Primary – 影


I don’t really make great plans for translations on this wordpress.
Sometimes I just plan to translate songs that I’ve freshly discovered, sometimes I want to focus on request.
And sometimes, like today’s post, I’m just shuffling my iPod around and end up stumbling upon old songs that I used to listen a lot time ago.
That’s how I got to listen to 影 by Primary again. After all those years when Jaefine sent this song’s mp3 to me for the first time!
“I used to listen to this nonstop!” that’s what I thought, “That’s kinda nostalgic!”.
But then I thought “Has this been translated before? Let me check.”
I couldn’t find its translation. So… it means no one did? Good, because I really wanted to!
As I said just before, I loved this song. Well, it’s not like I don’t like it anymore, I simply stopped listen to it as I used to.
But it’s still a great song and I still can understand why I was so captured by it.
It’s catchy to the point its lyrics were still stuck on my mind after all this years. Plus, I love its bass / guitar line. It sounds way to fun to play!

Primary – 影

闇の中佇む ただ 声を押し殺して【見つけて】
捕らわれた感情さえ 叫んでも届かない

yami no naka tatazumu tada koe o oshikoroshite “mitsukete”
torawareta kanjou sae sakendemo todokanai

I’m solely standing inside the darkness crushing to death that “find me” voice
If I’d scream, I couldn’t even reach the emotions that I’ve been took away

あの日消えた 二つの炎が
この心 締め付け離さない

ano hi kieta futatsu no honoo ga
kono kokoro shimetsuke hanasanai

The two flames that vanished on that day
Are pressing hard on this heart, and won’t leave it

取り残された世界で Ah 崩れてく
言葉も音も消えた 誰もいない
自分に科せられた Ah 傷アトは
何もかも 覚えてる 為の 刻印

torinokosareta sekai de Ah kuzureteku
kotoba mo oto mo kieta dare mo inai
jibun ni kaserareta Ah kizuato wa
nanimokamo oboeteru tame no shirushi

On this world that has been left behind, Ah, I’m crumbling
Words and sounds perished, there’s no one left;
And those wounds that, Ah, I inflicted myself
Are the mark of the fact that I remember everything

紅く広がる影だけ 足元に絡みつく この風
二度と記憶の中まで 逃げる事 出来ない

akaku hirogaru kage dake ashimoto ni karamitsuku kono kaze
nido to kioku no naka made nigeru koto dekinai

This wind twines itself only around the crimson extended shade under my feet
And I know I can’t escape again towards the depths of my memories

頬に残る 最後のぬくもり
ここから 抜け出す為に 今

hoho ni nokoru saigo no nukumori
koko kara nukedasu tame ni ima

The last trace of warmth left in my cheeks…
Right now… in order to sneak away from here…

鎖された世界を Ah どこまでも
走り続けてても 果てはなく
答える声なく 揺れる 生きた 証明

tozasareta sekai o Ah dokomademo
hashiritsudzuketetemo hate wa naku
nando mo kurikaesu michi “doko e yuku…?”
kotaeru koe naku yureru ikita akashi

This world enclosed in chains… Ah, anywhere
No matter how much I keep running, there’s no end;
A road I’ve repeated endless times, “Where am I going…?”
Trembling with no voice to answer me, the proof I was alive

手に落ちるわずかな光 求めてたあの夜を捨て
何か指し示す指先 閉ざされた扉が開く

te ni ochiru wazukana hikari motometeta ano yoru o sute
nanika sashishimesu yubisaki tozasareta tobira ga hiraku

The small light falling on my hands throws away the night I was longing for;
My fingertips are pointing towards something; the sealed door is now opened

囚われた世界を Ah 飛び出して
かすかに歪む足跡 気にとめず
いつか見た景色を Ah 取り戻せ
何度でも叫ぶから 生きる 欲望

torawareta sekai o Ah tobidashite
kasuka ni yugamu ashiato ki ni tomezu
itsuka mita keshiki o Ah torimodose
nando demo sakebu kara ikiru yokubou

The world that has been captured… Ah, jump towards it!
Don’t pay your attention to the dim crooked footsteps
Bring it back! Ah, the scenery you once saw
Screaming times over times, that’s my lust for living

