There were few songs I wanted to give a prior translation, but due the fact they’ve been already translated by someone else, their priority kinda died. Though, it doesn’t mean that I’ll post my own version someday.
Anyway, one of this wordpress priority is to let the world know about ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY.
You probably have seen this name in every comiket topic or spreadsheet, but never actually tried to listen to them. Because they’re neither Touhou nor Kancolle nor anything else. Just original songs.
As I stated on previous posts, I like them, though I can’t say I love them as much as I love other bands (RIP Foreground Eclipse). And as I already stated (part 2), in their CD there’s always an outstanding song, even if sometimes there are way too many songs that are easy to forget and overly plain.
So, I’ll probably start with translating random songs from their CDs, the one I like the most.
I won’t focus on ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY, but I think it’s a good thing to give them the space they do deserve.
From their album Cielo Azul, one of my personal favourites track is surely 世界が嫌いなキミへ, and I don’t really know why. I remember before its full release, a short version of it was released first, and I listened to it until my ears started bleeding. I liked it a lot.
This and other few ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY’s song needs to be in my wordpress, and I hope some visitors would at least try to give them a try. Trust me, they’re good.


それがキミの口癖 キミの

-konna sekai nante daikirai-
-konna sekai kowarereba ii-
sore ga kimi no kuchiguse kimi no kyosei
ikiru koto o kobande, kobami kirenai

“I hate this world so much”
“I should just destroy this world”
That’s your favorite phrase, your deceit
Refusing to live is not refusing at all

それがボクの本心 ボクの戯れ言

-dakedo bokura koko de deaeta-
-konna sekai dakedo kimi ga iru-
sore ga boku no honshin boku no zaregoto
ikiru koto o ukeire, hokori ni omou

“But we meet just there”
“You’re the only one in this world”
Those are my real feelings, my prank
I think we should be proud of accepting our lives


tsumetai ame ga furitsudzuku naka de
tsunaida te dake ga moeru you ni atsui

In the midst of the implacable rain
The hand I’m holding is the only burning hot thing


hitomi kara koboreta namida wa dare ni muketa mono?
kanashimi mo kurushimi mo itami mo ken’o mo
jibun kara jibun e mukereba dare mo kidzukanai to?
yasashisa to herikutsu de gomakasanaide yo

The tear flowing from your eyes, who is directed to?
Sadness, pain, sorrow and hate
If you point those from yourself to yourself, who’s going to notice them?
Don’t fail to recognize gentleness for sophism.


kokoro kara tsumuida kotoba wa kimi ni todokanai
oitachi mo kachikan mo kotonaru bokura demo
yorikakari sasaete issho ni ikite ikeru hazu da
doushitara sono akumu kara nigedaseru kana

Words sent by the heart cannot reach you
Even we, with our history and our values being different
Leaning together, giving us support, should live together
But just how can we escape from such nightmare?

それがキミの逃げ方 キミの悪癖

-konna sekai nanka daikirai-
-konna watashi shinjaeba ii-
sore ga kimi no nigekata kimi no akuheki
shinu yuuki mo nai no ni, kurikaeshi iu

-I hate this world so much-
-It would be good if I’d drop dead-
That’s your way to escape reality, your bad habit
You keep repeating that, even if you don’t have the courage to die


-dakedo bokura aisareteru yo-
…hokademo nai, kono sekai ni.

-But we’re loved-
…That’s what I want to say, in this world.


buatsui kumo ni ouwareta sora
karada o hataite katari kkaketekuru yo

The sky, covered in thick clouds
Seems to speak so loud it hits my body


akumu kara afureta kodoku to yami ni makenai de
itsukushimi hohoende ai o ukeirete
ningen no subete ga yasashii hito ja nai keredo
tomodachi de itai kara shinjite hoshiinda

I won’t lose to the darkness and loneliness overflowing from my nightmares
I’ll accept the love of this affectionate smile
Not every single human can be considered a gentle person
But because I want to be with my friends, I want you to believe that.


ikiteite iinda, kimi ni ha ikiteite hoshii
kowakutemo tachimukaeru hazu da kimi naraba
ningan no subete ga yasashii hito ja nai keredo
machigainaku kimi wa yasashii hito dakara

