Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs – スローモーションリプレイ

picture by siraha

Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs – スローモーションリプレイ


sabishii sabishii omoi wa itsumo
ato kara ato kara tsuite kuru
kawashita yakusoku motsureta kioku
hitahita ni hitaru ano uta

Thoughts of loneliness and desolation
Are always following me, one after another
The memory bound to the promise we’ve exchanged
Is gradually being soaked in that song


isoge isoge ano ko no koe ga
omoidasenaku naru mae ni
kiri toru keshiki ano hi no you ni
yurameku kieru tooku natte yuku

Hurry up, hurry up
Before you won’t be able to remember that girl’s voice
The teared off scenery looks like that day’s
Flickering and disappearing, growing so distant…


suroomooshon ripurei
ima to mukou kawa no sairen
suroomooshon ripurei
wasurenai de
ima to mukou kawa no sairen

Slowmotion replay
Now and the siren on the other side
Slowmotion replay
Don’t forget about it
Now and the siren on the other side

ぱぱっぱ ぱぱっぱ~

papappa papappa~


– First of all, I’ve been looking for these lyrics since the day this song came out, but I’ve find out only today the whole song was an arrange of Natsuko Miyamoto‘s solo acoustic project song by the same name, and it was really easy for me to understand the lyrics from this acoustic version. I’m really happy to be finally able to post this song!
– Second, there could be some differences between my version and the actual lyrics. For instance, “mukou-kawa” should be “mukou-gawa”, but I can clearly hear “ka” over “ga”. Usually “mukou-k/gawa” means “other side”, but giving that it says “siren” after it, I initially thought it could have been 川 /河 (“kawa”, “river”), but I’ve kept 側 because it made more sense, in a general way. Other examples could be 縺れた (“motsureta”) on the first stanza which could have been も連れた (“mo tsureta”)、the meaning doesn’t change that much if we keep in count that “motsureru” is “to be tangled” and “tsureru” is “to drag along”.
– Last note, the whole song repeats again from the beginning to the end, so from the last stanza is da capo for one more time. The “papapa” stanza is longer than a verse and repeated throughout the ending of the song.

Title: スローモーションリプレイ (slow-motion replay)
Circle: Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs
Album: スローモーションリプレイ SINGLE
Vocals: 宮本菜津子 (Natsuko Miyamoto)
Lyrics: 宮本菜津子 (Natsuko Miyamoto)
Arrangement: Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs
Release Date: 03/01/2017
Source: 宮本菜津子 – スローモーションリプレイ

TUMENECO – ヒミツナグモノ

picture by hisona (suaritesumi)

This will be the last post on Foreground Noises for at least 1 Month from now (or probably a bit more).
I’ll explain the details in my next post which I’ll publish soon!
Anyway, TUMENECO again, with an arrange from Urban Legend in Limbo.
I love that circle, I can’t help it!
I like Sumireko‘s theme a lot too, so this song was one of the greatest C88 discovery. Why hasn’t this been translated before? I have no idea.
I’d love to write more, but there’s a f*ckload of notes for this song, which, by the way, I had lot of fun translating.
Check them, and enjoy this last post! I’ll see you again with the next translation on May (tba)!

TUMENECO – ヒミツナグモノ

思い焦がれてた綺麗なものを 夢中で蒐めてた
瞳閉ざしてる間に映る影 手を伸ばしてた

omoi kogareteta kirei na mono o muchuu de atsumeteta
hitomi tozashiteru aida ni utsuru kage te o nobashiteta

I collected with zeal all those the graceful things I’d been yearning for,
Outstretching my arms towards the shadow projected in the time lapse when my eyes were closed

酷く寂しく聞こえたのは 誰が望む夢だろう

“ima anata no sugu ushiro ni iru no” ishiki no soto, sono koe ga
hidoku sabishiku kikoeta no wa dare ga nozomu yume darou

Outside my conscious, I could hear a frightening and lonely voice saying
“I’m right behind you”; but whose dream is it? Who’s longing for it?


“himitsu o abaku mono”
sono na o tsugu kimi ga ayumi o tamerawanu you ni
“himitsu no natsugu mono”
sono deai o itsuka abakeru you ni
koko ni oiteyuku kara

“Someone who could uncover a secret”
You were sort of hesitating from walking beyond that name you’re carrying along,
“A person who’ll inherit this secret’s name”
Someday this encounter will have to happen,
So I’ll leave everything here as it is

幾つ並べても願った影は 触れずにすり抜けて
流れ祈ってた光のひとつ 染まる事を決めた

ikutsu narabete mo nagatta kage wa furezu ni surinukete
nagare inotteta hikari no hitotsu somaru koto o kimeta

I’m slipping through each countless lined up shades I’ve prayed for without touching them:
I’ve decided I’ll give a color to a single flowing light I’ve been praying for

標識の先の声が 遥か遠く聞こえてるのは

“ima anata no sugu soba ni iru mono”
hyoushiki no saki no koe ga haruka tooku kikoeteru no wa
kimi ga nozomu yume darou?

“Someone is right on your side by now”
The voice before that sign that I could hear from far, far away
Belongs to the dream you’re wishing for, doesn’t it?