鎖された世界を Ah 解き放って
すべてが動き出す 影背負って

tozasareta sekai o Ah tokihanatte
subete ga ugokidasu kage seotte

Ah, set free this world shrouded in chains!
And carry on your back the shadow of everything that’ll start moving with it


– 刻印 (kokuin) is read as “shirushi”, which is the reading for only the second kanji. Shirushi is fittingm kokuin not so much. I can’t understand why they made this kanji choice right there.
– I may be wrong, but as far as I know 鎖された isn’t read as “tozasareta” (which later appers as 閉ざされた, with the right kanji). the kanji for 鎖 (kusari) means “chains”, so I tried something out…
– 証明 (shoumei) similar to note #1, is read only as the first kanji “akashi”. “Akashi” and “shoumei” both mean the same thing, so no big deal.


Title: 影 (kage) (shadow)
Circle: Primary
Album: Cube
Vocals: yuiko (ゆいこ)
Lyrics: yuiko (ゆいこ)
Arrangement: Primary
Release Date: 12/29/2008
Source: Original

CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Return to Forsetia (Departure Beyond Our Despair and Hope, The Provoked, Cross the Luminous Ocean)

You should always expect Clockworks Tracer (or ABSOLUTELY CASTAWAY) to pop out of nowhere here and there on foregroundnoises.
Let’s try to close the Return To Forsetia Chapter!
I already did something like that for Eschatologia E.P. , didn’t I?
Anyways, those three songs are mostly in english, so there’s not really too much to translate.
I felt it would be a waste to do a single post about each one of them, so I decided to put them together into a single huge post, again.
So, let’s start with order, from the first to the last: Departure Beyond Our Despair and Hope, The Provoked, Cross the Luminous Ocean.

CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Departure Beyond Our Despair and Hope


Now, I feel bad for what I did on the last Clockworks Tracer post. I mean, the fact I used a picture of Yukari instead of a Ran one.
Because this song is an arrange of Necrofantasia, and of course it means Yukari.
But who cares? I don’t. Ok, maybe just a little. Booooooobies!
Anyway, being the song mostly in english, there are a lot of sentences that makes sense but are not wrote in the most splendid way.
Japanese people struggle against english, you know.
So, if you see some error in the english lyrics, it’s meant to be.
I copied it from the booklet (who was it that gave it to me..? thanks anyway), and everything you see is exactly what Yapan wrote.
WeatherH is amazing in this one, it’s kind of sad that her part is so small.
She’s really good at reaching high notes, and her sound fits very well with the rhythm of Necrofantasia.
There’s nothing much to note about this, so… here’s the lyrics!

CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Departure Beyond Our Despair and Hope

Not to fade my admiration before I knew, I had kept carving into this world
The reality and the ideal struggling in my visions made my mind fuckin’ shut in disgust

In despair, weakening real intension
In this cage, my belief will never surrender
(Armed with truth) Roar it out as my heart of those days is
(Armed with glow) Force this voice with all my might

残酷な宿命を抱え 手を差し伸べ続ける世界
煉獄の苦しみの中で 今も胸に抱く約束

zankokuna shukumei o dakae te o sashinobetsudzukeru sekai
rengoku no kurushimi no naka de ima mo mune ni daku yakusoku

Embrace this ruthless fate of yours, the world keeps reaching out to you
In the midst of this suffering in the purgatory, I’m still holding that promise into my chest

Despair and hope overflowing in my arms sometimes becomes shackles and restrain myself
Ask myself in the mirror again, “Hasn’t my image changed since long ago?”

Please let me know how to take that light back again!!

