[REQUEST] ModsCrisis∞ × Register6 – ブレイズ・アップ・ソング


【Requested by Usami

So, this is from New Age Swager, right? I knew this song before, and I like that album.
Wow, it kind of reminds me exactly one year ago, when I started giving a sh*t to this wordpress again.
That was one of the first album I listened to after my “away from touhou arranges” period.
Yeah, I’m not a arrange-listener as I was before.
But I love getting to know to more songs and translate them.
This one is a double vocal song (clear and scream), and the screaming part is marked with these【brackets】, although sometimes they’re both for clean and screams.

Register6 – ブレイズ・アップ・ソング

Drink, dance, craze, make noise inside of a flame

さぁ踊りましょ今宵は 諸手挙げて輪になって
朝が来るのも忘れて 踊り明かそう

saa odorimasho koyoi wa morote agete wa ni natte
asa ga kuru no mo wasurete odori akasou

Come on, let’s dance to this night that will wholeheartedly loop all over!
Let’s dance all night long to the point we’ll even forget morning will come!

【さぁ踊りましょ今宵は】 炎 囲み声上げて
妖しい気配もほっといて 踊り明かそう

[saa odorimasho koyoi wa] honoo kakomi koe agete
hayashii kehai mo hottoite odori akasou

[Come on, let’s dance to this night] rise your voice sorrounded by flames!
Leave aside any suspicious presence and let’s dance ’till dawn!

月明かりの下 我を忘れてく

sora o miagereba mangetsu ga miteta
tsuki akari no shita ware o wasureteku

Pointing your eyes to the sky, you were looking at the Full Moon
And under the moonlight, you’ll forget about me


hoe takeru honoo ga [akaki hikari ga]
hinoko o ageru [sora o terashita]
tamashii wa akaku [omoi wa tsudoi]
[fukuramu hoozuki]

The raging roaring flames [this red light]
Are lifting up sparks [is irradiating the sky]
My soul is red [my thoughts are collected]
[As a ripe ground cherry]

Drink, dance, craze, make noise inside of a flame
Even if the heart is filled
and it is addicted to a dream,
it is still insufficient sway a hot beat
and fly up to empty
Like the heart of
which burns vigorously crimson

揺らぐ篝火 は 人の心映す
朱に染まる頬が 熱を帯びてゆく

yuragu kagaribi wa hito no kokoro utsusu
shu ni somaru hoho ga netsu o obite yuku

The swaying campfire reflects people’s hearts
Those cheeks painted in vermillion are tinged with heat!


ima kokoro no utsuwa ga [honoo o tomoshite]
mitasarete yuku [wakiagatte yuku]
oboresouna hodo [jouhatsusuru hodo]
[kodou ga fueru]

Now my heart’s container [A flame has been lit]
Is getting filled [And finally grew hot]
To the point I feel like drowning [To the point it almost evaporates]
[My heartbeat is shaking]


iza joushou kiryuu ni [takaku takaku made]
mi o makasete yuke [nobotte yukeru hazu]
tamashii wa akaku [omoi wa tsudoi]
[fukuramu hoozuki]

Now, entrust your body [Higher and higher]
To the ascending tunnel of air [It should be able to rise]
Your soul is as red [your thoughts are collected]
[As a ripe ground cherry]


– First stanza: 輪 (wa) means “wheel”, “circle”, I’m guessing it’s refering to the circle’s structure, something that loops over itself. Endlessly repeating. That’s why I translated it as “looping all over”.
– Of course the “ground cherry” line is based off Rumia’s theme’s title.
– Third to last stanza: 心 a word that can mean lots of things. Usually “heart”, but in a very wide range. It could also mean “spirit” or “will”, so read it as you like it!


Title: ブレイズ・アップ・ソング (blaze up song)
Circle: ModsCrisis∞
Album: New Age Swager
Vocals: 提灯, 尚江 (Naoe)
Lyrics: ARI2, オカヒラ (Okahira)
Arrangement: ARI2
Release Event: C86
Source: ほおずきみたいに紅い魂 (A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry) – Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Rumia’s Theme