ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – 花の咲く場所 -ハナノサクバショ-


How long has it been since the last ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY post?
I told you I’m not leaving them behind.
Music genres are not a limit for this circle.
We already got to listen to their amazing gothic metal track Lost Chapter as well traditional/lyrical songs such as 待宵姫, 慟哭の杜 or とおりゃんせ or pop/rock tracks such as 世界が嫌いなキミへ, and today’s song, 花の咲く場所 -ハナノサクバショ-, is, once again, a completely different genre: Jazz/blues.
I love jazz & blues. Since I play the electric bass it’s one of the first genre I learned its theories and styles, and I grew so attached to it that it still remains, in my opinion, the most amusing genre to play.
Back on track, today’s song is also one of the best japanese jazzy song I ever heard, and that’s not only thanks to the amazing arrange provided by the composers, but mainly because of Nakae Mitsuki‘s vocals.
She tried gothic metal, her voice was perfect for the genre.
She tried traditional japanese folk music, she was perfect for it.
She tried pop / rock music, she was perfect for them.
And now, she’s singing for a jazz/blues song, and guess what? There couldn’t have been a better singer for this.
I love her voice, and that’s part of why I hate the fact that this circle is so unknown between doujin music fans.
They’re so good yet so underrated it makes me go mad.
The only thing I “don’t like” about this song is that voice at the beginning / ending of it.
It would have fit on other songs (mainly japanese styled ones), but not this one. Thank God it can be heard only twice in the whole song.
Also, the instruments are all amazing. The double bass can be heard so clearly it makes me happy. Yeah. Kinda.
Back on the lyrics one second: I couldn’t find a meaning to them, then I read them again. Hint on the last note, but there’s still a question for you.
The title “hana no saku basho”, means “the place where flowers bloom”.
Now, try to read the lyrics and think about them, and try to understand what place is this… [2017/04/23 edit: I have no idea what that means]

ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – 花の咲く場所 -ハナノサクバショ-


yasashii dake de wa imi ga nai
karen’na dake de wa gei ga nai
e ni naru dake de wa tsumaranai
risou no hana wa mi da mitsukarazu

There’s no point in just being gentle,
There’s no art in just being lovely,
It’s so boring to only be pretty as a picture;
The ideal flower is unfinished, yet to be found

高鳴る鼓動 胸を締め付ける

yuukoku mikaketa oiran douchuu
kenran goukana higan tayuu
urei o fukunda hohoemi ni
takanaru kodou mune o shimetsukeru

The procession of courtesans I glimpsed at the evening,
A luxurious and gorgeous nirvana of noble souls,
As I smiled to contain my grief
My fast beating heart pulsation presses hard on my chest


yatto mitsuketa unmei no hana
— sugu ni ai ni iku kara

The flower of destiny I’ve finally found
— I’m going to meet it soon

一夜一会 こんな近くにいるのに
夜半の春よ せめて睡夢の中では
指を重ね形影相 弔わんように

hitoyo hitowa konna chikaku ni iru no ni
koe o kawasu koto sae yurusarenai nante
yowa no haru yo semete suimu no naka de wa
yubi o kasane keieiai toburawan you ni

First night, first encounter; Even if they’re so close to me
I can’t forgive not even the voices blending together;
In the midnight’s spring, at least inside this long dream,
Let me a last keep the memory of the shadows my finger pointed at

二夜二会 こんな近くにいるのに
仲の夏よ 今は忍べというのか

futayo futawa konna chikaku ni iru no ni
hada ni fureru koto sae kanawanai nante
naka no natsu yo ima wa shinobe to iu no ka
mune o kogasu koi no yamai ni kusuri nashi

Second night, second encounter; Even if it’s so close to me
I can’t even realize my wish to touch your skin;
Are you concealing yourself right now, in this summer of closeness?
There’s no medicine to help the sickness of a heart burning in love…

