[REQUEST] Riverside – 妖精王Erbaの指先

picture by takanashi akihito

【Requested by Petalite Yuu

Took me long enough to be satisfied of this translation, but I don’t think it turned out bad.
I’ve translated a song from this album before (mmmmmmaybe……..?), and I think this track is really nice.
It’s also pretty unique in terms of style and arrange.
I think it should be better if I’d listened more from Riverside…
I don’t think the choruses are featured in the official lyrics booklet, so I’m not really sure about what the background voices are saying (seems english to me).
By the way, “erba” means “grass” in italian. But we also use “erba” to mean “weed”, here in Italy… you know, the 420blazeit type. Themoreyouknow!

Riverside – 妖精王Erbaの指先

綻びの擦れ合う折 歴史は影を残す

toki no wa yorite wa ikudo to kinshi o tabane
hokorobi no sureau ori rekishi wa kage o nokosu

The twisted hands of time are endlessly tying up a golden string
And the unraveled, tore up occasions I had will leave a shade on my history

夕闇を待ちながら 大地を愛でる歌
人は生まれ落ち 強く繋いだ手で

yuuyami o machi nagara daichi o mederu uta
marebito no tamashii o yobiyoseru mori
hito wa umare ochi tsuyoku tsunaida te de
arasoi no kizu sae mo idaita ayunde iku

A song of love for the earth while waiting for the dusk,
A forest calling for the visitors’ souls;
People coming to this world with their hands strongly tied together
Walking forward while embracing even their battle scars…


ikeru kouya wa hikari-yadoshi
inoru koe ga hibiku

The plain one could live in is filled with light,
A praying voice is echoing

朝靄をかき分けて 蹄の駆ける音
空は爛れ落ち 広がる鳶の群れ

asamoya o kaki wakete hidzume no kakeru oto
marebito no yuku ate o toikakeru oka
sora wa tadare ochi hirogaru tobi no mure
arasoi no zanhai wa kaze o ukete mau

Pushing my way through the morning mist I hear the sound of running horses
As the hills question for the visitors’ destined place
The sky grows in flames as a flock of black kites spreads away
And the remaning ashes of each battle dance carried by the wind


shiseru kouya wa hai ni kaeru
toki no wa no yorite wa ikudo to kinshi o tabane
monogatari o tsumugi
hokorobi no ma ni ma ni yadoshita rekishi no kage o
kohaku-iro no yubi de nazoru

The dying wasteland will be gave back to the ash
As the twisted hands of time are endlessly tying up a golden string
To start a new tale;
Each moment, keeping on unraveling, will leave a shade on my history
Traced by an amber-colored finger


ikeru kouya wa hikari yadosu

The plain one could live is shrouded in light


tsukiyo no odori ko wa ikue mo kinshi o matoi
hoshiboshi o aoide
sobieru bodaiju ni iwai no akari o tomoshi
inochi no yasuragi o inoru

The moonlit night’s dancing children will dress up over and over in gold strings
Gazing at the firmament
Lighting up a festival lamp on the rising peepul tree
Praying for tranquility in life…


toki no wa no yorite wa ikudo to kinshi o tabane
kohaku-iro no yubi de nazoru

The twisted hands of time are endlessly tying up a golden string
Traced by an amber-colored finger


– FIrst stanza, “yorite” is literally “to twist” and “hand”, so “twisted hands” that could also refer to “hari” (針), “clockhands”. With different kanjis, 因りて (yorite) is an adverb that means “therefore”, I think it used this compound to mark the link between the first half of the sentence and the last.
– “I had” in the first stanza is arguably implied, it doesn’t appear on the japanese text, though.
– “蹄” (hidzume) is actually “hoof” but I’ve translated it “horses” because “running hoof” sounded… stupid? At least to me.
– The “black kite” is a type of bird.
– On the stanza beginning with “shiseru”, “wasteland” is pronounced “kouya” (plain).
– Second to last stanza: The peepul tree (bodaiju) is the tree where Buddah reach his own enlightment, according to buddhism. It’s also know as the “tree of awakening” because of that. Another name for this tree is the sacred ficus.


Title: 妖精王Erbaの指先 (yousei-ou Erba no yubisaki) (Fairy-king “Erba”‘s fingertips)
Circle: Riverside
Vocals: 秣本瑳羅
Lyrics: 秣本瑳羅
Arrangement: cororo
Release Event: C88
Source: 真夜中のフェアリーダンス (Midnight Fairy Dance), Great Fairy Wars, Stage 3 Theme + サニールチルフレクショん (Sunny Rutile Flection), Strange and Bright Nature Deity 2, track #2 + 夜だから眠れない (Can’t Sleep Because It’s Nighttime), Strange and Bright Nature Deity 2, track #3 + 妖精燦々として (Like the Brilliance of Fairies), Eastern and Little Nature Deity, track #3