“doko ni ita to shite mo mitsukerareru” you ni
hitori kiri ni shinai you ni
“itsu o kakushitete mo mitsukerareru” you ni
kakera o hitotsu kimi ni oite yuku kara

“I’ll find you for sure, wherever you are”, just like that,
So I won’t be left alone again;
“I’ll lay my eyes on you, even if you’ll hide away”, just like that,
Because I’ll lay a single fragment on you


“himitsugu mono” “tozashita mono”
“tomo ni yume o miru mono” “kanadeta mono”
“wakareta mono”
sono namae o tsugu mono

“Some secret I’m holding up”, “Someone who’s being sealed”,
“Someone to have a dream to share with”, “Something I could dance at ease to”,
“Something I could grasp”
Someone who could inherit those names…


“mayoeru mono” “omowanu mono”
“sato o furikaeru mono” “tsunagaru mono”
“okieta mono”
kaki nokoshita fumi no tsudzuki o

“Some illusion I could get lost in”, “Something out of my imagination”,
“Someone who’s leaving its village behind”, “Someone to connect to”,
“Someone who could wake up”
The continuation of the letter I’ve left behind will…

その名を継ぐ君が 握る手を離さぬ様に
此処で 繋ぐ名前 きっと出逢える日まで

“himitsu o abaku mono”
sono na o tsugu kimi ga nigiru te o hanasanu you ni
“himitsu no natsugu mono”
sono deai ni itsuka waraeru you ni
koko de tsunagu namae kitto deaeru hi made

“Something that could uncover a secret”
You were holding firmly to my hand, carrying your name with you;
“A person who’ll inherit this secret’s name”
Someday, we’ll be laughing together to this encounter,
For sure, until the day we’ll be bound by that name here…


– This song is full of puns and quotes. Starting by its title, “himitsunagu mono”, which blends the words “himitsu” (secret) and “tsunagu” (to link two things or more). So, “Something bound to a secret”, which, translated this way, kinda explains the pun.
– The first stanza says “muchuu” (夢中) which means “with zeal”, but here could have also a hidden meaning, being Sumireko able to enter Gensokyo through her dreams. The kanjis for this word are, in fact, the one from “dream” (夢) and the one from “inside” (中). Also, it follows up describing this very fact right after it, talking about a “shadow that’s projected when my eyes are closed” (Gensokyo in her dreams).
– Each time the word “you” appears in the translation, it refers to a girl, being “anata” wrote 貴女, with the kanji for “woman” (女).
– In the third stanza, “mono” could be both “thing” or “person”. I think that it could be a reference to Renko in this part, being that it’s talking about some kind of heritage, which could possibly be the Secret Sealing Club’s leader role, which we know it’s something in the hands of Renko & Maribel in the near future while it once belonged to Sumireko during the current Touhou events.
– The seventh stanza is worth several notes. First off, “hi, mitsugu mono” is another pun similar to the title, where “himitsu” (secret, which appears as “hi” with the 秘 kanji) blends along with “mitsugu” (貢ぐ) which means “to support”. Following up, “tozashita” which means “closed” is wrote with the kanji for “seal”, “sealing” (封), which brings a more mystical meaning to the sentence, without changing its content that much. Again, “kanadeta mono” is wrote with 楽 (pleasure) instead of 奏 (dance). I tried blending the meanings. Lastly, “egakareta mono” (描かれたもの) (something that’s been drawn) is read as “wakareta mono” (something I could understand).
– The eight stanza is pretty strange too. It features lots of links to the Touhou world. First off, “mayoeru mono” (something that could get lost) is wrote with 幻 (“maboroshi”, “illusion”) instead of 迷 (“mayou”, “to get lost”). Next to it, “omowanu mono” is wrote with 想 rather than 思 (which should be the correct one). Though, both have “omou” as a reading. While the second means “to think”, the first one is more like “to recollect, to imagine”. There’s a reason why they choose the first kanji rather than the second, but I’ll explain it later.
Lastly, for the first part of this note, we found 郷 (sato, “village”) which is a pretty common word, usually wrote as 里 even though the other reading isn’t an error.
The first three kanji appearing in those lines, forms the word “幻想郷” which is read as “Gensokyo”. That’s brilliant! That’s exactly why they choose those kanjis instead of others.
– I’m pretty sure that, in the eight stanza, “tsunagaru” wrote with the 緑 (midori, “green”) kanji is a special reading. It kind of reminds me of the stage 1 theme from LoLK, 忘れがたき、よすがの緑 (That unforgettable greenery of connection), being that “tsunagaru” means “to connect”.


Title: ヒミツナグモノ (himitsunagu mono) (Something bound to a secret)
Album: ヒミツナグモノ
Vocals: Yukina
Lyrics: ななせ, ななつめ (nanase, nanatsume)
Arrangement: tomoya
Release Event: C88
Source: ラストオカルティズム ~ 現し世の秘術師 (Last Occultism ~ Esotericist of the Present World) Urban Legend in Limbo, Sumireko Usami’s Theme

CROW’SCLAW – A Sense of Distance

picture by urabe michiru

Man, I love this song. This is easily the most beautiful Fate of Sixty Years arrange I’ve ever listened to (of course, to me)!
I decided to put a Komachi / Eiki picture because I picture this arrange to be about them. You know, there’s always pairing in the touhou world. This one is a classic.
Plus, giving the lyrics talks about distance (even the title does), which is more a Komachi thing rather than something for Eiki (Komachi has the power to control distance) I can’t listen to it without having them both in my mind.
Agaom. there’s the part which goes like “if I don’t stand on my tiptoes I can’t reach you”, which it’s the typical cute image of short-sized Eiki and tall Komachi which is pretty common in fan works.
In terms of music, this song is amazing. I love it, starting from the title to the guitars, the bass, the drum beat, everything, seriously!
Even Merami’s vocals are really good… but that’s not something we didn’t know before, isn’t it?
Lyrics were simple enough, there’s no place for notes on this post. Enjoy this beautiful piece!