【勝ってうれしい はないちもんめ
負けてくやしい はないちもんめ】

[katte ureshii hana ichimon me
makete kuyashii hana ichimon me]

“If I win I’d be happy, throw away one futile flower;
If I lose, I’d be sad, throw away one futile flower”


yatto deaeta unmei no hana
— kimi ni jiyuu o ageru

The flower of destiny I’ve finally got to meet
— I’ll set you free

三夜三会 僕の名前をささめく
暮れの秋に 女心は謎めき

san’yo sanwa boku no namae o sasameku
urei koe ni ten ni mo noboru kokochi de
kure no aki ni onnagokoro wa nazomeki
te no mai hashi no fumu tokoro o shirazu

Third night, third encounter; whisper my name
As the feeling of your sad voice rises towards the heavens;
In this fall of sunset, the woman’s heart is a mystery
And I don’t know the place where my hands can move, where my feet stay on ground

最後の夜 欠けた小指が疼き出す
冬野原で 君を永久に待ち望む

saigo no yoru kaketa koyubi ga uzuki dasu
kane no kire me ga en no kire me na no ka
fuyu nohara de kimi o touwa ni machi nozomu
kono yo de kanawanu koi nareba…

My cracked little finger is hurting during the last night;
Is the gap filled with gold the gap where we are bound together?
As I wish to wait you eternally in the midst of this winter field
This world could turn into one where love won’t come true…


“–atashi o koko ni utta no daare?”

“—Who did I sell in here..?”


– At the beginning there’s a voice track that it’s not listed in the lyrics, but it’s repeated near the end, in the fourth stanza from the bottom.
– Can’t believe that 運命 (unmei) in the third stanza is read FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN HISTORY with its proper reading instead of “sadame”! Let’s throw a party!
– There are lots of parts that I had to translate adding more words in order to keep their meaning. So, this translation (in some parts) is more like a free one than a literal one.
– 暮れの秋に 女心は謎めき (kure no aki ni onnagokoro wa nazomeki) it’s interesting. That’s because it comes from a japanese expression “女心と秋の空”, meaning “a woman’s heart and autumn weather”, which implies how both of those two things are fickle. That’s why it talks out of the blue of a woman heart right after she said “kure no aki”.
– Last stanza (and several other stanzas) talks about money / buying / selling. For what I understood, this song seems to be talking about money and the relationship between money and people’s bounds. And it’s pretty sad but also so true it hurts.


Title: 花の咲く場所 -ハナノサクバショ- (The place where flowers bloom)
Album: 謎掛閑店 (Nazokake Kanten)
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki
Lyrics: 黒川うみ (Kurokawa Umi)
Arrangement: Yuuichirou Tsukagoshi
Release Event: M3-25
Source: Original



I guess I really can’t pick a single ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY‘s song and state without an inch of doubt “That’s my favourite one”. Because they’re almost all amazing. Let’s say it this way: I have LOTS of ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY favourite songs. And 慟哭の杜 is one of them. And I don’t really know why I delayed its translation that much.
Well, I think this wafuu section of ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY songs is the best. I mean, the japanese-styled songs by them are the one I like the most… This one, 待宵姫, とおりゃんせ… I think they should stick more with oriental-themed song, because they’re all really good at it.



ao fukaki kami no mori
nubatama no yo wa fuke
uku tsuki no sayakeshi ya
yo na yo na to sasageshi wa

In the deep green forest of Gods
The pitch-black night grows late;
Night after night, I offer myself
To the brightness of the floating moon.


keshite mou ae wa shinai
kimi e utau uta o

I’ll sing a song to you,
Whom I’ll surely won’t be able to meet again…

この聲-こえ-も 猛る哀しさも

kono koe mo takeru kanashisa mo
naku koto sae kanawanu mama ni
yaki tsuita hai no koukei ga
kokyuu sae mo ayamete toki o ubau

As I won’t be granted to cry
To that voice and my raging sadness,
That scenery of ashes left burning
Takes away the time of my memories, without letting me breathe…


kuchihateta sai no kami
kurenai no iro utsushi
chihayaburu wade o shite
hararira to yawasukimi

The decayed Sai no Kami*
Reflects into a crimson colour;
The red autumn leaves gently
Falls peacefully on me.

