CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Shangri-La in Bloom Last Post: The Anonymous Song & Clockwork Tracers -rebloom-

So, as I stated on a previous post, only two songs from Shangri-La in Bloom are left. We’re talking about Clockwork Tracers -rebloom- and The Anonymous Song (also, there’s an interlude too… but it’s an instrumental, so…). Being two songs mostly in english (so, that’s not quite our usual translation posts), I’ve decided to post … Continue reading “CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Shangri-La in Bloom Last Post: The Anonymous Song & Clockwork Tracers -rebloom-“

CLOCKWORK TRACER – Drowning Emotion Has A Short-lived Dream -Rebloom-

I felt the urge to post this song for several reason. The first being that CLOCKWORK TRACER is a really good circle that deserves more attention than it has. The second being that their album Shangri-La in Bloom is reaally good and almost unknown in the touhou doujin music world. And that’s a shame because … Continue reading “CLOCKWORK TRACER – Drowning Emotion Has A Short-lived Dream -Rebloom-“


picture by kurobuta gekkan 【Requested by Alv】 It’s been a while since our last CLOCKWORKS TRACER‘s post, and I never actually knew about this song. It seems to be an original track featured on barrage am ring 3, but I haven’t hear of this before listening to it prior to this post. Come to think … Continue reading “[REQUEST] CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Our Show Must Go On!!”

The very last 2015 post – foregroundnoises’s past, present and future

Original Picture: pixiv/mizukazu131 It’s been a lot since I start translating, and it’s been more than one year that I started writing for foregroundnoises. Few more hours and 2016 will begin. Well, at least in Italy. If you’re, like, japanese or something and you’re already in 2016 then happy new fucking year, you time-traveling faget. … Continue reading “The very last 2015 post – foregroundnoises’s past, present and future”

[REQUEST] CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Eschatologia e.p. (Revelations, Day of Nemesis, Paradise Lost)

【This E.P. was requested by Eiki】 Remember the previous double post from Shangri-La in Bloom? Brace yourself, the record has been beaten: Today’s post is a triple post! Well, I got a whole E.P. requested, that means I have to post all the three songs in it, right? Why three posts, then? I mean, lyrics … Continue reading “[REQUEST] CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Eschatologia e.p. (Revelations, Day of Nemesis, Paradise Lost)”


We’re almost done with Shangri-La in Bloom. With this one, only two tracks are left. This is Who I Am is the last track (in order) from that CD, and, at least to me, it kinda has that “last song of an album” vibe. I’d wish to leave this last, but I’ve decided not to, … Continue reading “CLOCKWORKS TRACER – This Is Who I Am”

CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Anthem (For The Fallen Affection)

With this, only 3 songs left to complete Shangri-La in Bloom. Nice! Anthem (For The Fallen Affection) is the opening song from the CD, so it kinda feels out of place that I’ve translated it only now. But there’s no logic in my translations’ order, so it’s okay. So, that’s an arrange from Nuclear Fusion, … Continue reading “CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Anthem (For The Fallen Affection)”


【Requested by Alv】 Still goin’ with Clockworks Tracer‘s tracks, and this time is not from Shangri-La in Bloom. I promise I’ll keep translating it in 2-3 posts, but for now, I’ve been requested another song by them: Tartarus. Even though I say I like Clockworks Tracer, it doesn’t mean I’ve listened to every song by … Continue reading “[REQUEST] CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Tartarus”


One of Shangri-La in Bloom‘s (and other CLOCKWORK TRACERS‘ tracks) characteristic is that there’s english everywhere. In this album, for instance, there is a song completely in english and another one mostly in english. I’ll post every song from this album without rushing things, but I think I’ll leave those two semi-full english songs at … Continue reading “CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Anamnesis”

CLOCKWORK TRACER – Everlasting [S]tory

Second post from Shangri-La in Bloom by CLOCKWORK TRACER, Everlasting [S]tory. I think that this one and the other one I already translated (Drowning Emotion has a short-lived Dream -Rebloom-) are my two favourite songs from this album. But I still can’t figure out which I like more. This song is mostly in english (or … Continue reading “CLOCKWORK TRACER – Everlasting [S]tory”