CROW’SCLAW – A Sense of Distance


itsumo uwamedzukai
maru de kodomo no you da ne

Upturned eyes, like always…
I’m just like a child, am I?


kimi wa itsudemo sokkenakute neko no you
sore demo toutotsu ni yasashii kara

You’re always acting so coldly, just like a cat,
But I know you can suddenly act gently, so…


kimi to futari de te o tsunaide aruku
hohaba awase yuuhi o se ni michi no tsudzuku kagiri

I walk along with you, holding your hand;
Matching your steps, onwards to the end of this road as the setting Sun shines behind us…


kubi ni ude o mawasu
senobishinakya todokanai

I put my arm around your neck,
But it can’t reach you if don’t stretch myself!


honne tatemae hyouri wa sakasama no mama
itsumade mo kimochi o tojikometeru

My motive, my position, my every side… as they’re all upside-down
My feelings will be locked away forever…


senaka awase no surechigai no mama de
kimi to boku no futari no kyori kaerarezu ni iru yo

As we pass each other by, making contact with our backs
We’re still here, unable to change the distance between us…


kimi to futari de te o tsunaide aruku
hohaba awase yuuhi o se ni michi no tsudzuku kagiri

I walk along with you, holding your hand;
Matching your steps, onwards to the end of this road as the setting Sun shines behind us…


Title: A Sense Of Distance
Album: From The Bottom Of The Heart
Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: 鷹 (Taka)
Arrangement: 鷹 (Taka)
Release Event: C79
Source: 六十年目の東方裁判 ~ Fate of Sixty Years (Eastern Judgement of the 60th Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years) Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Shiki Eiki’s Theme

Register6 – 夢の通い路

picture by ちーとす

I should thank Alv for sending me tha scans for this album, but I actually had it all along, unnoticed. I felt really, really stupid.
By the way, I must say I really like old-styled Register6, and this may be the album I like the most out of the ones they’ve published by now.
That’s another album that I wish to fully translate, just like I did with lots of Clockwork Tracers‘ ones.
I’ve already translated a song from the same album, as you may already know.
Plus, I want to post as much as possible on this first April week, because starting April the 8th I won’t post for a month (you’ll read everything about this soon).
I love this song, and I really miss the old vocalists from this band.
Even the title is amazing. The lyrics are simple but perfect the way they are. What’s the point of writing impossible lyrics when you need few words to write an amazing song?
Bravo, register6! That’s the type of touhou arrange I want to listen to.
And, for some unknown reasons, hifuu arranges seems to be always better than other arranges. Is it just an impression of mine?
Plus, has this song, perhaps, a sequel? I think it does. Stay… tuned?

Register6 – 夢の通い路

Is my voice reaching you?
Come on! Stay by my side forever…


nee yume o miru kimi ga kierunda
sore ga kowakute nerenainda
okashii yo ne tada no yume na no ni
kimi wa warau darou tonari de

Look, your dreaming self is vanishing
And I, terrified by that, couldn’t sleep;
Isn’t it strange? Even if that’s just a dream
Will you be next to me, smiling?


atarimae no hibi o sugosu kimi no yokogao miteta
arifureteru sugata na no ni munasawagi o kanjite obieteita

I spent all those usual days looking at your profile
And even though it was an ordinary view, I felt a sense of panic, I was frightened

君の声さえ 聞こえない

nee yume o miru mishiranu basho de
namae yonde mo todokanainda
okashii yo ne issho ni ita no ni
kimi no koe sae kikoenai

Look, in that unknown place, in a dream,
No matter how much I call for your name, it won’t reach you;
Isn’t it strange? Even though we were together
I can’t hear not even your voice…

Where on earth was I?
I was lonely without you.
Let me hear your voice when you’re there.
Come on!


nee yume o miru kimi to sugoshita
ano hibi wa mou modoranainda
okashii yo ne namida ga koboreru
kimi no tonari ni itai yo

Look, the time I spent with your dreaming self:
Those days won’t return anymore.
Isn’t it strange? Tears are overflowing:
I want to be by your side

Come on!

onegai da yo
Come on!

That’s my only wish
Come on!


Title: 夢の通い路 (yume no kayoi-ji) (Route of Dreams)
Circle: Register6
Album: 久遠ノ夢路 (kuon no yumeji) (dreaming of eternity)
Vocals: mIsAkI and オカヒラ (okahira)
Lyrics: オカヒラ (okahira)
Arrangement: ロー (roo)
Release Event: Reitaisai 9
Source: 魔術師メリー (Merry The Magician) Ghostly Field Club, Track #6

[REQUEST] Applice – 誰何記号群

picture by gensou aporo

【Requested by Darren Chiu

I like this song! Even though I can’t really say the lyrics weren’t confusing.
The biggest problem is the title, as you will read in the notes.
And that “H”, and the overall imagery the song is trying to depict, which didn’t really helped me getting an actual image of what is it talking about.
But I like the rhythm and the whole voice + chorus thingy.
Kind of reminds me of other hifuu-related songs I’ve already translated, the one from Kimi no Museum in particular.
It’s still pretty challenging translating touhou stuff, I think I could do it way better if I had more knowledge about each circle / author / whatever.
After all, the main issue here is about trying to convey what the song tried to do. Mission status: completed. With success? I don’t really know, but I don’t think I could reach a different ending. I can’t say I’m not satisfied though.

