[REQUEST] Magenta Spiral – ピアスド・ハート

picture by kaiza (rider000)

【Requested by Alv

Magenta Spiral – ピアスド・ハート


hitomi o tojite mimi o fusaide mo noizu wa
watashi o ima mo shime tsuketeiru you de

For how much I close my eyes and cover my ears
This noise still feels as if it’s pressing me harder and harder

【Can’t tell my emotion】
【More scratch times】
【Healed the wounds more】
【Doesn’t cure a childish thinking】
【My love for you comes to the pain】


yukiba no nai kanjou wa samayou bourei
toozakete oshi koroshita nageki ni furuete

My emotions without a place to stay are like a wandering ghost
Trembling over a grieving, dying voice growing distant

どうして どうしてなの? 叫ぶ声は
【I won’t accept you】
傍にいて 傍にいて ねえ 見捨てないで
【Talking to my body】【Piercing my heart】

doushite doushite na no? sakebu koe wa
【I won’t accept you】
kaki kesarete yuku dake
soba ni ite soba ni ite nee misutenai de
【Talking to my body】【Piercing my heart】
soredemo utsutsu wa mujihi de

Why is it like this? I’m just being erased
All over by this screaming voice
“I won’t accept you”
Please, be by my side, hey don’t leave me
“Talking to my body” “Piercing my heart”
Nevertheless, reality is so ruthless…


mune no oku o kizutsuketa toge ni egurarete
sakareta kokoro ga akai namida o nagashiteru

Hollowed out by a thorn which left a scar deep down my chest
My teared-up heart makes crimson teardrops flow down

【You can’t understand】
【You don’t know my hearts?】


kihi sareta chi no hate de omoi ni kogarete
kanjou ga zurete yuku kankaku ni ononoku

Yearning for ideals over the edge of a land I’ve escaped from
As my emotions slip away, my sensations leave me afraid

どうして どうしてなの? 私はまた
【I won’t accept you】
傍にいて 囁いて ねえ 嘘でもいい
【Talking to my body】【Piercing my heart】

doushite doushite na no? watashi wa mata
“I won’t accept you”
itami ni sainamarete
soba ni ite sasayaite nee uso demo ii
“Talking to my body” “Piercing my heart”
“hitori ja nai yo” tte kikasete yo

Why, why has to be like this? I’m still
Tormented by this pain
“I won’t accept you”
Be by my side, hey, whisper to me, even if it’s a lie,
“You’re not alone” – let me hear that
“Talking to my body” “Piercing my heart”

【The girl shed tears of crimson】
【Pierced my hearts, Because of your love for me】
【Who care if scratched?】
【What is in your heart ”My Pierces”】

【But I don’t mind】
【Love you to death】


mabuta o akete mimi o sumashite mo shijima wa
watashi o ima mo tojikometeiru no

Even if I open my eyelids and clear up my ears,
The silence is still shutting me away


kizu o fusagu toge ga mata uzuiteiru kedo
sore demo watashi o tsunagi tomeru kusabi dakara

The thorn covering my wound is still throbbing and aching,
But it’s my sole wedge tying me up together, so…


– First stanza, 残響 (“zankyou”, “reverbration”) is read as ノイズ (“noizu”, “noise”).
– Words inside japanese digressions are the scream-vocal section.
– I had to change the order of the english sentences inside the japanese stanzas’ translated section to keep their meaning unchanged and easy to read.
– Second to last stanza, 静寂 (“seijaku”, “silence” / “quietness”) is read as しじま (“silence” ~ ”黙”).


Title: ピアスド・ハート (Pierced Heart)
Circle: Magenta Spiral
Album: 滸にて
Vocals: オカヒラ (Okahira)
Lyrics: オカヒラ (Okahira)
Arrangement: ぶーすと
Release Event: C89
Source: ハートフェルトファンシー (Heartfelt Fancy) Subterranean Animism, Stage 4 theme