Foreground Eclipse – A Retrospective: Part 4/5


Looks like this serie is echoing a lot on twitter / comments / whatever.
Do you really like reading my blabbering that much? Maybe I’ll continue posting something like that from now on.
But let’s go straight to the content of this (actually not) last post of Foreground Eclipse’s Retrospective (whose title should be something like “Offering flowers to FgE’s gravestone while tacitly stating my flowers are better than yours: The Movie”).
There’s a link at the bottom of each retrospective post for reading the other parts, so just check it out!
Today’s post is about their very last album, Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights which came out 2 years ago, and I think it’s better to talk about it before, because Seated with Liquor isn’t a 100% FgE album and the other tracks are not featured on any other album fully by them.
Long story short, as you read on the bottom on other posts, this is the last part yet it isn’t, because there will be a fifth and (this time for real) last part which will cover Seated with Liquor as well as random FgE’s tracks from random albums, Demo CDs and Bonus Tracks (which of course I haven’t forgot about on the previous posts).
When I read this album was going to come out I was really excited, but that just because I didn’t read Teto’s statement about disbanding Foreground Eclipse after its release.
It was both beautiful and horrible.
They’ve been my favourite band and I’ve always dreamed about going to a live show by them someday.
It’s horrible to see both your dream and your favourite band shatter.
That’s why I listened to this album like I never did before with another one.
I can remember every feeling behind it. I can clearly remember the joy I felt listening to their new tracks as well as the tears I shed.
It was an amazing experience just between happiness and sadness.
This album features lots of song I got to listen to before thanks to Demo CDs or such, but also 2 original tracks we never listened before and a secret track that we won’t talk about today.
On another side, back on the day I’ve listened to this album my life wasn’t really going that well, and the album itself is linked to some memories that I wish I could erase (nothing that has to do with FgE, of course).
I don’t know if I love this album or not. It’s tainted with bad memories but it also shines under a special light I never saw again from that day.
One thing is for sure: It’s beautiful.
…Well, except for the typo on its cover (Stories That Last THOROUGH… Come on, Teto!)
So, what is this post about?
My opinions (I’m writing this again: MY PERSONAL OPINIONS) on Foreground Eclipse’s song, with comments, stories, ratings and everything.
This is purely subjective and it’s not absolutely a critic to Foreground Eclipse.

Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights

This album is the last one they ever made till today.
But “The Distant Journey” continues, right? And “I won’t say goodbye because we’ll meet again someday“, right?
You said so, Foreground Eclipse…
With Each and Every Word Leaves me Here Alone and the Demo CDs FgE’s fans now finally understood what was their new direction, so we could say that everyone was expecting those kind of arranges like the ones featuring this last CD.
Well, I guess no one was expecting them to break up out of the blue after it, though…
There are few things that I don’t find so outstanding about this CD, but thinking of it as their last CD, I can’t say I’m not satisfied.
The last part of this CD is expecially good and gives the right atmosphere, but we’ll see this later on this post and again on the next and final part of this retrospective.
Let’s start talking about this CDs’ contents.

02. Dear, Are You Getting Sober?
Personal rating: ★★★★★
No surprise on this one, you should have read it before on this post I made some time ago.
I also stated on this post that I wasn’t going to explain why I like this song so much, that because I planned to do this FgE Retrospective to begin with! (全ては計画通り!)
Anyway, I can easily say that this is my favourite Touhou arrange by them.
Meaning that it’s the only 100%-foreground-eclipse, non-original-track, non-other-arrange track touhou-related song that I like the most by them.
And it’s pretty strange, because that’s also one of their most cheerful songs in term of rhythms, and partly also in lyrics.
Let’s start saying that this song first came out with 東方魔法少女 アルティメット☆れいむ, another CD not by FE but in which they cooperated bringing this song with them.
And let’s also say that the first version of this song didn’t have its short intro “01, R.U.” which, for how much short it is, I think that’s the best intro they ever made, it blends perfectly with the song and it’s absolutely epic. Like the whole song, after all.
So, why I like this song that much?
First of all, the arrange is brilliant and features the new FgE style in every aspect of it, but it’s also a matter of spirit.
I think this song holds the real Foreground Eclipse’ spirit, starting from its title to its lyrics content and covering up everything else, from the screams to the vocals, from the instruments to the digressions.
It’s short, it’s simple. Its musical economy is perfect and I think everyone would love to listen to a song like this one, even someone who’s not so fond of japanese music. A good way to start a CD, and surely the best they ever made.

03. Last Liar Standing
Personal rating: ★★★★
This should be one of the main song from this album, giving that it’s an arrange of Satori‘s theme and she also appears on the cover.
But damn, this is short!
I like this song a lot, but I think they could have done better both in lenght / arrangement.
The thing I like the most of this song is how the vocals blend with the guitars.
I can’t simply describe how they make me feel, but they give me a strange feeling of uneasiness / helplessness which is really amazing and fits the lyrics perfectly.
I like these lyrics a lot, as well as the title itself which is really clever in my opinion.
There are lots of other tracks that may overshadow this one a little bit more, so, even if it’s an arrange of Satori’s theme, it’s not the first song that comes to my mind when thinking about the whole album.
But is still something. I think this track would have been better if was featured on the previous album.