Applice – 誰何記号群

降らすつもりか いつまでも

miagereba yuudachi o
furasu tsumori ka itsumade mo
tada kidzukeba wasureteru
ano atsui iro to rinkaku o

If I could look up to the evening squall
Would it still have the will to pour down?
I’m just forgetting it as I recall it,
That warm color and outline…

また 重なる

mada kasanaru

It piles up again


mayonaka no machiaishitsu ni
tamaru iki wa murasaki iro
dareka ga tatsu mado no soto
kuraku yodomu akaneiro shite

In the midnight’s waiting room
The breathing I’m enduring is purple-colored;
Someone, beyond the window screen
Is standing, in madder red


soushitsu ni tamaru
murasaki iro no mi
au toki no sora wa
akaneiro shiteta

Held in a vanishing room
A purple fruit of truth
The sky from when we met
Was painted in madder red


soko ni ukandeta kao wa
hana ya hitomi ga nai kedo
yuganderu kuchibiru dake ga
sukoshi waratte mieru

The face that was floating out there
Had no nose or eyes whatsoever, but
I could just see a pair of crooked lips
Distorted in a slight smile

何故 回り続けて零を重ねる
迷い路 消えない火 「H」の魔物

are ga matataku no wa dare o michibiku tame da
naze mawari tsudzukete zero o kasaneru
kimi ni toraerareru jikan ga mada aru nara
mayoiji kienai hi “H” no mamono
suikaki gougun

But for whose sake is it lighting up a way?
Why the cycling zeroes are still piling up
If the time you took from me is still out there?
On the road I’m lost in, an endless fire, a “H” apparition
Collected challenging signals and memories


kurikaesu yuudachi no
sukima kara yatto iki o shite
toumei na maku no naka de
ima mo naiteiru kanaria ga

Throught the gaps of a repeating evening squall
I can finally let out my breath;
Inside a transparent membrane
Still lies a weeping canary

いま もういちど

ima mou ichido

Right now, once more

時計の針 飲み込んでる

nejimaki shiki no anarogu na
tokei no hari nomikondeiru
himei to taikutsu dake de
umaru memori nara heshiorou

The clock hands of a wind-up type analog clock
Are being swallowed away;
I’ll break each of those buried memories
If they’re just a pile of boredom and screams


anarogu na deeto
nomikonderu koe
nanimo tarinai no nara

An analog date,
A swallowed up voice
If nothing will be enough
Everything will be smashed up


owaranai tabiji ni
kasouteki shuuten tatete
koufuku to na o tsukeru hito o mite
kimi wa waratta

I’m building a virtual Terminus
To this endless voyage;
And you were smiling
Looking at those people with names and happiness attached to them

きっと瞬くあれを見て 見えてるほうが
蹴散らし飛び込んだ 君の居る場所

kitto matataku are o mite mieteru hou ga
mou te okurenanda to kidzuita kara
atarashii ressha ga hashiru yotei no michi o
kechirashi tobikonda kimi no iru basho
suikaki gougun

I’ll surely look to what’s radiating, but the more I look
The more I realize I’m too late to do anything, and so
I’ll just waste some time jumping towards the place you’re at
On the planned road were a new train is running
Collected challenging signals and memories


mou sugu sakura ga saite
itsuka haru to yonda kisetsu ni naru

Cherry flowers are going to bloom soon,
And the season called “Spring” will come


imadani tengai wa ugokanai mama
toki mo basho mo onaji kazu no mama

Even now, as the horizon is still unmoving,
As the time and the place are still on the same numbers…

そこがどこで 誰が何で今があるのか

soko ga doko de dare ga nande ima ga aru no ka
enpitsu no oresou na
eikaku de egaku densetsu no douwa

That place… where is it? Who’s there, and why it there?
That’s the legendary fairy-tail
Drawn by the acute-angled pencil which seems about to break

秘かに飛び込んだ 君の居る場所

kimi ga kagayaku no wa sono saki ni aru mono ga
shinkirou sae genjitsuteki na hodo
dare ga nan da to wakaru hazu nai mono dakara
hisoka ni tobikonda kimi no iru basho
suikaki gougun

The moment where your light was brighter was just before that point,
Somewhere between the boundary of mirages and truth,
But that’s something no one is supposed to understand at all
And so, secretly, I jumped off, towards the place you’re in.
Collected challenging signals and memories


– The stanzas with the blank space on the left are the chorus.
– 相室 (soushitsu) on the fourth stanza. I don’t know if it’s a word, but it could be a pun. With other kanjis, 喪失 (soushitsu) could mean “loss”, “death”, “disappearance”, but here it’s wrote with “assembly” and “chamber”, as if it’s recalling the machiai-shitsu (waiting room) on the previous stanza. I tried to blend the meanings.
– Again, on the same stanza, there’s 実 (mi – jitsu) which I don’t know how is read here (it’s part of the chorus), but it could be “fruit” (if it’s read as “mi”) or “truth”, if it’s read as “jitsu”. Again, blended meanings.
– I really don’t know what that “H” refers to. “H” in japanese… well, you know what “ecchi” stands for, don’t you? I highly doubt is that, but I can’t find a clear explaination. It could be the “H” for “Hifuu Kurabu” (Secret Sealing Club), or, by the same kanji, for the word “Himitsu”, meaning “Secret”. That’s what I thought, but I’m not sure.
– The title for this song “suikaki gougun”, which also appears more than once in the song, isn’t an idiom. Thus, it can’t be translated in a single way. I think it’s some sort of pun / reference I’m not getting, thus my translation for it is just an interpretation of the kanjis / words it’s composed of.
– デヰト (deeto) is wrote with ヰ, a (now) unused katakana sign which has the same meaning as ー (in other words, makes vowels longer). It should have been デート instead.