My mind being about to cross the Great Divide
In the phantasmagoria, then I found a morning glow

(Armed with truth) Roar it out as my heart of those days is
(Armed with glow) Force this voice as my beat of those days is
(Armed with truth) Roar it out as my heart of those days is
(Armed with glow) Force this voice with all my might

残酷な宿命を抱え 手を差し伸べ続ける世界
煉獄の苦しみの中で 今も胸に抱いたそれは・・・
Memories and resolve

zankokuna shukumei o dakae te o sashinobetsudzukeru sekai
rengoku no kurushimi no naka de ima mo mune ni daita sore wa…
Memories and resolve

Embrace this ruthless fate of yours, the world keeps reaching out to you
In the midst of this suffering in the purgatory, what I’m still holding to my chest are…
Memories and resolve


tokoyami ni akari o tomoshita saki ni hirogaru sono keshiki wa
ano koro ni tadotta tabiji to nani mo kawaranu mama soko ni

Before a light irradiated throught this endless darkness, the scenery before my eyes
Didn’t change a bit, it’s like in the voyage I did long ago, it’s there

ここに置いて旅立とう もう一度境目の彼方へ
光へ (To that light)

seottekita kore made no zetsubou mo kibou mo subete
koko ni oite tabidatou mou ichido sakaime no kanata e
hikari e (To that light)

I’ll leave here the hope and despair and everything
That I carried with me all along, and start once more a journey beyond the borded
Towards the light (To that light)


Title: Departure Beyond Our Despair and Hope
Album: Return To Forsetia
Vocals: WeatherH, sawacy, Yapan
Lyrics: Yapan
Arrangement: Yapan
Release Event: Reitaisai 12
Source: ネクロファンタジア (Necrofantasia) – Perfect Cherry Blossom, Yukari Yakumo’s Theme




The first arrange of Dullahan under the Willows on foregroundnoises, guys!
I like that theme, and Sekibanki kicks ass.
Once again, the scream vocal is not by Yapan, but that’s pretty common for this album.
Yapan is always behind the lyrics / arrangement, and he leaves a lot of space for other singers to take his place.
He’s a nice guy, really! …At least, that’s the picture that comes to my mind when I think about this.
Once again, I wish the part sang by WeatherH would have been longer, not only because I like her voice, but also because it’s more similar to the original theme, and that’s something good to hear in a touhou arrange.
Don’t mind some english, once again.
Also, some japanese words in this song were really hard, I must say.


Corruption of the heartless real is like a curse
Eruption of my heedless impulse is a cardinal wrath

This rage stirred up by you is out of my control
My sanity is the offering made to the altar of hatred


emo shirenu kanjou o yobisamasu
shoudou no dakuryuu ni sarawarete
shidaresaku ito no shita kuri ayatsurare odoru wa
hanto to kashita tarinai no mama

Waking up a feeling that I can’t know about
Abducted by the puddle of my impulses
Under the hanging blossomed wire, the dance I’m yet again forced to do
Is still not enough to oppose and change


Never forgive… never forget… never expect… never trust…
Never cave in… never give in… there’s no place to turn back

Tyranny, my answer to oppression
Fallacy, your words are only the waste

This rage stirred up by you is out of my control
My sanity is the offering made to the altar of fuckin’ hatred

衝動の濁流に攫われて (Sentiment is dead)
叛徒と化した傀儡のまま (The provoked)

emo shirenu kanjou o yobisamasu
shoudou no dakuryuu ni sarawarete (sentiment is dead)
shidaresaku ito no shita kuri ayatsurare odoru wa
hanto to kashita tarinai no mama (the provoked)

Waking up a feeling that I can’t know about
Abducted by the puddle of my impulses (sentiment is dead)
Under the hanging blossomed wire, the dance I’m yet again forced to do
Is still not enough to oppose and change (the provoked)


– 垂れ (shidare) should be read as “tare”, normally, but here is read as if it’s the compound word 枝垂れ (shidare). Its meaning, however, doesn’t change. It says “shidare” because 枝垂れ柳 (shidare yanagi) is the japanese name for the weeping willow. “Willow” usually appears when refered to Sekibanki, being part of the name of her theme.
– 傀儡 (tarinai) another special reading. It should be read as “kugutsu”, meaning “puppet” (those with wires), but here is read as “tarinai” 足りない, meaning “not enough”. I’m not really sure that’s its true reading, but the booklet doesn’t state anything about it and I keep hearing this. If I’m wrong, feel free to point that out!