It’s good to live, I want you to live
If it’s you, even if afraid, you should be able to oppose to your fears
Not every single human can be considered a gentle person
But there’s no doubt that you’re a gentle person, so…


Title: 世界が嫌いなキミへ (sekai ga kiraina kimi e) (to you, who hate the world)
Album: Cielo Azul
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki
Lyrics: Nakae Mitsuki
Arrangement: —
Release Event: C82
Source: Original

Unlucky Morpheus – No Grudge Any More


Here’s a song that dates back on 2009 (to me, it’s still hard to realize that 6 years has already passed since then…) that I personally like a lot.
Released on Reitaisai 6 as the 8th track in the album Rebirth by Unlucky Morpheus, No Grudge Any More is by far my personal favourite amongst Reincarnation‘s arranges.
Now, let’s spend a word or two on Mima, which this song seems to be talking about (more like, it kinda feels like Mima is singing it).
I do like her as a character, but, though I always joke about that, I really think it would be great if she would come back in a future Touhou game.
She had a great theme and before the Windows Era, she was one of the main characters from this serie.
Not to mention that she was also Marisa‘s master, and while this one is still in the new games, Mima disappeared, forgotten even by ZUN, creator of Touhou itself.
I’m not saying that I want her back in a game, I’d just feel glad if ZUN would show us a sign, something that makes us understand that he hasn’t forgot her. Like, I don’t know, a cameo, maybe? A reference? Something? I would be happy just by that.
Anyways, he’ll never bring her back because fans are annoying and keep claiming her in a game as if it’s necessary for the Touhou Franchise. Meh.
Anyway, back on track, this song, like I said before, sounds as if Mima is the one talking, and it’s pretty obvious when it comes to statements like “I am the God of Hakurei“, being an entity (evil spirit) which wandered in that Shrine.
The song itself seems to scream “we want Mima back”, or “don’t forget about her”, but it’s made in a way you grow liking Mima as a character.
Show us a sign, ZUN!
As a last note, I’ve found a really interesting thing about this song’s melody.
Search on youtube the song southern cross by 403 forbiddena (the one used in the popular flash-short Nightmare City. Aren’t they a little too much similar? Though, this one is better, mainly due it’s vocal and being fully in japanese, while the other being sung in a horrible engRish.

Unlucky Morpheus – No Grudge Any More


inishie yori tsumugu tamagaki ni
yashiro wa fujou no kokoro o kakaeta

Roaming around the fence of the Shrine since ancient times,
I’ve carried the impurities of the Shrine’s heart


kuon no yume o miru tama no o wa
raise o matazu ni katachi o todomete

The thread of life, endlessy dreaming,
Blocks its form, without waiting for the next world


haruka ni kakenuketa toki o kaerimite hohoemu
urami o yosuga ni kono chi ni shigamitsuite
akuryou to yobu nara shindemo yurusanai
ware wa Hakurei no kami

I smile, looking back the distant time I ran through,
Clinging on the ground where I’m reminded of my grudge
I won’t forgive you even if you’d die, if you call me “Evil Spirit”
For I am the God of Hakurei.


aisuru mono to yuku nagaki yo wa
kegareta kokoro o shizuka ni tokashita

The everlasting world I’ve travelled with the ones I love
Silently melted away my corrupted heart.


haruka ni sugisatta toki wa amari ni mo hakanai
natsukashii ano hi ni tashika ni watashi ga ita
tatoe mienakutemo ima wa hanareteitemo
aeru toki ga kuru kara

The distant time that passed away it’s not so transient;
I surely was there, on that nostalgic day.
Even if you can’t see me, even if we’ll be separated
The day we’ll meet again will come.


sen no yume no shirabe eikou no kuon o kanadete

Searching amongst thousands of dreams, playing the everlasting song of glory!


haruka ni kakenuketa toki o kaerimite hohoemu
urami o yosuga ni kono chi ni shigamitsuite
watashi wo wasuretara shindemo yurusanai
ware wa gensou no tami

I smile, looking back the distant time I ran through,
Clinging on the ground where I’m reminded of my grudge
If you’ll forget about me, I won’t forgive you even if you’d die
I am the Nation of Illusions.


tatoe mienakutemo ima wa hanareteitemo
kitto aeru hi ga kuru kara

Even if you can’t see me, even if we’ll be separated
The day we’ll meet again will surely come….


