moreover, its audio is very bad too, so bad that I couldn’t even get every single line they’re saying. Sometimes It’s very noisy and they also talk with such a small voice that there are probably several mistakes.
But yeah, I’m not dead! And this time the clip I’m uploading is even longer than usual! Isn’t this great?
Sadly, exams and studying (and troubles that keeps happening) are getting on my way a lot recently, that’s why there weren’t upload from recently. But I kinda find my own way to spare some time for my channel project, so yeah, that’s it!
I’m not going to quit subbing, and once in a while new clips will be uploaded here, so be sure to be subscribed!
About this video… Awesome.
I love how Japanese people acts so normally when they’re actually in a fake situation.
I also laughed so much at how Hamada turns out to be half demon and half angel, that was brilliant.
On a side note, I didn’t get the “mama” thing. I’m sorry. I tried to find something on Google, but nothing answered my questions. I’m guessing they’re mocking how Hamada is acting like a mentor to them, in a parental way.
And Etou… Poor Etou.
Once again, I’m sorry the quality is too low, but I couldn’t find anything better. If you know where to find this clip in a higher quality, let me know! I still have every .ass file, so adding the subs would be the easiest thing.
Now, some news: I changed my twitter account name (now goes on @0daruma), for everyone who’s following me, and I also left behind my wordpress, for now.
I’ll probably open a new blog or whatever when I have some spare time and will to do it… oh, well.
Oh, and lastly: I managed to became part of Team Gaki! Have you watched 2014 Earth Defense Force Batsu Game? I worked with them on the translation! (Yeah, I’m that “Scion” on the credits… except for the fact that they misspelled “Shion”). Also, I’m signing with my true name starting from this video (Mauro), so I won’t be just a Shion among Shions.
Am I right?
No, probably I’m just an idiot.
I hope this idiot I am at least will be able to entertain you!

Yamazaki’s Produce ft. Haruna Ai

And I’m back with a new Gaki no Tsukai clip! I’m sorry for not releasing anything in the last weeks, but you know, I don’t have much time for it: lots of study, place to visit, people to meet… that’s basically how things go on once you are an university student! And yeah, I know there are several clips I promised I’m going to sub, don’t worry, I haven’t forgot them. It’s just that they’re currently being analyzed and subbed, but I don’t know how much time it will get for me to finish them. What can I say for sure, is that before the end of 2013, a new Gaki no Tsukai clip will be uploaded (sadly a short one). But I’m not giving up! I’ll keep on uploading stuff, I promise!
Enough talk, let’s talk about this episode. The “Yamazaki’s Produce” serie, is based on the musical genius of Yamazaki, who writes up some masterpiece which are obviously going to be performed by the member of Gaki no Tsukai! In this episode, Cocorico performs the last song written by Yamazaki, together with Haruna Ai, which is… a… transexual? A tranny singer, or that’s what I’ve found out about her. Pretty cute, though. I don’t mean to be mean (sorry for the pun) to anyone, I was just shocked once I found out that that (omg another pun) cute girl was not completely a girl. Aaanyway, the song is something… what. I don’t know. It’s creepy as f*ck. Haruna can sing and dance very well, the other two… are creepy enough.
Some things I wanted to point out:
– Some pieces (especially when the speaker is talking) are not really clear for me, though I managed to get the meaning of what was he saying). Not my fault, he talks way too f*cking fast for my ears.
– When they’re singing, I couldn’t understand very well what the Gaki no Tsukai members are saying about the performance (’cause there’s a lot of noise), but I keep hearing things like “what the hell” or “creepy”, so you can easily figure out what they are about to say.
– This seems to be part of a longer video which, sadly, I couldn’t find out fully downloadable. Anyway, about this, I want you to know that there are only clips on my channel. I work alone and I’m not so brave enough to sub full episodes. I don’t think you’ll find 24 minutes long episode subbed on my channel (for now, at least).
Lastly, I want to give you guys a present: Lyrics in kanji/romaji and translation of the song! Here you go.
まだ ダメ すぐ 待っていてね
あぁ かに座に邪魔されて横をすり抜け
すぐ すぐ すぐ 駆けていくわ
ずっと ずっと ずっと まっていてね

hora asoko ni mieteiru no wa
watashi no hoshi sou futago za yo
kono hiroi uchuu no naka de hitoki wa kirameiteru
anata to hajimete kisushita shunkan ni
watashi no karada no uchuu ga hajiketa no
yunikoon ni mata gari anata no hoshi made
kakete nukete iku wa ryuusei no you ni
mada dame sugu matteite ne
aa kani za ni jama sarete yoko o surinuke
anata no hoshi oushi za he hitottobi
sugu sugu sugu kaketeiku wa
zutto zutto zutto matteite ne

