(Atheist’s Cornea 8/8) envy – Your Heart and My Hand

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This is the last song from Atheist’s Cornea, and also my favorite track from it, and also my favorite envy’s song, and also one of my favorite song ever.
I love it so much.

envy – Your Heart and My Hand

儚く移ろう 置き去りの笑顔

hakanaku utsurou okizari no egao
kimi no kakera ga tsunagari hajimeta
asa ga umareta higashi no sora
iki o nomi yorokobi ga kieta
ieta kizu wa toki o isogu kodoku no tabi
sukue souna kokoro wa boku to tomo ni ari

The fickle smiles you’ve left behind are moving away
And your fragments have started to link together
Under the newborn morning Sun raising up from East
Your joy fades away as your breath is took away
Healed wounds set off to lonely travels, rushing through time
And just right beside me lies an heart I think I can save


tsudzuku mirai no iroaseta ko no ha o
suzu no oto ga hibiku kono saihate no chi de
yake ochita nokosareta hodou ni
todoita souzou ga mienu nozomi
togireta uta o tsunagu shisen no kaiwa
ienai gimon o mune ni himete tsudzuku
irodzuku ochiba no kasukana oto
sukoshi me o tojite kimi o omou

The now dull-colored leaves of the continuous future
Of this land at the farthest ends where the sound of bells is ringing
Fail to see the wishes sent by my imagination
Over a burned down forsaken road;
The looks we exchange are connecting an unfinished song
As I keep all the problems I can’t speak of inside my chest
The faint sound of the fallen crimson leaves echoes
And if I try to close my eyes just for a bit, you come to my mind


odayakana asahi ni tachi domari
yasashisa ga kimi ni hohoemu you ni to
asu no toki ni todokeyou
kimi no moto ni todokeyou
itsuka bokura wa ushinatte shimatte
soshite boku wa nani o te ni ireta no darou?
soshite bokura no kioku wa dare ni todoku no darou?

Standing still beneath the gentle morning Sun
It feels like its kindness is smiling to you
Deliver this feeling when tomorrow comes,
Deliver it to your very essence
Because one day we’ll lose it all
And what will I have in my hands when it will?
And to whom are our memories going to be sent to?


– An alternate English translation of this song and every other song from the same album by Katsuya Kokubu is featured on the album’s official booklet.

Title: Your Heart and My Hand(君の心と僕の手)(kimi no kokoro to boku no te)
Circle: envy
Album: Atheist’s Cornea
Vocals: Tetsuya Fukagawa
Lyrics: envy
Arrangement: envy
Release Date: 05/13/2015
Source: original

(Atheist’s Cornea 7/8) envy – Two Isolated Souls

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envy – Two Isolated Souls

暗く飢えた光 道の先に
落ちた弱者の否定 求めた生は孤独の証

kuraku ueta hikari michi no saki ni
ochita jakusha no hitei motometa sei wa kodoku no akashi
kudaki hanatsu ronsha no chikai
me ni utsuru shizuka na saigo
taiwa no shutai ga shi no owari ni

The starving, darkening light before the road
Denied by the fallen weaklings, a pursued life proving its loneliness
The broken, set free vows of advocates
Project a silent demise in their eyes
And the core of their dialogue lies at the end of the poem

明日を許した希望 無限の揺らぎ
滲む下弦の月に 流れた水と煌めく受け色

asu o yurushita kibou mugen no yuragi
nijimu kagen no tsuki ni nagareta mizu to kirameku uke iro
toki hanachi kimi o matoi towa o negau

The hope forgiving the future is an infinite sway
Of the water flowing down the blurred waning Moon and its glistening accepted color
Released at once, praying for the eternity you’re clad in

育つ心が拒絶の腕 跳ねる雨水が二人の姿
鋼の天使と十字の星 無数の悲哀よ 進め

sodatsu kokoro ga kyozetsu no ude haneru usui ga futari no sugata
hagane no tenshi to juuji no hoshi musuu no hiai yo susume