– 精神 is read “Seishin”, meaning “Spirit”, but it’s pronounced as “Kokoro” meaning “Heart” (though Kokoro can also be a metaphor for “spirit” too.)
– 魂の緒 is read “Tama no o”, based on 玉の緒 “Tama no o”, same reading but the first kanji is different. The second, the correct one, means “Thread of life”, the one used this song, places the kanji “tamashii” meaning “soul” instead of the one of “tama”, simply meaning “ball, sphere”.
– 容貌 is read “Katachi”, while it appears to sound like that only if the first kanji is removed. The word in this way can be read as “Youbou”, and could mean “Vision”.
– 時代 is read “jidai” and means “Period”, “Era”, but the song reads it as if the second kanji it’s not there, leaving “toki” meaning “time” alone.
– 時間, once again, is read “jikan”, meaning “period of time”, but as before, the second kanji is not read, leaving “toki” meaning “time” alone again.
– “The nation of illusions” wrote as “Gensou no Tami” could probably referring to Gensokyo itself.


Title: No Grudge Any More
Circle: Unlucky Morpheus
Album: Rebirth
Vocals: Fuki
Lyrics: Fuki
Arrangement: Yuki
Release Event: Reitaisai 6
Source: Reincarnation, Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream, Mima’s Theme




息もしないまま 身体を海に任せて
うつ伏せで揺られ チカラ尽きてた
どうか…幸せは 遠くにあって欲しいと
手を伸ばしたんだ 届く根拠もなしに

iki mo shinai mama karada o umi ni makasete
utsu fusu de yurare chikaratsukiteta
douka shiawase wa tooku ni atte hoshii to
te o nobashitanda todoku konkyo mo nashi ni

I entrust my body to the sea, while I’m unable to breath
Being shaked, face to ground, I used all my strength
Wishing that happines lies somewhere far away
I outstretch my arms, without any basis to how to reach it.

ゆらゆらな過去よ 苦手なものをすり抜け
グルメな私は 隙間だらけさ
不器用じゃなくて 特殊な理想と願望
それしか無かった それを盾に生きてた

yurayurana kako yo nigatena mono o surinuke
gurumena watashi wa sukima darake sa
bukiyou ja nakute tokushuna risou to ganbou
sore shika nakatta sore o tate ni ikiteta

A slowly swaying past, making its way through weak things
And me, gloomy, full of cracks,
but not lacking abilities, I shield myself and live
Up to my dreams and desires, the only thing I have.

特別なんだって 思い込んでて
黙りこんでるよ 見つめてはいた
好かれたりしない それでいいんだ
今日を壊す時 訪れるから

tokubetsunandatte omoikondete
damari konderu yo mitsumete wa ita
sukaretari shinai sore de iinda
kyou o kowasu toki otozureru kara

Having this impression of being special
I say nothing more, fixing my eyes on anything.
Never been liked by someone or such, but that’s okay,
Because I’m visiting my present broken time.

目的も無くし 戻るチカラも
涙も無慈悲に 海に溶けてった
沈まないんだ パラノイアの海に

mokuteki mo nakushi modoru chikara mo
namida mo mujihi ni umi ni toketetta
nandattandarou na?
shizumanainda paranoia no umi ni

My purpose, my power to go back, everything’s lost
Even tears, mercilessly, are dissolving in the sea
I wonder what was that?
They can’t sink, in this sea of paranoia.


ukanderu dake sa
shinu wake ja nai kedo sa
shinderu mitai ni
muryokusa o uran deda

They’re just floating,
Not that they’re dead or anything,
But just why are they grudging against powerlessness
As if they were dead?