04. Wandering, Never Wondering (There Exists A Shade)
Personal rating: ★★★★★
On the second part of this retrospective I’ve talked about Wandering Never Wondering and I’ve also said that while I like its overall arrangement, I didn’t like the vocals at all and was a song with a huge potential that ended up sounding quite lame in its final result.
Well, (There Exists A Shade) is a new and WAY MORE F*CKING AMAZING version of it.
It’s like FgE listened to my wishes.
It’s also true that this song first appeared in DJF 2012 COMPILATION similar to how Dear Are You Getting Sober? did, so it wasn’t really a “new” song to me.
I think this is one of the best arrangements for Last Remote ever made, and I love its lyrics way too much.
The vocals are amazing and the rhythm is overall way better than its previous version.
This CD is full of songs we already listened to before from other CDs / Demo CDs / Collaborations, but that’s mainly because of two reasons.
The first is because, being their last CDs and having changed their sound, they wanted to give a new shape to old songs by them…

05. Truths, Ironies, The Secret Lyrics
Personal rating: ★★★★
…Like they did with Truth Ironies The Secret Lyrics, releasing it on a single CD before having it feature on this CD.
There’s not really much I can say about this song that I haven’t say on part 1 of this retrospective, but I have to give it four stars instead of three because I like this version a lot more than the previous one.
So it’s not really a four-star song, it’s rather a threePLUS-star song.

06. (I Don’t Need Any Titles To This Song!)
Personal rating: ★★★☆☆
This song too came out before their last album, and as soon as it came out I couldn’t stop listening to it.
But I don’t know, maybe because I can understand its lyrics as I listen to them, maybe because they made new songs, truth is I don’t find this song that good as I think it was before.
Well, it’s still a good song, but I think I’ve forgot the reason why I liked it that much.
Probably, this song is not that fitting for an album like this one, being their last.
Or probably it is?
I mean, it talks about starting a story (the way you do in a RPG), so wouldn’t be weird if a song which screams “this is a beginning” from everywhere is featured in a CD that screams “this is the end” from everywhere?
The breakdown at 1:50 is still amazing, though.

07. From Under Cover (Caught Up In A Love Song)
Personal rating: ★★★★
As I was saying before, the first reason for their choice to focus on old and already-heard song is because of their sound change, but the second is probably because of the last part of the CD which features two original songs and an extra.
This is the first of the two original songs featured in Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights, and, for some reason, I though this was an arrange at first.
That’s probably why while I like this song I can’t say it’s something that stands out more than other songs.
Probably because while it’s an original it kinda sounds like something already heard before.
I mean, in terms of lyrics and arrange it’s awesome, and I liked this song a lot when first listening to it (and I still do).
But I can’t say it’s a masterpiece.

08. Storytellers
Personal rating: ★★★★★
Ok, I don’t think I can write about this song without getting chills down my spine. Let’s try.
…I already failed and I haven’t started writing anything. Geez.
Storytellers is the last track from Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights, and, in my opinion, not only the best track from this CD, but also probably the best track Foreground Eclipse ever composed.
It’s a really touching goodbye song that never gets old and makes me feel the exact same way as 2 years ago.
I’m not lying when I say that this song made me cry the first time I got to listen to it.
Starting off with its title, “Storytellers”.
The Storytellers are Foreground Eclipse, the music, the lyrics, everything, anyone.
We are the Storytellers.
Music connects people from everywhere in this world.
I am italian and I love Foreground Eclipse, how could this be possible in a world where everyone is confined to their own, small reality?
Telling a story will keep everything alive.
It could be a wonderful story or a love story, it could be the story of a voyage, the story of a group of friends, a story which has ended lots of years ago or a story that hasn’t ended yet.
As long as we are Storytellers, we can keep this stories alive.
Because we live in a world where it’s necessary to keep chasing our own path, but we must never forget the stories we carried along with us.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a happy story or a sad one, or if it’s something that makes us cry or laugh when we think about it.
As long as we can remember the times which made our ordinary life in this world even a little bit special and getting to tell more stories and listening to them, then they won’t die, they’ll never fade away from inside.
And that’s just the title.
I think that’s what this song is trying to tell us.
That we shouldn’t be afraid of anything, because things will eventually come to an end.
But what is left from them isn’t going to fade.
Things can change, but feelings don’t.
The love for someone we loved will always be eternal, even though space, time and conditions to keep it alive aren’t.
That’s exactly what this song’s about.
One day, we could find out about more things that we don’t know.
We could even discover the love of our life, or the goal of our own existence.
But we can’t do this alone, we can’t do this if we never experienced precious, ordinary things and kept them sealed in our hearts.
I would have never started this blog if I haven’t listened to Foreground Eclipse years and years ago, for example.
It’s a small thing, but isn’t the world made of small things?
So, it doesn’t matter if we “call it love or call it a miracle”, or if “what lies in here is something that’s not anywhere else”, because the world is made off small things that together builds up a huge, complex and unperfect yet beautiful and neverending puzzle called life.
Thank you for everything, Foreground Eclipse.
This is not a goodbye, isn’t that right? The distant journey will continue…
Because we are the Storytellers.
No other song could make me feel all of this as this one does every time.
And I think no other song could have ended this album as good as this one did.
Or maybe… [つづく]

About This Post

My eyes are all sparkly right now, I’m not joking!
It was amazing to start this retrospective thing, because I think it’s important to share our opinions and our feelings.
I love how lots of people told me what they thought about Foreground Eclipse’s song, and I’d really love to do something like that in the future.
Ah, but that’s not the end. There’s still one post left!
Also, about Storytellers. Maybe I haven’t say that much, but I can assure you I will very soon. Maybe tomorrow?
And of course, don’t miss the next posts, that’s really important too! There are lots of missing songs that I like a lot and lots of things to say!
So… See you tomorrow and really soon for the next post!
Love you~
Next post coming… Within the first week of December, I think.

Rating system:
☆☆☆☆ – Poor
★★☆☆☆ – Nice
★★★☆☆ – Good
★★★★☆ – Very Good
★★★★★ – Excellent

Retrospective parts:

Part 1: Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises
Part 2: Missing, Loving… and Suffering + Tears Will Become Melodies Tonight
Part 3: Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone
Part 4: Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights
Part 5: Extra, Bonus tracks, Seated with Liquor

See you next post!

