[Request(?)] Sally – min~眠~


【Requested by Helly

…Yeah, yeah, “requested”.
I know you requested me this song because you read this post and you knew that it was my favourite touhou arrange ever. So… thanks, actually!
I simply pretend not to see this reality and translate it anyways, because you know I wanted to! But first, few words.
As you read before on my Top 15 Touhou Arranges (which is kind of becoming a thing among other translators, and I wish it’ll keep being something people want to write about! [2017 edit] but I made it private because I can’t stick to it anymore, at least not at 100%), this is an arrange of a theme that I can hardly remember, of a character that I can hardly remember in a game that I can hardly remember.
I was really disappointed with Ten Desires because I found it way too easy game-wise, too poor music-wise and too disappointing character-wise.
The track I liked the most from this game was Night Sakura of Dead Spirits and… it’s just the first stage theme! Come on!
Kyouko’s theme was a music piece that I’ve never enjoyed that much and never actually considered to be a worthy touhou piece of music, but this song is different.
Giving that its result is awesome and is based off a theme that I don’t like makes it even more amazing than it already is.
This song gives me different feelings, mostly nostalgia and loneliness. And yeah, it’s also true that I remember this song coming to my head on a night of fireworks alone on the beach. I can’t clearly remember if that really happened or I dreamed about it, though.
But that image is perfect, and goes perfectly with what this song makes me feel.
The rap vocals are soothing, gorgeous, perfect! As Kafka Fuura said, “眠 -min- has spoken sex, which is why it’s so good”, and I think he’s right. Hahah
Anyway, this song’s style is amazing, its solo is stunning, the instruments couldn’t be better, everything, everything, everything is perfect.
I like the lyrics too, but that may be the most noticeable “flaw” of it.
Because they’re sometimes really good but, imho, sticks way too much on Kyouko’s character and could have been better if there were no stanzas refering to things such as “yamabiko” or something like that.
That apart, a masterpiece. And something that Sally won’t ever reply, in my opinion. Well, they made other great songs too, actually. OR, zen~然~, Reikon Mythology, plaza roboscape
So yeah, they’re good sometimes, but if I have to say the title of their best song, you know what I’ll say…

Sally – min~眠~

其れを捨て 向かう一路彼方
稜線 尾根に沿う裸弦の月

yo ni munashisa ga michiru naraba
sore o sute mukau ichiro kanata
ryousen one ni sou ragen no tsuki
midori no ganka ni wa sen no kuni

If in this world emptiness fills everything,
Then why not throwing it away and face towards that far off road?
A thin crescent moon is following the mountains’ ridge
And under my green eyes, thousand of countries

難攻不落 門前のダンジョン
反響す 錯乱の伴奏
演者なきとき 帰還者の談

tabi naraba sute ga watashi no sandou
nankoufuraku monzen no danjeon
hankyousu sakuran no bansou
enja naki toki kikansha no dan

If yours is a voyage, it’ll lead straight to me,
The impregnable dungeon guarding the gates
My echo will accompaign your confusion
And when no one’s there to talk, their voice resounds

山河総共鳴 地割れに雨

sanga soukyoumei jiware ni ame
ikare ten wa jin’i no saku ni makenu
ika ni mo no shiranu to mousare you ga
kotowarinaku ba? kono saki wa toosan

Mountains and streams, resonate as the rain fills the ground’s cracks
For the angered heavens won’t be defeated by humans’ plans;
And I don’t care if you have something to say:
Do you have the right to pass? Than you won’t.

その歩 訳ありとは聞く
オアシス 忘れじのイチ道理

sono aruki wake ari to wa kiku
oashisu wasureji no ichi douri
negai no gensei kara no shougeki-ha
nokotteita aika

And when someone asked me what’s the meaning of life’s walk
The single truth lied on a oasis I forgot about
The shockwave from my desire’s source
Left just this song


toki no hazama no
hotori ni saku hana no you ni
mou anata o
miokuru dake shika nai kara

Just like a flower
Blooming on the side of the cracks of time
I can’t do anything
But watching you go
It’s painful…

その声を返そう これも縁よ

osoruna hito yo, sesshou wa sukanu
sono koe o kaesou kore mo en yo
oni no mensou nado yama ni awanu. ga
inu, tori ni arazu mononoke de aru