辿り着いたのは 見知らぬ島で
食料はほんと 木の実と魚
ありきたりだけど 安心があって
涙が出てきた 腹を満たすと

tadori tsuita no wa mishiranu shima de
shokuryou wa honto konomi to sakana
arikitari dakedo anshin ga atte
namida detekita hara o mitasu no

What I followed and reached was an unknow island
The only food I have, for real, are just fishes and berries
It’s conventional, but I could feel relieved
They satisfied my abdomen, wet in tears

優しい自分は そこにはいたし
後悔もしたし 帰ろうとした
ムキになってたよ 抜けだしたんだ 

yasashii jibun wa soko ni wa itashi
koukai mo shitashi kaerou to shita
muki ni natteta yo nukedashitanda
paranoia no umi o

My gentle side is exactly there
I also had regrets, I even tried to return home
I’ve became serious, because I’m sneaking
Towards the sea of paranoia

キミに背を向けて 非凡に笑顔を送り
素直になれたと ボクは思った
けれど満ちてると 本性が目覚めていた
「捻くれていたい」 夜明けに海へ向かう

kimi ni se o mukete hibon ni egao o okuri
sunao ni nareta to boku wa omotta
keredo michiteru to honshou ga mezameteita
hinekureteitai yoake ni umi e mukau

I’ll face your direction, delivering a rare smile
I thought I became honest
But being full, my true self awakens
“I want to flip it all” I’ll go towards the sea when dawn comes.


Title: パラノイアの海 (paranoia no umi) (Sea of Paranoia)
Circle: Yuuhei Satellite 「幽閉サテライト」
Album: 想いが歴史に変わる時
Vocals: Senya
Lyrics: Kamase-tora
Arrangement: Deitarabotchi
Release Event: C87
Source: 不可能弾幕には反則を (Cheat Against Impossible Danmaku), Impossible Spellcard, Stage 1 Theme

Register6 – ずっと


First of all, thanks to Violet for sending me a picture of this song’s scans from the booklet.
Last track from 久遠ノ夢路 by Register6, ずっと, an original song based on Maribel Hearn and Renko Usami, characters from Touhou Project (not an arrange of an actual theme, though)
And my favourite track from the whole album. And probably one of my favourite song from this circle.
I like to think the male voice as Renko and the female one as Mary (Maryrenko is love, Maryrenko is life), even though the lyrics are not always separated between male and female vocalist.
I really love this song and its lyrics, hope you’ll enjoy them as well!

Register6 – ずっと


kimi to sagashi ni yukou te o totte fumidasu yo

I’m going to search for it with you; holding our hands, we step forward!


aru hizashi no tsuyoi hi ni itsumo no futari
mukai no kimi wa tachiagari odoroku watashi ni itta

We were like always, on that day when sunlight was strong
From the other side, you stood up and told me with surprise


“hoshizora o mi ni yukou fushigi ga matteru kara!”
kushakusha ni hokoronda egao de te o totta ne

“Let’s go watch the starry sky, because wonders are waiting!”
You took my hand with that crumpled open smile of yours, remember?


machiawase no gozen niji watashi wa hidori
iidashita kimi wa aikawarazu chikoku o suru
warubireru soburi mo nai kimi ni tameiki
watashi wa muboubina kimi no hoo o tsuneru

Our meeting place, at 2 P.M., a fixed date
You tried to break the ice, being late as always
I sigh to your manner, feeling not even an inch of shame
And so, I pinch your cheek as you were defenseless


mawaru mawaru mokuba no you ni
meguri meguru keshiki o futari de miteitai

Spinning and spinning around, like a merry-go-round
How I wish to be watching this spinning landscape with you…


tatoe itsuka hanarebanare ni
naru to shitteiyou to

Even if we know that someday
We’ll get separated…


kimi to sagashi ni yukou fushigi ga matteru kara
iroaseru koto no nai omoide o kizandeku

I’m going to search for it with you, because wonders are waiting!
I’m carving memories of things whose color will never fade…


zutto zutto zutto futari de
zutto zutto zutto kono mama

always, always, always, me and you
always, always, always, just like this





– On the booklet, I couldn’t really read (or could really hear) whether it was ひとり (hitori) or ひどり (hidori). They both made sense, one being “alone” (waiting for the partner to come to the meeting place?) and the other being “fixed date” (which I believe made more sense than “alone”). I choosed the second because of its meaning and because I kept hearing hiDOri more than hiTOri.
– “You took my hand with that crumpled open smile, remember?” there’s no “remember”, but that “ne” at the end of the sentence is usually attached to sentences in order to have a function such as rhetorical question. So, I though “remember?” was good enough to fit in the translation.
– 木馬 (mokuba) translates as “wooden horse”, but it’s not clear if it’s talking about a merry go round or something else. Being the merry-go-round printed behind the lyrics’ page on the booklet, I think it made more sense to place “merry-go-round” instead of a vague “wooden horse”
– I couldn’t choose between translating “zutto” as “always” and “forever”, so I decided to use both.
– Also, The last stanza is repeated more than one time, and I added another stanza with the last “zutto” which is not included in the booklet. Because I felt like doing so.