Title: 誰何記号群 (suikaki gougun)
Circle: Applice
Album: 斥状回輝線
Vocals: またろう (Matarou)
Lyrics: どろにさん (doroni-san)
Arrangement: みっつん (Mittsun)
Release Event: C86
Source: 天空のグリニッジ (Greenwich in the Sky), from Magical Astronomy, track #2

Foreground Eclipse – Someday In The Rain


As I stated on the last Foreground Eclipse’s Retrospective post, there are still few songs by Foreground Eclipse that have never been translated.
Talked bonus tracks aside (aka the ones from Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises and Tears Will Become Melodies Tonight), there are only どらぶ, some parts of 恋のTwinkle☆Dance (Secret Track from Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights) and this one.
Finding the lyrics for this wasn’t even hard as I imagined it could have been, so why hasn’t this been translated before?
I have no idea, but for how much I don’t like this song as much as others from the same band, I’m kind of happy to be the first to translate a yet-untranslated FgE song!
I think I’ll also keep searching for どらぶ’s lyrics. Which is kinda like saying “let’s go search for the Holy Grail”.
Enough of this all, you already know what I could say about it.
Enjoy the lyrics!

Foreground Eclipse – Someday In The Rain


kurai tsuyuzora tokete yuku
kumo no sukima ni ukabeta
yuuutsu fuki tobashite yo
taikutsu wa mou iranai

Floating between the clouds’ gaps
I’m melting in the dark rainy season cloudy sky
My melancholy is being blown away
And I don’t need boredom anymore!


furi shikiru ame ni utarete
kono koe wa kimi ni todokanai

Hit by a neverending downpouring rain
This voice of mine can’t reach you

Someday in the Rain雨よもっと降れ

Someday in the Rain ame yo motto fure
kanashimi itami zenbu arainagashite
watashi no kokoro e furisosogu
doshaburi no ame no naka de tachitsukusu yuugure

Someday in the Rain, pour down some more!
And wash away my pain, my sadness, everything!
Don’t ever stop raining inside my heart
Because inside this heavy rain, a twilight stands still


natsu no aozora somete yuku
kaze no nioi to yuudachi
kagerou yura yura yureta
ajisai ga chiri isogu

Come and paint the summer’s blue sky
With the scent of wind and an evening shower
Rolling from side to side, the heat haze is swaying
And the hydrangeas fall down in haste


mushiatsui gogo no sayonara
ano koro e nido to modorenai nara

That “goodbye” on a humid afternoon…
If I can’t go back to that time again, then…

Someday in the Rain君の中にある

Someday in the Rain kimi no naka ni aru
kanashimi nageki zenbu arainagashite
kokoro no okusoko tsubuyaita
doshaburi no ame ga yanda ameagari no sora e

Someday in the Rain is right inside you
Wash away my sadness, my grief, everything
That’s what the bottom of my heart muttered
Towards a sky where the heavy rain just ceased

消えない雲見つめているよ ah

kimi wa nani o tsutaetakatta? yume no naka
sono koe o kiiteitakatta
itsuka no amefuri tsudzuku sora itsumade mo
kienai kumo mitsumeteiru yo ah

What did you want to say to me? Inside a dream
I was listening to that voice;
I’m watching the clouds that won’t ever fade away
On the same endlessly raining sky of that day, ah

Someday in the Rain 雨よもっと降れ

Someday in the Rain ame yo motto fure
kanashimi itami zenbu arainagashite
watashi no kokoro e furisosogu
doshaburi no ame no naka de tachi tsukusu yuugure

Someday in the Rain, pour down some more!
And wash away my pain, my sadness, everything!
Don’t ever stop raining inside my heart
Because inside this heavy rain, a twilight stands still



– In the third stanza, it says “Someday in the Rain” in english and then “雨” (ame) which is “rain” too. So, I didn’t want to write it twice. I hope it doesn’t sound too weird.
– Third stanza, there’s nothing implying my “because”, but I think that’s what the song is trying to convey.
– Fourth stanza, the hydrangea is a purple flower, typical of summer.
– Sixth stanza, it says “doshaburi” and “ameagari”, words that can’t be translated without being repetitive. So, the very last line from this stanza should be something like: “Towards a sky after the rain where the heavy rain has stopped pouring”. I didn’t like this, so I changed it and made it smaller.
– Second to last stanza: “furitsudzuku” = keep raining; I translated as “endlessly raining” because it sounded better and the meaning is similar.


Title: Someday in the Rain
Circle: Foreground Eclipse
Album: 東方夏空翔
Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Merami)
Lyrics: Suzuori
Arrangement: Foreground Eclipse
Release Event: C78
Source: 閉ざせし雲の通い路 (The Sealed Cloud Route) – Unidentified Fantastic Object, Stage 2 Theme & 万年置き傘にご注意を (Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever) – Unidentified Fantastic Object, Kogasa Tatara’s Theme

[REQUEST] 回路-kairo- – remember


【Requested by Eiki

回路-Kairo- – remember


yoru o terashiteiru hoshi mo
ki ga tsukeba miushinatteru

Even the stars which make this night brighter
Fade from my sight before I could even realize it


yume no naka de warattetemo
jikan dake ga sugite yuku dake
chottoshita koto de kizutsuitemo
nakama hazure wa iya da kara
ima mo

And even if I laugh inside a dream
The time is only going by further
Even if meaningless things hurt
I don’t want to be left out, so
Even now…


fukai mizu no soko de
iki ga shitakutemo ga itenda
kimi wa kono te tsukande kureta
dakedo mou shizundeku dake sa

