Marmalade Butcher – Siro Kuro (feat.町乃)

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Ok, let’s start this post with 3 main points:
1st: I love this song / this band.
2nd: I got the lyrics for this amazing song from Marmalade Butcher after sending them an email stating I wanted to translate it and I couldn’t find the lyrics anywhere, so thanks a lot, 読んでくださったら一言だけで、本当にありがとうございます!いただいた優しさに感謝しております!応援し続きますから!
3rd: I feel so bad for uploading this song on yt, but the world needs to listen to it.
With that being said, this song. Ohh, this song.
I’ve been searching for this song’s lyrics literally everywhere, with poor results.
The whispers made it really hard to understand what the singer’s saying, so I decided to send a mail to the band itself.
And they kindly mailed me the lyrics I was searching for.
I love band such as those. Well, I love Marmalade Butcher to begin with.
This song’s probably my favourite on-vocal by them.
The whisperings blend perfectly with the shoegaze / post rock vibe this song carries along with it from the beginning to the end.
I was willing to post this song since days, but only now I could do it. Things will get pretty damn busy from now on. I have another song I want to post so badly, but I think you should wait at least next week for it. Probably there will be at least another post before it, though.
Anyway, don’t miss this gem. Youtube link is coming within today, just listen to it!

Marmalade Butcher – Siro Kuro (feat.町乃)

ふわふわ落ちていくの ゆっくりゆっくり

kurai kurai uzu no naka
fuwa fuwa ochite yuku no yukkuri yukkuri

Inside a dark, dark vortex
I’m lightly falling down, so slowly, so restful

染まって 滲んで 繋いで 解いて 壊して 無くなる ヒトカゲ

somatte nijinde tsunaide toite kowashite nakunaru hitokage

It gets painted, it blurs, it links to me, it dissolves, I break it and it’s gone… that silouhette

目を閉じて耳を澄ます 何も無い世界の
音が響いて 色が布かれて ただ空虚で
戻れなくて進めなくて キャンバスは白で埋まるの

me o tojite mimi o sumasu nani mo nai sekai no
oto ga hibiite iro ga shikarete tada kuukyo de
modorenakute susumenakute kyanbasu wa shiro de umaru no

I close my eyes and clear my ears in this empty World
A sound is ringing, a color is spreading out, everything’s just void
And I can’t get back, I can’t even go on, my canvas is just filled with whiteness

朽ちていく樹海の中 何度も脱出を図った

kuchiteiku jukai no naka nandomo dasshutsu o hakatta
tokeru youna kankaku, kanshoku, burashi o motsu te wa furueru
kumo o mushitta you na shiro ga ume tsukusu heya no naka
namida wa sukete chi wa kuroku, enbi na sen o egaita
guru guru mawaru youna kankaku wa, horo nigai chokoreeto no you de
nanimo nai watashi wa tada tada ubatte kowashiteiku

I’ve attempted countless time to escape from this sea of dried trees
My hand is trembling as it holds the brush, my sense, my touch, it feels like they’re melting
Inside this room in which a cloud-tearing white has filled everything until it ran out
I drew the charming lines of a hazily shedding tear, of a blackened blood
My senses seems to be spinning around, as if I bit a bittersweet chocolate
Me, my nothingness, I’ll just snatch it away and destroy it

見えなくなって 触れられなくて 消えてくだけ
夢で眠って 何も醒めなくて キャンバスは白で埋まるの
戻らないよ 見えないよ

mienaku natte furerarenakute kieteku dake
yume de nemutte nanimo samenakute kyanbasu wa shiro de umaru no
modoranai yo
mienai yo

And now I can’t see it, can’t touch it, it’s just disappearing
Asleep in a dream, nothing could wake me up, and yet my canvas is filled with whiteness
And I can’t go back, I can’t see it…


Title: Siro Kuro (White / Black)
Circle: Marmalade Butcher
Album: Waltz for Chroma
Vocals: 町乃
Lyrics: Marmalade Butcher
Arrangement: Marmalade Butcher
Release Date: 2012/12/28
Source: Original