(Atheist’s Cornea 2/8) envy – Ignorant Rain at the End of the World

picture by ame (conronca)

envy – Ignorant Rain at the End of the World

息を潜め 夢で待つ
割れた欠片 追う人
冷めた目を 次の糧に
無傷の日々 消えた呼吸
葉を揺らし 落ちる意味
戻る場所に 風はいつも
色もなく 育つ心
花は枯れ 綴った記憶

iki o hisome yume de matsu
wareta kakera ou hito
sameta me o tsugi no kate ni
mukizu no hibi kieta kokyuu
you o yurashi ochiru imi
modoru basho ni kaze wa itsumo
iro mo naku sodatsu kokoro
hana wa kare tsudzutta kioku

Concealing their breath, waiting inside a dream
All those who run after broken fragments
Place their cold eyes over the next nourishment
As their breath disappeared back on those flawless days
The meaning falls down from the agitated leaves
Wind is always blowing on the place I can return to
And in my spirit raised without any color
Flowers are withering in sewed up memories

孤独じゃないと 伝えた始まり
殺された言霊 繋ぐ指と微笑む鏡

kodoku ja nai to tsutaeta hajimari
korosareta kotodama tsunagu yubi to hohoemu kagami

The beginning was telling me I wasn’t alone
Words have died, fingers were tied, the mirror was smiling

届けよ 向かうよ
続くよ 左右の手に未来
溢れて 放てよ
嘆いた 続く苦悩の救い

todoke yo mukau yo
himeta shihai ni madou hibi ni owari o
tsudzuku yo sayuu no te ni mirai
afurete hanate yo
mai agaru koe ni mayoi no ito
nageita tsudzuku kunou no sukui
mitsuketa fukai kodoku

Reach for it, face it
Let’s put an end to these days puzzled by an hidden control
Keep on going, the future lies in both your hands
Make it overflow, release it all
The thread of hesitation flutters in your voice
And a salvation from this anguish you keep on grieving about
Is found inside a deep loneliness


moeru kireta hane

My tore apart wings were set on fire


ochite kieta koe
hiraku sora ni todoke

May the disappearing missing voice
Reach for the widening sky

知った 左右の目に喪失
哀れだ 嘘が生む嘘

futatsu no rasen
haruka saki de eta kodou no shirushi
shitta sayuu no me ni soushitsu
toki no hate ni
muchi no ame ni utsuru kireta egao
aware da uso ga umu uso
shikou ga namida o tsukuri
kurutta kisoku
kimi wa matsu koto o
shinjite shinku ni somaru

Two spirals
Are the symbol of a pulsation earned in a distant past
Lost inside those eyes I knew;
When times will come to an end
A broken smile will reflect over the ignorant rain
So pitiful, a lie giving birth to lies;
Thinking will create tears,
That’s the maddening set of rules;
Keep on believing on what you’ve been waiting for
As everything is dyed in deep crimson


– Not really sure if 葉 in the first stanza is read as “ha” or “you”. I’ve chosen the second one cause it sounds more like it to me, but could be “ha” too. The meaning doesn’t change anyway.
– In the last stanza, there could be heard a “wo” / “o” (を) after “rasen” (螺旋), but it’s not featured in the booklet’s lyrics, so I’m not adding it.
– An alternate English translation of this song and every other song from the same album by Katsuya Kokubu is featured on the album’s official booklet.

Title: Ignorant Rain at the End of the World (最果てに降る無知の雨) (saihate ni ochiru muchi no ame)
Circle: envy
Album: Atheist’s Cornea
Vocals: Tetsuya Fukagawa
Lyrics: envy
Arrangement: envy
Release Date: 05/13/2015
Source: original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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