理も 何もかも

kotowari mo nani mo kamo
kirisaite yukeba

There could be any reason to anything,
If you go tearing everything up to pieces…

その聲も 震える身体も
この手で 嗚呼 守れただろう
届かぬまま 焦がれ叫んだ

sono koe mo furueru karada mo
kono te de aa mamoreta darou
dore hodo ni motometa darou ka
todokanu mama kogare sakenda

Aah, I wonder if I protected that voice
And that trembling body with this hand of mine?
For how much long do I have to seek for you?
While I can’t reach you, I’ll scream as I burn.

いつか交わした言葉 指切り 約束-ちぎり-
“とわにまもるよ” なんて
なんと馬鹿げた誓い 解けて 融けて

itsuka kawashita kotoba yubikiri chigiri
“towa ni mamoru yo” nante
nanto bakageta chikai hodokete tokete
– kimi wa inai –

“I’ll protect you in the eternity”, those
Words we promised each other with our little fingers…
This absurd promise loosened and come untied,
– because you’re not here-

この聲-こえ-も 猛る哀しさも
呼吸さえも 殺め続ける

kono koe mo takeru kanashisa mo
naku koto sae kanawanu mama ni
yaki tsuita hai no koukei ga
kokyuu sae mo ayametsudzukeru

As I won’t be granted to cry
To that voice and my raging sadness,
That scenery of ashes left burning…
Aahh… It keeps blocking my breath…

その聲も 震える身体も
この手で 嗚呼 守れたならば
届かぬまま 焦がれ焦がれて

sono koe mo furueru karada mo
kono te de aa mamoreta naraba
dore hodo ni negatta darou ka
todokanu mama kogare kogarete

Aah, if I had protected that voice
And that trembling body with this hand of mine,
Just how much should I have prayed to grant it?
While I can’t reach you, I’ll burn, I’ll burn
I’ll let out a cry…


– 翠深き (ao fukaki) the first kanji is usually read as “midori”, meaning “green”, but in this song is read as “ao”, meaning blue. In Japan, there’s a strange relationship between the word “blue” and “green”. For example, while japanese stoplights are green, they’re called “ao”. Thus, even if it says “ao fukaki”, it’s translated as “deep green” instead of “deep blue”. I mean, it’s pretty obvious since it’s talking about a forest, right?
– 射干玉 (nubatama) is both the name of a flower with deep dark seeds and a word for describing a pitch black darkness. I used “pitch-black” because I don’t know the name of that flower in english (and it would feel weird). ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY’s genius just reached level 100.
– 聲 (koe) is an old, nowadays rare way to write 声, the modern kanji for “voice”.
– 記憶 (toki) in this song, this word is read as “toki”, meaning “time”. While, normally, this is read as “kioku”, meaning memories. I used them both because I found them more fitting. You know, ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY always f*cks up kanji’s readings. And I love them.
* 塞の神 (sai no kami) well, this means “traveler’s guardian deity”. It’s some God watching over travelers. I left this untouched, “Sai no Kami”. After all, it’s a name.
– 千早振る (chihayaburu) As far as I remember from my japanese philology studies, while it normally is read as “chihayafuru”, this could also be read as “chihayaburu”. I keep hearing “bu” instead of “fu”, so I used “chihayaburu”. Mind that they’re both correct anyways, and they mean the same thing.
– 指切り (yubikiri) In Japan, promises are made my linking two people’s little finger. In Italy we do that too, but not knowing if the rest of the world does this too, I wanted to point that out.
– 約束 (chigiri) just like the previous note, this word is normally read as “yakusoku”, meaning “promise”. Here, it is read as “chigiri”, which means “vow”, “pledge”, and “promise” too, but in a more aulic way. As if you’re making a promise to yourself / some spiritual entity rather than with another person.
– 吼える (hoeru) means “to bark” or “to cry”, and it’s mostly used for animals. Could that mean that this song’s actually what happens inside the mind of a…?