My growing soul is my arm of rejection, the springing raindrops resembling our shape
An angel made of steel and a cruciform star – an huge amount of sorrow, go through it


oto o nau you ni tsunage

Bound yourself to it as if twisting its sounds

空虚な窓に死せる沈黙 繋ぎ
再び出会う止まった涙 流し
折れた羽根に影の裏切り 知らず
歪んだ風が君の影を 消して
不在の時代に運命を築き 進み
身を捧げ時の証明 拾い
忘れ去った無能の言葉 届き

kuukyo na mado ni shiseru chinmoku tsunagi
futatabi deau tomatta namida nagashi
oreta hane ni kage no uragiri shirazu
yuganda kaze ga kimi no kage o keshite
fuzai no jidai ni sadame o kidzuki susumu
mi o sasage toki no shoumei hiroi
wasuresatta munou no kotoba todoki
shiranu teashi to shin’ei no ishiki koeta himitsu to anji

Become one with the stillness dying outside the hollow window
Shed the tears which didn’t when we’ve met again
Unknowing the betrayal of the shade of your broken wings
The warped wind will erase your shadow away
Proceed over the fate built in an era of absence
Collect all the proof of the times you’ve sacrificed yourself
Make your once forgotten, inefficient words reach em
Hints and secrets of a will overcoming your portraits, your limbs you don’t know about


michitarita hitomi
michitarita eichi
michitarita kotoba
michitarita jidai
michitarita sekai

Satisfied eyes
Satisfied wisdom
Satisfied words
Satisfied epochs
Satisfied world


saki o mezashi bokura wa susumu yo
sora no saki o bokura wa susumu yo
tsugi no shikou o bokura wa tsukuru yo
kyouki no mirai o kimi wa tsukuru no?

We, aiming onwards, are moving on
We’re moving on before the sky
We’ll write down the next line of our poem
But can you build up such foolish future?


shikou o azayaka ni kokuin suru tame ni shitsumon no yukue o sadaka na basho ni utsushi
keisan fukanou na kotae no kigen o sagasu you ni,
kimi no nokosareta jikan no naka ni sono netsuryou o ukeirete
dono keiken o yuuri ni ikashite iku koto ga kono saki ni tsunagaru
yuuigi na mirai no kesshou ga kakusareta you ni chirabatteite
sore wa sude ni koko ni sonzai shiteiru

My thoughts reflects over a stable place for my nomadic questions in order to be engraved clearly
As if searching for origin of uncountable answers,
I’ll accept all the warmth you’ve left me inside the time I’ve spent with you
And no matter how many experience I’ll deal with my best, every movement will be connected to what lies before
The crystallization of a meaningful future scatters away as if it had been hidden
But it still exists in here, inside my bare hands

光の道を急いで 流れた季節を抱いて
二つの心を一つに そして君は続くよ
さけんだ声は過去に 見慣れた位置を超えて
落ちた愛を掴んで 君を捜しに向かうよ

hikari no michi o isoide nagareta kisetsu o daite
futatsu no kokoro o hitotsu ni soshite kimi wa tsudzuku yo
sakenda koe wa kako ni minareta ichi o koete
ochita ai o tsukande kimi o sagashi ni mukau yo
egaita riyuu no imi wa kenmei na shi o eranda

Hastening over the path of light, embracing all the flowing seasons
Our two souls become one, and then you keep on going
The screaming voice overcomes its past role I was used to
So I’ll catch the fallen love and come to search for you
For the meaning for this reason I’ve drawn has chosen an eager death


– An alternate English translation of this song and every other song from the same album by Katsuya Kokubu is featured on the album’s official booklet.