On the depths of this deep water,
That’s right,
That’s where I was, wanting to breath
You once gently lend me your hand
But now I can’t do anything but sinking down…


itsu no mani ka hitori bocchi
doko de machigatteshimatta no
warugi nante hitotsu mo nakute
sukoshi bukiyouna dake nanda

And before I knew, I was completely alone
Just what ended up going wrong?
I never felt malice or such towards anyone
I guess I was just lacking of something


samishikute kogoesou dakedo
mukou ni wa toudai ga tomotteru
wagamama na no wa wakatteru kedo
warai atteta ano hi o
mou ichido

I’m lonely to the point I feel like freezing, but
On the other side, a lighthouse is lit;
I know that I’m selfish, but
I just want to see again
Those days in which we laughed together


itsuka tooku ni wasuretekita
mune no netsu o torimodose
kaze ga fuite tsugi no basho
aruku chikara wa aru kai?

Give me back that warmth in my heart
That I forgot about back then, far away!
Do I have the strenght to walk
Towards the next place where the wind is blowing?


owari ja naitte koto

Don’t forget me
Because that’s not the end


koko ni atta monogatari o

The story we had here…
Remember it


– 過ぎていく (sugite iku) even if the lyrics clearly say “iku”, it’s actually read as “yuku”. This happens really often.
– There are some stanzas that aren’t complete, because they end with particles such as を. This happens a lot in japanese, so I’ve added the right “missing” verb where they should be.


Title: remember
Circle: 回路-kairo-
Vocals: 556t
Lyrics: megane
Arrangement: megane
Release Event: C88
Source: 妖怪裏参道 (Youkai Back Shrine Road) – Ten Desires, Extra Stage Theme

[REQUEST] Undead Corporation – Flowering Night Fever


【Requested by B016

Well, woah!
It’s not the first time I get a request as violent as this in terms of rhythm.
But I guess while I found this funny too, it’s no match for Diabolic Filth.
That translation still hunts my dreams.
As I stated so many times, I think Sakuya‘s theme might be one of the most arranged Touhou themes ever, and probably the theme character who appeared the most on this wordpress in terms of posts related to her theme.
And I really don’t know why.
About this song mh.
It makes me laugh, and I think its lyrics could be summarized with a line from the fifth stanza: “Blah Blah Blah Blah…“.
I love songs like those because they’re really fun to translate and it’s always fun to me to try to listen to them while reading their lyrics and being unable to do so.
The title is obviously a pun between Sakuya’s second theme Flowering Night and Saturday Night’s Fever, while I… actually can’t feel the original mood of the second one. Like, at all.
Also, it took me few time to trascript this song, except for the last friggin’ stanza and its impossible (and unreadable) kanjis. Fuck it.
The thing I don’t just understand is… by the lyrics, it’s obvious is based on a darker view of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil‘s plot… so why “Flowering Night”? I mean, that theme doesn’t even feature in EoSD.
I give up.

Undead Corporation – Flowering Night Fever

“さぁお待ちかねの夜が来た 吸血鬼の支配する夜が
太陽が死ぬとやって来る 淫靡な享楽の宴は終わらない
死の世界が見える 私が時を殺す 忠実な犬
時が死んだ世界へようこそ 私は其の案内人”

“saa omachikane no yoru ga kita kyuuketsuki no shihaisuru yoru ga
taiyou ga shinu to yattekuru inbina kyouraku no utage wa owaranai
shi no sekai ga mieru watashi ga toki o korosu chuujitsuna inu
toki ga shinda sekai e youkoso watashi wa sono annaibito”

“At least, the long awaited night has come, the night conquered by the vampire
The Sun will face its end but the enjoyment of this impure banquet won’t;
Gazing at the world of the dead, I am the faithful dog that kills the time:
Welcome to the world of dead timespans, I am its guide.”


“私が壊れているわけじゃない 殺されたのは私ではない
死の遊戯で遊ばれているのは 貴方 貴女 アナタ
死の世界が見えるでしょう 終わらない夜が
月の光は救えない 血の渇きを癒せない オワルマデ”

“watashi ga kowareteiru wake ja nai korosareta no wa watashi de wa nai
shi no yuugi de asobareteiru no wa anata anata anata
shi no sekai ga mieru deshou owaranai yoru ga
tsuki no hikari wa sukuenai chi no kawaki o iyasenai owaru made”

“It’s not like I’m broken, I’m not the one who’ll be kiled
The one that will play the game of death is you, you, YOU!
Can you see the world of death, right? In this endless night
You won’t be able to save the moonlight, and your bleeding won’t dry UNTIL THE END”

God slayers…has come
Take your murdered guns and saw
Blah Blah Blah Blah…
Sad Sad* Vampire and Vampyr
Kill all the Murdog’s blade

Flowering Night Fever

kairaku shugisha no tokei no hari to
yaburetsu no ningyou samayou toki yo
gensou tadarenu
Flowering Night Fever

The hand of the hedonist’s clock
And the bursting doll of a wandering time
They won’t burn in flames
Flowering Night Fever

惨状妄想 血症裂傷 因果応報 無始曠劫
Flowering Night Fever

senjou mousou kesshou resshou ingaouhou mushikougo
Flowering Night Fever

Delusion, devastation, hyperlipidemia, laceration, cause and effect, retribution, no beginning, no profit
Flowering Night Fever


mui… garagara to kuzurete

This idleness… collapses as it rattles


血仙無死が兇れる Flowering Night Fever
魑魅魍魎跡梁跋扈 Flowering Night Fever

chisen mushi ga warureru Flowering Night Fever
chimimouryou atohari bakko Flowering Night Fever