PS: RETURN PLZ. WE WANT MIMA BACK! …wait, I feel like something’s wrong.

Foreground Eclipse – A Retrospective: Part 3/5


Here’s the third part of Foreground Eclipse Retrospective (whose title should be something like “the untold tale of Shion‘s approach to Foreground Eclipse that would have been better to stay untold”).
There’s a link at the bottom of each retrospective post for reading the other parts, so just check it out!
Last post marked the final stage of the first Foreground Eclipse period, with Suzuori leaving the band before the 6th demo CD.
From now on, we have a new guitarist/bassist, Syim, and the one taking control over the arrange system will be our legendary drummer/scream vocalist of the band: Teto.
Hard to believe enough, Foreground Eclipse totally changed with Teto as the official arranger, and while I liked lots of the first era’s songs, I think that Foreground Eclipse showed their best with their two last CDs, in a general way.
By doing this retrospective I had the chance to listen to the whole CDs again, focusing on the musical content rather than enjoying what I was listening, and I must say it was an amazing experience.
Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone was the first CD by Foreground Eclipse that I remember waiting for.
Ever since the Demo CD #6, I listened to every song by them as soon as they came out, and so this CD was my first experience to actually wait for your favourite band to publish a brand new CD.
That’s so nostalgic, and I’d say I really miss this.
There are still CDs I’m waiting for and used to wait for, but nothing was like the thrill of waiting for a new FgE’s CD to come out.
I seriously hope they’ll show us a sign in the future. And by “they”, I mean Teto. A revival, maybe? A best of? Something? We’ve heard so many times of bands shattering and then reuniting out of the blue, so… let’s not throw away our hope.
So, what is this post about?
My opinions (I’m writing this again: MY PERSONAL OPINIONS) on Foreground Eclipse’s song, with comments, stories, ratings and everything.
This is purely subjective and it’s not absolutely a critic to Foreground Eclipse.

Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone

This new era of Foreground Eclipse started with the 6th demo CD which featured two songs that totally blew my mind, and that we’ll talk about on this post.
Teto’s style of music is different from Suzuori’s, and while I first thought it was different in a bad way, I can now say that Teto as an arranger is way more well suited than Suzuori.
His style mainly focuses on strong, uneven rhythms and the use of the synthetizer, which is one of the main aspects of this new era.
The recording quality from now on seems to be better too, and every musical instruments of every track is so clear it could be heard without struggling (White Wind anyone?).
Before talking about this album, let’s spend two words on another thing you may think I’ve missed on the previous posts (but I actually did on purpose): the intros.
The intro for Vermillion Halo on Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises is a smooth track which, in my opinion, isn’t something one could spend more than two words about.
It’s something everyone could have thought about, and I think the song doesn’t change so much with or without it.
The intro for Fall of Tears is a little bit better, but, again, I couldn’t get into that song nor into its intro, and I really don’t know why. It’s also more similar to the new intros by FgE’s second phase.
From now on, with the track #01 “You can’t explain anything without the word ‘Destruction’“, the intros are becoming something more relevant for both FgE and FgE’s fans.

02. Destruction
Personal rating: ★★★★

Right of the bat, a song that I first listened to their demo CD #7 and I used to love.
I think the build up this song does with the intro is really unique, and while its intro is pretty long, I never considered it to be long enough.
This song without the intro isn’t just the same thing.
I said on the previous post something about Faith is for Transient People, and that’s exactly why I said it.
This song completely overshadows 恋詠 from their first CD, and I always wondered why they chose to arrange a song they already arranged before.
Was it maybe because they were not satisfied by their first arrange?
I think that’s the case, because this song was a huge hit since when the demo CD 7 came out, while the other is hardly remembered even by FgE’s most avid fans.
I really think that this track is a good start for an album, and that’s mainly because of its intro, but the whole song gives glimpses of how much FgE are changing.
With an opening like this one, FgE’s fans know what they were expecting from this new CD.
…Or were they?

03. Obstruction! Color It All Out
Personal rating: ★★★★

On the previous post, I’ve said something like “when you take a song and make another one based off the previous one, is pure sh*t!” or something like that.
Well, scrap that.
Destruction came before Obstruction, so, when I first read its title, I was like “this is surely going to be like Truth,Ironies & Angels,Monsters“.
But it wasn’t like that.
Or better, some parts of this song share aspects of the other, but even though the two songs could be linked between each other, they’re both really good.
The lyrics for this song came into my life at the right moment, when I needed them, and I can clearly remember every sensation this song made me feel 3 years ago.
On top of that, the arrange is really powerful and someway peaceful at the same time, and leaves us a lots of space to listen to Teto’s new techniques.
Now that I think about it, someone who’s accostumated to old FgE’s song, can find this album to be “out-of-their-style”, but if I stop and think about Foreground Eclipse, a song from Teto’s period is more likely to pop in my mind rather than one from Suzuori’s period.
There’s no such thing as a change, I’d rather like to say there’s the “discovery”. Foreground Eclipse didn’t change their way of thinking in terms of music, they just discovered new ways to express themselves and their sound.
And that applies to almost everything, actually.
Also, this song has a “secret ending” that, I clearly remember, scared the living sh*t out of me the first time.
Wasn’t expecting that.

