[REQUEST] LA KIA with しるへい – Cradle of peace hourglass

picture by yasumo (kuusouorbital)

【Requested by BurstDigiSoul

LA KIA with しるへい – Cradle of peace hourglass


hitotsu hitotsu ochiru suna no you na
atari mae no “ima” ni fureru imi o
yuuan o toki saku warai koe mo
ayumi tome fusagi utau hisou no ne mo

The meaning I can feel for such ordinary “present”
Is crumbling down piece by piece, just like sand
Even the laughing voice setting me free from this dark confinement
Stopped its march to a miserable song of sorrowful notes


subete wa mei aru mono e ataerareta koku
sore na no ni kono te no kodou
seoi umareta riyuu o ten ni toi kakeru

All of this is the time given to those with a life
Yet a throbbing flows through my hands, so I’ll ask the Heavens
For an answer to this newborn reason I’ve been carrying along


naze kono mi o sazukari mae o saguri nagara susumu ka
kotae nado nai koto nara wakatteru no ni

Why should I move on while searching for what I was before I had this body of mine granted?
And I know, I know there’s no such answer to it…


subete wa uki-yo no ri de mukai no mori e
sono naka no mujihi na me de nando kizu o kaki midasareta ka
daremo shiranai

Everything is a proof of such fleeting, melancholic world moving towards forests of deep mist
Just how many wounds have those ruthless eyes inside it inflicted to me?
No one knows


naze kokoro o sazukari furi muke do susumu no ka
kotae wa tsukuru mono da to wakatteru no ni

Why am I moving forward turning my back to the heart I’ve been granted?
But I know any answer would just be a made up inconsistency

Cradle of peace hourglass


– First stanza: the “feel” in the first line is a translation for 触れる (“fureru”), so it stands for “to touch”.
– First stanza: 現在 (“genzai”, “present”) is read as 今 (“ima”, “now”).
– Lots of words in this song are read with their on-yomi (Chinese reading) instead of their kun-yomi (Japanese reading). Like “命” (“mei”) in the first stanza, which should be read as “inochi”.
– The third stanza starts with “naze kono mi”, but in the booklet there’s no “naze” wrote down. I wrote it anyway in the transcribed lyrics because there’s no doubt she’s saying it.
– The fourth stanza plays a pun over “ukiyo” (as in Ukiyo-e) (浮世) meaning “fleeting world”, refering to the link I’ve left, changing “uku” of “to float” with “uki” (憂き) meaning “sad”, “melancholic”.
– The reading for 霧海 on the fourth stanza should be “bukai” or “mukai”. I’ve left “Mukai”, but I’m not sure about it. Also, if it’s “Mukai”, than it could be a wordplay with 向かい (mukai), meaning “to face”, possibly refering to the direction, as “the forest I’m facing / I’m about to go into”.

Title: Cradle of peace hourglass
Circle: LA KIA with しるへい
Album: Vengeance from dark
Vocals: Akira
Lyrics: Akira
Arrangement: バッキーな
Release Event: C80
Source: 月時計 ~ ルナ・ダイアル (Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial), Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Sakuya Izayoi’s Theme

[REQUEST] LA KIA – Break the Memory


【Requested by Vital

Another request which dates back to 2010, Break the Memory from the album 幽閉遊戯.
The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood is probably one of the few touhou themes whose arrange are always good. And I really don’t know why.
If I had to make a ranking, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil would be, to me, the game with the worst BGMs.
This and Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea are the only themes which I like a lot.
But this obviously doesn’t mean that I don’t like arranges from those other themes I don’t really love.
Anyway, back on topic, AKIRA‘s voice is pure gold. I used to listen to some of her albums back on the days when I only listened to this kind of musical genre, and I really liked her style.
The lyrics for this song are obviously related to Sakuya Izayoi, being an arrange of her stage theme.
I don’t know why, but it seems to me that they’re probably also talking about Sakuya’s past, when she used to be a Vampire Hunter (Even though that’s not something officially confirmed…)

LA KIA – Break the Memory

形あるものに疑い抱けと 教えたのは
紛れもなく秒針へと変わる この指だと・・・

katachi aru mono ni utagai dake to oshieta no wa
magire mo naku byoushin e to kawaru kono yubi da to…

Things which come with shapes, come with suspicion
Without any doubt, with this finger, I’ll change the second hand…

迷っていたのは世界でもなく この私で
引かれる左手、刃を右手 隠しながら

mayotteita no wa sekai demo naku kono watashi de
hikareru hidarite, yaiba o migite kakushi nagara

Who lost its way is not the world or anything else;
While hiding the blade on my right hand, I’ll draw my left hand!


hikari o matou yami no bishou mabushisugite
tayasanu tame ni futatabi ha o nigirishimete

The smile of darkness wrapped in light is too dazzling
In order to avoid extermination, I’ll grasp my blade one more time


mukau gooru mo naku hashiritsudzukete
kyouki no imi sae wasure
kizutsuketeita no wa jibun jishin de
kawari o sagashiteita no

Even if there’s no goal to face, I’ll keep running
Even though I forgot even the meaning of my weapons
The one who hurt me is only myself
That was searching for a chance to change


“yasurageru basho nante iranai wa” nante uso de
amai kaori ni kakomare ima o ikiteiru

“I don’t need such a thing as a restful place”, With that lie…
I’m living the present, wrapped in a gentle scent…

忘れかけた名、呼ばれた違和感は 優しく頭を撫でる
人を想うほどに 私の中の冷たい私を殺す

wasurekaketa na, yobareta iwakan wa yasashiku atama o naderu
hito o omou hodo ni watashi no naka no tsumetai watashi o korosu

When they call the name I started to forget, an uncomfortable feeling strikes my head gently
In order to remember people, I’ll kill the cold me inside myself.


– 秒針 (byoushin) = Second Hand, the part of the clock that points the seconds. It’s obviously talking about Sakuya’s ability to control time.


Title: Break the Memory
Circle: LA KIA
Album: 幽閉遊戯 (Yuuhei Yuugi) (Imprisoned Game)
Vocals: AKIRA
Lyrics: AKIRA
Arrangement: Wooming [Kissing the Mirror]
Release Event: C78
Source: メイドと血の懐中時計 (The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood), Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Stage 5 Theme