Title: The Provoked
Album: Return To Forsetia
Vocals: WeatherH, Pannappuo
Lyrics: Yapan
Arrangement: Yapan
Release Event: Reitaisai 12
Source: 柳の下のデュラハン (Dullahan under the Willows) – Double Dealing Character, Sekibanki’s Theme


CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Cross the Luminous Ocean


An arrange of Fires of Hokkai and Captain Murasa? I’m fucking sold.
There’s a single japanese stanza in the whole song, so making a single post just for this would have been stupid.
But it’s amazing to hear WeatherH singing in english with Yapan!
And to be honest, her pronunciation is not that bad. Maybe not perfect, but surely way better than tons and tons of japanese singers attempting english I’ve listened to before.
The song, I must say, is amazing.
The lyrics though…
I laughed my ass off on that “I can stand and go hard (…)”. What’s the meaning of this? It sounds so wrong!

CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Cross the Luminous Ocean

This dream will change today, it’s the proof to grant myself
Under the luminous starlight, wishing to change the world
There’s no more time to left, the choice is inevitable
After the happy ending once, our voyage goes on

The far side of our future is unclear and hard to see
But still we go, must go beyond the discord from our heart

Scene from the brightest world (onto the stage)
Here is all we’re longing for
Now is the time to start over because we’re not alone
Filled with the full of light (until the end)
We’ll go ahead in the same boat
So I can stand and go hard unless my own heart goes down

With all so far!!

Happiness or distress, all is too heavy to carry alone
That’s why we continue to sail hand in hand

ずっと (forever)

kagayaku hoshi ni negau omoi
te o tori ano hi no yume o mata tsunageyou
zutto (forever)

I wish to the luminous stars
Let’s hold our hands and live again the dream from that day
Eternally (forever)

Scene from the brightest world, here is all we’re longing for
Now is the time to start over because we’re not alone
Filled with the full of light (until the end)
We’ll go ahead in the same boat
So we cross the luminous ocean, our journey must go on!!


– 繋げよう (tsunageyou) the verb “tsunagu” means “to connect”, but in this song I’ve translated it as “live”. That’s because translating “let’s connect again that dream” felt really weird, and the meaning is, obviously, to live that dream again. So, it’s not a literal translation, but it fits way better, in my opinion.


Title: Cross the Luminous Ocean
Album: Return To Forsetia
Vocals: WeatherH, Yapan
Lyrics: Yapan
Arrangement: Yapan
Release Event: Reitaisai 12
Source: 法界の火 (Fires of Hokkai) – Unidentified Fantastic Object, Stage 6 Theme + キャプテン・ムラサ (Captain Murasa) – Unidentified Fantastic Object, Murasa Minamitsu’s Theme

ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – 花の咲く場所 -ハナノサクバショ-


How long has it been since the last ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY post?
I told you I’m not leaving them behind.
Music genres are not a limit for this circle.
We already got to listen to their amazing gothic metal track Lost Chapter as well traditional/lyrical songs such as 待宵姫, 慟哭の杜 or とおりゃんせ or pop/rock tracks such as 世界が嫌いなキミへ, and today’s song, 花の咲く場所 -ハナノサクバショ-, is, once again, a completely different genre: Jazz/blues.
I love jazz & blues. Since I play the electric bass it’s one of the first genre I learned its theories and styles, and I grew so attached to it that it still remains, in my opinion, the most amusing genre to play.
Back on track, today’s song is also one of the best japanese jazzy song I ever heard, and that’s not only thanks to the amazing arrange provided by the composers, but mainly because of Nakae Mitsuki‘s vocals.
She tried gothic metal, her voice was perfect for the genre.
She tried traditional japanese folk music, she was perfect for it.
She tried pop / rock music, she was perfect for them.
And now, she’s singing for a jazz/blues song, and guess what? There couldn’t have been a better singer for this.
I love her voice, and that’s part of why I hate the fact that this circle is so unknown between doujin music fans.
They’re so good yet so underrated it makes me go mad.
The only thing I “don’t like” about this song is that voice at the beginning / ending of it.
It would have fit on other songs (mainly japanese styled ones), but not this one. Thank God it can be heard only twice in the whole song.
Also, the instruments are all amazing. The double bass can be heard so clearly it makes me happy. Yeah. Kinda.
Back on the lyrics one second: I couldn’t find a meaning to them, then I read them again. Hint on the last note, but there’s still a question for you.
The title “hana no saku basho”, means “the place where flowers bloom”.
Now, try to read the lyrics and think about them, and try to understand what place is this… [2017/04/23 edit: I have no idea what that means]

ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY – 花の咲く場所 -ハナノサクバショ-


yasashii dake de wa imi ga nai
karen’na dake de wa gei ga nai
e ni naru dake de wa tsumaranai
risou no hana wa mi da mitsukarazu

There’s no point in just being gentle,
There’s no art in just being lovely,
It’s so boring to only be pretty as a picture;
The ideal flower is unfinished, yet to be found

高鳴る鼓動 胸を締め付ける

yuukoku mikaketa oiran douchuu
kenran goukana higan tayuu
urei o fukunda hohoemi ni
takanaru kodou mune o shimetsukeru

The procession of courtesans I glimpsed at the evening,
A luxurious and gorgeous nirvana of noble souls,
As I smiled to contain my grief
My fast beating heart pulsation presses hard on my chest


yatto mitsuketa unmei no hana
— sugu ni ai ni iku kara

The flower of destiny I’ve finally found
— I’m going to meet it soon

一夜一会 こんな近くにいるのに
夜半の春よ せめて睡夢の中では
指を重ね形影相 弔わんように

hitoyo hitowa konna chikaku ni iru no ni
koe o kawasu koto sae yurusarenai nante
yowa no haru yo semete suimu no naka de wa
yubi o kasane keieiai toburawan you ni

First night, first encounter; Even if they’re so close to me
I can’t forgive not even the voices blending together;
In the midnight’s spring, at least inside this long dream,
Let me a last keep the memory of the shadows my finger pointed at

二夜二会 こんな近くにいるのに
仲の夏よ 今は忍べというのか

futayo futawa konna chikaku ni iru no ni
hada ni fureru koto sae kanawanai nante
naka no natsu yo ima wa shinobe to iu no ka
mune o kogasu koi no yamai ni kusuri nashi

Second night, second encounter; Even if it’s so close to me
I can’t even realize my wish to touch your skin;
Are you concealing yourself right now, in this summer of closeness?
There’s no medicine to help the sickness of a heart burning in love…

【勝ってうれしい はないちもんめ
負けてくやしい はないちもんめ】

[katte ureshii hana ichimon me
makete kuyashii hana ichimon me]

“If I win I’d be happy, throw away one futile flower;
If I lose, I’d be sad, throw away one futile flower”


yatto deaeta unmei no hana
— kimi ni jiyuu o ageru

The flower of destiny I’ve finally got to meet
— I’ll set you free

三夜三会 僕の名前をささめく
暮れの秋に 女心は謎めき

san’yo sanwa boku no namae o sasameku
urei koe ni ten ni mo noboru kokochi de
kure no aki ni onnagokoro wa nazomeki
te no mai hashi no fumu tokoro o shirazu

Third night, third encounter; whisper my name
As the feeling of your sad voice rises towards the heavens;
In this fall of sunset, the woman’s heart is a mystery
And I don’t know the place where my hands can move, where my feet stay on ground

最後の夜 欠けた小指が疼き出す
冬野原で 君を永久に待ち望む

saigo no yoru kaketa koyubi ga uzuki dasu
kane no kire me ga en no kire me na no ka
fuyu nohara de kimi o touwa ni machi nozomu
kono yo de kanawanu koi nareba…

My cracked little finger is hurting during the last night;
Is the gap filled with gold the gap where we are bound together?
As I wish to wait you eternally in the midst of this winter field
This world could turn into one where love won’t come true…


“–atashi o koko ni utta no daare?”

“—Who did I sell in here..?”


– At the beginning there’s a voice track that it’s not listed in the lyrics, but it’s repeated near the end, in the fourth stanza from the bottom.
– Can’t believe that 運命 (unmei) in the third stanza is read FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN HISTORY with its proper reading instead of “sadame”! Let’s throw a party!
– There are lots of parts that I had to translate adding more words in order to keep their meaning. So, this translation (in some parts) is more like a free one than a literal one.
– 暮れの秋に 女心は謎めき (kure no aki ni onnagokoro wa nazomeki) it’s interesting. That’s because it comes from a japanese expression “女心と秋の空”, meaning “a woman’s heart and autumn weather”, which implies how both of those two things are fickle. That’s why it talks out of the blue of a woman heart right after she said “kure no aki”.
– Last stanza (and several other stanzas) talks about money / buying / selling. For what I understood, this song seems to be talking about money and the relationship between money and people’s bounds. And it’s pretty sad but also so true it hurts.