04. I Bet You’ll Forget That Even If You Noticed That
Personal rating: ★★★★
The few things this song lacked were corrected in another version of it that we’ll see on post #5, but I still can’t give this song less star because of that.
Thinking about it, it made no huge difference whatsoever.
Yet another touhou arrange that hardly seems like one.
I can barely hear Hourai Victim in this, but I still like this a lot.
The fast-paced vocals that conceal really nice lyrics are probably what makes this song so unique it leads the band to make another one based off this style (post #5).
I remember when the album first came out, I didn’t listen to this song that much, but on a second moment I was completely stuck with this song in my mind.
Teto’s style is showing up really fast in this album, and this 3-hits combo of 4-star songs is the proof of how much I like Each and Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone…

05. Nooneness Is For Danger
Personal rating: ☆☆☆☆
…Except for this.
Seriously. Foreground Eclipse, just give up arranging Kogasa‘s theme, it’s really not your business (post #5).
The vocals of this song are horrible, and I can’t describe them otherwise.
The instrumental part is not bad at all, but the vocals are really unbearable.
I don’t know why Merami decided to sing it this way, because on other tracks of the same CD she proved us she’s gotten a lot better singing.
Only the main verse of this song is decent, but the rest of it is simply hard to listen to because of how poorly performed its vocals are.
But maybe even if the vocals were a little bit better, the song couldn’t have reached the level of the previous ones from this album.
In my opinion, it would have been better if this song wasn’t part of this album at all.
It’s so poor. And what the hell is “nooneness“? Isn’t that the cousin of Lochness?!

06. Things What Fowls Can’t See Confuse Us
Personal rating: ★★★☆☆
This song first appeared on their sixth demo CD, and was the first song arranged by Teto.
I clearly remembered how I loved this song.
It reveals us their new techniques and their new style, as well as Merami’s improved english.
Which… is still engRish, though.
And it’s probably the reason why I can’t give this song 4 stars, for how much I love it.
Because I think it would have been better if it was in japanese, and because I find some parts of it (mainly due the english usage) to be pretty lame.
In terms of music, this is nothing like the Suzuori’s era, and is surely the song that marked the rebirth of Foreground Eclipse.
With this song I realized how FgE lacked lots of things on their previous period of activity, and with it, I understood the importance of the glorious synthetizer.

07. Noble
Personal rating: ★★★★★
Throve Keys on the previous post was an tribute for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Noble is an arrange from one of its character’s song, “Dear You, Thanks“.
I didn’t even know this song before listening to Noble, so I thought it was an original.
After listening to Dear You, which is really nice, I realized how much better Noble was.
This song is stunning. There are no words for describing this song.
More than three years passed since I first listened to it, but I still get chills whenever I do that again.
In this track, we get to listen to Merami’s improved vocals.
Her skills became incredible, and her voice is more beautiful than always.
That’s exactly why I can’t understand how a singer as good as her made both this masterpiece and that sort-of-failure that is Noonenessblahblah.
Anyway, back to Noble.
This is probably the track I like the most from this CD and one of my favourite tracks of all time by them.
Lots of people are skeptic when it comes to listen to japanese music.
My sister is one of them.
I made her listen to this song and she actually liked it a lot.
Everything in this song is perfect, starting from the piano to the guitar’s riffs which, for how “metal” they are, don’t ruin the calm and peaceful atmosphere of this song at all.
Lyrics? Incredible.
Instruments? Perfect.
Arrange? Couldn’t be better.
A song that everyone could listen to and enjoy, because it has everything a song needs to have.
And, in my opinion, one of the best track they ever made.
Ladies and gentlemen, the track I like the most out of this album.

08. If You Feel Like Sinking Down
Personal rating: ★★★★
Here’s the first original track from this album, as well as the happiest one.
I love this song, and in that one in particular Merami’s english is a little bit better than any other songs she ever recorded.
The rhythm of this song is very complex and keeps changing and changing and changing, as if it’s reflecting the lyrics’ content.
I found this to be ingenious.
Also, the synthetizer is the main feature of this song.
I’d say that’s one of the most Teto-styled song they ever composed.
Probably it is amongst the original tracks, there couldn’t be a better track than this one to reveal how much FgE’s sound has changed throughout the years.
The digressions this song keeps having makes builds up lots of things: now tension, now happiness, now fear, now courage, now everything else.
I think only a band such as Foreground Eclipse could have wrote a song like this one.
And it’s pretty rare to see such positive lyrics from Foreground Eclipse, so we must treasure this song!

09. Escapes
Personal rating: ★★★★★
This song came out on demo CD #6, and was the song that made my jaws drop.
This. Is. Stunning.
The second original track from the album, and the best one for sure.
Probably I like Noble a little bit more, but this is still worth 5 stars.
The song builds up a feeling of hopelessness and the screams on this songs are probably the most appropriate screams out of every FgE’s song.
I love its lyrics and their backing synthetizer / guitar tracks, and the intro/build-up is epic.
No wonder why it’s one of their most famous original songs…
With this song that closes the album, we got a clear picture of Foreground Eclipse’s new style that is going to stay the same from now on.
I think that’s the most symbolic song from this album, just like The Distant Journey To You was the most symbolic one from Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises.
Together with Noble. But in terms of FgE’s new style, this song is probably a better example than Noble.

About this post

This CD meant a lot to me.
Probably more than Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises did.
Because while the other was the one which made me discover Foreground Eclipse, this one made me appreciate them more, and…
…It remembers me of an amazing period of my life and a lot of friends I love so much.
How appropriate is for a CD that makes me feel like that to have a track such as Noble inside it!
But we have not ended yet, there are still two posts.
From this point on, Foreground Eclipse will release demo CDs over demo CDs, and songs featured in album collections that will lead the band to collaborate with Draw the Emotional on Seated with Liquor and then they’ll shatter, but not before relasing their last album, Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights. Again, finding this more important (and a 100% FgE album) I’d talk about this before talking about Seated with Liquor and the other songs I’ve missed.
Next post coming… I have no idea, soon, I guess.