Don’t be afraid of me, for I don’t like killing
I’ll return to you that voice, and that too is karma
For a mountain, an evil face doesn’t suit well
But after all I’m just a creature which is not a dog nor a bird

あるいは岩 とさえ言うものもいた
バラ色 幽玄 気質の知行と経

arui wa iwa to sae iu mono mo ita
kotoba wa toge to mo naru to mita
shi wa nagai yoru ni tokeru yamabiko
bara iro yuugen katagi no chigyou to kyou

There was even someone who thought I was a stone
And so I saw how words can be one with thorns
This song’s content is like an echo melting in the long night
Rose-colored, profound, a manor of appearence and a sutra


sotto fureta yume no nakami ga
kioku de nuri tsubusare mienai

The contents of that dream I faintly touched…
Are painted by my memories, so I can’t see them…


kokoro no aza o
kakushi tooseru hazu nado naku
mou yowasa o
daiteta ude ni chikara ga,

“I should be able to hid my heart’s scar”
There’s no such thing
The strenght of the arm that held my weakness
Is no more… It…

跡がまだここにある、Love you, cry

hitori naitemo
koete yukeru hazu nado naku
itoshii te no
ato ga mada koko ni aru, love you, cry

Even if I’d cry alone,
There’s no way I could make through it
For the traces of the hand of my beloved one
Are still there, love you, cry

ずっと 待てば来るような気がして

sotto fureta yume no nakami wa
zutto mateba kuru you na ki ga shite

I have the feeling that if I keep waiting forever
For the contents of that dream I barely touched, they’ll come back…

この身小さく 儚い空
You’re too,

koi to somete yo
kono mi chiisaku hakanai sora
isoide yo
yubi no sukima kara kie
you’re too

Paint me with love,
Fleeting sky above this small body of mine!
And make haste!
For it’s fading between my fingers
You’re too


anata o
miokuru dake shika nai kara

I couldn’t do anything
But see you go away…


Title: min~眠~
Circle: サリー (Sally)
Album: サリー (Sally)
Vocals: 茶太 (Chata)
Lyrics: shuriken
Arrangement: NSY
Release Event: C80
Source: 門前の妖怪小娘 (Youkai Girl at the Gate) – Ten Desires, Kasodani Kyouko’s Theme

サリー – con~痕~


So, few posts ago I’ve posted my Top 15 Touhou arranges, and turned out that min~眠~ is one of the touhou arranges I like the most. [2017 edit: link is now private lolol]
So you may think that Sally should be one of my favourite circles by now… But it’s not.
Let’s start saying that I discovered that circle right from the beginning, I randomly gave it a listen when their first album came out and was actually really impressed by it.
Then I’ve listened to other albums and noticed that good tracks were becoming more and more repetitive and, at least to my ears, worse.
That doesn’t mean I don’t like each and every song from this circle.
There’s at least a song I like from each albums they made.
It’s just that… Each album is like the replica of the original album, they copied its style and its structure.
So, why today’s post?
Because I think con~痕~ (you can already see its title has the same structure as min~眠~’s… But it’s nothing like it) is the best track from Syndrome album.
But still, it’s nothing exceptional, in my opinion.
Still, it kinda surprised me no one has ever translated it in english (NOTE: Because it makes no f*cking sense whatsoever).
After all, either in a good or a bad way, Sally was something that was part of my touhou-arrange musical experience.
Let’s just say this post is a tribute to min~眠~.

Sally – con~痕~

このまま悲劇から逃れ おしまいと言って暗闇
その姿は まるで 啜り泣く花びら模様

kono mama higeki kara nogare oshimai to itte kurayami
sono sugata wa maru de susurinaku hanabira moyou

Still escaping from the tragedy, in this darkness that calls for an ending;
That silhouette really looks like a weeping shape of petals

木の葉に仕舞う鼓動 もう止まれと言って暗闇
攫う異形の羽 地下に撒く花びら模様

konoha ni shimau kodou mo tomare to itte kurayami
sarau igyou no hane chika ni maku hanabira moyou

A darkness that has already ended the sound of leaves
Strange looking abducted wings scatter underground, like the shape of petals