Look! What can you see over there
Is my star, yes, the Gemini
Which is sparkling flashy in this vast space
At the moment of my first kiss with you
The universe in my body bursted open
An unicorn crosses the way to your star
Running through it, just like a meteor
Not yet! That’s Bad! Immediately! Wait for me, okay?
Aah, it got in the way of the Cancer and slipped to its side
Your star continues its fly towards the Taurus
Right now, right now, right now it will go over it
I’ll always, always, always wait, you know?

See you next video!!

Airport Batsu Game (Unseen footage): Jimmy Onishi vs. International Matters.

Translator’s Note

This footage was never aired along with Gaki no Tsukai’s airport batsu game, it was included in the DvD once it came out.
It features the classical Jimmy Onishi skit, where his skills are being tested in order to make everyone laugh–
…Must have been hard for Hamada, though.


[Touhou] 小野塚小町の暴走 – Onozuka Komachi’s runaway

Translator’s Notes

Well, I really like those KomachixShiki stuff, and expecially those kind, made by the same author. For how much I know, there’s another one about Komachi and Shikieiki, which is a parody of jingle bells. Of course one day I’ll sub that one too. I’m starting to like subbing videos, and it’s good to see that people likes my work too. Also, forgive me for using such a small font and such unclear colours. Next time I’ll do something more cleare, like the other video.
Talking about the video, it is way faster than Komachi’s Duty, so subbing it was very difficult, and also trying to understand what Komachi says was not the easiest thing. There could be mistakes, and if you spot some, feel free to leave a comment below. I have no doubt (more or less) about the internal writings that I’ve translated, since they were almost always readable (I still don’t know how I was able to read “Shiki-sama” wrote in that fancy style).
However, here are some notes about some translated sentences and curiosities:
0:21 “[…] Will face their end!” actually this is translated in an unproper way, due the fact that the correct japanese sentence contains the world “pichuun”, which in fanon is the sound produced by colliding to a danmaku in any touhou game. The correct sentence in english would be something like “Will go pichuun!”, in other words “will die”, in other terms, as I wrote.
0:24 I didn’t translate the notes on the background, because they are the wrote-down version of what Komachi is saying as she sings.
0:42 “Tyrol” is a region in Austria, near the North Italy, which is famous due their production of chocolate (which is very good, guaranteed by an italian!)
1:15 “Tsundere… Or kuudere? Or Sadist?” Various stereotypes in anime-characters. If you’re watching this particular touhou video, I’m pretty sure you already know what those terms mean, but I’ll explain it anyway! A tsundere is basically a girl which tends to act violent and grumpy toward a certain person, but actually has a sweet heart, and act in this way because she’s in love with that person. A kuudere is another stereotype, a girl who acts cold and emotionless toward a person, but actually is in love with him/her. A sadist… well, that’s common knowledge, isn’t it?


[Touhou] 小町機能 – Komachi’s Duty

Translator’s Notes

Komachi is my favourite Touhou character by far, and when I discovered this video I always wondered why there wasn’t any translate of it (at least I never found any of it).
And so, considering that I’m studying japanese I decided to give it a try, and I’m quite satisfied about the results. It was indeed a funny song, after all.
And God only knows how hard it was to sub this, because of my retarded computer.
Just a few notes about some sentences:
0:10 “In a pure white way!”, it actually means “in a sincere way”, but its literal meaning is (more or less) what I wrote. I found it funny and unusual, so I kept it like this.
0:24 “Eh! Shiki-sama, you came here by night to rape me?”, actually it says “Eh, Shiki-sama Yobai?!”, in which yobai means an ancient practice in Japan, in which a man sneaks by night in the house of her lover to… Well, just google it and read it!
1:03 Literally, “Atai wa I love you” means “I am I love you”, or to be less specific, “I I love you”, because Atai means “me” in japanese, and wa is the particle which defines the subject. It’s a repetition. The same way, “Boss wa take kill me” is similar, except due the fact that it doesn’t have a sense to begin with. ENGRISH LOGIC! And so… I translated it as “I am like I LOVE YOU” because I find it funny, and similar to what I thought Komachi would say.
1:20 “Please, don’t judge me!”, Actually the literally translation of this would be something like “Don’t give me any black nor white!” Which is a typical way to refer to a judgement in japanese, especially the Yama one.