(Atheist’s Cornea 7/8) envy – Two Isolated Souls

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envy – Two Isolated Souls

暗く飢えた光 道の先に
落ちた弱者の否定 求めた生は孤独の証

kuraku ueta hikari michi no saki ni
ochita jakusha no hitei motometa sei wa kodoku no akashi
kudaki hanatsu ronsha no chikai
me ni utsuru shizuka na saigo
taiwa no shutai ga shi no owari ni

The starving, darkening light before the road
Denied by the fallen weaklings, a pursued life proving its loneliness
The broken, set free vows of advocates
Project a silent demise in their eyes
And the core of their dialogue lies at the end of the poem

明日を許した希望 無限の揺らぎ
滲む下弦の月に 流れた水と煌めく受け色

asu o yurushita kibou mugen no yuragi
nijimu kagen no tsuki ni nagareta mizu to kirameku uke iro
toki hanachi kimi o matoi towa o negau

The hope forgiving the future is an infinite sway
Of the water flowing down the blurred waning Moon and its glistening accepted color
Released at once, praying for the eternity you’re clad in

育つ心が拒絶の腕 跳ねる雨水が二人の姿
鋼の天使と十字の星 無数の悲哀よ 進め

sodatsu kokoro ga kyozetsu no ude haneru usui ga futari no sugata
hagane no tenshi to juuji no hoshi musuu no hiai yo susume

My growing soul is my arm of rejection, the springing raindrops resembling our shape
An angel made of steel and a cruciform star – an huge amount of sorrow, go through it


oto o nau you ni tsunage

Bound yourself to it as if twisting its sounds

空虚な窓に死せる沈黙 繋ぎ
再び出会う止まった涙 流し
折れた羽根に影の裏切り 知らず
歪んだ風が君の影を 消して
不在の時代に運命を築き 進み
身を捧げ時の証明 拾い
忘れ去った無能の言葉 届き

kuukyo na mado ni shiseru chinmoku tsunagi
futatabi deau tomatta namida nagashi
oreta hane ni kage no uragiri shirazu
yuganda kaze ga kimi no kage o keshite
fuzai no jidai ni sadame o kidzuki susumu
mi o sasage toki no shoumei hiroi
wasuresatta munou no kotoba todoki
shiranu teashi to shin’ei no ishiki koeta himitsu to anji

Become one with the stillness dying outside the hollow window
Shed the tears which didn’t when we’ve met again
Unknowing the betrayal of the shade of your broken wings
The warped wind will erase your shadow away
Proceed over the fate built in an era of absence
Collect all the proof of the times you’ve sacrificed yourself
Make your once forgotten, inefficient words reach em
Hints and secrets of a will overcoming your portraits, your limbs you don’t know about


michitarita hitomi
michitarita eichi
michitarita kotoba
michitarita jidai
michitarita sekai

Satisfied eyes
Satisfied wisdom
Satisfied words
Satisfied epochs
Satisfied world


saki o mezashi bokura wa susumu yo
sora no saki o bokura wa susumu yo
tsugi no shikou o bokura wa tsukuru yo
kyouki no mirai o kimi wa tsukuru no?

We, aiming onwards, are moving on
We’re moving on before the sky
We’ll write down the next line of our poem
But can you build up such foolish future?


shikou o azayaka ni kokuin suru tame ni shitsumon no yukue o sadaka na basho ni utsushi
keisan fukanou na kotae no kigen o sagasu you ni,
kimi no nokosareta jikan no naka ni sono netsuryou o ukeirete
dono keiken o yuuri ni ikashite iku koto ga kono saki ni tsunagaru
yuuigi na mirai no kesshou ga kakusareta you ni chirabatteite
sore wa sude ni koko ni sonzai shiteiru

My thoughts reflects over a stable place for my nomadic questions in order to be engraved clearly
As if searching for origin of uncountable answers,
I’ll accept all the warmth you’ve left me inside the time I’ve spent with you
And no matter how many experience I’ll deal with my best, every movement will be connected to what lies before
The crystallization of a meaningful future scatters away as if it had been hidden
But it still exists in here, inside my bare hands

光の道を急いで 流れた季節を抱いて
二つの心を一つに そして君は続くよ
さけんだ声は過去に 見慣れた位置を超えて
落ちた愛を掴んで 君を捜しに向かうよ

hikari no michi o isoide nagareta kisetsu o daite
futatsu no kokoro o hitotsu ni soshite kimi wa tsudzuku yo
sakenda koe wa kako ni minareta ichi o koete
ochita ai o tsukande kimi o sagashi ni mukau yo
egaita riyuu no imi wa kenmei na shi o eranda

Hastening over the path of light, embracing all the flowing seasons
Our two souls become one, and then you keep on going
The screaming voice overcomes its past role I was used to
So I’ll catch the fallen love and come to search for you
For the meaning for this reason I’ve drawn has chosen an eager death


– An alternate English translation of this song and every other song from the same album by Katsuya Kokubu is featured on the album’s official booklet.

Title: Two Isolated Souls(隔てられた二つの心)(hedatareta futatsu no kokoro)
Circle: envy
Album: Atheist’s Cornea
Vocals: Tetsuya Fukagawa
Lyrics: envy
Arrangement: envy
Release Date: 05/13/2015
Source: original


About Shion (@FGRNDNoises)

1993-born italian guy, I have a degree in japanese language & culture and I'm currently advancing in my studies. I love music but I'm too self-destructive to attempt to produce it myself. Sometimes I gaze at my shoes and think it's a nice genre. Mainly translating Gaki no Tsukai clips / full episodes (worked with Team Gaki too) and occasionally translating music (doujin / indie / shoegaze / touhou). 宜しくお願いしマスタースパーク。
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