(Atheist’s Cornea 8/8) envy – Your Heart and My Hand

cover art for Atheist’s Cornea

This is the last song from Atheist’s Cornea, and also my favorite track from it, and also my favorite envy’s song, and also one of my favorite song ever.
I love it so much.

envy – Your Heart and My Hand

儚く移ろう 置き去りの笑顔

hakanaku utsurou okizari no egao
kimi no kakera ga tsunagari hajimeta
asa ga umareta higashi no sora
iki o nomi yorokobi ga kieta
ieta kizu wa toki o isogu kodoku no tabi
sukue souna kokoro wa boku to tomo ni ari

The fickle smiles you’ve left behind are moving away
And your fragments have started to link together
Under the newborn morning Sun raising up from East
Your joy fades away as your breath is took away
Healed wounds set off to lonely travels, rushing through time
And just right beside me lies an heart I think I can save


tsudzuku mirai no iroaseta ko no ha o
suzu no oto ga hibiku kono saihate no chi de
yake ochita nokosareta hodou ni
todoita souzou ga mienu nozomi
togireta uta o tsunagu shisen no kaiwa
ienai gimon o mune ni himete tsudzuku
irodzuku ochiba no kasukana oto
sukoshi me o tojite kimi o omou

The now dull-colored leaves of the continuous future
Of this land at the farthest ends where the sound of bells is ringing
Fail to see the wishes sent by my imagination
Over a burned down forsaken road;
The looks we exchange are connecting an unfinished song
As I keep all the problems I can’t speak of inside my chest
The faint sound of the fallen crimson leaves echoes
And if I try to close my eyes just for a bit, you come to my mind


odayakana asahi ni tachi domari
yasashisa ga kimi ni hohoemu you ni to
asu no toki ni todokeyou
kimi no moto ni todokeyou
itsuka bokura wa ushinatte shimatte
soshite boku wa nani o te ni ireta no darou?
soshite bokura no kioku wa dare ni todoku no darou?

Standing still beneath the gentle morning Sun
It feels like its kindness is smiling to you
Deliver this feeling when tomorrow comes,
Deliver it to your very essence
Because one day we’ll lose it all
And what will I have in my hands when it will?
And to whom are our memories going to be sent to?


– An alternate English translation of this song and every other song from the same album by Katsuya Kokubu is featured on the album’s official booklet.

Title: Your Heart and My Hand(君の心と僕の手)(kimi no kokoro to boku no te)
Circle: envy
Album: Atheist’s Cornea
Vocals: Tetsuya Fukagawa
Lyrics: envy
Arrangement: envy
Release Date: 05/13/2015
Source: original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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