Let’s continue what I started yesterday by pointing out other things that I appreciated by far in the first episode of Kill La Kill.
I loved how it deals with negative and wrong topics, such as death, dictatorship (Also refered at the beginning, when the class is studying Hitler’s history) and confinement, in a careless way.
Not every anime with a “serious” background is properly able to mix up comedy and seriousness.
Kill La Kill is able to, thanks to its seiyuu cast, its crazy drawing-style and its overall carefree atmosphere.
There’s, of course, fan service, but it’s not the typical fanservice you see in every anime.
I found it, again, similar to the one in Panty & Stocking, though this last one is way more direct and broad.
So, lastly, I have high hopes for Kill La Kill, it could turn out to be a hella epic anime.
Time for part 2 moments discussion!


So, that’s the classic scene where the main antagonists appears, so you get an idea of who Ryuuko is fighting next. I like this cliché, nowadays it’s very unused. It kinda reminded me of Katanagatari, which I enjoyed a lot. Also, how does the coat of this guy work?!


That’s probably the most serious moment in the first episode. Ryuuko almost crying at the foot of his father gravestone, complaining how she couldn’t get any clue about his murderer even though she was so close getting some good informations…
But when things start to got serious and kinda sad…


…Here comes again a comedy moment, in which a trapdoor opens under Ryuuko’s feet, leading her into some kind of underground messed up room. It looks like the one who opened this trapdoor was the teacher from Ryuuko’s class. Hope we’ll understand more of his reasons.


Here, Ryuuko hears a voice. It’s the voice of a sailor uniform, an enchanted sailor uniform. I loved this moment, when Ryuuko is being almost r*ped by it. Lol


Meahwhile, our bald boxer kidnaps Mako in order to have Ryuuko to come back to school. He wanted to fry Mato up, and I found hilarious how carefully he dips the shrimp in the tempura-frying-machine even though he had gigantic hands.


Right after that, Ryuuko jumps out from the crowd, rescuing Mato and beating the sh*t up of some minions. Once again, a pure-action moment is filled with comedy: just look at those tempura guys screaming around.


Ryuuko ready to fight once again, while holding a bewildered Mato. This pic describes perfectly Kill La Kill in its true essence.


The baldy accidentally punching the ring girl as she flies away was… priceless.


Ryuuko’s mantle is destroyed, and her new sailor uniform outfit is revealed. I’d say it’s kinda cool, though her breasts are way too much exposed. Oh well, a little bit of fanservice it’s not so bad.


(Loved Ryuuko’s unexpected girly-scream there <3) When the fight gets serious, is your choiche whether to strip off your pants…


…Or unleash your ultimate weapon, whose name covers the entire screen.
Just look at his face. Look at it, damn.


Time to start round tw- MY. F*CKING. SIDES.


Giant iron fists can’t do sh*t against a half-naked badass wielding a half-scissor giant blade.
Once again, his face: priceless.


Now it’s Ryuuko’s turn to strike. Appearently, her scissor-blade can destroy the goku-uniforms (basically, the uniforms which gives power to Satsuki’s underlings). An epic fight scenes, concluded with this touching (?) shot.


Everything Ryuuko does is off the chart of “epic” and “badass”. Even the way she picks up the mike next to her foot.


Holding the mike, Ryuuko points her blade to Satsuki, in order to have her talk about who’s the holder of the other half of her blade, which was the murderer’s weapon which ended her father’s life.
With this frame, the episode ends.


See you next Episode!


Kill La Kill – Episode 1 – Part 1

Kill La Kill.
Wow, just wow.
I thought it would be just a normal action anime, with few plot and lots of crappy action sequences, but it totally surprised me.
First of all, the art: Amazing. It’s so simple it’s awesome.
Art, animations, characters and situations totally reminds me of Panty & Stocking and Dead Leaves, which are two of the most hilarious yet amazingly epic animes out there.
Compared to P&SwG, Kill la Kill has a linear plot, and It’s not based off only on gags.
I highly recommend it, though only one episode is out: it’s very promising.
Now, for the first half of this post, let’s see some of the most WTF and epic moments.
-Part 2 coming tomorrow-

Kill la Kill #1-1 Moments

-click on the thumbnails to view larger images-

This moment reminded me of Dead Leaves waaaaaay too much, while the moment right before it, where the door is destroyed and it dashes throught the room making every student in it fly away, was so much p&s-styled.

I kinda like Satsuki, and this scene was epic, though her speech was kinda trivial, pointless and overall lame. I hope we’ll find out more about how began her dictatorship in the school as the story goes on…

The way the writings were animated was stunning. Very original and nice.

OMFG This is the most epic thing I have ever seen. I just came watching this.

Seriously?! Biting a f**king lemon? A LEMON? And with its peel still on it?! #allmywat

Another Panty-and-stocking-styled moment. I don’t know, but this scene where Ryuuko dodges Mako made me laugh so much. Mako’s attitude kinda reminds me of Brief and Chuck from P&S.
…And yes, Imho, Kill la Kill is the Panty and Stocking of 2013 (and I couldn’t be happier)

…And that’s how Ryuuko entered the “most badass anime characters” list, and also my personal favourite characters list.

And the award for “The most WHATTHEF*CK yet OMFGSOFUC*INGEPIC weapon” goes to…

Yes, yes, simply yes! Even when it comes to “serious” parts, it’s always time for wtf-faces and comical sketches (the guy who slips and falls right before catching Ryuuko)

Episode 1 (part 2) Coming tomorrow!