Title: Two Isolated Souls(隔てられた二つの心)(hedatareta futatsu no kokoro)
Circle: envy
Album: Atheist’s Cornea
Vocals: Tetsuya Fukagawa
Lyrics: envy
Arrangement: envy
Release Date: 05/13/2015
Source: original

(Atheist’s Cornea 3/8) envy – Shining Finger

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envy – Shining Finger


tomoshita kodoku ga terasu yamima
kakushite tsumuida kyori o uite
kazoeta mayoi no yoru o koeta shinkan
ito o tsutau kodou no toikake
nokosareta kaori ni tokeru yubisaki
katarikaketa kotoba wa ame ni kesare
samayou jiseki ga sakende ochita

The darkest spot shined upon by my brightened loneliness
Grieves over the concealed, entwined distances
The silence beyond all the nights of hesitation I’ve been counting
Are questions of an heartbeat conveyed by the wires
My fingertips are melting in the leftover scent
And the words left unspoken are erased by the rain
My wandering, shouting self-reproach has fallen down

僕を明日に連れて 時は明日に連れて
僕の手に触れて 僕は手に触れた
君を過去に置いて 君の過去は今に

kasumu asahi wa
boku o asu ni tsurete toki wa asu ni tsurete
kemuru sora wa
boku no te ni furete boku wa te ni fureta
tsudzuru hibi wa
kimi o kako ni oite kimi no kako wa ima ni
tsudzuku imi wa na o yonde hieta ude ni

The hazy morning Sun
Will lead me into tomorrow, time will lead me into it
The dim sky
Is being touched by my hand, I’m grasping it
All the days I’m patching together
Are placing you in the past, and your past, now
Is calling for a reason to continue, held by frozen arms


kareta yuukyuu no aozora o tsukami
utaeta anshou no himitsu wa ikusen no sugata
namae o yonda amamizu o sagashite

Seizing the blue sky of withered eternity
The secret reef I’ve sung of takes countless shapes
Looking for the rain water it called upon


mitsumeta kouro ga ukanda boushu
shuuen no kakera o sagashita shiratsuyu
katate ni afureta suna no yukige
nemuru koe ga sagashita fuyu no kanro

The route I’ve been observing reminded me of late Spring
As the glistening dew was looking for fragments of demise
The grains of melting snow overflowing from my hand
Are winter dew drops found by a sleeping voice

君を永久に連れて 君を永久に抱いて
僕の光る指に 僕が生む言葉に
君とずっと先に 君はずっとここに

nijimu tsukiyo wa
kimi o towa ni tsurete kimi o towa ni daite
kaworu minamo wa
boku no hikaru yubi ni boku ga umu kotoba ni
tsunagaru shisen wa
kimi to zutto saki ni kimi wa zutto koko ni
tsudzuku imi wa mieta yasashii kizu ni

The blurred moonlight
Will lead you to the eternity, will embrace you all the way
The fragrant water’s surface
Will wet my shining finger, the words I’ll be giving birth to
Our connected gazes
Will always be right before you, and you’ll always be there
‘Cause I could see a reason to continue inside a gentle wound


– Second to last stanza: 芒種 (boushu) is a word indicating the “grain in ear” solar term, which starts approximately on June 6. Thus, my translation. Again, 寒露 (kanro) can both mean early-winter dew (literally) or the “cold dew” solar term, which starts around October 8. For this one I’ve chosen the first one, because there’s also “fuyu” (winter) which can’t be meaning a period at the beginning of Fall.
– There’s no “wet” verb in the last stanza, but it’s implied there is a verb related to the “water” subject before. So, I added it because it was my first choice. My second to be honest. It would have been better “to shine”, but I’ve chosen not to, ‘cause “shining finger” (which is also the song’s title) appears clearly shortly thereafter.
– An alternate English translation of this song and every other song from the same album by Katsuya Kokubu is featured on the album’s official booklet.