Title: ずっと (always / all the way)
Circle: Register6
Album: 久遠ノ夢路 (kuon no yumeji) (dreaming of eternity)
Vocals: mIsAkI and オカヒラ (okahira)
Lyrics: オカヒラ (okahira)
Arrangement: ロー (roo)
Release Event: Reitaisai 9
Source: Original track, based on the Sealing Club (Touhou)

Yuuhei Satellite – 想いが歴史に変わる時


Yuuhei Satellite – 想いが歴史に変わる時


koyoi watashi wa tashikameru
tsumotta [omoi] ni kachi ga atta ka o
tomo ni kono sekai o ayumeru hi ga
kuru ka douka o

Tonight I’m going to make sure
Whether my thoughts have a value or not
Or if the day I’ll move along with this world
Will come or won’t come


moshimo kimi o shirushite tsudzuri o
futari nagameru toki wa
douka kataresete
chiisana ai no [rekishi]

If I could write you down,
The time we gaze on our own spelling,
I beg you, let it talk,
That little history of love

いつか その綴りは背中を押した
何も 始まらぬ書物だなと
そうか これは自己嫌悪だった
一歩 踏み出すことにした

itsuka sono tsudzuri wa senaka o oshita
nanimo hajimaranu shomotsu da nato
souka kore wa jikoken’o datta
ippo fumidasu koto ni shita

One day, this spelling will press down my back
Without having began to write any book
Yes, this was self-hatred
I decided to make one step forward


koe ni naranai kanjou wa
tomado waseru dake da to omotteita
mae ga namida de mienai
mata nani ka ni tsudzumareta

An emotion that won’t became voice
I thought it only left me bewildered
I can’t see what’s before me, because of my tears
Again, my fingers* are wrapped,

二人 積もる『想い』が歴史へと変わる

yubi ga kasanaru tabi
kyoufu o oboeru hodo no shiawase
futari tsumoru [omoi] ga rekishi e to kawaru

Overlapped time
The happiness of remembering my fears’ limits
Our piled up memories will change through history

ずっと 後ろで見つめていたことも
多少 行き過ぎた行動さえ
すごく 贅沢な答え合わせ
すべて 許しあうのだから

zutto ushiro de mitsumeteita koto mo
tashou ikisugita koudou sae
sugoku zeitakuna kotae awase
subete yurushi au no dakara

The things I always stared from behind,
Even the my behaviour going a little too far,
A very extravagant answer comes up
Because everything forgives anything else


mirai no koto wa wakaranai
dakedo rekishi no subete ni ieru koto
omou ga mama ni tsudzuru peeji irodotte ikou

I can’t understand things belonging to the future
But I can say anything related to history
I’ll colour every spelling page to my heart’s content


hitori de wa [omoi] de
owatte shimau koto mo futari nara
subete hitsuzen ni [rekishi] e to kawaru kara

Even things that will end while alone
With my thoughts, if we’re together,
Will inevitably change into history


koko ni wa aru yo
chiisana tokubetsu to okiina ikiru riyuu
sou, kimi to kanashimi sae aragawazu
ai kasanete…

It’s right there
That little special thing and that big reason to live
That’s right, without resisting to you nor to sadness
Piling up “love”…


mirai no koto wa wakaranai
dakedo rekishi no subete ni ieru koto
omou ga mama ni tsudzuru peeji irodotte ikou

I can’t understand things belonging to the future
But I can say anything related to history
I’ll colour every spelling page to my heart’s content


hitori de wa [omoi] de
owatte shimau koto mo futari nara
subete hitsuzen ni [rekishi] e to kawaru kara

Even things that will end while alone
With my thoughts, if we’re together,
Will inevitably change into history


towa ni kienu kuronikuru
kokoro ni kizamareta kioku o nazori
futari katari au
ai ga mayowanu you ni…

A chronicle that won’t disappear in the eternity,
I trace a memory carved in my heart.
We’re talking to each other…
As if we’re not losing our love…