Rating system:
☆☆☆☆ – Poor
★★☆☆☆ – Nice
★★★☆☆ – Good
★★★★☆ – Very Good
★★★★★ – Excellent

Retrospective parts:

Part 1: Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises
Part 2: Missing, Loving… and Suffering + Tears Will Become Melodies Tonight
Part 3: Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone
Part 4: Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights
Part 5: Extra, Bonus tracks, Seated with Liquor

See you next post!
PS: Do you have perchance Merami’s telephone number…?

Foreground Eclipse – A Retrospective: Part 2/5


Here’s the second part of Foreground Eclipse Retrospective (whose title should be something like “me babbling about Foreground Eclipse and forcing my opinions to readers, but we don’t care”).
There’s a link at the bottom of each retrospective post for reading the other parts, so just check it out!
As I stated on the previous post, I’ve decided to start with Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises for a lot of reasons, mainly being that’s the first CD I’ve ever listened from this band.
But today we’re covering the first EP, Missing, Loving… and Suffering as well as their second CD, the last from the Suzuori-era: Tears Will Become Melodies Tonight.
In my opinion, those two don’t shine as much as the other album does, and here’s an important lesson I’m revealing to you all.
I love Foreground Eclipse and they sure are one of my favourite band ever, but I’m not forced to appreciate every song they did.
When you love something or someone, you don’t have to hold back on what you don’t like about it/him/her/whatever.
You’re not forced to lie to yourself and say you like something you don’t!
…Okay, you got the picture. There will be some 1-star-rated songs on this post.
So, what is this post about?
My opinions (I’m writing this again: MY PERSONAL OPINIONS) on Foreground Eclipse’s song, with comments, stories, ratings and everything.
This is purely subjective and it’s not absolutely a critic to Foreground Eclipse.

Missing, Loving… and Suffering

Let’s not count those EPs with two tracks (FgE made a lot of those), I’ll talk about them (if there’s need to do so) on the fifth part of this “retrospective”.
Following the order, Missing, Loving… and Suffering is their very first CD that I’m glad I didn’t listened before Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises.
I think my first impression wouldn’t have been that good if I’d started with this CD instead of the other.
Let’s start the sh*tstorm!!

02. Wandering, Never Wondering
Personal rating: ★★☆☆☆
Long story short: The only reason I can’t give this song 1 star is because I love its guitar / bass lines.
Merami’s vocal are (I can’t believe I’m saying this) AWFUL! I love Merami and I’m f*cking goin’ to fly to Japan and marry the f*ck outta her (that sounded way too rude), but here we have a double engrish-unexperienced singer (Merami grew a lot as a singer during FgE’s carreer) combo which ruined a song with really, REALLY high potential.
But in the sky lies a gentle God that heard our prayers and decided to…
…You’ll find out on part 4 of this retrospective.

03. 恋詠
Personal rating: ★★☆☆☆
A song like others.
An arrange of Faith is for Transient People which is very calming, I must say, but nothing that is strong enough to get stuck on my head.
I can easily forget about this song, but can’t rate it 1 star because its vocals are really well done, and overall is a simple but yet nicely done arrange.
Compared to the track #02, the vocals seem to belong to a different singer.
But, talking about instruments arrange, this song only stands out for the initial guitar riff, while the other was really strong on that point.
Hey, but fear not.
The same God from before listened to our prayers again, and brought us an even better arrange of Faith is for Transient People which completely overshadows this one becau—
Oh wait, I’m not allowed to talk about it now.
Let’s talk about that again on part 3 of this retrospective.

04. Alone With You (Dying To See Your Face)
Personal rating: ☆☆☆☆

………..I’m sorry.
Let’s start saying we’re talking about the CD version of this song, not the demo CD one (which is definetely better).
And that Green Eyed Jealousy is one of my favourite touhou theme ever and it’s so difficult for me to find a fitting arrange, so I’m particularly picky when it comes to arranges for this theme.
I never liked this song.
Engrish vocals and not-so-well done, just like the track #02, but this time the rhythm, that is NOT BAD at all, is not even something that’s hard to forget, plus it completely fucks up the feel of the original theme by ZUN.
I’m sorry, that’s the first one-star song by FgE, in my opinion.
But there’s another version of this song, which we’ll talk again on part 5 of this retrospective.
I’m ending every songs’ opinion with “part (#) of this retrospective. Maybe I’m turning into a robot.

05. Throve Keys
Personal rating: ★★★☆☆
Finally something above 2 stars!
I like this song, and I was really happy to find out it was about Higurashi no Naku Koro ni which has been one of my favourite animes for a long time.
Don’t forget my nickname is Shion! Even though it’s not only due Higurashi. But who cares.
Truth is, this song’s biggest flaw are the vocals, but not because they’re bad.
They’re just weak and overshadowed by the other instruments.
If it was clearer, I would have easily gave this song 4-stars, because I really like it.
But thinking about it again… mmh… Nah, maybe it lacks of something else.
Now that I have a clear picture of how FgE make music and know lots of 5 and 4-stars worth songs, I think a 3-stars is more than fitting for this one.
Expecially if we compare this to another song wh-[COMING ON PART #3 OF THIS F*CKING RETROSPECTIVE]

06. White Wind
Personal rating: ★★★☆☆
This song is really similar both in rhythm and lyrics to Forget me Not from the previous post, but if I had to make a comparison, I’d say this one feels more like a first version of the other, making this a really good song but not as much as Forget me Not, in my opinion.
Again, there’s the problem of the voice that is weak and a bit overshadowed by the other instruments, and that’s a shame too.
This is surely the best track from this CD, and, again, this proves that FgE are really great when it comes to making original music.
Ahh~, why are they gone? WHY?!