Title: Shining Finger(光る指)(hikaru yubi)
Circle: envy
Album: Atheist’s Cornea
Vocals: Tetsuya Fukagawa
Lyrics: envy
Arrangement: envy
Release Date: 05/13/2015
Source: original

(Atheist’s Cornea 1/8) envy – Blue Moonlight

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It’s been a while, lots of things happened and lots of things didn’t happen.
I’ve managed to get my copy of Atheist’s Cornea by envy some weeks ago, so it’s finally time to translate it all, now that I can.
I plan on translating it all, following the songs’ order in the album, can’t tell if I’ll be able to post every song on a daily basis, but I’ll try to get through it as quickly as possible!
So, here’s the first track, Blue Moonlight.
Beware of its jumpscare.

envy – Blue Moonlight

無限の空に 映る言の葉
聞こえた音と 君が歩む世界
茂る花に 気付く季節
蒼く広がる 不在の灯火消え

mugen no sora ni utsuru kotonoha
kikoeta oto to kimi ga ayumu sekai
shigeru hana ni kidzuku kisetsu
aoku hirogaru fuzai no tomoshibi kie

Words reflect in the limitless sky
Sounds I’ve heard and the world you’ve walked in
The season I’ve become aware through a blooming flower
Vanishes away in a light of absence growing blue

総和の答え 明日に散る未来
彼の理論 明日に続く沈黙
思想の声 明日に見えた横顔
歪んだ天命 響く月夜

souwa no kotae asu ni chiru mirai
kare no riron asu ni tsudzuku chinmoku
shisou no koe asu ni mieta yokogao
yuganda tenmei hibiku tsukiyo

All the answers, a future scattering tomorrow
His theory, a silence lasting tomorrow on
The voice of my thoughts, a profile I’ve seen in a tomorrow;
The moonlight echoes a distorted God’s will

嵐の来たる 長い雨
深紅の明け暮れ 揺れる歌声を掌に

arashi no kitaru nagai ame
shinku no ake kure yureru utagoe o tenohira ni

The forthcoming long lasting rain from the storm
Swings the singing voice of crimson dawns and twilights in my palms


kimi ni sasageru hoshizora no kanashisa
chirabaru yoru no mukou ni kimi o tsurete
mienai sekai ni kimi no te o hiki tsurete
sagashita ryoute ni afureta kobore ochiru gunjou no kakera
afureta namida ni kaze hikaru

The sadness of the starry sky I’m offering to you
Will bring you to the far side of the scattering night
I’ll take your hand in this world I can’t see
And ultramarine fragments will spill down from both the hands I’ve found;
The wind will shine all over your overflowing tears

忘れないよ 狂気の日々を 目を閉じ向かい
夜毎の無辺に色と音を あらゆる全ては自分の問い
地上の星は二人の孤独を消し 近づく闇と
開ける夜を君は探し 手を伸ばし砂を掴む

wasurenai yo kyouki no hibi o me o toji mukai
yogoto no muhen ni iro to oto o arayuru subete wa jibun no toi
chijou no hoshi wa futari no kodoku o keshi chikadzuku yami to
akeru yoru o kimi wa sagashi te o nobashi suna o tsukamu

Don’t forget those days of madness; close your eyes and face them
Everything and anything from those infinite nights, each color, each sound is a question;
But the stars above the ground will erase our loneliness,
And the approaching darkness of the newborn night will look for you, outstretching its hands, grasping the sand


– Second stanza: according to the booklet, there’s no “へ” (e) particle after “tenmei” (天命), but can be heard pretty clearly. The transcription is fine.
– Second to last stanza: 断片 (danpen) is read as “kakera”, which is only the second character’s reading when alone. The meaning doesn’t change.
– An alternate English translation of this song and every other song from the same album by Katsuya Kokubu is featured on the album’s official booklet.

Title: Blue Moonlight (群青の月夜) (gunjou no tsukiyo)
Circle: envy
Album: Atheist’s Cornea
Vocals: Tetsuya Fukagawa
Lyrics: envy
Arrangement: envy
Release Date: 05/13/2015
Source: original