This all for you is wave or gun.
Below, below

不確かな時を刻み続く 非対称なガラクタで
館奥のドアを閉めたのは 僅かな目を隠す掌

futashikana toki wo kizamitsudzuku hitaishouna garakuta de
yakata oku no doa o shimeta no wa wazukana me o kakusu tenohira

I’ll keep marking the passage of an uncertain time over asymmetrical rubbish,
Who shut the door of the mansion’s depths is slightly covering her eyes with the palm of her hand

ヒビ割れた綿の迷路は 深さ知らず
黒柄に触れたものは いつの間にか萎れた

hibiwareta wata no meiro wa fukasa shirazu
kurogara ni fureta mono wa itsu no ma ni ka shioreta

I don’t know the depth of this cracked labyrinth of cotton
Everything touched by this black pattern withers in a blink of an eye

その歌 を紡ぐ序章 空に
限りなくひとり 幾年と花びらの錠

sono uta o tsumugu joshou sora ni
mou owari to itte kurayami
kagiri naku hitori ikutose to hanabira no jou

This song that makes yarn to a void prologue
It’s already a darkness that calls for an end
Alone for all the eternity, with petal shackles of years and years

一目のみとなれど お芝居をうって暗闇
虹色 歪めて 赤く咲く花びら模様

hitome nomi to naredo oshibai o utte kurayami
niji’iro hizumete akaku saku hanabira moyou

A darkness just like a drama saw with nothing but an eye
Just like a distorted rainbow-colored shape of a blooming red petal

ひとひらだけ 水面にくべてくべて
「もしも」と換えて 距離など埋めて全て

hitohira dake minamo ni kubete kubete
“moshimo” to kaete kyori nado umete subete

I’ll burn just a petal, only one, on the water’s surface
I’ll bury everything and anything, so distances and such could turn into “what if…”

粉々に果てた からだ こころ たゆたうだけ
影宿る 最後の火が消えた気がした

konagona ni hateta karada kokoro tayutau dake
kodoku ni wa yasuragi sae hisomi
kage yadoru saigo no hi ga kieta ki ga shita

My body is turned into tiny pieces, only my soul is still flickering
In my loneliness, even the calmness lies dormant
I have the feeling that last fire left on my shadow has vanished

跡形も残らぬほどに 別れたなら
二の句を紡ぐ間際 狂気を見ていられた

atokata mo nokoranu hodo ni wakareta nara
ni no ku o tsumugu magiwa kuuki o miteirareta

If I’d be parted away to the point all my traces disappear,
I will be staring into my craziness, waiting for the moment I’ll grasp an answer

サヨナラ ああ 愛しい熱よ 脈を打つ管 名残りよ
落ちる雫の絵 夜を裂く花びら模様

sayonara aa itoshii netsu yo myaku o utsu kan nagori yo
ochiru shizuku no e yoru o saku hanabira moyou

Goodbye, oh my beloved warmth; I’ll miss the pulse of your lungs
A painting of a falling dew, just like the shape of a night petal tore away

逆さ廻りの針 何処までゆこうと暗闇
お外は今日も雨 よるを巻く花びら模様

sakasa mawari no hari doko made yukou to kurayami
osoto wa kyou mo ame yoru o maku hanabira moyou

In the darkness of the clockhand rotating backwards as far as it can,
Outside is still raining, just like the shape of a petal swayed by the night

Be gone. Unknown un-continued
Bit, bit
This all for you is wave and gun.


– 模様 (moyou) is repeated lots of time in the song. It means “pattern”, “figure”, but in this song is also used as a pun to the words “の様” (no you), meaning “just like…”
– Don’t mind the engrish, please. It’s part of its lyrics.
– 鼓動 on the second stanza is, as always, “beating”, “heartbeat”. But here doesn’t make much sense, so I simply translated it as “sound”.
– 空 (sora) in the 6th stanza, is “sky”, but it could also mean “emptiness”, “void”. “Sky” didn’t make any sense, to me, so I used “void” instead.


Title: con~痕~ (con ~kon~) // (marks)
Circle: サリー (Sally)
Album: シンドローム (Syndrome)
Vocals: 茶太 (Chata)
Lyrics: shuriken
Arrangement: NSY
Release Event: Reitaisai 9
Source: U.N. オーエンは彼女なのか? (U.N. Owen was Her?) Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Flandre Scarlet’s Theme