Tears Will Become Melodies Tonight

This is the last album of Suzuori-era, which marks a new phase of FgE’s musical experience.
When I got into FgE’s music, this album was already out.
I clearly remember I listened to every other EPs / tracks as soon as they came out just after this album.
So, in a way, this album marked a new phase on my experience too.
I really enjoyed waiting for FgE to announce stuff, and, I must say, I really miss that feeling.
There’s no western / eastern band that was hyped for as much as I was for Foreground Eclipse…
[screamo sigh]

02. Fall Of Tears
Personal rating: ★★☆☆☆
I’ve listened to this song… really few times.
Because no matter what, I can’t get into it.
I know it’s not a bad song, but, at least to me, its impact is small.
For instance, its intro made a bigger impact to me than the whole song, and that’s nothing good, if you ask me.
Also, this song seems to be this CD’s most popular track (and also its symbolic track), so I’m actually kind of sad I’m not able to enjoy it as I would.
But maybe that’s also because I don’t like that much the original theme from where this comes from?
Mh. I don’t know. This song simply doesn’t talk to me.

03. Flames Within These Black Feathers
Personal rating: ★★★☆☆
Okay, this track is awesome.
It’s the most brutal from the whole album f—- No wait, it’s not. I remembered another one.
Why am I writing this when I could have simply erased the text?
I like this song and I remember liking it even more years ago.
And that’s why it’s a three-star. Because I like it, but not as much as I did before.
The drumtrack still makes me air-drum, though.
But… was it necessary the screaming? Mh…
There’s another version without screaming, and it’s probably a little bit better.
Nothing against screams, of course, but having heard the screamless version before, this one never quite felt like something better than the other.
Maybe let’s talk again about it on the fifth part? I’m sick of writing this sh*tty “let’s talk on post blablah” stuff.

04. Angels, Monsters, The Secret Lyrics
Personal rating: ★★☆☆☆
This song is like the melting clocks on Salvador Dali‘s paintings.
He drew them and realized people like it, so he put them again in at least 100 other f*cking paintings.
In other words, just because the first song was a success, it doesn’t mean you should do it over and over and over again.
This song is merely a parody of the previous one, both in style and title.
At least it’s pretty funny and the rhythm is catchy, but I can’t listen to it without hearing the other Secret Lyrics.
So… yeah, it’s nice but just nice.
By the way, this CD has the songs by FgE I forgot the most about.

05. Iris
Personal rating: ☆☆☆☆
Let’s just say this.
I forgot this song EXISTED until I came across it writing this post.
It’s not that bad actually, but… it has no shadow.
I can’t rate it 2 stars, because it’s not even close to the others I’ve rated as this.
It’s not foreground-eclipsish (WTFSRSLY) at all, and forgettable, and bland.
And, again, maybe it’s because I like the original theme a lot that this “critic” sounds amplified.
Or because it doesn’t sound like something Foreground Eclipse would have done.
But still, I couldn’t even remember this song’s existence.
That alone says it all.
I don’t actually think this song is that bad. It’s presence is just… wait, presence? I don’t think it has one to begin with. That’s the issue.

06. Magus Night
Personal rating: ★★☆☆☆
I remember this song years ago was my sh*t, I couldn’t stop listening to it.
Then, something happened.
It sounds so boring now, and I really don’t know why.
It’s not bad, of course. But not even something I’d listen until my ears would bleed.
In my opinion, this song is far from an “arrange”, and it’s more like a total transposition of the original theme into a song.
It’s not very original and it’s also very repetitive.
I can’t remember how I could have liked this song that much, but I can’t hate it either.
In the middle. Just like the whole CD.

07. Perchance To Dream: Ay, There’s The Rub
Personal rating: ★★★★★
…Okay, scrap that last part.
I f*cking loved this song when it came out on the demo CD and I still f*cking love it to this day.
I can’t even say why.
First of all, it’s an arrange of Ultimate Truth but not even a single bit of it seems like the original theme.
And that’s probably it.
Maybe it’s because it feels more like an original track that I like it that much.
Also, the engRish in this song is hard to comprehend, and so I have no problems with it, strangely.
Though I clearly remember I was shocked to find out it was actually in english.
Oh, by the way that’s the most brutal track from the CD I was talking about before, IMHO.
I don’t know why and I can’t explain why I love this song this much.
Really. It’s hard.
Let’s just accept the fact that it’s worth 5 stars, to me.
…But I actually like the demo-CD version a little better, for some reason. So this is not a full 5 stars, actually. Let’s say a 4,75 stars.

08. Calm Eyes Fixed On Me, Screaming
Personal rating: ★★★☆☆
This is by far the most famous FgE’s song from the Suzuori period.
Most of you probably don’t even know this, but this song is pretty well know in the western screamo panorama too. I clearly remember reading about it and seeing covers of it on youtube done by western fans.
Anyway, this song had a strange impact to me.
At first I didn’t like it at all, but now it’s different.
There are several parts of this song that I really like a lot (the first verses and lots of guitar riffs), but some others that I don’t like at all (some choruses, some bridges).
It’s like this song is constantly bouncing over a pitfall towards the heavens, just to fall down again and keep bouncing.
Bouncing from up to down can only mean three stars.
It’s a good song, but lacks of an integrity that, maybe, could have made this song a better one.

09. Florentia
Personal rating: ★★☆☆☆
The exact same things I’ve said about Iris applies to this one.
Except for two facts: it’s not from a touhou theme I like a lot & I somewhat remembered it more clearly.
Nothing remarkable but a bit more foreground-eclipse-ish and overall a nice song.
But again, I’ve listened to this CD very few times. So of course this post is about the absolute nothingness.