Title: 想いが歴史に変わる時 (omoi ga rekishi ni kawaru toki) (The Time when memories changes into history)
Circle: Yuuhei Satellite 「幽閉サテライト」
Album: 想いが歴史に変わる時
Vocals: Senya
Lyrics: Kamase-tora
Arrangement: Iceon
Release Event: C87
Source: プレインエイジア (Plain Asia), Imperishable Night, Keine Kamishirasawa’s Them



Everytime a new ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY album’s announcement pops out for a comiket, I’m always there, waiting for its official release.
You could say I’m a fan, but in fact, it’s not really like that.
I enjoyed pretty much every album from this circle, and that’s not the first time I’m translating a song by them.
Though, I always know that when I listen to an ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY album, only one song from it is really going to be worth the wait.
It has (almost) always been like that.
I’m not saying that I don’t like them, but I can say for sure that only one song per album is really outstanding, when the others, good or bad, are nothing remarkable, in my opinion.
TRUTH is the song from their latest album, Nazokake Alice, that, in my personal opinion, stands out more than the others.
The whole album seems to be related somehow to Alice in Wonderland‘s universe, which I must say I found pretty cliché and outmoded.
This is probably the only song which you can hear without thinking about Lewis Carroll‘s work (giving that other song from the same album also had titles that refers to the novel, such as Queen of Hearts or ANTICLOCK TEA-PARTY).


暗い廊下は果てなく 頼れる存在もなくて

kurai michi wa hate naku tayoreru mono mo nakute
tada mae e to ho o susumeta
kuragari no sukima kara fuan ni karame torare
korobanu you furikaerazu

The dark road has no end, there’s nothing to rely on
I can only take steps forward
I get entangled by uneasiness in a crack in the darkness
I can’t turn back, in order not to fall

岐路に立ち 迷う背に ふと響いた視えない声

shinsou made no kyori o oshiete
kiro ni tachi mayou se ni futo hibiita mienai koe

As I lay on a crossroad, losing my directions an invisible voice resounds…
Teach me the distance to the truth…

自問自答 自問自答 正解<こたえ>は何処にある?
「何も失わず 得られる行き先<みち>はない」
『傷つくその度 強くなれる』なんてウソ

nani o motometa no? doko e ikitai no?
jimonjitou jimonjitou kotae wa doko ni aru?
“nanimo ushinawazu erareru michi wa nai”
nante uso
keredo, kitto, itsuka, douka…

What did you seek? Where do you want to go?
You keep questioning yourself, where’s the answer?
“There’s no way to live without losing anything”, was a lie.
But, I’m sure, sometime, somehow…

それでも尚 声は響く
疑いの眼差しを 虚空へ廻らせても

anata wa ittai dare? koe no aruji wa mienai
soredemo nao koe wa hibiku
utagai no manazashi o kokuu e megurasetemo
usui emi ga kodamasu dake

Just who are you? I can’t see owner of this voice
Yet, a voice is still echoing
Even if I let the glimpses of doubt revolve in the empty sky
Only a pale smile has been deceived


“shinsou made orite kite goran.
mou ichido kangaete. omoidashite. nani ga hoshii…?”

“Try to go deep down the depths
Think again. Remember. What do you seek…?”

何を求めれば 何処へ向かったなら
右往左往 右往左往 真実<こたえ>は在ったのに
視えないフリをした 捜すフリもした
知るのが怖くて 傷つくことを恐れて

nani o motomereba doko e mukatta nara
uousaou uousaou kotae wa atta no ni
mienai furi wo shita sagasu furi mo shita
shiru no ga kowakute kizutsuku koto mo osorete
zutto, soba ni, atta no ni ne.

Even if you seek for some place you’re directed to,
Running in circles again and again, even if there was an answer
Pretending not to see, even pretending to searching it
Knowing it scares, being hurt scares too
It was by my side since so long, right?