Title: 慟哭の杜 (doukoku no mori) (the forest of wailing)
Album: 童怪奇譚 (doyokitan)
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki
Lyrics: Nakae Mitsuki
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Release Event: C84
Source: Original



Several years ago I used to be a huge fan of Nightwish, but then I grew tired of them always changing they’re main lead vocalist and being repetitive. I found lots of their song not appealing to my tastes, and I ended up parting away from their latest works.
This song kinda feels like a Nightwish song, but, to me, it’s even more good then some of their best songs out there.
I remember I made a friend of mine listen to this song when he was talking about how unbeatable Nightwish were in terms of Gothic metal music, and I left him speechless.
It’s so strange that, even if Absolute Castaway is not a gothic-metal circle, this song is THIS good.
I don’t know, but I felt that as a very strange fact that helped me believe the whole circle is full of geniuses.



hito no eichi to eikou no hate
nibuku sutareta kako no ibutsu
sei o kurai tatazumu ibutsu e
ookina te ga watashi o michibiku

To the end of human’s intelligence and glory
Lies a memento of a weak dying past
Towards the standing abnormalities feasting upon life
A big hand is showing me the way


yasashii koe ga sasayaku
“sekai o sukuu hikari ni nare” to

A gentle voice whispers me
“Become the light which shall save the world!”


mui ni uchinarasu kodou
nanimo tsukamezu ni ita kono te ga
imi o kizameru no naraba
mayoi wa shinai

A throbbing ringing in idleness;
If with this hand, unable to grasp anything,
I can carve a meaning out of it
Than, I won’t be lost

“灾厄さえ打ち消し 新たな胎动へ。。。。。。!”

“saiyaku sae uchikeshi arata na taidou e…!”
hieta haikyo ni hibiku sakebi ni
kikinareta nukumori wa nakatta

“Deny every disaster, towards the new avenue..!”,
A scream echoes in the frozen ruins
The warmth I got used hearing, has disappeared.


yasashii koe o shinjite
fuan ni kidzukanai furi o shite…

Trust that gentle voice…
Pretend to be unable to notice your insecurities…


fui ni yurimodosu koe
kizu darake no kare wa na o yonde
tada hitori no tomo no tame
te o nobasu

Suddenly, a voice swinging back
The man covered in wound calls my name
I reach out my hand,
Even if it’s for the sake of a single companion

信じるべき人の手と 信じてくれる人の手

shinjirubeki hito no te to shinjitekureru hito no to
yuragi o dakinagara
naka e fumiireta

The hands of people I trust
And hands of people that trust me
While holding firmly to my tremor
I take a step to the inside


yasashii koe no shinjitsu o
satotteshimau mae ni me o tojita

I close my eyes just before ending up
Realizing the truth of that gentle voice

全て 亡き妻の为に堕ちたのだ、と……。

tsui ni ugoki dasu kodou
boushitu no musouka wa watashi ja naku
subete nakitsuma no tame ni ochita no da to…

Finally, my throbbing turns to movement
For I’m not that lost dreamer
“Everything crumbled down for the sake of the late wife”…


– Let’s be honest: I copied the lyrics from a chinese websites, so lots of kanjis are wrote in chinese instead of japanese, so they’re semplified and the text isn’t accurate. But I’m way too lazy to fix them all. That’s the only case something like that ever happened, so don’t be mad at my lazy-ass face for once c:


Title: Lost Chapter.
Album: Cielo Azul
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki
Lyrics: Fukami Chie, Kurosawa Umi
Arrangement: —
Release Event: C82
Source: Original