About this post

I think I can’t add anything about these two cds anymore.
At first I was sure that with Suzuori’s dismissions the band would have fall down, but this was proved to be wrong.
The next period, which starts with the Demo CD n°6 towards Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone marks the rebirth of Foreground Eclipse, in which they’ll produce the best songs they ever made.
So, wait for the next post, because there will be tons and tons of stars!
Next post coming… whenever I feel like it.

Rating system:
☆☆☆☆ – Poor
★★☆☆☆ – Nice
★★★☆☆ – Good
★★★★☆ – Very Good
★★★★★ – Excellent

Retrospective parts:

Part 1: Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises
Part 2: Missing, Loving… and Suffering + Tears Will Become Melodies Tonight
Part 3: Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone
Part 4: Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights
Part 5: Extra, Bonus tracks, Seated with Liquor

See you next post!
PS: don’t take my blabbering as universal laws.

Foreground Eclipse – A Retrospective: Part 1/5


Time for a different kind of post (kinda foreshadowed before).
Most of you already figured out, but I like Foreground Eclipse a lot.
There has never been a band that made a huge impact on me as they did, and while right now I’m not sure I can say they’re the band I like the most, they’re surely one of the most important band I’ve ever listened to.
The band released their last album on December 2013, thus marking their end.
Some says “there are two kinds of musicians: those who die as legends and those who live long enough to become sh*t”.
I think Foreground Eclipse died as a legend.
In terms of music, a lot of people doesn’t know that Foreground Eclipse changed their arranger through their carreer.
The arranger, aka the composer, is the structure of the band.
But people seem to ignore this. Just like those guys who thank the uploader of a subbed video instead of thanking the one who translated everything. F*ck you! (justkiddingofcourse)
The original formation had Merami as the lead singer, Teto as the drummer / scream vocals and Suzuori as the bassist / guitarist.
Most of the arranges are labeled “Foreground Eclipse” on the first albums, but each and every original track has been composed by Suzuori.
So, the first Foreground Eclipse original sounds were Suzuori’s.
But the formation changed on 2011, with Suzuori’s left during the production of Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone.
Let’s start from the Suzuori period from this post.
So, what is this post about?
My opinions (I’m writing this again: MY PERSONAL OPINIONS) on Foreground Eclipse’s song, with comments, stories, ratings and everything.
This is purely subjective and it’s not absolutely a critic to Foreground Eclipse.


Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises

For this first post, I’d like to talk about the first album I’ve listened to rather than the first one they produced (and also this wordpress’ namesake).
You can see at the bottom of this post how I’m going to deal with song rating and posts order.
I can’t remember what year was it when I first listened to this album, but sure was a long time ago.
Should be around the time it came out, around 2010-2011.
I think of this as the best album from the Suzuori period, completely overshadowing the previous and the next one (which I’ll discuss in the next post).
And here’s what I think about the tracks featuring in it.

02. Vermillion Halo
Personal rating: ★★★☆☆
This is the very first Foreground Eclipse’s song I’ve ever listened to, and I found it randomly while looking for arranges of Riverside View.
I clearly remember I’ve listened to it without knowing Foreground Eclipse nor their album, and when I first got to listen to the whole Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises, I was very disappointed.
My musical tastes were not the same I have today, and I wasn’t particularly fond of screamo music, so this song was the only song I could have listened to without saying “why the screams, WHY?!”.
What I really liked about this song is the guitar rhythm which is both powerful and very delicate, and I also loved the final segment where the song fades out into that peaceful lalala~. Ohh, Merami.
Nowadays, I don’t listen to this song so much, because Foreground Eclipse has changed a lot, and with them my music tastes have changed too.
It’s still an amazing song and a nice arrange of Riverside View, but the myself of 2015 can’t give it more than 3 stars.
Maybe, some years ago, this would have been a 5/5.

03. Oath of Allegiance
Personal rating: ★★★★
The exact opposite of the previous song.
At first, I hated it with all my heart. I wasn’t into screamo music and couldn’t understand how “those screaming are considered music”.
I can’t clearly remember when I fled from this way of thinking and started to like screamo music.
But still, is a type of music that I still enjoy a lot today, and it’s of course thanks to Foreground Eclipse.
This song is so epic, how can someone dislike it?
First of all, its arrange is brilliant, and the double singing it’s one of the most well done I’ve ever heard.
Plus, the whole song is very aggressive but its lyrics are really soft, and that’s what makes it even more brilliant.
It’s a song that I won’t get tired listening to, no matter what.
Not worth 5 stars, but keep on mind that 4 stars it’s like saying “full marks”, while 5 stars means “full marks and hearts drawn around it with a red pen”.
That’s the most retarded metaphor ever.

04. I’m The Seeker (Maybe Each Your Word Calls For It)
Personal rating: ★★☆☆☆
Warning! 2 stars doesn’t mean I don’t like it! Only 1-star songs are “bad” scored.
This song is pretty brutal too, but I never actually got really into it.
Of course I like it, but there are lots of things about it that I can’t really stand.
First of all, the rhythm is cool but hard to listen because of its complex tempo, I can’t simply relax listening to this!
Second, the english sections.
Okay, I should be forgiving on japanese people singing in english (and I am, expecially if we’re talking about Merami), but while on other songs by them is pretty hard to understand the english section, in this one they’re pretty clear.
So, wrong pronunciations are pretty clear too.
There are FgE’s songs that I didn’t know were in english at first!
Also, the japanese section of this song is really good, and it’s a shame it’s so short.
I think they should have keep that type of sound for this song.
Still, this song builds up a clear picture of what its lyrics are talking about. And that can’t be negative at all.