Title: 花の咲く場所 -ハナノサクバショ- (The place where flowers bloom)
Album: 謎掛閑店 (Nazokake Kanten)
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki
Lyrics: 黒川うみ (Kurokawa Umi)
Arrangement: Yuuichirou Tsukagoshi
Release Event: M3-25
Source: Original



A lot of time has passed since the last ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY post.
This song is amazing. Just by listening to it, I feel like standing atop a mountain in which lies a Shinto Shrine.
The whole song seems to be based off “tooryanse“, a traditional Japanese children’s tune that dates back to Edo period, just like the (probably) more famous “kagome-kagome“.
The world itself, 通りゃんせ, is an archaic form of the modern 通りなさい (toorinasai), where “通る” means “to pass”, and in that form it means “You may go in”, or “You may enter”.
In my translation, I decided to use both of them, being “tooryanse” repeated a lot. I didn’t want to end up being repetitive. I wonder why ABSOLUTE CASTAWAYS’ songs seem to always talk about departed mothers. That’s sad.
Did I already say that I love this song?



hitotsu tsunde wa haha no tame to
kayoi aruita kono hyaku no hibi

A pile for the sake of mother, and
Those hundred of days walked back and front…


dokomademo tsudzuku akatorii
ranpu o tayori ni arukimasu

Red torii continues in every direction,
As I walk, relying on my lamp

こーん こーん

koon koon


dareka ga hito o uramu you ni
ichizuna omoide susumimasu

With a steadily though, as if someone
bears a grudge to people, I move forward.

優しい顔した かかさまに

yasashii kao shita kakasama ni
mo ichido awasete kudasaimase

I beg thee,
Let me meet once more
The gentle face of my mother…

とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせ
とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせ
とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせぇ

tooryanse tooryanse
tooryanse tooryanse
tooryanse tooryansee

“you may go in, you may enter”,
I sing to myself,
“you may go in, you may enter,
You may go in, you may enter”…


kono negai o ten made

Let this wish pass
Until it reaches the heavens…


otenki ame ni michibikarete
tadori tsuita kitsune no odou

Guided by the sunshower,
I finally arrive at the fox’s temple


sukoshi yasumasete kudasai na
okitsune sama wa waratta

Won’t you please let me rest for a while?
The venerable fox laughed.

とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせ
とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせ
とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせぇ

kon kon kon
tooryanse tooryanse tooryanse
kocchi ni oide
tooryanse tooryanse
tooryanse tooryansee

kon kon kon
“you may go in, you may enter, you may enter”
Come forth…
“you may go in, you may enter,
You may go in, you may enter”…

わたしを連れて 何処へ

watashi o tsurete doko e

Let me go in
In the place you’re leading me into…

目隠し鬼よ 何処へ行く
手手をひくのは 誰かしら
此処は何処 わたしはだぁれ?

mekakushi oni yo doko e iku
tete o hiku no wa dare kashira
koko wa doko watashi wa daare?

Where did the blindfolded demon go?
I wonder who’s the one who got out?
Where am I? Who am I?

とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせ

tooryanse tooryanse

“you may go in, you may enter”,
I sing to myself,
“you may go in, you may enter”-


kitsune no omen ga waratteru

The fox-mask is laughing…

わたしを連れて 何処へ

watashi o trurete doko e

Let me go in
In the place you’re leading me into…


– 積んで (tsunde) at the beginning. The verb itself (tsumu) means “to pile up”, “to stack”, and while it appears in this form, it doesn’t tell us much of what it could mean. Probably, saying “for mother’s sake”, it could mean the rocks that, in japanese tradition, are piled up one over another as a memento for the deceased.
– 赤鳥居 (akatorii), Red Torii. Toriis are those reddish columns which sorrounds Shinto Shrines.
– ランプを頼り (ranpu ni tayori), “relying on my lamp”. I don’t know if the meaning I wanted it to have is described well in this way. I meant to say “I rely on my lamp (as I walk in the darkness, among the red Torii)”.
– こーんこーん (koon koon). Onomatopeia for ringing bells / gongs. It’s also the onomatopeia for the foxes’ cry. Coincidence? I left it untranslated.
– かかさま (kakasama) ~ 下さいませ (kudasaimase) mean “mother” and “please”, but in a very ancient / aulic form. I tried my best.
– 狐のお面 (kitsune no omen) Fox mask. I mean, those typical japanese fox masks you probably saw in every matsuri.