Empire Ensemble – 愛しさの果てに


It’s been a long time since last Kancolle post.
One of the first kancolle-arrange album I’ve listened to (most likely THE first) is 陽はまた昇る (you wa mata noboru), of which I’ve already translated more than a month ago another track, 君は進む.
If that was the track I liked the most out of this CD, 愛しさの果てに (aishisa no hate ni) surely comes right after it.
As you probably already figured out, I love Nakae Mitsuki, singer from the circle I’m trying to spreading around as much as possible, ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY.
Her voice perfectly fits for this song.
Also, there are songs which one can understand its lyrics even without reading them. That’s not the case of this song.
Truth is, it’s like its stanzas dosn’t exist at all. It’s quite difficult to keep up with the vocals while reading it, because it has a messed up rhythm that, oddly enough, it’s not bad at all.
I think it’s also one of the most mysterious song from this album.
Its lyrics are so sweet they don’t seem to fit in a fast-paced song. And on top of that, its rhythm is quite cheerful despite its lyrics being not quite the same.
The mystery is that everything strangely works fine.
Also, as a pic for this post I decided to display Tatsuta because she also appears in the booklet’s lyrics’ page for this song. And Tenryuu too, of course.
Nothing else to say, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

(Empire Ensemble) Nakae Mitsuki – 愛しさの果てに

いつもの部屋の風景 景色

mioboe no aru sekai
itsumo no heya no fuukei keshiki
kurikaesu kono sekai
tonari ni wa yasashii anata

A world that I clearly remember
The landscape, that scenery from the usual room…
This world, that repeats itself,
Made you, so gentle, by my side

そして編成 近代化改修

itsu kara darou
soshite hensei kindaika kaishuu
anata to mata soko ni

I wonder since when?
And then organizations, modernizations, improvements
Once again, in that place, with you

進撃 退却 そして傷つきけがされ

ikue ni mo kasanaru kako to mirai
shingeki taikyaku soshite kizutsukike ga sare

Even if it repeats, our piled up past and future
Attacks, withdrawals, and than our pain that goes away

またそして私は行く あなたとの暖かさを感じて
貫かれたからだ ひとやすみ
ぶつかっていく 砕かれても壊れず
この意思はけして 壊れずにまっすぐに

mata soshite watashi wa yuku anata to no atatakasa o kanjite
tsuranakareta karada hitoyasumi
butsukatteiku kudakaretemo kowarezu
kono ishi wa keshite kowarezu ni massugu ni

After that, I’ll go again, feeling the warmth coming from you
A rest for my pierced body
Even if I’d collide and be smashed, without breaking
My purpose will proceed forward, without breaking

いつからだろう それに気がつく

itsu kara darou sore ni ki ga tsuku
mata anata to tomo ni
anata to futari tsukaeru you ni kaihatsu suru no

I wonder since when… and then I realize
I’m together with you, again
I feel like I’m growing, when we’re used together as one

幾重にも連なった かち まけ
小破 中破 大破 轟沈

ikue ni mo tsuranatta kachi make
shouha chuuha taiha gouchin

Repeated continuous victories and losses
Small, medium and heavy damages, ships sinking instantly

また私は逝く あなたの優しさ感じて
壊されたからだ ひとやすみするのは深い海のした
ぶつかっていく 砕かれても壊れず

mata watashi wa iku anata no yasashisa kanjite
kowasareta karada hitoyasumi suru no wa fukai umi no shita
butsukatteiku kudakaretemo kowarezu

I’m dying again, I’m feeling your warmth
What can give a rest for my destroyed body is the bottom of a deep sea
Even if I’d collide and be smashed, without breaking…


anata o kanjite

…I’m feeling you


Title: 愛しさの果てに (aishisa no hate ni) (To the end of love)
Circle: Empire Ensemble
Album: 陽はまた昇る (you wa mata noboru) (The Sun Rises Again)
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki
Lyrics: Shachi
Arrangement: TOM
Release Event: C85
Source: Kantai Collection (艦これ) – Equip Theme