05. Dancing With Happiness And Sadness
Personal rating: ★★☆☆☆
Pretty much the same things I said about the previous one can fit into this.
With the exception that this song isn’t brutal at all.
I’d say this song is not foreground-eclipseish (??) at all.
It’s still a nice song, but are we really sure Foreground Eclipse are behind it?
Nothing particular, but well executed.
Can’t give it 1 star because I don’t think it’s a bad arrange, but it isn’t that outstanding too.
If I didn’t know this song was on their CD, I would have guessed it was a different circle, like Draw the Emotional. That’s exactly why I can’t take this song as a FgE’s one.

06. In A Night When Her Sorrow Resounds Around
Personal rating: ★★★☆☆
When I finally got into screamo music, this one was probably my favourite track of the whole CD, at the beginning.
While I still think of it as an amazing arrange with nice lyrics / vocals, I can’t say that it stands out that much as I thought before.
That’s because its rhythm (which I like a lot, of course) lacks of something.
The drum section is marvelous and the guitar is really good, but I can’t say the same about the piano / chorus vocals and sometimes the normal vocals too.
It’s not like they’re bad, they’re just not-so-fitting sometimes.
To me, it sounds like the whole song lacks of something in some parts.
As if it’s filled with empty moments that should have been filled in some way or another.
And now it looks like I’m criticizing this song, but I’m not.
This song meant a lot to me back on those days, and I still love it as I did before.
Also, this song randomly shouts “Senses Fail” at a certain point.
And googling, lots of years ago, I found out it was a band. So, I’ve listened to “Bite to Break Skin” by them and…
They’re still one of my favourite band nowadays.
It’s amazing how things that happen randomly lead you into find something new and special.
And I could have never find out about them if it wasn’t for Foreground Eclipse!
I’m thankful to them in each and every possible way.

07. Truths, Ironies, The Secret Lyrics
Personal rating: ★★★☆☆
By far the most brutal out of the album, I swear it could have love it even more if its lyrics weren’t like that!
But that’s also what makes the song special.
Foreground Eclipse are actually one of the most succesful band on the touhou doujin panorama, and when this album came out, they weren’t yet popular.
So, I always symphatized with the lines on this song where they wish they were as popular as other touhou-music circles.
By now, the gained even more fame than most of them, and I couldn’t be happier.
Also, I remember I was pretty shocked reading its lyrics.
They were, indeed, “Secret”.
The arrange, by the way, isn’t half bad.
Everyone not paying attention to the lyrics could mistake it for a proper song with proper lyrics, because its structure suggests so.
I think this song shines more for its bizzarre lyrics rather than its actual musical contents.
That’s why I can’t give it more than 3 stars. It’s a good song after all.

08. Forget Me Not
Personal rating: ★★★★★
There we go, the first 5 stars!
I’m saying this on this first post and it can easily apply to every other post: Foreground Eclipse is a great musical circle and their touhou arranges are really good, but the songs where they shine the most are those that doesn’t involve Touhou project.
But we’ll talk again about it on other posts, expecially when we’ll come in contact with certain songs.
For now, let’s focus on Forget Me Not.
This song is outstanding.
No screams, and there’s actually no need for them, a simple and smooth guitar track that one can’t get away from his/her mind, a calming and intense bass line and an energetic yet somehow really appropriate drum beat that, along with one of the most beautiful lyrics from the Suzuori-era, makes the first original Foreground Eclipse song to shine brighter than the other tracks on the same CD.
I think of this song as the best original track from the first era of Foreground Eclipse, but it also made me realize something about the next era.
But… we’ll talk about it once we reach the third post.
Anyway, this song has everything a masterpiece requires.
The best track of the album in my opinion, and, still in my opinion, a little bit overshadowed my other tracks that aren’t as great as it is.
And it means a lot to me. Let’s not forget everything’s just part of my opinions.

Personal rating: ★★★★
Well, this song too, like Vermillion Halo or In a Night When her Sorrow Resounds Around, used to be one of those who I couldn’t stop listening to.
Like other screamo tracks, I completely ignored this one at the beginning, only to discover, later, that it was indeed an awesome track.
I also named my previous (failure-filled) wordpress after this track, and I think there’s actually a western touhou music circle that uses it as their name.
The song isn’t an original not either a Touhou arrange, it’s a remake of a previous song sung by Merami by the circle SUPER POWER.
This song is, in my opinion, one of the most important Foreground Eclipse’s song, but to explain it better we need to wait post #4 and #5.
So, keep it on mind for now!
I don’t listen to this song that much nowadays because it marked a certain period of my life, and I want it to stay as it is.
So… yeah, I love this song but I can’t say I listen to it that often as I did before!

About this post

I decided to start with their second album because it’s the first one I’ve listened to, and, in my opinion, the best and most important album from the first Foreground Eclipse’s period.
The next post will be about Missing, Loving… and Suffering and Tears Will Become Melodies Tonight, which are, in my opinion, far from this album’s sounds, in a general way (and the two albums I dislike the most…).
You can check the rating system down below, as well as the posts order.
Hope you enjoyed reading all of this, and I hope everyone asking me opinions about Foreground Eclipse will be satisfied!
Next post coming… maybe not so soon, but coming for sure.

Rating system:
☆☆☆☆ – Poor
★★☆☆☆ – Nice
★★★☆☆ – Good
★★★★☆ – Very Good
★★★★★ – Excellent

Retrospective parts:

Part 1: Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises
Part 2: Missing, Loving… and Suffering + Tears Will Become Melodies Tonight
Part 3: Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone
Part 4: Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights
Part 5: Extra, Bonus tracks, Seated with Liquor

See you next post!
PS: check this post’s category.