“kimi dake no basho wa, sou. muishiki no saki ni aru.
kimi ga nozomi nagara mo, toozaketa sono saki ni. saa… tobira o akete…”

“The place only for you is… Yes, before your unconscious.
Even while you’re wishing, it’s before that faraway place. Come on, open the door…”

自問自答 自問自答 本音は此処にある
喪うとしても 得たいものがある
傷む心臓が 真実指し示してる

nani o motometa no? doko e ikitai no?
jimonjitou jimonjitou kotae wa koko ni aru
ushinau to shitemo etai mono ga aru
itamu shinzou ga kotae sashime shiteru

What do you seek? Where do you want to go?
You keep questioning yourself, but the answer is right there
Even if you lose something, there are things you want to get
Your injured heart is pointing right to the answer you seek.


mizukara itami o motomeru nante baka mitai
keredo, ii no. sore de, ii no.
kishimu tobira, aketa…

Seeking for my own grief seems so stupid
But it’s okay. That will do.
I opened that creaking door…


– Special readings are inside next to each kanji, inside <these>.


Title: TRUTH
Album: 謎掛アリス (nazokake arisu) (Alice’s riddle)
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae
Lyrics: Nakae Mitsuki
Arrangement: —
Release Event: C87
Source: Original

(Empire Ensemble) 茶太 – 君は進む

kongou sink

I had some time to think about my website.
All I realized is that it was just sitting there, getting dust and being used just to post news from my youtube channel.
Anime reviews? Not my thing. I can’t write as much as I wish I could.
Youtube posts? Kinda sad, isn’t it?
Episode Summaries? Fun, but takes way too much work.
My first blog was about translations and translations only.
I liked it, though I didn’t liked my modus operandi nor the fact that I translated in italian, leaving few possibilities of receiving any kind feedback.
No one wants to do something without getting something in exchange, Am I right?
I’ve also noticed how people liked my translations of Ping Pong OP or songs by Absolute Castaway… So, back on track, I’m getting back to translating song lyrics.
Doujin, Touhou, Kancolle, Anime, Miscellaneous, everything is fine.
The next year will be the year I get back on track.
I’ve improved so much and I love to share the songs I love with those who can’t translate any of them by themselves.
So, here I am!
I’ll start translating songs from January, but for now, to celebrate my decision, here’s the lyrics and the translation of a song I like a lot: 君は進む.
Circle is Empire Ensemble, and the song is an arrange from Kantai Collection’s port theme.
Without further ado, here’s my translated version!

Empire Ensemble – 君は進む

君の手を取り 共に夢を見た人は

kimi no te o tori tomo ni yume o mita hito wa
minasoko ni shizunda,

I hold your hand, along with the person who was dreaming
Sinking in the bottom of the sea

揺れる水面に 仲間の背を見だして
追いかけて 声の限り叫び震えていた

yureru minamo ni nakama no se o midashite
oi kakete koe no kagiri sakebi furueteita

On the swaying water’s surface I head torwards my comrade’s back
Chasing after the voice that was screaming to its limit, trembling.

この道の 後に何が残るの?
声が聞こえて 何度も振り返る

kono michi no ato ni nani ga nokoru no?
koe ga kikoete nandomo furikaeru
utsumuku kimi wa, ima ni mo oresou da yo

What’s left after this journey?
I can hear a voice, I turn around many times over
And you, bending down, seem to be breaking.

夢を失い 過去を手放しても尚

yume wo ushinai kako o tebanashitemo nao
tomoshibi wo mamorinagara yoake o matteiru

Dreams are lost, and yet holding onto my past
While protecting those lights, I’m waiting for the dawn.

崩れ落ちた 祖国に雪が舞う

kono michi no saki ni nani ga mieru no?
kuzureochita sokoku ni yuki ga mau

What can you see before this journey?
On my crumbled down native country, the snow is dancing…

君は進む 誰の支えも無しに

kimi wa susumu dare no sasae mo nashi ni
ashita e…

You, towards tomorrow, even without no one supporting you…
Are moving forward…


– 道 is always a problem when it comes to translation. It could mean “way”/”Street” even in a philosophical way, so it’s easy translated as “Journey”. I prefered using this translation, but keep on mind that it could mean a lot of things.


Title: 君は進む (Kimi wa Susumu) (You’re Proceeding)
Circle: Empire Ensemble
Album: 陽はまた昇る (you wa mata noboru) (The Sun Rises Again)
Vocals: 茶太 (Chata)
Lyrics: kyrie
Arrangement: HIR
Release Event: C85
Source: Kantai Collection (艦これ) – Port Theme