The immortal blood hermit is wicked, Flowering Night Fever
Monsters of river! Monsters of Mountains! Rays! Rampant! Rise! Flowering Night Fever


– First stanza “dog” is refering to Sakuya. There’s a gag in Touhou project (especially on Perfect Cherry Blossom) where every character seem to call Sakuya a dog, thinking she’s one of them.
– Third stanza, “anata” is wrote three times. The first is the normal way, the second is with the kanji for “woman” (女) which implies this “you” is a woman, and the third in katakana. Katakana usually underlines stuff, just like our CAPITAL LETTERS DO. So, I used caps lock each time a words appears in katakana.
– Fourth-to-last-stanza: here comes a list of difficult japanese words / way of saying. Mh… kinda reminds me of another request I got some time ago
– Last stanza: difficult kanji part 2 – level: lunatic. Most of those kanjis have the radical of 鬼 (oni, demon) which also appears in the word 吸血鬼 (kyuuketsuki, vampire). “chimimoryou” is a yokai old term for “spirits of the valley and mountains”. Also, the last stanza has way too much difficult kanjis I don’t have faith in.


Title: Flowering Night Fever
Circle: Undead Corporation
Album: 瞬殺
Vocals: Rib;y(uhki)
Lyrics: Rib;y(uhki)
Arrangement: Undead Corporation
Release Event: Reitaisai 12
Source: フラワリングナイト (Flowering Night) – Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Izayoi Sakuya’s Theme

[REQUEST] 君の美術館 – 秘封倶楽部の未踏世界


【Requested by Darren Chiu

I’ve probably said this in other posts, but what I like about requests is that I get to know to circles I didn’t even know about.
Like this one, Kimi no Museum (君の美術官 – kimi no bijutsukan).
This song has the most brilliant choruses that I have heard in a while.
The two different voices are singing two different parts at the same time, but they somehow always end up blending together, and that’s great.
Reading the lyrics, this was very confusing, but after I’ve listened to this song I realized how good it was.
There are continuous terms that seem to be about a parallel / dream world and a strange figure ruling it.
I think this song is mainly about Maribel‘s ability to enter Gensokyo while sleeping, and thus making that strange figure Yukari.
Of course, that’s just my theory.
But being this an arrange from Magical Astronomy I don’t think it could be otherwise.
I must say the lyrics weren’t the easiest thing to translate, some part had me thinking about their meaning and structure.
But I can’t say I’m unsatisfied by its result.

Kimi no Museum – 秘封倶楽部の未踏世界


kagiri nai to omoeta souzou no jiyuu mo
kono atama no naka sokubakusareteru
toppyoushi mo nai uso nante tsukenai
botan hitotsu oseba wakaru kara

Even the freedom that I pictured being endless
Has been confined inside my head;
I won’t make up such an astounding lie
Because I only need to press a single button to understand

<常識だけ 誇大に膨れ上がる>

yo no naka o zenbu shiro to kuro de wake
michibiiteku tamashii sae kagiri aru basho e
<joushiki dake kodai ni fukure agaru>

Dividing everything from this world into black and white
Towards that place my finite soul is leading me to
<Common knowledge is swelling up with exaggerations>


soredemo mienai sora no kanata e to
musekinin’na yume naraba ikura demo kieteiku

But still, towards the direction of a sky I can’t see,
When it comes to irresponsible dreams, no matter what, they’ll disappear


todokanu sekai e tsumugidasu fureezu wa
nakushita “kibou”
kono chijou de motometsudzuketa mono
<wazuka demo shinjiteita ate sae naku>
ate sae naku hakanasa o koban demo
mada owari no yokan ga kiesaru koto wa nai

The phrase I’m bounding to the world I can’t reach is
“My hope is lost”
The thing that I keep seeking for in this world
<Even if it means nothing, I believe in it, even if no one's there for it>
Even if no one's there for it, even if you'd refuse what's transient
There's still no trace that the end's premonition is going to fade away.

<妄想なら 過大に語り続けて>

akirame mo sezu ni yume ni sugaru no wa
rikutsu sae mo oyobi mo shinai sonzai no tame ni
<mousou nara kadai ni kataritsudzukete>

Without giving up, the reason why I’m hanging on this dream
Is for the sake of a living being no theory can explain
<If you feel down, just keep your unreasonable talk on>

数知れぬ犠牲 忘却の彼方

kazu shirenu gisei boukyaku no kanata
mujuuryoku no aji sae mo itsu no hi ka nareru no?
<narete yuku?>

On the edge where lies the oblivion of countless victims,
When will I adapt to the taste of this weightlessness?
<Will I adapt to it?>


miezaru shikai ni egaki dasu koraaju wa
wasureta “risou”
kono chijou ni kizuki wa shinai mono
<mieteita basho ni sae mo tadoritsukezu>
tadoritsukezu munashisa ni kujikete mo
soredemo <mata> onaji michi e kurikaeshi fumidasu

The collage drawn by the field of vision I can’t see,
A forgotten dream,
Something that can’t be build on this world;
<Without struggling towards the place I was looking at>
Without struggling towards it, even if I’m crushed by its emptiness
I still step on the same repeating road, yet <again>


kono hakobune ni notte
doko made ikeru ka sae wakaranai

Riding this ark
I don’t even know until where I can sail


mimamoru yume no majutsushi naraba
<seikakuna> susumeru hougaku ga wakaru no?

