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Primary – 影

I don’t really make great plans for translations on this wordpress. Sometimes I just plan to translate songs that I’ve freshly discovered, sometimes I want to focus on request. And sometimes, like today’s post, I’m just shuffling my iPod around … Continue reading

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[REQUEST] Pizuya’s Cell – 図書館型移動要塞

【Requested by Eiki】 This isn’t quite the song that pops on one’s mind when you feel like entering a library, isn’t it? But we’re talking about Touhou here, and libraries are not safe places at all. Books firing lasers, demons … Continue reading

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Airport Batsu Game (Unseen footage): Jimmy Onishi vs. International Matters.

Translator’s Note This footage was never aired along with Gaki no Tsukai’s airport batsu game, it was included in the DvD once it came out. It features the classical Jimmy Onishi skit, where his skills are being tested in order … Continue reading

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