Title: とおりゃんせ (tooryanse) (you may pass)
Album: 童怪奇譚 (Doukai Kitan)
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki
Lyrics: 黒川うみ (Kurokawa Umi)
Arrangement: Kyoya Hashimoto
Release Event: M3-20
Source: Original

(Empire Ensemble) 茶太 – 君は進む

kongou sink

I had some time to think about my website.
All I realized is that it was just sitting there, getting dust and being used just to post news from my youtube channel.
Anime reviews? Not my thing. I can’t write as much as I wish I could.
Youtube posts? Kinda sad, isn’t it?
Episode Summaries? Fun, but takes way too much work.
My first blog was about translations and translations only.
I liked it, though I didn’t liked my modus operandi nor the fact that I translated in italian, leaving few possibilities of receiving any kind feedback.
No one wants to do something without getting something in exchange, Am I right?
I’ve also noticed how people liked my translations of Ping Pong OP or songs by Absolute Castaway… So, back on track, I’m getting back to translating song lyrics.
Doujin, Touhou, Kancolle, Anime, Miscellaneous, everything is fine.
The next year will be the year I get back on track.
I’ve improved so much and I love to share the songs I love with those who can’t translate any of them by themselves.
So, here I am!
I’ll start translating songs from January, but for now, to celebrate my decision, here’s the lyrics and the translation of a song I like a lot: 君は進む.
Circle is Empire Ensemble, and the song is an arrange from Kantai Collection’s port theme.
Without further ado, here’s my translated version!

Empire Ensemble – 君は進む

君の手を取り 共に夢を見た人は

kimi no te o tori tomo ni yume o mita hito wa
minasoko ni shizunda,

I hold your hand, along with the person who was dreaming
Sinking in the bottom of the sea

揺れる水面に 仲間の背を見だして
追いかけて 声の限り叫び震えていた

yureru minamo ni nakama no se o midashite
oi kakete koe no kagiri sakebi furueteita

On the swaying water’s surface I head torwards my comrade’s back
Chasing after the voice that was screaming to its limit, trembling.

この道の 後に何が残るの?
声が聞こえて 何度も振り返る

kono michi no ato ni nani ga nokoru no?
koe ga kikoete nandomo furikaeru
utsumuku kimi wa, ima ni mo oresou da yo

What’s left after this journey?
I can hear a voice, I turn around many times over
And you, bending down, seem to be breaking.

夢を失い 過去を手放しても尚

yume wo ushinai kako o tebanashitemo nao
tomoshibi wo mamorinagara yoake o matteiru

Dreams are lost, and yet holding onto my past
While protecting those lights, I’m waiting for the dawn.

崩れ落ちた 祖国に雪が舞う

kono michi no saki ni nani ga mieru no?
kuzureochita sokoku ni yuki ga mau

What can you see before this journey?
On my crumbled down native country, the snow is dancing…

君は進む 誰の支えも無しに

kimi wa susumu dare no sasae mo nashi ni
ashita e…

You, towards tomorrow, even without no one supporting you…
Are moving forward…


– 道 is always a problem when it comes to translation. It could mean “way”/”Street” even in a philosophical way, so it’s easy translated as “Journey”. I prefered using this translation, but keep on mind that it could mean a lot of things.


Title: 君は進む (Kimi wa Susumu) (You’re Proceeding)
Circle: Empire Ensemble
Album: 陽はまた昇る (you wa mata noboru) (The Sun Rises Again)
Vocals: 茶太 (Chata)
Lyrics: kyrie
Arrangement: HIR
Release Event: C85
Source: Kantai Collection (艦これ) – Port Theme