Will I know the <right> direction to follow
If it’s about the magician looking after my dreams?


tobidatsu mirai ni utsushidasu imeeji wa
yumemita “mugen”
kono chijou de kanjitorenai mono
<doko made mo tada hirogaru hate wa miezu>
hate wa miezu muryokusa ni kidzuitemo
ooi motomeru negai ni <omoi ni>
owari wa nai no darou
owaru koto wa nai darou

The image projected into the future I launched myself in,
The “infinity” I’ve dreamed about,
Is something that I can’t feel in this world;
<Wherever I go, I can’t see just the edge of the spreading landscape>
The edge I can’t see even if I’m forced to powerlessness
To the wish I’m running after, seeking for it <In my thoughts>
I wonder if there’s something like an end?
I wonder if there are things that could come to an end…


– The parts between are those sung by the background voice. The phrases inside the ending with the same word the next stanza begins with, are actually sung at the same time.
– 幻想 (gensou) meaning “illusion” in the second-to-last stanza, is read as “yume”, meaning “dream”.


Title: 秘封倶楽部の未踏世界 (hifuu kurabu no mitou sekai) (The Sealing Club’s Unexplored World)
Circle: 君の美術館 (kimi no museum)
Album: Liminality -幻想と現実の境界で- (liminality -gensou to genjitsu no kyoukai de- // liminality -on the border between reality and illusion-)
Vocals: fi-fy & 723
Lyrics: 黒岩サトシ
Arrangement: PHEVOTT
Release Date: 12/09/09
Source: G Free, 大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy (Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy) – Magical Astronomy, Tracks #07 & #08

Empire Ensemble – Supersonic Cinderella


You thought Kancolle disappeared from this wordpress, didn’t you?
Well, it didn’t. And I guarantee you there are going to be more kancolle posts now and then.
I’ve already translated songs from this album, and I think I’ll keep doing so because it was my very first kancolle album and I’m kinda attached to it.
Even though I think it’s impossible to place Touhou project and Kancolle on the same ground (in every term, expecially music), I still think that Kancolle deserves some space in this wordpress.
But let’s skip that and go straight to the song.
Of course this song revolves around Shimakaze, so you can guess the meaning of the lyrics.
Its style is very fast-paced and seems to be something you’ll most likely find inside a Dance Dance Revolution machine.
Eurobeat, wasn’t it?
Anyway. For the best experience out of this song, I suggest you to listen to it while looking at this animated gif.
There aren’t really lots of things to say about it, it’s a pretty nice song with a crazy fast rhythm that couldn’t have been better suited for Shimakaze.
Then it slows down… but who cares? It’s fine.

Empire Ensemble – Supersonic Cinderella

ほら 私の事 早く
捕まえて 捕まえてみてよ ねぇ

hora watashi no koto hayaku
tsukamaete tsukamaete mite yo nee

Hey, catch me, try to catch me
As fast as you can, come on!

あれ まだそんなとこで
寝ているの 遠すぎて わかんない

are mada sonna koto de
neteiru no toosugite wakannai

What? Are you still sleeping on that thing?
I can’t understand why, it’s so far!

もうしょうがないね もっと
近づいて 近づいてあげるから

mou shou ga nai ne motto
chikadzuite chikadzuite ageru kara

You’re hopeless, aren’t you?
Come on, I’ll get closer to you…

そのまま手を 離さないで

sou fureta shunkan
sono mama te o hanasanaide

Just as you touch me
Don’t take off your hand

群れ成し 海渡る 鳥のように
いつか世界を 駆け回りたい

murenashi umi wataru tori no you ni
itsuka sekai o kakemawaritai

I cross the quiet sea like a bird
One day, I want to run around the whole world

水面に浮かぶ 月を眺めて
ひとり眠る夜 さざ波の 籠の中

minamo ni ukabu tsuki o nagamete
hitori nemuru yoru sazanami no kago no naka
tsuredashite ne

Gazing up the moon floating over the water’s surface
On those nights spent sleeping alone in a cage of ripples…
Please, let me out!

ほら 私の事 早く
捕まえて 捕まえてみてよ ねぇ

hora watashi no koto hayaku
tsukamaete tsukamaete mite yo nee

Hey, catch me, try to catch me
As fast as you can, come on!

もう待てないよ だって
朝焼けが 暗闇に 沈んじゃう

mou matenai yo datte
asayake ga kurayami ni shizunjau

I won’t wait any longer, you know
Because the morning glow is sinking into darkness…

出来たら またいつか 会えるかな

mune no chiisana kizu o iyasu koto
dekitara mata itsuka aeru kana

Healing the little wound in my chest…
If I could do that, I wonder if I could meet you again?

私はただ 息が切れるまで
それだけが たったひとつ

watashi wa tada iki ga kireru made
hashiri tsudzukeru yo
sore dake ga tatta hitotsu

Until I run out of breath,
I just want to keep on running
That’s the only thing I’m wishing for


watashi dakara

Because that’s who I am


– This song is based off Shimakaze, so speed and stuff. Correct me if I’m wrong, I remember her sleeping somewhere on the roof in the anime. Or was it Strike Witches? Anyway, that’s probably what the second stanza stands for.
– 道 is always a problem when it comes to translation. It could mean “way”/”Street” even in a philosophical way, so it’s easy translated as “Journey”. I prefered using this translation, but keep on mind that it could mean a lot of things.


Title: Supersonic Cinderella
Circle: Empire Ensemble
Album: 陽はまた昇る (you wa mata noboru) (The Sun Rises Again)
Vocals: 3L
Lyrics: 柏木るざりん
Arrangement: 柏木るざりん
Release Event: C85
Source: Kantai Collection (艦これ) – Pre-battle Theme